Dr Neal Ratan Agarwala – International Best Researcher Award Winner For Treatment Protocol for Coronavirus

At present when the whole world is trembling with fear of corona virus a homoeopath named Dr. Neal Ratan Agarwala residing at Liluah, Howrah has proved himself as a successful corona fighter in this field.

Dr.Neal Ratan Agarwala has been honored with ‘The International Best Researcher Award’ by the ‘International ISSN Awards’ and is also honored with The ‘Certified Researcher in ‘Homeopathic Treatment Protocol for Coronavirus’ by ‘Research Bureau Veritas’ for his successfully published research manuscript on ‘The Homeopathic Treatment Protocol for Coronavirus’ in ‘The International Journal Of Advanced Research, Ideas And Innovations In Technology’. His further research work on “Homeopathic Treatment Protocol For Corona Virus” is also published Internationally in The ‘International Journal of Scientific Research in Engineering and Management’. He has been honored with an ‘Excellence Award’ for ‘COVID-19 Awareness & Social Welfare’ by ‘World Federation of Homeopathy’.

His research protocol describes ways to manage ANG2, use of anti-fibrotics, auto-immunity, Inter-Leukin-1-beta, HMGB1, interferon-alfa, HAS-2, T-cell count, TGF, protection and regeneration of cilia, protecting lung parenchyma from hypoxia, protecting and regenerating endothelial cells, protecting spleen and lymphatic system, dendritic cell maturation, anti-coagulant, thrombolysis, SGPT, SGOT, creatinine, D-dimer, CRP, lactate dehydrogenase, cardiac troponin, creatine kinase and blocking ACE-2 & CD147.

During the early stage of Coronavirus outbreak in the country he started his research to boost power of immunity in human body. In fact, from February 2020, his research was starting to be very technical and precise until his research on the treatment protocol was successfully published Internationally in May & June 2020.


As a philanthropist and benevolent doctor Dr. Nealratan has been helping and treating many people to come out of their suffering from many critical diseases and gifting them healthy lives. He is researching on treatment protocols using the active ingredients of herbs according to homeopathic principles. He is the third generation in a family of prominent homeopaths. He is practicing modern homeopathy since 2005.Today, his research is not limited to any one country but it is being appreciated internationally.

Dr Neal Ratan Agarwala on Google:  https://g.page/dr-neal-ratan-agarwala?gm

Dr Neal Ratan on Facebook :https://www.facebook.com/nealratan

Contact no: +91-9231598225


Painter Sandhya Vaish Celebrated The Festival Of Colours HOLI This Year By Staying Indoors

Painter Sandhya Vaish this year celebrated the featival of colours HOLI by staying  indoors and urged everyone to stay safe and stay home.


Take vare of yelders & childrens and government  norms for covid-19.

Peeli Krishna Kumar Winner Of Miss Teen India Universe 2020 Globe A Virtual Edition Presented By Ashwin Rajput

Ms. Peeli Krishna Kumar Won the Title of Miss Teen India Universe 2020 globe Presented by  Ashwin Rajput  A Virtual Edition  In Association With  Ask Talent  & Vasudha Creation.

The Crowning  ceremony was held on 6th March In SIN CITY Andheri, Mumbai, in the presence of many celebrities from Film Industry & Fashion World. This unique Pageant and grooming session were held virtually with wellknown celebrities  Bharat Gupta, Varun Katyal, Khizar Hussain & Many Others.

Ms. Peeli  from Kerala (alappuzha) and she is pursuing BBA Logistics in Coimbatore. She is the National Player and State Player of Kabaddi, Basketball, Softball Tchoukball. From the childhood she was interested in acting, modelling and dancing.

Well throughout her efforts towards the goal of betterment, she has never been confident enough. Despite failures and pullbacks but she never let go off her passion for modelling with dedication and motivation from few . Thus the persistent efforts taken were rewarded by her achievements such as:

Miss Teen India Universe 2020 Globe, Miss Kerala 2020 participation, finalists of Miss Sensation and Best Model of the Year 2021 for Viking India.

Ms. Peeli young smart looking talented teen  wants to continue her journey as a professional model for Print Media as well as commercial video advertisements. Her family is always a constant support to her career. They always encouraged her to stay motivated and helped her lot in getting success & making her dream come true.

