Gehana Vasisth Launches Her Own App!

Following the footsteps of Kardashians, Sonam Kapoor, Poonam Pandey and other celebrities, actress and director Gehana Vasisth has launched her own mobile application to connect with her fans. In the commercial of the app, the 26-year-old actress is heard saying, “This app will show the personal side of her wild world full of sensuality.”

Via Gehana’s app fans will get access to her exclusive photos, videos and everyday musings on everything. Launched in November 2019 the app is one of its kinds that titillate the users and gives them solid fun.  Simply titled Gehana Vasisth, the app is one of its kind that offers sexy photos and hot videos at nominal subscription.

Gehana, who is currently busy direction and acting in web-series, always takes out time and feats the users with scintillating content. Be it doing live video chat or updating of photos, Gehana is quite active and aims to grow her app to many folds.


The purpose behind this app is to reach to maximum audience. The app also provides platforms to young and talented artists as there is a separate section in the app where one can exhibit their acting talent.

The app managed to get nearly two-lakh active users in less than 90 days and is expecting to touch million mark by mid of the year.

Gehana has joined the ranks of global A-listers, from social media celebs like Alia Bhatt, Sonam Kapoor, Hollywood stars Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian, Taylor Swift, Lea Michelle and Madonna.

One can download the app and connect to Gehana by simply clicking on this


Follow Her On Social Media :




Youtube :

Sara Ali Khan Writes A Shayari To Persuade Fans To Help Raise Funds For HIV Affected Children Through Fankind

Talented Sara Ali Khan in association with Anshula Kapoor’s fundraising platform Fankind is raising funds for HIV affected children and families. The donations would go towards Mumbai based NGO – Committed Communities Development Trust (CCDT).

She is inviting fans across India to donate towards the noble cause. To persuade them, Sara Ali Khan has written a wonderful Shayari calling them to participate. Sara recently has received immense appreciation by fans for her shayaris on social media.

Here is something she created to motivate fans to donate through Fankind:

  • Go To Fankind And Donate,
  • So You Can Come Join Me For A Movie Date,
  • Come Fill Your Plate And Of Course Your Pet
  • Enjoy With Me And Your Mate
  • Now Don’t Get Late,
  • See You Soon I Await
  • #Sarakishayari

In exchange, one lucky fan will win a chance to watch her upcoming movie directed by Imtiaz Ali with Sara at a special VIP screening even before it releases in the country, and also spend time with her after the movie for some chai-coffee and fun conversation.

The winner is chosen completely at random from all the participating entries – so this means that all her fans who donate have a fair chance of winning. Every individual who contributes on the platform will get a personalized certificate autographed by Sara. And Indian citizens will get an 80G tax-exempt certificate from GiveIndia.

Fankind truly pampers the winner by treating them like a VIP, and even takes care of their travel and hotel arrangements. Other than meeting Sara, the winner will get an all-expense-paid trip to Mumbai, and a free stay at a five star hotel. They can also get a friend along whose travel and hotel charges will be covered as well. This is a win-win-win situation we think!

Log on to www.fankinHYPERLINK “”dHYPERLINK “”.org/sara to participate to this noble cause and win a chance to spend the evening with Sara Ali Khan.

Pallavi Kulkarni Charming Actress Of Bollywood & South

Pallavi Kulkarni  Actress of rare acting calibre is busy with the shooting for films and modelling. Recently she did  her south film with writer-director and actor Jay Akash in Chennai.

Pallavi Kulkarni is in the leading role and the entire crew of the film  have appreciated her work. She will be seen with Jay Akash in many coming projects which they have finalised. Pallavi Kulkarni  has played a vital role and and 2 songs in Rakesh Sawant’s Tamil Film Amavasai has been appreciated by the audience and critics as well.

In a very short span of time charming sensational actress Pallavi Kulkarni has made her presence felt in Film industry, TV and regional films with her acting calibre. With just few releases to her credit but has become sensational sought after actress for many pivotal roles.


She has many films And Webseries nearing completion. With many new films starting soon for which dates and negotiations are in process. Her face is her fortune, acting, dancing & her figure is her additional plus point and her fantastic performance has made her one of the most praiseworthy leading lady of Hindi other regional films as well.

Hindi Film Miss Masala Dosa Actress Lavina Israni Was Invited As Celebrity Judge At IIT Powai Mood Indigo

Lavina israni who’s just back from 20 days outdoor schedule of Hindi Feature film  Miss Masala Dosa written and directed by Alok Shrivastava was invited as celebrity judge at IIT Powai Mood Indigo Festival. Miss Masala Dosa Films all songs werfe recorded in Mumbai recently.


The entire cast and crew will be leaving soon for outdoor final shooting  schedule. The Film Is being made under the banner of Gold Coin Entertainment.

Bollywood Actress Bidita bag Walked Barefoot For Daya Bai Biopic

Hindi cinema has come a long way from doing the run of mill masala flicks. Nowadays, content-driven quality cinema is beginning to dominate the scene which means the actors also have newer and challenging avenues to work with. Of course being professionals, most actors put in a lot of hard work and dedication into their roles. However, there are few who go beyond and to extreme lengths just out of love for the craft. Babumoshai Bandookbaaz Actress Bidita Bag has made a name for herself by being a thorough professional towards her craft even if it means going the extra mile to get under the skin of her character. Like she has done in the past, reportedly walked barefoot at Bhopal to train herself to take on her role in Sree Varun “Daya Bai”.    “It was very, very hard for me but I knew I had to prove myself as an actor. The preparation for this film was a painful process for me emotionally. I knew that for media and people to love my character, I prepped really hard. It was not easy because I am not like her (Daya Bai). I was trying to find a body language, posture and voice command.


Daya Bai, who works among the tribals of central India to better their lot, a Hindi biopic on the renowned social activist Daya Bai will hit the screens next year in April 2020. The film Directed by Shree Varun and Produced by Shyse Eapan under the banner of Vettam Movies.

Gandi Baat Season 4 Fame Actress Avantika Mishra Thanks To Ekta Kapoor

Get ready to see Avantika Mishra’s different looks in 2020

In Bollywood, there are problems in making the identity for the out siiders, but it is said that if the intention is clear, through the hard work destination can be achieved. Actress model and dancer Avantika Mishra also had trouble getting work initially, but on the basis of her talent, she has finally made a place in the industry. Millions of viewers know Avantika Mishra through Ekta Kapoor’s, Alt Balaji’s show Gandi Baat. For this, Avantika is thankful to Ekta Kapoor that she got an opportunity to work in a web series like this.

Let me tell you that Avantika has been in Mumbai since 2015 and has worked in films and many shows. She has acted in several films such as “Auto Romance in Mumbai”, “One Night Out” and “English Ki Taen Taen Fish”. She has done theater from JNU and has ten years of experience working in plays. Avantika has also done many music videos and cover songs.

“I faced some problems when I came to Mumbai, because I feel that the experience of the theater and the experience of the industry is a little different. Whatever happens in the theater is in front of the audience, whereas the work in the industry is different. It all happens in front of the camera. Initially you are not used to it, then slowly you get used to it, you start working.I would like to say that Mumbai is very safe city.” Says Avantika.


Avantika Mishra is busy with many new projects in the new year and is ready to show her fans her different look, so be ready to see some different shades of avantika in 2020.

Actress Nikita Rawal Celebrates Her Christmas Week With HIV Positive Kids An Effort To Give Smiles

Famous bollywood actress and performer Nikita Rawal is an active participant in politics and is the founder of Astha foundation, an NGO which is aimed at providing facilities , necessities to the under privileged kids and make their lives better .
Nikita Rawal, a well known face in the Bollywood and TV industry who is a model cum actress has acted in many music videos and has given the terrific performance in each . She has played different roles in all the videos and has justified each one of them tremendously . She has always got fit in the role so well and made it look real that it becomes difficult to say that she is just acting on the screen . Nikita has brought life to every video , song, movie, serial etc. which brings emotions, care and reality of life .
Nikita is a firm believer of God and says that Christmas means “God is with us…Always” it’s all about spreading love and happiness, humanity.
She takes it as an opportunity where she witnessed and spent time with the children who are HIV positive , where she wanted to spread smiles on their faces on this festival of love and joy of giving . With an another motive in mind to spread awareness about this disease so that children don’t suffer because of the same , She literally became a Santa in the event by Astha Foundation where she distributed gifts to the children and prayed to God to give her immense opportunities like this in future so that she be the medium to spread cheer whoever needs it.

To mention, Nikita has acted in Garam masala , and white with Arshad warsi and Sunil Shetty , Happy birthday , Amma ki boli , Cute Kamina and more.

Mrinmai Kolwalkar celebrity guest at Sakal Premier Awards at Pune Ferns& Amnora

Actress Mrinmai Kolwalkar was a celebrity Guest at Sakal Premier Awards at Pune Ferns & Amnora. She has just completed a 20 day shooting schedule of her coming film Miss Masala Dosa a film by writer director Alok Shrivastava.

Being made under thebanner of Gold Coin Entertainment.

Actress Gehana Vasisth’s Latest Song Ya Habibi Became A Blockbuster

एक्ट्रेस गहना वशिष्ठ का लेटेस्ट गीत ‘या हबीबी’ हुआ ब्लॉकबस्टर

अपने म्युज़िक विडियो की सफलता पर गहना ने दी सक्सेस पार्टी

मॉडलिंग, एंकरिंग, टीवी और फिल्मो में एक्टिंग की वजह से हमेशा सुर्ख़ियों में रहने वाली अदाकारा गहना वशिष्ठ काफी विज्ञापनों में भी काम कर चुकी हैं. गहना ने स्टार प्लस के शो ‘बहनें’में भी काम किया था. शाहरुख खान से बेहद प्रेरित गहना बॉलीवुड में अपनी एक अलग पहचान बनाना चाहती हैं. गहना ने साऊथ की कई फिल्मों में लीड रोल, आइटम नंबर और गेस्ट रोल किया है. उनकी तस्वीरें भी सोशल मीडिया पर वायरल हो जाती है. दिल्ली बस गैंग रेप पर आधारित फिल्म ” इंडियन नेवर अगेन – निर्भया ” मे गहना ने एक स्पेशल डांस नम्बर भी किया था. इस साल इनके दो दर्जन से अधिक विडियो जारी हुए हैं. मिस एशिया बिकिनी का ताज अपने नाम करने वाली गहना वशिष्ट इन दिनों अपने नए विडियो ‘या हबीबी’ की जबरदस्त सफलता की वजह से चर्चा में हैं. अपने इस नए म्युज़िक विडियो की सफलता पर गहना ने मुंबई में सक्सेस पार्टी रखी जहाँ मीडिया कर्मी भी मौजूद थे. यहाँ मीडिया से बात करते हुए गहना ने कहा ”यह एक अरबिक नम्बर है जिसे अस्मिता अधिकारी ने गाया है. स्मिता इंडियन आइडल के टॉप टेन सिंगर में से एक थीं. वह बहुत अच्छी सिंगर हैं और आपको ऐसा महसूस होगा कि उनकी आवाज़ में आशा भोंसले और लता मंगेशकर का मिश्रण है. पहले तो हम उनसे स्क्रैच गवा रहे थे लेकिन जब हमने उनकी आवाज़ सुनी तो इतने प्रभावित हुए कि उनकी ही आवाज़ में इसका फ़ाइनल रिकॉर्ड किया गया. इसकी कोरिओग्राफर खुशबु पटेल हैं जिन्होंने बेहतरीन काम किया है.


इसके डायरेक्टर और प्रोड्यूसर ने बहुत सपोर्ट किया है. इसके विडियो डायरेक्टर ह्रदय शंकर मिश्रा हैं जो इंडस्ट्री में वर्षों से काम कर रहे हैं मैं उन्हें ढूंढ कर लाइ. उन्होंने एक एक फ्रेम पे मेहनत से काम किया है. कॉस्टयूम पे काफी काम हुआ है. सारे डिज़ाइनर कपडे इस्तेमाल किये गए हैं. इसके प्रोड्यूसर सलीम शाह ने इसपर दिल खोल कर पैसे खर्च किये हैं और किसी भी चीज में समझौता नहीं किया है. कहीं पे पैसे बचाने की बात नहीं की. यह एच एस आर म्युज़िक कम्पनी से रिलीज हुआ है. यह यह गाना इंडिया के हर कोने तक पहुंचाना चाहते थे और मुझे ख़ुशी है कि यह गाना दर्शकों को बहुत पसंद आ रहा है.

मुंडे मीडिया ने इस प्रोग्राम की पी आर की जिम्मेदारी संभाली.

Actress Gehana Vasisth Announced Her Next Music Video Dil Kar Raha Hai

एक्ट्रेस गहना वशिष्ठ ने अपने नेक्स्ट म्युज़िक विडियो ‘दिल कर रहा है’ का किया एलान !

टीवी और फिल्मो के साथ साथ वेब सीरिज में एक्टिंग में व्यस्त एक्ट्रेस गहना वशिष्ठ ने अपने नेक्स्ट म्युज़िक विडियो ‘दिल कर रहा है’ का एलान किया है. इन दिनों अपने नए विडियो ‘या हबीबी’ की जबरदस्त सफलता की वजह से चर्चा में हैं. अपने नेक्स्ट म्युज़िक विडियो ‘दिल कर रहा है’ के एलान के मौके पर गहना ने मुंबई में एक प्रेस कांफ्रेंस रखी जहाँ मीडिया से बात करते हुए गहना ने कहा ‘दिल कर रहा है’ भी अस्मिता अधिकारी ने गाया है, इस गाने की भी वही यूनिट है. इसकी कोरिओग्राफर खुशबु पटेल हैं. इसके विडियो डायरेक्टर ह्रदय शंकर मिश्रा हैं और इसके प्रोड्यूसर सलीम शाह हैं. यह एक रोमांटिक नम्बर है जिस्समे ऐसी सिचुएशन है कि एक लड़की अपने बॉय फ्रेंड का इन्तेजार कर रही है. सज रही है संवर रही है उसके इन्तेजार में खोई हुई है. इस विडियो की एक प्रोपर स्टोरी लाइन है. लड़की का दर्द बढ़ रहा है और उसके जज़्बात का इज़हार इस गाने में किया गया है जो दर्शकों और श्रोताओं को बहुत पसंद आएगा. जल्द ही यह गाना रिलीज होगा.”

एक्ट्रेस गहना वशिष्ठ ने यहाँ टिक टोक वालों से अपनी नाराजगी का इज़हार यूँ किया ”मुझे टिक टोक वालों से नफरत है. इसकी वजह यह है की लोग एन एस डी जाते हैं पुणे फिल्म इंस्टिट्यूट जाते हैं नुक्कड़ नाटक करते हैं थिएटर करते हैं एक्टिंग सीखते हैं तब फिल्मो या धारावाहिकों में काम करते हैं आजकल निर्माता लड़कियों से यह पूछते हैं कि आपके टिक टॉक पर इन्स्टा ग्राम पे कितने फोल्लोवेर्स हैं? आपके फैन पेज पे कितने फोलोवेर्स हैं अगर मुझे यही करना है तो मैं लाख रुपये खर्च करके यहाँ फोलोवेर्स की संख्या बढवाउ. टिक टॉक वालों को एक्टिंग करनी नहीं आती, डायलॉग उन्हें याद नहीं होते. टिक टॉक वाले एक्टिंग नहीं कर सकते.”


एक्ट्रेस गहना वशिष्ठ ने नए साल की शुभकामनाएं देते हुए नव वर्ष पर अपनी व्यस्तता के बारे में बताया ”२०२० के १२ महीनो में मैं कम से कम ३६ प्रोजेक्ट्स रिलीज करने वाली हूँ. हाल ही में एक फिल्म कम्प्लीट की है जनवरी में मेरे पांच प्रोजेक्ट्स रिलीज होने वाले हैं. ”

मुंडे मीडिया ने इस प्रोग्राम की पी आर की जिम्मेदारी संभाली.


Bollywood Actress Nikita Rawal recently invited to judge a mega event in Kandivali. Mr. & Mrs Kandivali, where college students from all over the mumbai showcase their talent in designin clothes.

Such beautiful desgines and concept were presented to the jury members.

Nikita, who has done 1478 live shows is an active participant in politics was delighted to be the part of Mr. And Mrs Kandivali , Mumbai as a celebrity Judge.

She says it’s always awesome to be a part of this kind of event where people show their talent and creativity . She was invited as a celebrity judge in this prestigious event and had a great time in this sizzling evening of the season.  She agrees to witness the bunch of talent of the city along with some other prominent personalities of mumbai. Nikita wishes all the participants for their bright future and believes that the city has tremendous talent .


To mention, Nikita has acted in Garam masala , and white with Arshad warsi and Sunil Shetty , Happy birthday , Amma ki boli , Cute Kamina and more

Nikita Rawal, a well known face in the Bollywood and TV industry who is a model cum actress  has acted in many music videos and has given the terrific performance in each . She has played different roles in all the videos and has justified each one of them tremendously . She has always got fit in the role so well and made it look real that it becomes difficult to say that she is just acting on the screen . Nikita has brought life to every video , song, movie, serial etc. which brings emotions, care and reality of life .


Heartiest Congratulations to Angel Tetarbe Popular Queen of Universe

As she received  “World Peace Messenger Award”2019”  on International Platform in  Los Angeles.

“I feel very happy n honoured to recieve one of the Prestigious Award as World Peace Messenger ” in LA.

Its gods blessings,am.great devotee to lord Shiva ,and its my mom behind my every moment of ups n downs and  success. my parents support n love n blessings have brought me today with International recognintion n achievements.”

Also Angel recently got  “STYLE ICON and  Performer of the Year Award 2019”   in Goa  in “Asian Lifestyle and fashion Awards,its the Beauty ,Fashion and the   most Glamourous Award event  across Asia”


Angel is –

“Miss Glamourface World-India “2017”

Niff Miss India -Best “Smile”

“International winner in Germany. 2018”

“Popular Queen of Universe 2019″

Feel very blessed and honoured as am Chosen to receive both the Awards this year..  It was a great experience and memorable time for me .God is Great n Kind”

Angel recently returned from New York and did shows as Celebrity guest along wd Bollywood Hero Raj Kumar Rao and actress Nargis Fakri in New York,  Am very Thankful to  Celebrity promoter Mr Bharat Gorodia ,for being there in los Angeles while recieving the Award.also thankful to Dr Neetu  Singh and Dr.Sir GD Singh for choosing for such a wonderful prestigious Award in Los Angeles” Also thankful to President  Mukesh kaneri ji. Angel Is travelling  to USA and different part of the world promoting our Indian Culture,and with the Mission- “JOIN HANDS FOR THE WORLD PEACE” We r here in the journey of life,we should love n respect each other,we need love ,peace and Happiness in life .

We r not here for hatred ,jealousy and fights ,we should spread peace and happiness in The world”

And I salute our soldiers  at the Border who sacrifices their life to  protect our lives to protect our country.  I salute them,god bless them n their family ,they are  the” real Heros of our Country.” Jai Hind”

We wish u all the best for ur future success. India is proud of u Angel.

Little Known Facts About Actress Abhilasha Shree

अभिनेत्री ‘अभिलाषा श्री ‘ फिल्म इंडस्ट्री की जानी मानी कलाकार है,  उन्होने अपनी फिल्मी करियर की शुरवात डकैत फिल्म से की थी कुछ रीजिनल फिल्मों मे काम करने के बाद उन्होने अपना रुख हिन्दी इंडस्ट्री की ओर किया, अभिलाषा श्री जी मुंबई से पढ़ी है,  पढ़ाई ख़तम करने के बाद उन्होंने फैशन डिज़ाइनर का काम भी किया है,  उन्होने हिन्दी फिल्म इंडस्ट्री मे सबसे पहला काम ‘Tishnagi’ फिल्म मे किया इस फिल्म के डायरेक्ट समीर खान जी है,  श्री जी ने बताया की काफ़ी अच्छा एक्सपीरिन्स रहा इस फिल्म मे राजपाल यादव जी इनके को- एक्टर थे उनके साथ कॉमेडी रोल बखूबी निभाया है.

इस फिल्म के बाद श्री जी ने काफी एपिसोडइक शो कि है – CID,  craim petrol, Savdhan india,  Savdhan pyar me, Ultraa web series, और कई सारे short films कर चुकी है,  इसके बाद इन्होने बिग गंगा चनेल का, ‘दिव्या शक्ति’ किया जिसमे मुख्य भूमिका मे थी,  इन सबके बाद हाल मे ही इन्होने 3 हिन्दी म्यूजिक वीडियो एल्बम किया है जिसके नाम है – ( me too ka vaar ) (yara sili sili ) ( Tum knha kho gye ho ) और इन सभी एल्बम का  निर्देशन भी इन्होने ने ही किया है जो की आप इनके अपने u tube चनेल पर देख सकते है  आज कल अभिलाषा श्री जी हैदर काज़मी जी की बहु चर्चित फिल्म जो की real life पर बेस है ‘bandit Shakuntla’ के  शूट पर गई है

फिल्मों  मे काम करने के अलावा वो समाज सेवा मे भी लगी रहती है वो समाज सेवा करते हुए “We Can We Will” नामक संस्था से भी जुडी है जिसके संस्थापक pankaj Thakkar जी है,

अभिलाषा श्री जी का कहना है वो एक बड़ी एक्ट्रेस के साथ साथ बड़ी समाज सेविका भी बनाना चाहती है.

My acting passion brought me to Bollywood – Alisa Khan

Alisa Khan, the great granddaughter of Ghaziabad city founder Ghaziuddin, is very famous in Bollywood these days as an actress as well as an astrologer.  Apart from Bollywood, Alisa Khan has also acted in 12 music videos in addition to many films of South. She is also going to appear in a webseries soon.  She says that nowadays I am busy with my professional and personal life and nowadays I am spending quality time with my daughter Dua.

Alisa  has recently arrived from Thailand as a jury for Enigma Mr. and Mrs. International.  Apart from this, she has attended many events as a judge.  Recently she was honored during the Mentor and Muscat Golden Academy Awards held in Noida.  Where Tomar Dadis was also present as the chief guest.  Let me tell you that the movie “Sand ki Aankh” made above in Tomar Dadis was released in which Taapsee Pannu and Bhumi Pendekar played the main characters.


Alisa made her Bollywood debut as an actress in the Hindi film “My Husband Wife”.  She has also worked with Emraan Hashmi in the film “Aaina” which will be released soon.  Alyssa told that her family did not want her to step into Bollywood, but her passion for acting brought her to this point.  It is not considered fair for girls to come to films from the family that Alisa belongs to, but she came to Mumbai after fighting her family and has managed to make her mark on her own today.