Jury members had a tough time in selecting  winners as every task  was done virtually.


Our Team Congrats to  all the winners  present at the crowning ceremony.

Aura Fashion Week the Two-day Event Recently Concluded In Delhi NCR

Day Two – Aura Fashion Week

The sequence were directed by renowned show director Kapil Gauhri and Styled by Nishankh Sainani.

The grand opening was done by Rina Dhaka who has been closely working with the fashion& film industry over the years. Her classy and elegant collection made everyone’s head turn. The beautiful mix of white, gold and some bight evening shades were sight for eyes.

The fashion show saw ethereal designs by Rina Dhaka, Ashfaque Ahmad, Salil Kapoor, Mukesh Dubey, Akash Rajput , Anjini Sharma along with Dipti and Pallavi.

Colorz n Style Presented Pallavi and Dipti presented a perfect summer ready collection with prints that was inspired by nature. On the other hand Mukesh Dubey’s collection was all about sustainable fashion. Ashfaque Ahmad showcased his collection which reflected rich fabric with surface ornamentation. Anjini Sharma’s ensembles were Aphrodite like and gave message of rediscovery and self love. Label house of Salil Kapoor presents an ethnic fusion collection for the modern Indian Groom.

Collection by Akash Rajput and by his Label Aham denotes the state of supreme self awareness and boundless consciousness. Chand bari by Sajan Rupani showcased beautiful collection of ethnic wear in dreamy set up.

Founder Piyush Agarwal said we were super excited to do this event as it was like a breath of fresh air for all fashion enthusiast in Delhi and NCR.

While Ms Meenkashi said it is lovely to have fashion lovers coming in and joining us at our physical event.

The show was Co-powered by Patanjali, Patanjali paridhan and Lapcrae. Associate Partner was Oxnineer and supported by Colour and Style, Adata, Gem mines, Hype, Meraki group, Digitly, Gaurav Sharma, Prag Hospitality. Model by 57 milestone.


Sunrix solar and oxineer packaged drinking water are leading brands who sponsored the event. Sunrix aims to build “Green India” through harnessing abundant solar radiation and to achieve energy security for the country. Oxineer is a solution for drinking water supply in PAN India.

Film CHAL JHUTTHA revolves around the Panchal Naresh who followed the tradition from Dwaparyug to Kalyug

द्वापरयुग से कलयुग तक परंपरा निभाने वाले पांचाल नरेश के इर्दगिर्द घूमती है फ़िल्म चल झुट्ठा

भोजपुरी सिनेमा के बदलते परिवेश में जहां भोजपुरी सिनेमा का चौथा दौर लॉकडाउन के बाद शुरू हुआ है और एक बार फिर संपूर्ण पारिवारिक फिल्मों के निर्माण का सिलसिला शुरू हो चुका है। ऐसे में एंड एंटरटेनमेंट बैनर के तले निर्मित की जा रही भोजपुरी फिल्म चल झुट्ठा की शूटिंग भव्य पैमाने पर यूनिक स्टोरी के साथ शूटिंग पूर्ण कर ली गई है। इस फ़िल्म में आज के माहौल को देखते हुए फिल्म की कथानक में मनोरंजन के साथ-साथ सिनेप्रेमियों के लिए संदेश भी दिया जा रहा है।