मेरे एक्टिंग के जुनून ने मुझे बॉलीवुड में लाया : अलिसा खान

गाजियाबाद शहर  के संस्थापक  गाज़ीउद्दीन की परपोती अलिसा खान इन दिनों बॉलीवुड में बतौर अभिनेत्री के साथ साथ एस्ट्रोलॉजर के रूप में भी काफी फेमस है। बॉलीवुड के अलावा अलिसा खान साउथ की भी कई फिल्मों के अलावा 12 म्यूजिक वीडियो में भी काम कर चुकी हैं ।जल्द ही वह एक वेबसिरिज मे भी नजर आने वाली हैं। वह कहती है कि आजकल मैं अपने प्रोफेसनल और पर्सनल लाइफ में व्यस्त हूँ और आजकल अपनी बेटी दुआ के साथ क्वालिटी टाइम बिता रही हूँ ।

अलिसा हाल  ही  में एनिग्मा मिस्टर एंड मिसेस इंटरनेशनल के लिए बतौर जूरी थाईलैंड से जाकर आयी है। इसके अलावा वह कई इवेंट में बतौर जज शिरकत कर चुकी हैं। पिछले दिनों उन्हें नोयडा में आयोजित मेंटर एंड मस्कट गोल्डन अकैडमी अवार्ड के दौरान सम्मानित किया गया। जहाँ पर तोमर दादिया भी बतौर मुख्य अतिथि मौजूद थी ।  बतादें कि तोमर दादियों में ऊपर बनी फिल्म “सांड की आंख ” पिछले दिनों प्रदर्शित हुई जिसमें तापसी पन्नू और भूमि पेंडेकर ने मुख्य किरदार निभाया था। अलिसा ने बॉलीवुड में बतौर अभिनेत्री हिंदी फ़िल्म ” माय हसबैंड वाइफ” से डेब्यू किया था । इमरान हाशमी के साथ वह फ़िल्म ” आईना” में भी काम कर चुकी हैं जो जल्द ही रिलीज होगी । अलिसा ने बताया कि उनके परिवार वाले नही चाहते थे कि वह बॉलीवुड में कदम रखे , लेकिन एक्टिंग के प्रति उनके जनून ने उन्हें यहां तक खींच के लाया । अलिसा जिस शाही परिवार से ताल्लुक रखती है ऐसे परिवार से लड़कियों का फिल्मो में आना ठीक नही माना जाता है ,लेकिन वह अपने परिवार से जंग लड़कर मुम्बई आयी और अपने बलबूते पर आज अपनी पहचान बनाने में कामयाब हुई है

Samikssha Batnagar recreates Ishq Tera Lae Dooba

If you are planning to celebrate the new year with someone you are falling in love with, then Bollywood beautiful actress Samikssha Batnagar have come with a recreate version of Ishq Tera  Lae Dooba. The Video and vocal will make you fall in love with the song and you would play it on loop. To say it, even after sitting in the office – you will be thinking of a long drive with your special one with this song on. This is a woman pouring her out for the man she loves and wants to walk her life with. Song released on her YouTube Channel named Samikssha Batnagar. Music and directed by Rishi Singh.


The Queen of smiles is loved for her dance moves and power-packed performances. Now her fan will see her romantic saga.  The video which is already viral on YouTube is being fast shared on Facebook.

Glamorous Hanshika Bhaware shines in Bollywood

Mumbai being the Mecca of Hindi films many glamour struck aspirants flock to Mumbai to try and fulfil their  cherished dreams to become an actor. Some  come armed with a degree from an acting institution while some come with their hidden talents.

One such aspirant to stardom is Hanshika Bhaware who resides in Mumbai. She is 23 year old, standing 5.5 in height,, 48 kg weight, 34 bust, Hips 34″  Skin Tone – fair, Eye Color – black Hair Color – brown, Shoe Size – 8, Marital Status- Unmarried.

Hansikha presently pursuing Polytechnic Diploma in  Computer Science.

As far her dress sense is  concerned, she is quite. comfortable with all types of  dress.

Hansikh has no qualms in shoot locations and she is open to any locations anywhere even overseas besides India.

She holds a valid Passport.

Coming to her experience behind the camera, she has done Padman movie &  MAKAN number 303  Horror Movie  and

Miss Congeniality  2019 short movie etc.

She is very much comfortable with all Timings- it is no bar for the actress.

Her extra- curricular

activities include dance and acting.

No doubt Hansikha is blessed with Glamour.

She has an awed interest in Acting, Print Shoot – Ramp Shows – Designer Shoots.

She is very much interested in Her ethnic Wears.

She has no objection to wearing Western outits.

She is comfortable in Bikini Shoots  Lingerie Shoots, Swim suits and calender Shoots – yes.

  • She also looks favourable to Albums Music, Movies Serials, Tele films  
  • Short films and Pilot films
  • She is more interested in Web serious.
  • She is no for painting bold.
  • Her Aim is to shine as an  Actress
  • She is most comfortable with both Indian and western clothes.

Hansikha is well versed  in Hindi, English and  Nirnmadi.


Presently she is working in couple of music videos  and has two hindi films in the  pipeline which are to be shot in Malaysia Hongkong Korea Taiwan Singapore and Bangkok. Music has already been and other music too.  The film is to be shot in Canada  where she will be performing couple of songs on the biggest award event.

Everyone knew Anjali Agarwal as a model but today she has come to know her as a film actress

अंजलि अग्रवाल को एक मॉडेल के रूप में सब जानते थे पर आज उन्हें एक फ़िल्म अभिनेत्री के रूप में जानने लगे है

अंजलि अग्रवाल को फ़िल्म गैंग्स ऑफ बिहार में मेन लीड हेरोइन के काम मिला है,निर्माता सफीक सैफ़ी  की फ़िल्म है गैंग्स ऑफ बिहार जिसे लेखक निर्देसक कुमार नीरज डायरेक्ट कर रहे है

म्यूजिक अफरोज खान का है फ़िल्म में मुकेश तिवारी राजवीर नाज़नीन जैसे बड़े आरिस्ट है


अंजलि अग्रवाल, जयपुर की है, उन्होंने अपना फिल्मी करियर एक सरकारी विज्ञापन से सुरु की थी, फ़िल्म पिके में एक छोटी से भूमिका भी कि फिर कई आभूषण के लिए प्रिंट शूट किया फिर बालाजी टेली फिल्म्स के लिए Ad शूट किया,2 बेबसिरिस में भी काम कर चुकी हैं

अंजलि अग्रवाल गैंग्स ऑफ बिहार फ़िल्म को लेके बहुत खुश है और पूरी तरह से कैरेक्टर को करने के लिए  फाइट भी सिख रही है,,अंजलि अग्रवाल की गैंग्स ऑफ बिहार जनवरी में शूट पे जा रही है

Akshara Singh And Kallu Pair For The First Time On The Big Screen

बड़े परदे पर अक्षरा सिंह और कल्लू की जोड़ी पहली बार।

काफी समय से दर्शक जिस जोड़ी को बड़े परदे पर एक साथ देखना चाहते है उनकी वह तम्मना अब पूरी होने जा रही है.खूबसूरत अदाकारा अक्षरा सिंह और युवा स्टार अरविंद अकेला कल्लू की जोड़ी पहली बार बड़े परदे पर धमाल मचाने आ रही है.निर्देशक चंदन उपाध्याय की फ़िल्म ‘शुभ घड़ी आयो’ में यह जोड़ी दर्शको के बीच आएगी.सिलेमा फिल्म्स के बैनर तले इस फ़िल्म का निर्माण किया जा रहा है.इस फ़िल्म के गाने के रिकॉर्डिंग के साथ फ़िल्म का मुहूर्त मुंबई में किया गया है.

संगीतकार ओम झा और गीतकार प्यारेलाल कवि राज,कुंदन प्रीत द्वारा फ़िल्म का संगीत सजाया गया है.फ़िल्म के लेखक और निर्माता आशुतोष सिंह है.फ़िल्म के मुहूर्त के मौके पर कल्लू ने बताया ‘ यह फ़िल्म काफी अलग और बड़े पैमाने पर बनाई जा रही है फ़िल्म में अक्षरा जी मेरे अपोजिट है और अक्सर ही दर्शक हमे एक साथ देखना चाहते थे और अब अब वह पूरा होने जा रहा है.”


वही अक्षरा सिंह ने फ़िल्म के बारे में बताया’ यह फ़िल्म काफी अच्छी और एक नए सब्जेक्ट को लेकर बनाई जा रही है.निर्देशक चंदन उपाध्याय एक बहुत अच्छे निर्देशक है जिनके साथ मे पहली बार फ़िल्म करने जा रही हूं और साथ ही कल्लू जी के साथ भी पहली बार स्क्रीन शेयर करने जा रही है जिसके लिए काफी उत्त्साहित हूँ’.

Shreedevi Chowdary To Turn Actor With Amit Khanna’s Friends In Law

Awareness and acceptance for the LGBTQ community is rising in the society and content creators are taking several initiatives to highlight this topic through their projects. Now, after the success of ‘All About Section 377’ and ‘Still About Section 377’, ace photographer Amit Khanna is back with yet another powerful script. And this time it’s a film titled, ‘Friends In Law’. Presented by HRH film Productions. Produced by Swati Sanghi , Shreedevi Chowdary and Amit Khanna. Written and directed by Amit Khanna, the movie is all set to release on Amazon Prime on 9th November 2019.

Shot extensively in Bangkok and Hyderabad, it’s an English –Telugu cross over film that boasts of a never seen before subject. The movie revolves around an orthodox South Indian lady, Indu, who lands up in Bangkok and had to spend time with her gay son’s partner. It stars a blend of International as well as Indian actors including Gurfateh Singh Pirzada, who will soon be seen in Ranbir Kapoor starrer ‘Brahmastra’. The other cast includes Ashlin Harris and Shreedevi Chowdary, who is also the producer of the film.

Making her debut at the age of 47, Shreedevi Chowdary, who hails from Hyderabad says, “I am proud to be associated with such a universal subject which can bring about a revolution in the world. Though it’s my first stint as an actor I am happy and confident that the film will do wonders. Playing Indu was a challenge and I observed a couple of middle aged women around me. The emotional touch between a mom and a son is inevitable.”


Swati Sanghi believes that the subject is extremely universal and people across the world can relate to it. Adds Amit Khanna, “The film is first of its kind and we are hoping it leaves a mark on audiences.” Friends In Law was premiered at the Cannes last year and received a great response.

Nikita Rawal Actress Producer & Social activist won Midday Show Biz Icon Award for her work And efforts in Acting producing content and social work under her NGO Aastha Foundation for the year 2019

A prestigious event Mid Day’s Show biz Icon Award 2019 was recently held in Grand Hyatt, Mumbai on . All the dignified personalities like Neil Nitin Mukesh, Urvashi Rautela, Shama Sikander , Nikita Rawal, Jaswinderr Narula, Jayanti Lal Gada, director Anil Sharma, Utkarsh Sharma, Milind Gunaji , Karishma Kapoor and more showed their gracious presence.
Nikita Rawal is a known name in the industry . Nikita has renowned name in Mumbai. She is a multidimensional personality full of confidence and talent who has done 1478 live shows . She is an active participant in politics too.
Speaking on the occasion, Nikita said, “This is a great honour for me and I feel immensely happy that my hard work is being recognised. Acting has always been my first love as it gives me the required creative satisfaction and I feel proud that I have been able to establish a name in the industry. I am also grateful to Mid-day, which has bestowed me with the honour. I intend to continue such work and hope to keep winning the hearts of my audience. This is indeed a big encouragement for me and all the young talent in our country.”
Nikita is trained in classical, Kathak, western, Ballet, Kuchipudi and more. She has represented India on national television in Kathak. She has also been accoladed with many awards for the same .

She has done music videos on Venus music company and has acted in movies like Garam masala , Mr.Black and White with Arshad warsi and Sunil Shetty , Happy Birthday , Amma ki boli , Cute Kamina and more .
Apart from acting, Nikita is involved in social welfare and political activities . She is the founder of an NGO called  “Aastha Foundation ” which caters to the need of every person and covers all the aspects. He organization focuses on helping anyone who is deprived of something or need anything , whether it’s H.I.V. patients and awareness , women’s health (providing them with basic hygenie , availability of sanitary napkins), kids’ education , environment, greenery etc.

Actress Monika Chaudhary has gone through an intense boxing training for SuperGirl

The feline strength, the alluring confidence, the punches that prove that women are definitely not the weaker. Heroines ready to go that extra step to train their guts out and get in stunning shape. Every actor aspires to have variations in their performances and Monika Chaudhary is no exception. Looks like SuperGirl actress is very excited about her upcoming song.

Monika Chaudhary will be seen doing boxing for the first time in her upcoming music album SuperGirl. She prepared for her role by watching action performances movies to study the body language and nuances.

Besides this, Monika has taken physical training as part of her preparation. Where her routine at the gym has always included weight and strength training. But she add boxing to her exercise as well specially for the song.

Since boxing was new to her, she had gone through by rigorous in order to achieve the stance, agility, technique and speed required to perform the action sequences for the album.


Poster Boy Actress Samikssha Batnagar Celebrates Diwali At Home For The Aged

Diwali is all about giving, sharing, and spreading happiness! On the auspicious day of Diwali, everyone tries to do their best to make their loved ones happier and make that particular moment a memorable one. Poster Boys actress Samikssha Batnagar who’s currently busy in Hemant N Mishra next Black Rose and couple of web series took time from her busy schedule and visited Home for the Aged running by Sumangala N Wagh and her husband Dr. Niranjan M.Wagh at Jogeshwari, Mumbai.


Samikssha Batnagar said, “Diwali is the most splendid festival amongst all the festivals. Apart from being a festival of lights and welcoming new beginnings, I also see it as a festival of sharing happiness. Every year during this festival, I follow a tradition of donating something new to a place. It was great experience meeting with Old age people and it’s giving me immense pleasure. I would like to say thank you to Mr. Niranjan M Wagh and Sumangala Wagh, they are our real superhero”.

Actress Divyajyoti Sharma Has Passion For Acting

अभिनय के प्रति जुनून रखती हैं अभिनेत्री दिव्यज्योति शर्मा

दिव्यज्योति शर्मा एक ऐसी एक्ट्रेस का नाम है जिन्होंने बचपन में ही अपने हुनर का प्रदर्शन कर दिया था। स्कूल और कॉलेज फंक्शन्स में उन्होंने कई नाटकों में काम किया था। फिर दिल्ली में उन्होंने कमर्शियली अपना काम शुरू किया क्योंकि वह दिल्ली से सम्बन्ध रखती हैं और पिछले 21 साल से मुंबई में सेटल हैं। एक्टिंग के प्रति उनका जुनून देखने लायक होता है। बचपन से ही कैमरा फ्रेंडली रहीं दिव्यज्योति बहुत क्रिएटिव, ड्रामेटिक, ट्रैवलर और सपने देखने वाली लड़की रही हैं। वह हिंदी, अंग्रेजी और पंजाबी भाषाएं जानती हैं। किशोर नमित एक्टिंग इंस्टीट्यूट से उन्होंने अभिनय की बाकायदा ट्रेनिंग हासिल की है। ग्रेजुएट की डिग्री रखने वाली दिव्यज्योति ने ड्रामों से अपनी शुरुआत की। वर्षों तक थियेटर का अनुभव उन्होंने हासिल किया। सलमान ख़ान के साथ बिग बॉस 12 के प्रोमो सहित उन्होंने कई विज्ञापन में काम किया जिनमें बस्किन ऐंड रॉबिंस, दांडी नमक, ऑनीडा ए सी, सोनी टीवी शो मन में है विश्वास प्रोमो, आशीर्वाद पाइप्स, ब्रिटानिया सुगर फ्री एड, चिंग्स मसाला, डीबी एस बैंक, सेंटर फ्रेश इत्यादि उललेखनीय है। उन्होंने कई म्यूज़िक वीडियो भी किए हैं। आशा भोंसले द्वारा गाए रसना उत्सव म्यूज़िक वीडियो को तमाम म्यूज़िक चैनल पर चलाया गया। उन्होंने कई फिल्मों में भी काम किया है जैसे रितेश देशमुख के साथ बैंक चोर, शबाना आजमी जूही चावला के साथ चाक ऐंड डस्टर, सन शाइन म्यूज़िक टूर्स ऐंड ट्रेवल्स, शौर्य, दे ताली, मुंबई से आया मेरा दोस्त, क्राइम स्टोरीज, माई हसबंड्स वाइफ़, हॉर्न ओके प्लीज़, मेरी मर्जी इत्यादि।


उन्होंने स्टार प्लस के शो दिल बोले ओबेरॉय, एक हजारों में मेरी बहना है, मान ना मान मै तेरा मेहमान, राजा की आएगी बारात, केसर, लेफ्ट राइट लेफ़्ट, क्या दिल में है, संतान, धूम मचाओ धूम, अपने मेरे अपने, देस परदेस, हम पांच, सी आई डी, कहानी घर घर की, कोई दिल में है, कहता है दिल, शरारत, क्योंकि सास भी कभी बहू थी, गुमराह, ससुराल गेंदा फूल, सावधान इंडिया, ये है आशिकी जैसे कई टीवी धारवाहिकों में काम किया है। उन्होंने व्हिस्लिंग विंडोज़ के लिए एक शॉर्ट फिल्म वाया कारगिल और दूरदर्शन के लिए ऐसा हो तो कैसा हो जैसी शॉर्ट फिल्मे भी की है। वह वेब सीरीज के इस दौर को बेहद पसंद कर रही हैं और डिजिटल प्लेटफॉर्म पे अभिनय करना चाहती हैं।

Smriti Sinha Proves Show Must Go On Even After The Accident She Came For Shooting On the sets of Bhaag Khesari Bhaag

‘भाग खेसारी भाग’ के सेट पर स्मृति सिन्हा ने एक्सीडेंट के बाद भी कैसे की शूटिंग।

भोजपुरी फिल्मो की चुलबुली अदाकारा स्मृति सिन्हा भोजपुरी फिल्म इंडस्ट्री की उन अदाकाराओं में से एक है जो अपने अभिनय से दर्शको के दिलो पर राज करती है.स्मृति ने कई हिट फिल्मे भोजपुरी फिल्म इंडस्ट्री को दी है .कुछ समय के लिए इंडस्ट्री से दूर रहने के बाद स्मृति की जोरदार वापसी फिल्मो में हो चुकी है.हाल ही में स्मृति की फिल्म ‘परवरिश ‘ ने सिनेमघरो में दस्तक दी है.इस फिल्म के बाद अब स्मृति की फिल्म ‘भाग खेसारी भाग’ काफी चर्चाओं में है.’भाग खेसारी भाग’  फिल्म को १ नवंबर को रिलीज़ करने की प्लानिंग फ़िल्म मेकर्स ने की है.इस फिल्म में स्मृति और खेसारी लाल की सुपरहिट जोड़ी फिर से दर्शको का मनोरंजन करने के लिए तैयार है.


फिल्म की शूटिंग के दौरान स्मृति सिन्हा का एक्सीडेंट हो गया था जिसके कारण महीनो स्मृति ने फिल्म की शूटिंग नहीं की.जी हाँ फिल्म में स्मृति बुलेट बाइक चलाते हुए नजर आएंगी और इसी बाइक पर सीन के दौरान स्मृति का एक्सीडेंट हो गया था जिसके कारण वे कई दिनों तक परेशान रही थी।स्मृति का कहना है कि दर्शक मेरा भगवान है उन्ही लोगो के प्यार और आशीर्वाद से मैं बहुत जल्द ठीक हुई और शूटिंग कंप्लीट की,  अब स्मृति सिन्हा काफ़ी चर्चाओ में है लगातार शूटिंग में वेयस्त है

Actress Khushi Shah Celebrated Diwali With Poor Children Distributes Sweets And Clothes

ऐक्ट्रेस खुशी शाह ने गरीब बच्चों के साथ मनाया दिवाली, बाटे मिठाई,कपड़े।

कई भाषाओं में अपनी अदाओं से दर्शको का मनोरंजन करने वाली अदाकारा खुशी शाह ने दीवाली के मौके पर गरीब बच्चो को को कपड़े ,मिठाई, और नमकीन का वितरण किया.वही गरीब औरतो को साड़ी और मिठाई बांटी.

खुशी शाह ने इस मौके पर मीडिया से बात करते हुए बताया की ‘ मुझे बेहद खुशी होती है जब मैं लोगों की मदद करती हूं और दीवाली के मौके पर गरीब बच्चो के चेहरे पर खुशी देखकर मुझे बेहद खुशी हो रही है.आप लोगो को शायद पता नही होगा की मैं भी अनाथ हूं और बचपन मे अनाथ आश्रम में रही हूं इसलिए मुझे गरीब और अनाथ बच्चो से काफी लागव है’.


खुशी शाह की फ़िल्म की बात करे तो बेहद जल्द उनकी गुजराती फ़िल्म अफ़रातफ़री अभी चर्चाओं में है और हिंदी फ़िल्म की शूटिंग में ख़ुशी काफ़ी बेयस्त होने के वावजूद भी वो एक गरीब के  दर्द को समझी और शूटिंग छोड़ कर गरीब बच्चों व महिलाओं के साथ दीवाली की अपनी खुशियां बाटी  है. खुशी हालही में उद्योगपति उमेश शर्मा के साथ सात वचन का वादा की है।और उनका कहना है कि मैं अनाथ था लेकिन आज मुझे माता – पिता का अनमोल प्यार हमारे शशुराल में मिल गया है।

Anara Gupta’s Heart Beats After Seeing Khesari Lal

खेसारी लाल को देख अनारा गुप्ता का  दिल धड़का।

भोजपुरी फिल्मों केखेसारी लाल को देख अनारा गुप्ता का  दिल धड़का भोजपुरी फिल्मों के सूपरस्टार खेसारी लाल यादव को देख मिस जम्मू का दिल धड़क रहा है .जी हाँ आपने सही सुना अनारा गुप्ता ने खुद इस बात को खुले आम कह दिया.अब आप सोच रहे होंगे की आखिर ऐसा क्या हो गया अचानक,तो चलिए आपको बताते है आखिर क्या है पूरा माजरा.दरअशल फ़िल्म ‘भाग खेसारी भाग’ में अनारा गुप्ता ने एक स्पेशल सांग किया है जिसमे उनके साथ खेसारी लाल और स्मृति सिन्हा भी नजर आएंगी.इस गाने में अनारा खेसारी से कहती है ‘तेरे जैसा हैंडसम लड़का देखा तो दिल मेरा धड़का’.और  फ़िल्म के ट्रेलर में इस गाने पर अनारा गुप्ता के साथ खेसारी लाल को ठुमके लगाते हुए देखा जा सकता है.इस गाने  को लेकर अनारा काफी उत्त्साहित है और फ़िल्म के रिलीस होने का इंतजार बड़े बेसब्री से कर रही है.