फिल्म के लेखक-निर्देशक विकास दास ने कहा कि हर कोई फ़िल्म निर्देशक कहता है कि हमारी फिल्म की कहानी सबसे यूनिक है। परन्तु होती नहीं क्योंकि आमतौर पर भोजपुरी फिल्मों का कथा पटकथा का ताना-बाना घर-परिवार और समाज को लेकर बुना जाता है, किन्तु हमारी फिल्म चल झुट्ठा की कथा-पटकथा की रचना द्वापरयुग में महाभारत काल के पांचाल नरेश राजा द्रुपद और उनकी सुपुत्री द्रोपदी के स्वयंवर को मूल आधार बनाकर किया गया है। इस फिल्म में यह दिखाया गया है कि पांचाल नरेश के वंशज इस काल के समय कलयुग में भी उनकी स्वयंवर प्रथा को बरकरार रखे हुए हैं। उनके घर में कन्याओं की शादी तभी होगी, जब कोई नवयुवक स्वयंवर में जीत हासिल करेगा। आगे निर्देशक ने कहा कि अब स्वयंवर में शर्त क्या है?  स्वयंवर जीतने की शर्त क्या है? किस तरह स्वयंवर की रचना की गई है? क्या पांचाल नरेश के वंशज अपनी कन्याओं की शादी कर पाते हैं? ये सब आपको फ़िल्म देखकर ही पता चल पाएगा। इसके अलावा आज की सबसे बड़ी समस्या दहेज प्रथा, जो दानव का रूप लेकर मानव के अंदर समाहित है और लड़कियों की शादी के में लड़के वालों की तरफ से अच्छा खासा दहेज मांगा जाता है। उस पर किस तरह से यह फिल्म कुठाराघात कर पाएगी? ये भी आपको फिल्म में देखने को मिलेगा।

एंड एंटरटेनमेंट बैनर के तले निर्मित की जा रही भोजपुरी फिल्म चल झुट्ठा के तीनों नवयुवक अजय यादव, प्रिंस अग्रवाल और अमित राजभर की कहानी है, इन्होंने बताया कि हम तीनों ही झूठ के सहारे अपनी इमारत बुलंद करना चाहते हैं। फिर हम किन-किन परिस्थितियों का सामना करना पड़ता है? कितना हास-परिहास होता है, हमारा कितना मनोबल टूटता और बढ़ता है? ये सब फ़िल्म के  कई ऐसे दिलचस्प मोड़ हैं। जो दर्शकों को खुद से कनेक्ट करने में आसानी होगी।

राजा पंचाल के वंशज के किरदार में मंझे हुए अभिनेता पप्पू यादव हैं, जो आज भी अपने आपको राजा मानते हैं, उनका सामना वे तीनों युवक किस तरह से कर पाते हैं? किस तरह से स्वयंवर में शामिल होकर के हार या जीत हासिल करते हैं। इसी तरह से कई दिलचस्प कथानक को आत्मसात किए हुए फिल्म चल झुट्ठा बनाई जा रही है, जो वाकई दर्शकों का स्वस्थ मनोरंजन की करेगी। इस फिल्म को हर वर्ग के दर्शकों को ध्यान में रखकर बनाया जा रहा है। जोकि संपूर्ण पारिवारिक सिनेमा है।

उल्लेखनीय है कि भोजपुरी फिल्म चल झुट्ठा की शूटिंग उत्तर प्रदेश के जिला जौनपुर के कस्बा मुंगरा बादशाहपुर में राधेश्याम पैलेस, द्विवेदी पैराडाइज कॉलेज, ग्राम सराय फत्तू, रैचन्दा सहित आसपास के कई ग्रामीण रमणीय क्षेत्रों में की गई है। इस फ़िल्म के  लेखक निर्देशक विकास दास, संगीतकार अनुज तिवारी, डीओपी इनायत अली, फाइट मास्टर जय विष्ठा, कला निर्देशक पवन शर्मा, ईपी विजय यादव, प्रोडक्शन कण्ट्रोलर शिवशंकर यादव और फिल्म प्रचारक रामचन्द्र यादव, अरविन्द मौर्या हैं।

इस फ़िल्म में मुख्य भूमिका में अजय यादव, प्रिंस अग्रवाल, अमित राजभर, निशा सिंह, अनन्दिता गिरी, रिया सारीवान, पप्पू यादव, बृजेश कुमार पांडेय सोनू, रमजान शाह, चन्दन सिंह, राम विश्वकर्मा, दीपक पंडित, फूल चन्द्र, मनोज प्रियतम इत्यादि हैं।

On Yogesh Kumar’s Birthday The Success Party Of Kimmy Sharma’s Song LONG SEPARATION Was Also Celebrated

योगेश कुमार के बर्थडे पर किम्मी शर्मा के सांग “लंबी जुदाई” की सक्सेस पार्टी भी मनाई गई

वाई के सीरीज से रिलिज लंबी जुदाई गाने को मिले हैं एक मिलियन se jayada व्यूज, नेक्स्ट प्रोजेक्ट रश्के कमर का भी एलान

मुम्बई में हुए एक शानदार इवेंट में संगीतकार और वीडियो डायरेक्टर योगेश कुमार का बर्थडे बहुत धूमधाम से मनाया गया। यहां उनके आने वाले प्रोजेक्ट रश्के कमर का एनाउंसमेंट भी किया गया जिसे योगेश कुमार ने रिक्रिएट किया है। इसमें किम्मी शर्मा ने आवाज़ दी है और वही इसके वीडियो में भी नजर आएंगी। इस song ka music recreate or वीडियो योगेश कुमार ने डायरेक्ट किया है जो जल्द रिलीज होने वाला है।

सिंगर किम्मी शर्मा का सांग “लंबी जुदाई” के व्यूज एक मिलियन से ज़्यादा हो गए हैं उसका सेलेब्रेशन भी योगेश कुमार के जन्मदिन समारोह में मनाया गया। लंबी जुदाई गीत को योगेश कुमार ने रिक्रिएट किया है जबकि वीडियो भी उन्होंने ही डायरेक्ट किया है। इस वीडियो में किम्मी शर्मा नजर आ रही हैं। ये गीत वाई के सीरीज से रिलीज़ हुआ है और रश्के कमर भी इसी म्युज़िक कम्पनी से रिलीज होगा।

आपको बता दें कि सिंगर और परफॉर्मर किम्मी शर्मा पिछले 15 वर्षों से एक प्रोफेशनल सिंगर के तौर पर काम कर रही हैं और playback singing 2017 se shuru ki hai  inka pehla गीत टी सीरीज से release 2017 main huva tha. लंबी जुदाई का वीडियो मुम्बई में वाई के स्टुडियो में शूट किया गया था, जिसे वन मिलियन से ज़्यादा व्यूज मिल गए हैं और इस वजह से पूरी टीम उत्साहित है।

आपको बता दें कि योगेश कुमार pichle 17 वर्षो से sangeet se jude hai, pichle kuch salon se म्यूज़िक इंडस्ट्री में कार्यरत हैं। हाल ही में इनका “भोले हैं शम्भू” गीत रिलीज हुआ था। Jisko Madhya Pradesh k शिवधाम Omkareshwar , Maheshwar, jaam gate, or mumbai में यह शूट किया गया था। जिसको योगेश कुमार ने gaya, likha, music actor and डायरेक्ट किया था.  यह गाना भी वाई के सीरीज से जारी हुआ था जिसे बहुत अच्छा रिस्पॉन्स मिला था।


अब सबकी निगाहें रश्के कमर गीत पर हैं जो जल्द रिलीज होने वाला है। संगीतकार योगेश कुमार ने बताया कि मैं अपने सभी चाहने वालो का शुक्रिया अदा करता हूं जिन्होंने मुझे बर्थडे विश किया। हम सब आगे भी अच्छे अच्छे गाने बनाते रहेंगे, यह हमारा वादा है।

Tanatan – Kitchen And Bar Grand Unveiling In Lucknow An Elevated Dining Experience Of Ramee Group Of Hotels

Post the stupendous success of Tanatan Restaurant (Kitchen & Bar) in Mumbai (Juhu, Shivaji Park), Dubai/ Bahrain, Udaipur and Kolhapur,  Lucknow unveiled  an elevated and fun dining experience with the launch of TANATAN)

Ramee Group of Hotels Pvt. Ltd. Is an International hospitality brand with 48 owned Hotels & Resorts and further expanding Hotels/ Resorts / Clubs, Restro-Bars across India & Middle East and now Globally.