फिलहाल अनारा इन दिनों अपने सोशल वर्क को लेकर काफी सुर्खियों में है.हाल ही में अनारा ने बिहार में बाढ़ पीड़ितों की मदद के लिए मच्छरदानी का वितरण किया.जिसके लिए अनारा को काफी प्रशंशा मिली. धड़क रहा है .जी हाँ आपने सही सुना अनारा गुप्ता ने खुद इस बात को खुले आम कह दिया.अब आप सोच रहे होंगे की आखिर ऐसा क्या हो गया अचानक,तो चलिए आपको बताते है आखिर क्या है पूरा माजरा.दरअशल फ़िल्म ‘भाग खेसारी भाग’ में अनारा गुप्ता ने एक स्पेशल सांग किया है जिसमे उनके साथ खेसारी लाल और स्मृति सिन्हा भी नजर आएंगी.इस गाने में अनारा खेसारी से कहती है ‘तेरे जैसा हैंडसम लड़का देखा तो दिल मेरा धड़का’.और  फ़िल्म के ट्रेलर में इस गाने पर अनारा गुप्ता के साथ खेसारी लाल को ठुमके लगाते हुए देखा जा सकता है.इस गाने  को लेकर अनारा काफी उत्त्साहित है और फ़िल्म के रिलीस होने का इंतजार बड़े बेसब्री से कर रही है.फिलहाल अनारा इन दिनों अपने सोशल वर्क को लेकर काफी सुर्खियों में है.हाल ही में अनारा ने बिहार में बाढ़ पीड़ितों की मदद के लिए मच्छरदानी का वितरण किया.जिसके लिए अनारा को काफी प्रशंशा मिली.

Anjali Pandey Making Her Debut Opp Hiten Tejwani In Rakesh Sawant’s Coming Film Mudda 370 J&K

Anjali Pandey who hails Muzafarnagar, is one of top theatre artiste and has credit of playing more than 100 plays all over India. After seeing his play Rakesh Sawant was so much impressed with her acting calibre he made up his mind in giving her lead role opposite welknown and popular star Hiten Tejwani.

Anjali Pandey has giver her remarkable debut performance in the film which is based on the top subject of the nation MUDDA 370 J&K. Anjali Pandey was so excited when she was approached for this film she immediately signed the film without hesitation because she had got the opportunity of working with top stars like Rakhee Sawant , Hiten Tejwani and others.

About Film : First Film Ever Made On Kashmir Article 370 Movie MUDDA 370 J&K Based On 1990 Real Facts Exile Of Kashmiri Pandits Film Releasing On 15th Nov 2019 Through MATES ENTERTAINMENT.

The Entire Shooting has been completed of SUBHARTI MEDIA LTD & JAYAS FILMS  (MUDDA 370 J&K)   Produced by Dr ATUL KRISHNA & Co. Produced by BHANWAR SINGH PUNDIR. A film by Rakesh Sawant.



Many top singers have given their golden voice for this film’s songs  AASHA BHOSLE, Shaan,  Palak Munchal,  Asees  Kaur,  Javed Ali,  Shahid Malya,  Muddasar Ali. The Film is based on one of top current issue of our Nation MUDDA 370 J&K.

The Film Has Screen Play By Dileep Mishra & Rakesh Sawant, Dialogue by Nisar Akhtar, Lyrics by Nisar Akhtar, Seema Bhatt & Shahid  Anjuman. The film has music by Sayed Ahmed & Sahil Multy Khan & Rahul Bhatt,  DOP byJagmindar  Hundal, Post Eye Focus, Editor Yogesh More With action by Deepak Sharma.

Samikssha Batnagar Shooting Action Sequence With Gun For Hemant N Mishra Next

Bollywood actresses are experimenting with their roles these days, in order to beat the other actresses to the big league, everyone is fighting it out to prove their acting prowess. Bollywood actresses have played the role of cops, a deadly gangster and even a strong women who doesn’t think twice before wielding a gun at the villain. We are so used to seeing gun being handled by the male heroes and villains in the movies, that gun-wielding female characters is still a novelty. Thanks to the daring young actresses in Bollywood, now we got our own femme fatales in the industry!


Gone are the days when only male actors would be doing stunts or action sequences, now even the most beautiful actress is ready drop their pretty image and jump into playing tough roles. Samikssha Batnagar who is playing a cop character in Hemant N Mishra upcoming BLACK ROSE film has seen playing action sequence with guns. She had taken tough training for this character. Currently she is in Prayagraj for the shooting and some of her pictures making buzz on internet about her action sequence. Samikssha is an actress who fears nothing and dares to learn new things every time. Samikssha proved that she could be as tough as a mountain and as delicate as a flower.

Hritiqa Chhebber Mesmerises Her Fans Get Again With Her Latest Hindi Song Jai Jaikaar Sung By Sukhwinder Singh

A small town girl Hritiqa Chheber from Madhya Pradesh’s Jabalpur city who always dreamt of becoming a model and actress since high School when kids at high school would talk about their future to be like with thought of taking up modelling as her profession and soon after she finished her school she landed in Mumbai the city of dreams to pursue her dreams in Mumbai. after coming to Mumbai she gone through a lot of struggles in given auditions as she had no film background.

Later during her audition days for modelling she was offered her first music video called ‘Mann Mera’.After successful hit of Mann Mera she was also featured in the song ‘Pyar nahi ghatda’ by Sippy Gill also turned out to be a great hit during ganpati festival. After this she has word for several music videos and made her debut in Telugu movie named ‘Ammai Nachindi’ released in early 2019.

Back to back she worked in 2 music video featuring with Arjun bajwa one was Ganesha sung by Jubin Nautiyal with over 50 lacs viewers on youtube launched during Ganpati festival and another Jai Jaikaar sung by Sukhwinder Singh both the songs were presented by T-series .Jai Jaikaar launched in this navratri season where Hritiqa strongly believes navratri signifies victory for good over evil forces. Navratri is celebrated very magnificently at her home she has always seen her family worshipping goddess Durga especially during the auspicious days of navratri and thanked goddess Durga for keeping her family always protected against any evil and to live life fearlessly.


There  are many more music videos about to release and is always looking forward to work in the movies in near future and wishes to become significant in the industries which will be the first step towards her goal. Har mantra to success is staying focused and being patient while walking on the goals.

Saavi Singh Chauhan Honoured With Prestigious Dadasaheb Phalke Icon Award 2019

Mumbai: Dadasaheb Phalke Icon Award 2019 was held on Sunday at Rangsharada Auditorium, Bandra West, on the occasion, actor Rajpal Yadav, choreographer Saroj Khan, choreographer Ganesh Acharya, social worker Feroz Khan and actress Savi Singh Chauhan were present. Savi Singh Chauhan was honored with the hands of Saroj Khan, which is a big thing in itself.

Let me tell you that Savi Singh Chauhan has appeared in one day Justice Delivered, Anupam Kher, Esha Gupta starrer, big film, as well as shoot for brands like Lifestyle.


It may be noted that Savi Singh Chauhan belongs to a Rajput family, and spent his childhood in Uttar Pradesh capital Lucknow, his initial studies were done in his home town, after that Savi Singh Chauhan completed engineering studies from Greater Noida Delhi, And after that his trend was towards film and modeling, then what was there, one after another, he went up the stairs and today Dadasaheb Phalke Aikko, the country’s biggest award Was honored with the Award, the Savi Singh  Chauhan what said See full report.

Divya Dwivedi Alias Divyaa Dwivedi And Now Diveyaa Dwivedi Strikes Back To Win

FIR USI MOD OAR super hit film, silver jubilee,


Hindi feature film Directed by late Lekh Tandon produced by Trinetra/Kanika Bajpai



I must tell you this story about that evening when I was to see a play after a long time. I was invited by my good and sweet friend,  Diveyaa Dwivedi who has had a chequered career as an actress and who she said was playing an important character in the play.

The address was Bunglow no. 120, Veda Factory. I spent almost the whole day wondering what the writers of the veda would have felt if they knew that there was a Veda Factory in this Kalyug and  I kept thinking  that this “factory” should have been somewhere near my house. The show was at 7 I left my working place which is a cafe called called Multea with my son, Ajay and we started our hunt to find Veda Factory…we kept going round and round and finally landed in what would at best be called a God forsaken place.

The last time I heard about plays being staged in hideouts was when I had read about plays being staged under the reigns of some of the great dictators and when plays were performed by little known actors like Amol Palekar, Nilu Phule, Nana Patekar and other such daring and talented actors in the class rooms of Chhabil das high school in Dadar during the dark days of the emergency. As I waled into the  Veda Factory, I was thinking of those dark times and even wondered how I could make myself comfortable in that little hole of a hall when it was difficult to know where the stage began and where the “factory” was ended.

My only great satisfaction was to see the 80 years old writer, Sagar sarhadi who had made outstanding films, especially a cult film like Bazaar and who had written big and small films  like Kabhie kabhie, Kaho Na pyar hai , Lori and some other films whose makers were basically associated with IPTA.

He was growing old, but still had his own office which was the office of his nephew the well known director, Ramesh Talwar and was still writing and living a life of a good vagabond.

The play began in a place which I later came to know was actually a stage. As the two hour long play progressed, I realised, for whatever my realisation was worth that it was a play in several parts, basically revolving around the phenomenon of human relationships which was based on the feeling of love that I have a lover of love was happy to know was still alive as mattered to people in today’s tormenting times.

It was a gift wrap of four stories combined in one and at times I found it difficult to convince myself about which story ended when and why and how and how the story began. The maker may find my understanding of the play idiotic, but that is how I exactly felt or was it the Veda Factory which was more like a tin shed that had turned my head into a tin shed ?

As I expected the high light of the play for me was the impeccable writing of my old/young friend Sagar Sahab. He was writing withthe same fire, the same feeling and the same feather touch with which he used to write when I was young and he was young. His story-telling, his description of time and nature and above all human nature proved that he was still the same writer I first knew 40 years ago.

The background music which was a blend of some classical songs and some of the old songs from his films ( if I am right) sometimes told the story in a much better way.

They say that India has a shortage of good talent. I was on the verge of believing in this belief of the enlightened ones who sit in their ivory towers and pass judgement on anything that can give them some way of making a living and a fake name but watching the group of mostly young artists who have a formidable body of work in Cinema, theatre and TV gave me hope that all was not lost still. All those judges of talent should once in a way find time to pay visit to places like Veda Factory and I am sure they will have a change of heart and certainly some change in how their minds work.

There are some very big actors who have been a great support for the eminent writer and director’ s to bring their thoughts alive in both language and body language.

Diveya Dwivedi who has done more than 20 films in Bhojpuri, Hindi and Gujrati and some major serials, the most important  of them being Trinetra /Kanika Bajpai’s “ Bikhri Aas Nikhri Preet”, Directed by the late Lekh Tandon, music by Khayyam sahab. Who has put in all her experience and efforts to play two very different characters and who gave me enough reasons to visit Vedha factory, worth it., only because I value the talent of Diveyaa.

Diveyaa  however excelled in the final act when she is seen at her very best giving vent to every woman emotion in a human situation. She adds power to the play when She reveals herself in the story in which she plays doctor Rashmi Malhotra and looks like a winner both in the way she dresses in a saree and the way she emotes at times reminding me of the great tragedienne of Hindi cinema, Meena Kumari.

The rest of the actors were only doing a job about which it will take me years to write and still I don’t think my opinion about them can be anywhere near anything good.

If there was one thing about the “disturbing”  play for me, it was giving myself and others the good news that Diveyaa had not vanished or runaway or given up the fight to be a good actress and that she had gone away for good, and she was very much here, to work, to win, to experiment and to excel.

Incidentally, the play was sponsored by MULTICRAFT SERVICES COMPANY(MSC)  formed by the one- woman company called Diveyaa Dwivedi, who hopes to let her new company grow and give herself and other talented, experienced and even new talent all the scope and hope they need to grow into forces and sources of hope for a bright and better future.

If you are one of the negative forces who tend to give up hope easily, look out for Diveyaa and her plans with her new company which is based on the power of positivity in human beings.