Address-  Ramee Group of Hotels Ltd, Durga Bhawan, 94, Mahatma Gandhi Marg, Opp Raj Bhawan, Lucknow- 226001

Launch saw the presence of- Mr.Rajit V Shetty (MD- Ramee Grp), Mr. Sanjay Prasad , Ms.  Aradhana & Mr. Pradeep Shukla, Ms. Zohra Chaterjee, Mr.  Mahesh Kumar Gupta, Mr.Bhuvnesh Kumar, Mr.Vikram Chaudhary, Ms.Bulbul Godiyal,  Mr.V K Shrivastava & Ms.Rashmi Shrivastava, Mr.Shabahat Hussain , Mr.Amit Alva, Asif Merchant, Mr. Nischith Shetty, Advocate Chandraprakash Pandey (Legal advisor of Ramee), Mr. Arshad Siddique, Mr.Insram Ali Khan, Mr.Vijay Yadav and many more

Nihit Srivastava, CEO Ramee Group (India) says “We are overwhelmed with the response of Tanatan Juhu, Tanatan Dubai ,Tanatan Kholapur Tanatan Shivaji Park.& Tanatan Udaipur . After being to different city , Lucknow being my hometown I personally wanted and wished to present Lucknow with the best food concept which I curated 4 years back in Mumbai, which is why we decided to launch another outlet. ‘Tanatan Kitchen & Bar’ promises to treat every patron like Royalty. Our vision is to continue to take every guest through an extraordinarily memorable affair & to continually innovate & evolve to set exceedingly remarkable benchmarks for ourselves & the F&B industry”

Amit Pal, Bussiness  Partner at Tanatan says “We have received an outstanding response for Tanatan Juhu, Tanatan Dubai, Tanatan Kholapur Tanatan Shivaji Park, Tanatan Udaipur which prompted us to launch another outlet in Lucknow.  We look forward to taking all of you through this awesome food and fun adventure.”

Sunaeyaa & Shweta of “S&S Table” who are the food consultants say, “Along with a progressive take on Indian Cuisine,  cross cuisine cooking techniques have been adapted to bring out the best. The menu conceptualised is a good mix of traditional and contemporary,  keeping core flavours and authentic nuances intact. At Tanatan Lucknow, we have spent a lot of time researching & unearthing classical, unrevealed age old recipes to re-create an invigorating avant-garde menu for our patrons.”

The rawness & refinement defining the luxurious imperial Indian Awadhi decor & interiors coupled with micro detailing add to the ultimate experience at , “Tanatan Lucknow” blossomed in heart of City Hazratganj opposite Governor House  ..Copper-craft interiors make comprehensive use of design innovation combined with the principles of flawless service circulation, state-of-the-art technology, strategic location placement and detailed planning.

An awe-inspiring aristocratic Awadhi regal welcome by the staff of “Tanatan Kitchen & Bar, Lucknow” wearing Indi-Western sartorial style Jodhpuris adds to the welcome experience for guests on their advent to the royal kitchen & bar.

Kick start your meal with a ‘Naram Garam’ Crispy Jheenga Curry leaf Broth or a Kaffir Lime Roasted Tomato Rasam..

For the people with ‘Choti  Bhook’, there is Majlisi Kebab, Galawat Kebab, Raunake Seekh,  Bhuna Chaap, Mutton Pepper Fry, Quinoa Seekh Kebab, Sarson Broccoli, Kumbh Ke Galawat, Palak Dahi Ke Seekh, Mewa Aur Maawe Ke Seekh and lots more

‘Chef Ki Marzi’ offers pre plated delicious combos like Nukkad ‘e’ Lucknow, Gosht Ka Khichda, Tanatan Dum Biryani, Butter Chicken With Dal Bukhara & Lacchha Paratha, Sunny Side Up Appam With Chicken Sukha, Curryleaf Pomfret, Asli Pindi Chole With Stuffed Kulcha, Neer Dosa With Mushroom Green Peas Gassi, Sub Potli Biryani..And the list goes on…

For The Fish Lovers  ‘Tanatan Coastal Street’ is a delight with Tandoori Pomfret, Aamchi Tanatan Prawns, Peeli Mirch Ki Salmon and a ‘sea’ of more such items.

The Cocktails & Mocktails beautifully compliment the food and the ambiance with concoctions like Sharaabi Kava, Cocktail Tanatan, Paan Ki Shaan, Anar Ka Pyaar, Tarbooz Without Booze, Jaljeera Mojito…so drink on


“Tanatan – Kitchen & Bar, Lucknow” aims to give a delightful and fun dining experience to its guests so hop on and enjoy the ride.