Diveyaa Dwivedi A Woman Who Has Built A World Of Her Own, But Loves Living With The World Around Her

By Team Bollyy  LAST UPDATED SEP 21, 2019

——–Ali Peter John

My mother, my mother, I don’t think there will be a time in my life when I would be able to start anything, especially writing about anyone as long as I write which is my only life. I am about to write about one of the few women I geniunely admire and may be would also like to love in my own way, a young woman of many achievements who I have known for the last eight years, all thanks to my dear friend, philosopher and guide (genuinely) Dr Trinetra Bajpai, who introduced me to her when he was making his first magnum opus of a TV-serial called “Bikhari Aas Nikhri Preet”, directed by the late Lekh Tandon who he has always considered as his mentor when it comes to cinema or television….

Diveyaa was one of the leading female character in the serial, who left a lasting impact with her natural performance.I was a regular visitor during the making of a serial and I could see the making of a good actress who had the calibre to carry herself on her own and build a world of her own from where she could take decisions about how to go about her career and also her life. It was this quality of standing on her own feet and making it in what was till known as a man’s world.


I have been following her growth and have also had to do some going back to before I knew her to know an her career. She had started in a strange way, she had entered a radio station and it took her very little time even as a little girl to win the little world which was to be her stepping stone to the bigger world she was destined to be a part of and make a difference to it, in her own way….

In the next few years, Diveyaa Dwivedi was known as the leading actress of Bhojpuri films and had done more than twenty films as the leading lady and at one time she was even considered as the number one actress of films in the language of which she was a master because she was basically from Ranchi and had mastered the language with all its nuances and niceties. She ruled till she wanted to rule and when the woman in her found that the films made in the language were not doing justice to the women characters in the films they made, she raised her voice in protest and was in the centre of controversy….

Diveyaa however crossed all the lines of darkness that was trying to over power her and her talent, decided to build another world when it came to her career because she had the faith and the fortitude to fight her way to make her light (Diveyaa shine in other worlds and so did films in other languages like Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam and Marathi. She had once again shown her ability to master languages, however difficult they were…

Diveyaa, the woman had to take a break for personal reasons and there was talk about her putting an end to her career as an actress, but I was sure the woman, who had the courage to build her own which she has left would certainly come back to her world without any fear of what the future would hold for her.

She has like I hoped she would, come back because true talent always pushes and inspires the one who is talented to find new ways of exploring the talent that is still there in an ample measure, because true talent really doesn’t have an end….

Diveyaa then is fast finding her roots and then leading her own way to find as many ways as she can use her talent. She is surprised herself to see how she is playing major roles in two interesting and important films in Gujarati Cinema which is now at the crossroads and growing into a major force in Indian Cinema as the recent National Awards have proved.Diveyaa has tried to master the Gujarati language and is picking up fast and has many other offers on hand.

The talent in Diveyaa has also led her to do a full-fledged play in Hindi called “Ai Mohabbat” , written by one of the giants of Hindi theatre, Sagar Sarhadi.

She has also started her own company with the intention and only motive to make entertainment of any form spring from darkness to light (Diveyaa).

Like it has been proved again and again, true talent cannot be hidden for long and by any kind of crisis or circumstances. It is always a winner and as a leading light of talent, I am sure Diveyaa Dwivedi will not only show the light but also lead the light and add glory to the world she has built for herself and no power can take it away from her.

Lead kindly light, Diveyaa!!!

Pakkhi Hegde Turns Entrepreneur Launches Her Record Label Beyond Music

The first female superstar of Bhojpuri film industry, Pakkhi Hegde has done more than 60 Bhojpuri films including Ganga Devi with Amitabh Bachchan. The actress par excellence has now turned entrepreneur and launched her own record label in partnership with Financial Consultant & Producer Viral Motani. The label is called ‘Beyond Music’ and it will provide a global platform to new talents.

As a pilot project, artist Stebin Ben was launched with the recreated version of iconic song ‘Mera Dil Bhi Kitna Pagal Hai’ from movie Saajan. The song crossed million views on YouTube in no time and Stebin became a star. Having huge fan base on his social media, Stebin has now performed more than thousand shows all across the globe. With Stebin’s success, Pakkhi Hegde and Viral Motani decided to make it official and announced the launch of ‘Beyond Music’.

To start with, the record label has taken ten talents under its umbrella. These are Shruti Prakash, Paulami Mazumdar, Amrita Sinha, Hardik Tailor, Madhur Sharma, Smit Mehta, Arsh Mohammed, Ashmik Patil, Gaurav Meena and Mehraj Kazi. All of these ten people have their individual identities in their respective fields but were not able to explore and work on their common passion which is music.


Shruti Prakash is an actress who portrayed the parallel lead role in the long-running soap opera Saath Nibhaana Saathiya on Star Plus. She was also a contestant in the fifth season of Bigg Boss Kannada and has also done Kannada movies such as ‘Londonalli Lambodara’ and ‘Rangamandira’. Arsh Mohammed has been a top contestant at Indian Idol and Saregamapa. He also has ‘The Voice of Mumbai’ title to his credits. Paulami Mazumdar is winner of Dada Saheb Phalke Award and is current working in web series on Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Madhur Sharma loved and known for his live unplugged nights and has rocked on the cover of ‘Kaise Hua’ from the movie ‘Kabir Singh’ this year. All these artistes have flavours of renowned singers across the board and can fulfil fan’s desire to listen to their favourite Pakistan singers. While voice of Arsh Mohammed resembles Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Shruti Prakash sounds like Momina Mustehsan.

Pakkhi Hegde along with Viral Motani will now be personally mentor these artistes and give them the best possible exposure to showcase their talent. These ten artistes were introduced to the world at a grand event in Mumbai recently in which they performed for live audience. All renditions left listeners amazed and gave them huge rounds of applause. Everyone was left with their hearts wanting for more.

The event marked the launch of ‘Beyond Music’ and saw who’s who of entertainment industry gracing the occasion. Guests seen in attendance included Mukesh Rishi, Vindu Dara Singh, Sawan Kumar Tak, Hunter News Network CEO – Pramod Gupta, Producers such as Nishant Ujjwal, Rajkumar Pandey, Pradeep Singh, Dolly Bindra, TikTok stars Aashna Hegde, Mr. MNV, Khushi Hegde, Sanket, Tanzeel, Unnati, Mrunu and others.

Also joining Pakkhi Hegde for the musical extravaganza were her friends and co-actors from Bhojpuri cinema, Dinesh Lal Yadav Nirahua, Amrapali Dubey, Pradeep Pandey Chintu and Telugu actress Esha Shetty. Stebin Ben, who is known as India’s Atif Aslam, was also present at the occasion who celebrated the release of his latest single ‘Sajda Karu’ that features Sanjeeda Sheikh and Aamir Ali with the houseful crowd with a cake cutting session.

Sharing his excitement, Stebin said, “I would like to congratulate Pakkhi ji and Viral for this noble venture. They are not just going to give these artistes the much needed support but also going to receive so many blessings from them. I am so fortunate to be a part of Beyond Music.”

Talking at the event, Pakkhi Hegde said, “Our vision is to provide a launch pad for new talent. We feel so proud to see Stebin Ben achieving such popularity. Our dream of creating the next generation of music stars seems to be shaping up. So if you are passionate enough to pursue music, you can always look up to Beyond Music.”

Adds Viral Motani, “This is just the beginning. We are going to take these artistes worldwide and do shows. The best part is that we have a great mix of singers, rappers as well as beatboxers. We will be having series of shows and there will be Beyond Music Fest in multiple cities across India and abroad. After Mumbai, the next cities lined up include Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Dubai and others.”


Follow Beyond Music on –

Actress Samikssha Batnagar Recreates Magic Of Asha Bhosle And Rafi’s Songs – Isharon Isharon Mein Dil Lene Waale

Being an actor in Bollywood is a big deal and doing double duty as a musician is definitely remarkable! It is an interesting turn of events when an artist in front of the camera shifts their focus to take the mic. Though acting is the main skill an actress possesses, she can also have a soulful voice. Poster Boy and Supermodel fame Actress Samikssha Batnagar is making her waves around the globe with her next action flick. Alongside, she is proved her mettle as a singing sensation. She recreates magic of Mohd Rafi and Asha Bhosle songs from Kashmir Ki Kali starring Shammi Kapoor and Sharmila Tagore. Recently Samikssha recorded Cover version of Isharon Isharon mein staring herself. Song released on her YouTube Channel named Samikssha Batnagar. Music by Rishi Singh.


The Queen of smiles is loved for her dance moves and power-packed performances. Now her fan will see her another side. The cover of ‘Isharon isharon mein’ sung by Samikssha could be the best thing to listen tonight. And it could be repeated for few more days. You love with the aspiring work done by her. The video which is already viral on YouTube is being fast shared on Facebook.

Smriti Sinha’s Comeback In Bhojpuri Films With Bang

भोजपुरी फिल्मों में स्मृति सिन्हा की जबरजस्त वापसी की तैयारी।

भोजपुरी फ़िल्म इंडस्ट्री में ऐसा बहुत ही कम बार हुआ है जब कोई एक्ट्रेस लाइम लाइट से दूर होने के बाद जब वापसी कर रही है तब उनकी चर्चाये जोरो पर हो और धमाकेदार वापसी हो रही हो. हम बात कर है  एक्टिंग के पाठशाला और बिंदास चुलबुली अदाकारा स्मृति सिन्हा कि,जो एक बार फिर भोजपुरी फिल्मों में अपनी धमाकेदार वापसी के लिए तैयार है.स्मृति सिन्हा की फ़िल्म ‘भाग खेसारी भाग’ एक नवंबर को रिलीज हो रही है जिसमे स्मृति के साथ खेसारी लाल यादव नजर आएंगे.खेसारी लाल और स्मृति सिन्हा की जोड़ी सुपरहिट जोड़ी रह चुकी है और अब इस जोड़ी को दर्शक एक बार फिर बड़े पर्दे पर देखने वाले है.जे पी स्टार प्रोडक्शन के बैनर तले बनी इस फ़िल्म का निर्देशन प्रेमांशु सिंह ने किया है और फ़िल्म के निर्माता उमा शंकर है.


बात करते है स्मृति सिन्हा कि ‘परवरिश ‘ और लालटेन ‘ की.दोनों फिल्मों में स्मृति सिन्हा के हीरो यश कुमार है, अजय श्रीवास्तव प्रोडक्शन के बैनर तले बनी फिल्म ‘ परवरिश’ के निर्माता अजय श्रीवास्तव और ममता बाधवा है तो वही फ़िल्म को अजय श्रीवास्तव ने डायरेक्ट किया है.इस फ़िल्म की शूटिंग पूरी कर ली गई है.

अब बात करते है फ़िल्म ‘लालटेन’ की तो इस फ़िल्म की शूटिंग इन दिनों गुजरात मे की जा रही है.इस फ़िल्म में यश और स्मृति का लुक काफी आकर्षित करेगा. फ़िल्म को धीरू यादव डायरेक्ट कर रहे है और फ़िल्म के निर्माता सुमन शर्मा है.


#New #DreamGirl for #Bollywood and #Tollywood Industry.


#ShwetNisha  #Actress and #Model , her eyes is as Lotus,  #MostBeautiful  #ExtremelyGorgeous  and #GlamourFace looking Actress, She is very #AttractivePersonality, #SUPERACTRESS, #PERFECTFIGURE #New #DreamGirl for #Bollywood and #Tollywood Industry.

Shwet Nisha  Actress and Model Age : 28

Height : 5’6

Weight : 50

Shoe Size : 5

Vital Stats (Breast / Waist/ Hips) : 34,26,36

Complexion : Fair

Hair Color : Brown black

Hair Length : Medium

Eye Color : Black

Languages known :Hindi, English, Bengali, Marathi.