The Much Awaited Aura Fashion Week Started In The Gaur Sarovar Portico

Day one – Aura Fashion Week 

The Two-day affair started with grand opening by Renowned designer arvind ampula, the designs were Infused with interesting blend of weaves and blends with touch of modern day sensibility. The other designers who showcased on day one were Lapcare, Karann Batra, Patanjali, Sakshi Bindra and Grand Finale was done by Maninder Gulati.

Sakshi bindras beautiful sequence had flirty dresses and elegant gowns. On the other hand Maninder Gulati presented contemporary stiched and handcrafted garments.

Patanjali paridhan was a beautiful showcase of light everyday and festive wear outfits.

The show was organised by Aura Productios lead by Piyush Agarwal and Meenakshi Chaudhary.  The sequence were directed by  renowned show director Kapil Gauhri.

Founder Piyush Agarwal said we were super excited to do this event as it was like a breath of fresh air for all fashion enthusiast in Delhi and NCR.

While Ms Meenkashi said it is lovely to have fashion lovers coming in and joining us at our physical event.

The show was Co-powered by  Patanjali, Patanjali paridhan and Lapcrae. Associate Partner was Oxnineer and supported by Colour and Style, Adata, Gem mines, Hype,  Meraki group, Digitly, Gaurav Sharma, Prag Hospitality. Model by 57 milestone.


The cinematography was done by Vaibhav Verma and The venue partner was The Guars Sarovar Portico.

Sneha Winner Of Miss Teen India Universe 2020 Universal A Virtual Edition Presented By Ashwin Rajput

Ms. Sneha won the title of Miss Teen India Universe 2020 Universal Presented by  Ashwin Rajput  A Virtual Edition  In Association With  Ask Talent  & Vasudha Creation.

The Crowning  ceremony was held on 6th March In SIN CITY Andheri, Mumbai, in the presence of many celebrities from Film Industry & Fashion World. This unique Pageant and grooming session were held virtually with welknown celebrities  Bharat Gupta, Varun Katyal, Khizar Hussain & Many Others.

Ms. Sneha hails from Mutthiganj (Pragyraj) and is studying in class 11 (Ecpsss). From the childhood she was interested in acting, modelling and dancing. Sneha has the distinction of winning 2 Trophies in Dance (kathak) and 5 gold medal and 10 certificate in painting, sport and one National Certificate (Indra Gandhi Rashtriya Gyanpeeth)In Eng – Hindi writing  when she was in class 2.

Ms. Sneha young smart looking talented teen  wants to continue her journey as a professional model for Print Media as well as commercial video advertisements. Her family is always a constant support to her career. They always encouraged her to stay motivated and helped her lot in getting success & making her dream come true.


Jury members had a tough time in selecting  winners as every task  was done virtually. Our Team Congrats to  all the winners  present at the crowning ceremony.

Director Azad Hussain Shoots Advertisement For AKS Talkies A20 Cricket Tournament

Director Azad Hussain Shoots Advertisement For  AKS Talkies A20 Cricket Tournament Starring Arya Babbar & Priti Jethani.  This video advertisement has been published and is trending on  social media & Channels . The  Cricket Tournamnent will be played from 26 March 2021 to 10 April 2021 at Dubai International Cricket Statidum and ICC Academy Dubai.


Director Azad Hussain has very nicely used the timely  festival theme with this advertisement.

Marwah Studios is a success-story in its own rights and merit – says the Delhi based Sandeep Marwah the ebullient founder and super-successful entrepreneur

Some people are born great. Some people have greatness thrusted on them. And some achieve greatness through sheer talent, sincerity of purpose and their never-say-die attitude.

Well, the dashing Sandeep Marwah, an icon of India in media and entertainment quadrangle, renowned international media personality and chairperson for many international organisations definitely falls into last category.

Despite being the brother-in-law of Producer Boney and actor Anil Kapoor Sandeep has climbed the ladder of success entirely on his own merit and exemplary hardwork.

“It seems only yesterday when we were all waiting for the history to be written, created on the grand opening of the first professional film studio of North India under the title Marwah Films And Video Studios. Huge crowd inside and outside the premises was proof of the excitement which was prevailing among the people of the country,” remembered Dr Sandeep regarded as founder of Noida Film City while talking about 10th March 1991.

The presence of legends like Krishna Raj Kapoor, Shammi Kapoor, Surinder Kapoor, Boney Kapoor, Anil Kapoor, Yash Chopra, F.C. Mehra, Prem Chopra, Sanjay Kapoor, Vinod Pandey, Indra Kumar, Ashok Thakaria, Gulshan Kumar, Rakesh Roshan, Tutu Sharma and Rakesh Nath added a lot to the opening function at Marwah Studios.

But that was not the end of the story. It was the beginning of a great success-story redefining glamour and media segment.

“The glamour in tons thrown by Madhuri Dixit, Shilpa Shirodhkar, Padmini Kolhapure and Poonam Dhillon was unmanageable even by the educated and sophisticated crowd of Delhi,” remembers Sandeep.

“Marwah Studios has come a long way, thanks to our parents’ blessings. Since last 30 years we have proved to the world that honesty and hardwork can bring you much needed results even from a barren land,” expresses Sandeep.

Seven world records, formation of hundred organisations, two million people in film tourism,

delegates from 145 countries, 700 awards from all over the

world, degree and diploma to 20,000 media experts, cultural ambassadorships from  Government of 60 countries  and titles like Global Cultural Minister, Global Peace Ambassador, Global Media Guru,  Man of Asia,  from the most reputed art and cultural organisations have induced Marwah Studios to constitute its own national and international awards.

“Marwah Studios has given 4500 tv programmes for more than 50 channels, has been associated with 150 films of different languages, 5000 training films and 3000 short-films,” informs Sandeep proudly adding that he had coined the term ‘film tourism’ 27 years ago “bringing 2 million people to Noida!”

In the field of education, Sandeep says that his Asian Academy of Films & Television has now grown into an University with different branches matching with the changing times.

The contribution of Marwah Studios cannot be ignored at any stage. The first in many segments and departments brought the name of Sandeep Marwah in the list of Living Legends. His cooperation in many other sections of the society is par excellence:be it education, environment, larger social issues, government campaigns etc.

Ask Sandeep why he chose Noida to launch his entertainment and media institute of such huge size and not in Mumbai, the city of Bollywood, Sandeep says, “Lot of producers, directors and cinematographers et al in Bollywood are from North India. So I thought why not setting up an institute in Delhi.? But getting 100 acres land in Delhi was difficult. I chose Noida,  designed Noida Film City in 1986 and submitted the report to the authority same year. The rest, as they say, is history and what a glorious history it has created!,” said Sandeep with excitement as he informs, “Today the place has 16 studios, around 300 channels broadcasting 24/7 where17 thousand media professionals are working in 3 shifts,” Sandeep says as he  adds that more than 1 lakh people are earning their livelihood there.


About his future plans, Sandeep tells that he has already set up first radio station of Noida City. “Recently, we opened first radio station in Raipur, Chhatisgarh. Our film institute is the first and best film school in the world. Without sounding bombastic Sandeep Marwah is a case study in many countries. I can only see better days in future,” says a confident and workaholic with strategic planning Sandeep signing off on a happy note.

Sneha Winner Of Miss Teen India Universe 2020 Universal A Virtual Edition

Ms. Sneha won the title of Miss Teen India Universe 2020 Presented by  Ashwin Rajput  A Virtual Edition  In Association With  Ask Talent  & Vasudha Creation.

The Crowning  ceremony was held on 6th March In SIN CITY Andheri, Mumbai, in the presence of many celebrities from Film Industry & Fashion World. This unique Pageant and grooming session were held virtually with welknown celebrities  Bharat Gupta, Varun Katyal, Khizar Hussain & Many Others.

Ms. Sneha hails from Mutthiganj (Pragyraj) and is studying in class 11 (Ecpsss). From the childhood she was interested in acting, modelling and dancing. Sneha has the distinction of winning 2 Trophies in Dance (kathak) and 5 gold medal and 10 certificate in painting, sport and one National Certificate (Indra Gandhi Rashtriya Gyanpeeth)In Eng – Hindi writing  when she was in class 2.

Ms. Sneha young smart looking talented teen  wants to continue her journey as a professional model for Print Media as well as commercial video advertisements. Her family is always a constant support to her career. They always encouraged her to stay motivated and helped her lot in getting success & making her dream come true.