Previous Work Experience : Done a movie with top Director as an Actress, many music videos, ad films ,Short films. Many serials as a character role like Doli Aromano Ki Ya Wada Raha , Naamkaran, Chandra Nandni and many more done few Prints Shoots and Ramp Show also.



Special Skills : Singing, Anchoring, Dancing etc.


Chandani Singh Bags Double Awards at Bhojpuri Sabrang Awards 2019

चांदनी सिंह को मिला डबल अवार्ड

चांदनी सिंह भोजपुरी फिल्मों की सबसे फिट और सेक्सी एक्ट्रेश मानी जाती हैं जिसके लिये वे कड़ी मेहनत भी करती हैं। वे आये दिन अपने वर्कआउट फोटो और विडियो सोशल मीडिया तथा फेसबुक पर शेयर करती रहती हैं। यूट्यूब की तो वे क्वीन हैं। चांदनी सिंह को पिछले दिनों सबरंग भोजपुरी अवार्ड समारोह २०१९ में बेस्ट प्रमोशिंग एक्टर और यूट्यूब क्वीन का अवार्ड दिया गया। दो दो अवार्ड पाकर चांदनी सिंह काफी खुश दिखीं। उन्होने अपनी लाईफ में पहलीबार किसी अवार्ड समारोह में परफारमेंश भी किया और वह भी हजारों लोगों की भीड़ में । चांदनी सिंह को जब ये अवार्ड दिये जारहे थे तो सबने उनका जोरदार स्वागत किया। चांदनी सिंह इसका पूरा श्रेय अपने दर्शकों को देती हैं।


वह कहती हैं मैं आज जो कुछ हूं वह दर्शकों और चाहने वालों के बल पर हूं। चांदनी सिंह अपने फैन्स के साथ साथ भोजपुरी फिल्मों के निर्माता, निर्देशक तथा स्टारों और डांस डायरेक्टरों सहित सभी लोगों का धन्यवाद देती हैं। चांदनी सिंह को इस डबल अवार्ड पर भोजपुरी इंडस्ट्रीज के दिग्गजों ने उन्हे बधाई दी है।

Actress Monika Chaudhary Latest Photo-Shoot

Bollywood films have come a long way. The actress working in the industry have won millions of hearts with their powerful acting performance as well as their beauty and gorgeous looks. Nowadays, the actress has become very bold and courageous. The growing competition in the industry has made them looks good as well. Actresses never fail to amaze fans with their some sexy and hot photoshoot. These actresses regularly do photoshoots for leading entertainment magazines and popular photographers. These photoshoots also help them in showing their other side of the personality, which they can’t display through the films.


Actress Monika Chaudhary recently underwent a photoshoot.  In these pictures, the actress seen in different ‘avatar’. The pictures of Monika is spreading sensation in the industry. In these pictures, the actress seems to be in bridal and ethnic look. In all the pictures Monika is looking gorgeous.

———Pigeon Media (Abhishek Dubey)

Life Has Been My Best Teacher – Ritu Shivpuri On Teachers’ Day

Ritu Shivpuri, who has been a part of several films as well as television shows, is currently seen in Colors TV’s show ‘Vish’. Speaking on Teachers’ Day, Ritu says, “Life has been my best teacher and I have learnt a lot with time. I have had my own share of struggle, stress and disappointments. People used to say, go and join some motivational classes but I have always believed that you should keep your head high, live with dignity and grace. Don’t let anything run you down and be proud of your achievements. The people that I have in my life today, are my biggest earnings. Life has taught me not to value things, but value people. I just want to be happy, be around with the people I love and cherish every moment spent with them. So, life has taught me to stay positive, may what comes.”

Further sharing her childhood memory, Ritu says, “During my school days, I was a very naughty and talkative student in the class. Teachers used to ask my father why is she always talking and smiling? They thought i am up to some trick. In fact there was one teacher I remember, the moment she used to see me, she used to say ‘Shivpuri, out of my class.’ So I was very naughty but in a positive way.” Meanwhile, on work front, Ritu will soon be seen in a web series and is in talks for a film too.

Mamangam Star Prachi Tehlan Urges People To Contribute To Kerala Flood Relief

Prachi Tehlan, who is all set to debut in Mollywood with Mamangam, opposite superstar Mammootty, is pained at seeing the condition of Kerala post the floods. In a video that she uploaded on Tuesday, she is seen appealing to people to contribute generously towards the Chief Minister’s Distress Relief Fund.

“I have spent almost two years shooting in Kerala, that it pains my heart to see the condition of the state now. Keralites are warm and loving people and I pray that all suffering ends soon,” she said in the video.


When we spoke to her, she said, “A lot of my fans have been sending photos of their flooded houses and are requesting me to pray for them. It is really sad. I have done my bit of contribution to the CM fund, and am urging others to do the same through whichever way I can. These days, my Insta stories are all about artworks, the sales of which will be donated to the flood victims,” the girl with the golden heart said. Prachi has an event scheduled in Kerala, which is being delayed because of the rains. “I hope the situation gets better soon so that I can visit my favourite state at the earliest,” she signed off.’

Watch video on Facebook:

Visionary Model Turn Actress Nivedita Chandel Turns Fashion Entrepreneur And Music Godmother

Some are born to become a role model in others life, and Nivedita comes in that list. She doesn’t like to seat at home and wait for opportunities; she creates opportunities for her. For her, everything is possible; the impossible word doesn’t come in her dictionary.  She works on her instinct, for her result dosent matter, her will power is incredible, and she is also blessed with a vast talent, which is helping her to achieve success in life.

Nivedita Chandel, a renowned personality, is all set to start her new ventures, from top Model to actress her jouney is an inspiration for many.  It will be interesting to see how she manage things and take her business to new highs. As we said earlier also she is not a girl who seat at home and wait for things, she is dreamer her mind is full of ideas, so she is trying to bring new things with her skills.

Nivedita Chandel is starting her new venture called “Nivedita’s – Fashion & Entertainment”, which will be related to today’s fashion outfits and the music company, which will promote new songs.  First, let’s talk about fashion; this diva is going to launch most trending outfits of today’s time for girls;

No individual can ever be assured of what’s going to happen in future, you can only plan your life and career but finally its almighty who shapes it. Nivedita Chandel who was inclined towards sports in her college days and also quite got success as an athlete playing at national level finally found her pathway in modelling industry running ramp shows for most renowned designers of country namely JJ Vallya,Manish Malhotra and working in TV commercial representing renowned brand Videocon. Her educational background is also strong having done

MCom with finance major. She has also been able to make her mark in Hindi Punjabi music video industry working with Toshi Sabri in album Dilla Tahar Ja,Yaara with Akhtar brothers and Pyar Ho Na Jaye with Deep ohsaan .She was also Miss Lucknow and was brand ambassador for MR brand in Delhi.Her family have people from business and political background.

Model and actress Nivedita Chandel has now set her eyes on her fashion start up which initially be focussing on women’s wear. She has travel and researched lot before starting her venture. She has also planned to organise fashion shows and associate famed singer to create her brand.

Fashion is not only Nivedita passion but she is also have deep sense of music. She along with fashion brand is also   starting  a Online music you tube channel and the motive to start her channel is to provide a platform to aspiring talented artist who struggle a lot to make their mark She has much bigger vision for her channel producing a reality show on it..

Dreams do come true if you have fire in your belly and Nivedita Chandel have definitely got it.


Aasma Syed will be seen playing a sweet Sexy “Sonam”  Character in Ekta kapoor Alt Balajis Super killer series GANDI BAAT SEASON 3 .

The actor says “When d character was narrated I Wanted to do that character From that time itself. The character Am playing is a Sweet Sexy Character of Son am who is a sex worker And is mooh-phatt! Bindaasss!

To know the whole thing You ll have to watch our series which streams on 27th july.only.on Alt balaji App.

I want to thank and say am extremely grateful to Jaasvand production (Sachin mohite,Neha gupta) Alt Balaji (Ekta kapoor) for letting me Be a Part of this Super Hot Series.

Aavya Gupta Winner Of Miss Diva Of India International 2019 Season 4

Aavya Gupta From Mumbai bags the prestigious Award Miss Diva Of India International 2019 Season 4 In Delhi recently. 40 Contestants from all over India had participated in the grand Finale. She received the award by the hands of well known Bollywood Actress Shahzan Padmshee.

Aavya Gupta the cute smiling personality has brought Proud to Mumbaiker by winning this prestigious Award. By profession she is Actress & Model having many Modelling and acting assignments to her credit. And she also assist her dad in interior designing projects, She is a student of Poddar International College Mumbai and has high regards for Veteran Actress Madhubala and ever charming Actor Govinda,

Aavya Gupta who is pursuing her career as Actress & Model has dream of becoming a well known Architect Of India. Some of her films and add films include NH99 Film, Sofy  Add, Mahindra jwellery Add, Himalaya Body Lotion, laa fanna music album etc.


Aavya Gupta spends her idle time by pursuing her hobbies like Horse riding , singing and dancing and sporting. She  has full hearted support of her family who have encouraged her to carry on with this glamorous profession.

The Songs of Chandni Singh Milte Marad Humko Becomes Bhojpuri’s Number One Song and Chaalkath Hamar Jawaniya On Second Postion

चांदनी सिंह का गाना मिलते मरद हमके बना भोजपुरी का नंबर वन गाना, दुसरे नंबर पर आया छलकत हमरो जवनिंया

यूटयूब की सनसनी चांदनी सिंह के दिवानों के लिये एक खुशी से झूम उठने वाली खबर आयी है। चांदनी सिंह के उपर फिल्माया गया गाना मिलते मरद हमके भूल गईलू इस समय नंबर वन गाना बन गया है। इस गाने ने पिछलेदिनों तक टॉप पर रहे गाना छलकत हमरो जवनियां ये राजा को भी पछाड़ दिया है। मिलते मरद हमके भूल गईलू मेंयूट्यूब और डिजिटल की क्वीन चांदनी सिंह के साथ भोजपुरी सुपरस्टार खेशारीलाल यादव की जोड़ी हंगामा बरपा रही है।  इस एलबम को स्वर भी दिया है खेशारीलाल यादव ने। आदि शक्ती म्युजिक कंपनी ने इस एलबम को रिलीज किया है। चांदनी सिंह के इस म्युजिक विडियो को अबतक २८ करोड़ ७० लाख ७७ हजार ६७ लोगों ने देखा है।


इसके पहले भोजपुरी का नंबर वन गाना था पवन सिंह और काजल राघानी के उपर फिल्माया छलकत हमरो जवनियां ये राजा। जिसे अबतक २८ करोड़ ६९ लाख ६६ हजार ३८ लोगों ने देखा है। चांदनी सिंह और खेशारीलाल यादव के उपर फिल्माया सुपरहिट गाना मिलते मरद हमके भूल गईलू ने छलकत हमरो जवनियां ये राजा गाने को भी पीछे छोड़ दिया है। छलकत हमरो जवनियां ये राजा को वर्ल्ड वाईड रिकार्ड ने जारी किया है। आज स्थिती यह है कि हर डीजेऔर शादी व्याह में चांदनी सिंह का यह गाना धूम मचा रहा है। इस गानेके म्युजिक सुपरडुपर हिट होने पर चांदनी सिंह को हरतरफ से बधाई मिल रही है। लोग उनके तारीफों के पुल बांध रहे हैं। आपको बतादें कि चांदनी सिंह के दुनिया में करोड़ो फैन हैं और लोग उनके म्युजिक विडियो का बेसब्री से इंतजार करते हैं। चांदनी सिंह मिलते मरद हमके भूल गईलू को इतना पंसद करने पर इसे देखने वालों और इस म्युजिक विडियो से जुड़े सभी लोगों और आदि शक्ती म्युजिक केपनी के सभी लोगोंको धन्यवाद देते हुये कहती हैं मुझे इतना प्यार मिलेगा मुझे उम्मीद नहीं थी।

Actress Rakul Preet Singh The New Face Of GLAMOUR India’s Largest Jewellery Exhibition

 ‘GLAMOUR’, India’s largest B2C fine jewellery exhibition has emerged as an integral event on the fashion calendar. Set to be held on 26th, 27th and 28th July, 2019 at Hotel Sahara Star, the exhibition is all set to celebrate the emerging jewellery trends and Indian Bridal Fashion at its luxurious best. While the exhibition is known for bringing up an eclectic mix of luxury brands and premium jewellers, who redefine fashion equation for the coming season, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that the show does it with style. With this year being no different, GLAMOUR has chosen renowned actress Rakul Preet Singh for their upcoming edition.

Having worked for various films in South and in Bollywood along with latest Super hit De De Pyar De, Rakul will be the flavour of GLAMOUR’s upcoming season. She has also shot an exclusive campaign of ‘GLAMOUR’ early this month; the campaign was styled by none other but our favourite Celebrity Stylist – Aastha Sharma, with Hair and Make-Up accredited to Namrata Soni, the campaign was shot by Fashion and Celebrity Photographer – Rahul Jhangiani, with shoot location venue accredited to Windsor Grande Residences. Mood for all occasions right from bridal to cocktail to millennial look were created integrating jewellery masterpieces of Charu Jewels of Surat; Raniwala 1881 of Jaipur; Rare Heritage, A Mehta Emporium Initiative; Rasiklal Sankalchand Jewellers; Shobha Shringar Jewellers and Zewar by Valchandson Jewellers.


On the occasion of GLAMOUR’s campaign shoot, Rakul states, “Shooting for this campaign was very exciting and indeed an experience of a kind. I have had a lot of fun working with my favourite people and my team on this project. Most importantly, I am very thrilled to be a part of GLAMOUR 2019 and look forward to meet all my lovely fans there.”

The magnificent splendour of Indian royalty is revisited in this spectacular campaign where the Jewellery trends for 2019 are curated effortlessly by GLAMOUR. Each look echoes the intricate opulence of bygone treasures.

Bulbeer Gandhi, Event Director, Lifestyle Division, ABEC ITE said, “Every season, at GLAMOUR we coronate a celebrated personality as the face of the event. We are very excited about our association with Rakul as she resonates the quintessential pride and enigma of the event’s constellation.”


GLAMOUR has had successful alliances with other A-list names such as Bhumi Pednekar,  Prachi Desai, Shraddha Kapoor, Soha Ali Khan, Neha Sharma, Urvashi Rautela and Vaani Kapoor to name a few. In the presence of this supremely beautiful, sensational and gorgeous actress, Rakul Preet Singh GLAMOUR yet again will exhibit the finest of bejewelled treasures best for the upcoming bridal & festive season.

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Chandni Singh’s New Movie Jabaanz Policewala

चांदनी सिंह की नयी फिल्म जाबांज पुलिसवाला

यूट्यूब की हॉट और सेक्सी एक्ट्रेश चांदनी सिंह की नयी फिल्म जाबांज पुलिसवाला का मूर्हुत धूमधाम से किया गया। इस फिल्म में उनके नायक हैं गायक प्रमोद प्रेमी। जाबांज पुलिसवाला के मूर्हुत होते ही चांदनी सिंह के किरदार को लेकर लोगों में उत्सुकता है। चांदनी सिंह और प्रमोद प्रेमी की यह फिल्म अगले महीने सेट पर जारही है। फिल्म को निर्देशित कर रहे हैं मेराज खान और निर्माता हैं आरुल्ला खान। इस फिल्म में जाने माने खलनायक संजय पांडेकी भी मुख्य भूमिका है।


माना जारहा है कि चांदनी सिंह की जबरदस्त फैन फालोइंग है और इसी वजह से सिनेमाघरों में यह फिल्म अच्छा बिजनेश कर सकती है। चांदनी सिंह ने सोशल मीडिया पर इस फिल्म जाबांज पुलिसवाला के मुर्हूत का कुछ फोटो शेयर किया है जिसमें वे काफी दमदार लुक में नजर आरही हैं। इस फोटो के शेयर होते ही चांदनी सिंह को खुब बधाई मिल रही है।

Sonalika Prasad Journey From Journalism To Actress One More Bihari Enters Silver Screen

पत्रकारिता से रूपहले पर्दे पर आकर छाई एक और बिहारी बाला सोनालिका प्रसाद

भोजपुरी फ़िल्म जगत में इन दिनों एक ऐसी कलाकार की चर्चा है जिनकी अभी तक एक भी फ़िल्म रिलीज़ नहीं हुई है लेकिन दमदार अभिनय , संवाद अदायगी और नृत्य कौशल की वजह से फ़िल्मी दिग्गजों के दिलों में जगह बना ली है । आमतौर पर किसी भी कलाकार की क्षमता का परीक्षण उनकी फ़िल्म रिलीज़ होने के बाद की जाती है लेकिन गोल्डन गर्ल के नाम से मशहूर बिहार के पटना निवासी सोनलिका प्रसाद की पहली फ़िल्म राजतिलक के रिलीज़ होने के बाद तीन और फ़िल्में रिलीज़ को तैयार है । पटना की मूल निवासी सोनलिका प्रसाद की फ़िल्म जगत में एंट्री की भी एक अलग कहानी है । संगीत और कत्थक नृत्य में डिप्लोमा हासिल करने के बाद उन्होंने पत्रकारिता को अपना कैरियर के रूप में चुना और एक चैनल में बतौर एंकर अपनी सेवा देनी शुरू कर दी । लेकिन धीरे धीरे उनका रुझान अभिनय की ओर बढ़ता गया । गोल्डन गर्ल सोनलिका की पहली फ़िल्म राजतिलक में उनके अपोज़िट हैं अरविंद अकेला कल्लू । उनकी दूसरी फ़िल्म लैला मजनू की भी शूटिंग पूरी हो चुकी है और उसमें वो प्रदीप पांडेय चिंटू और अक्षरा सिंह के साथ नज़र आएँगी । यही नहीं हाल ही में उन्होंने दो और फ़िल्मों की शूटिंग पूरी की है ।


“राजतिलक” के बारे में बात करते हुए उन्होंने कहा की फ़िल्म के ट्रायल में उन्होंने फ़िल्म देखी तो लगा की निर्माता  प्रदीप के शर्मा व अनिता शर्मा के सहयोग से

निर्देशक रजनीश मिश्रा ने  भव्य और लीक से  हटकर एक फ़िल्म का निर्माण किया  है , जिसमे एक्शन के साथ साथ पारिवारिक संवेदनाओ को भी बांधा गया है और कहा  जाए तो इस फ़िल्म में हर एक आर्टिस्ट ने अपना सौ प्रतिशत दिया है।

सोनालिका प्रसाद को भी अपने इस फ़िल्म से बहुत ही उम्मीदें है ।

रजनीश मिश्र की भोजपुरी इंडस्ट्री में ये चौथी फ़िल्म है बाकी पहले की तीनों फिल्मो ने तो पूरा धमाल मचा के रख दिया।और ये फ़िल्म भी दर्शकों में धमाल मचाएगी।

Kangana Sharma Actress Playing A Sex Worker In Ullu App’s Series Mona Home Delivery

Great Grand Masti actress Kangana Sharma is here to leave you stunned with her extra-edgy avatar. The actress, who played the role of the antagonist in Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji, will be playing the role of a prostitute in Ullu App’s series titled, Mona- Home Delivery. For her role, Kangana has upped the boldness quotient and experimented with some steamy scenes with Sahil Phull, who is known for his performances in shows like, Kundali Bhagya, Piya Rangrezz and Uttaran.
In the series, Kangana played the role of Mona, who works as a prostitute to make ends meet. As she faces financial crunch, she starts luring boys through video blogging, to earn quick bucks. Here are some pictures from the sets of the show, where we can see the lead getting intimate with each other:

The digital platform Ullu App is all set to embark upon with a new web series called Mona Home Delivery. It has an interesting star cast, with actors like Raju Kher, Vijay Raaz, Rajpal Yadav, Mukesh Tiwari, and Ganesh Acharaya, while Kangana Sharma is playing the lead role called Mona. It is directed by Sajan Agarwal who seems to be making his debut in direction.

Kangana further added, “I’m very happy people loving my series and appreciating my work. I am an artist and it’s my job to do the justice with the character. In Mona- Home Delivery, I am playing the role of a prostitute and the script demanded an intimate scene that’s why I couldn’t refuse. The whole sequence was beautifully depicted and aesthetically shot.”

Actress Mini Bansal Honoured At Kala Samruddhi International Film Festival 2019

अभिनेत्री  मिनी बंसल को काला समृद्धि इंटरनॅशनल फ़िल्म फ़ेस्टिवल 2019 में मिला सम्मान।

2014 की  मिस रायगढ़ रह चुकी मिनी बंसल, बॉलीवुड  फ़िल्म ‘शर्मा जी की लग गई’ में  एक बेहद अहम किरदार निभाया चुकी है. आपको बता दें कि इस फिल्म में कृष्णा अभिषेक और मुग्धा गोडसे भी हैं. उल्लेखनीय है कि मिनी बंसल को हिंदी शोर्ट मूवी ‘ब्लाइंड विंडो’ के लिए नेशनल अवार्ड मिल चूका है.  अभी  हाल्हि में निर्देशक जगजीवन राम पासी , छायांकन जय तारी और बेस्ट एक्ट्रेस मिनी बंसल को  कला समृद्धि इंटरनेशनल फ़िल्म फ़ेस्टिवल में  इंटरनेशनल  अवॉर्ड मिला ।


मोडलिंग की दुनिया में एक बड़ा नाम मिनी बंसल ने मायानगरी में बहुत कम वक्त में बिना किसी गॉड फादर के अपनी एक पहचान कायम कर ली है. हरियाणा की रहने वाली मीनाक्षी ने अपना फ़िल्मी नाम मिनी बंसल रखा है. उनकी कई शोर्ट मूवीज रिलीज़ हुई हैं जिसमे उनके काम की काफी प्रशंसा हुई है. वह कई कमर्शियल ऐड में भी दिख चुकी हैं. कई रैम्प शोज़ का हिस्सा रही मिनी बंसल की फैन फोलोविंग बहुत है. रैम्प शो अवार्ड से नवाजी गई मिनी का पंजाबी म्यूजिक अलबम ‘मुंबई की छोरी’ काफी पसंद किया गया. उन्होंने ‘उड़ते परिंदे’ और ‘मेरी शान है’ जैसे आइटम गीतों पर डांस कर के उन्होंने खूब तारीफें पाई हैं.

बिना किसी गॉड फादर के मिनी ने जो सफ़र तय किया है वह प्रशंसा के योग्य है. अपनी मेहनत और टैलेंट के बल पर उन्होंने कृष्णा अभिषेक,जया प्रदा और गोविंदा के साथ “भगवान के लिए मुझे छोड़ दो” में अहम भूमिका निभा रही है. उन्होंने बॉलीवुड के साथ साथ साउथ की भी कई फिल्मो में अभिनय किया है. शेमारू म्यूजिक कम्पनी की थ्री गर्ल्स में लीड रोल प्ले करके उन्होंने अपना नाम कायम किया है. उन्हें बेस्ट अपकमिंग एक्ट्रेस का टाइफा अवार्ड भी मिला है.

हल्हि में मिनी बंसल दो बड़ी फिल्मो में भी दिखाई देंगी ।