Jury members had a tough time in selecting  winners as every task  was done virtually. Our Team Congrats to  all the winners  present at the crowning ceremony.

Dr Aneel Kashi Murarka And Comedian Raju Srivastav Stand Up For Innocent Man Jailed For 20 Years

In a shocking revelation, The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), after seeking UP Government’s reply on steps taken to rehabilitate Vishnu Tiwari, a man who spent twenty years in jail for a false rape case after a land dispute in Lalitpur district. Like Tiwari, “There may be prisoners older than 75 years of age and dying in the jails. It clearly depicts the ineffectiveness of the Sentence Review Board.”

“Vishnu was arrested on September 16, 2000, for rape and atrocities under the SC/ST act. Three years later, he was convicted by Lalitpur court and sentenced to ten years of rigorous imprisonment, further convicted under SC/ST act and sentenced to life imprisonment. On Jan 28, this year, he was declared not guilty by the High Court’s judicial bench. The court observed that the FIR had been lodged 3 days late. There were no injuries on the private parts of the woman, who was said to have been thrashed. The complaint had been lodged by the woman’s husband and father-in-law, not her. There was a motive of land dispute between parties on the part of the complainant.”

“Unfortunately, the woman is dead. Vishnu’s parents and two brothers are no more and he has lost over 20 years of his life. It is not easy to start life at 43. He got Rs. 600 from the jail administration when he left,” adds Dr. Aneel Kashi Murarka.

Vishnu Tiwari is not the only one. Like him, there are probably thousands of people who have been languishing in jails. “Aneel ji is a very old friend of mine and he showed me this news article about Vishnu who spent 20 years in jail for a crime he didn’t commit,” avers comedian Raju Srivastava.

Vishnu shares that he would make over 3,000 rotis a day in jail. “I don’t know how to make ends meet anymore. I don’t know what the future holds for me after 20 years in jail,” he avers. 

Dr. Aneel Kashi Murarka says, “Our justice system needs to be improved. Till we don’t do something about it, other people will languish in jail like Vishnu! I appeal to the government to do justice to Vishnu and other people like him.”

On Birthday Ratnakar Kumar director of Worldwide Records announced the opportunity to give new artists a chance

News by Ramchandra Yadav

रत्नाकर कुमार ने नये कलाकारों को मौका देने का एनाउंस किया अपने जन्मदिन पर

वर्ल्डवाइड रिकॉर्ड्स म्यूजिक कंपनी के एमडी रत्नाकर भोजपुरी इंडस्ट्री को आगे बढ़ाने के लिए पिछले कई वर्षों से प्रयास कर रहे हैं। उनकी कंपनी से कई नए प्रतिभाशाली कलाकारों को आगे बढ़ने का मौका मिला है।

आपको बता दें कि भोजपुरी फिल्म जगत की मशहूर म्यूजिक कंपनी वर्ल्डवाइड रिकार्ड्स भोजपुरी के प्रबंध निदेशक रत्नाकर कुमार ने शनिवार 20 मार्च को को अपने जन्मदिन के मौके पर छोटे जगहों से आए प्रतिभशाली कलाकारों को मौका यानि बड़ा प्लेटफॉर्म देने का एनाउंस किया है।

संघर्ष, लल्लू की लैला, पवन पुत्र जैसी कई सुपर हिट भोजपुरी फिल्मों का निर्माण करने वाले फ़िल्म निर्माता व प्रबंध निदेशक रत्नाकर ने कहा, ’’मुझे सुबह से ही कई लोगो का फोन एवं सोशल मीडिया के माध्यम से जन्मदिन की शुभकामनाएं मिल रही हैं। मैं बहुत खुश हू कि मुझे इंडस्ट्री से इतना प्यार और दुलार मिल रहा है। मैं तहेदिल से भोजपुरी फिल्म जगत के सभी लोगों को तहदिल से धन्यवाद देता हूं।  आगे उन्होंने घोषणा करते हुए कहा कि आमतौर पर नामी चेहरो को मौका मिलता है, लेकिन छोटे जगहों से आने वाले प्रतिभाशाली कलाकार पीछे रह जाते हैं।


भोजपुरी इंडस्ट्री को आगे ले जाने के लिए अच्छा है कि छोटे जगहों व शहरों से आने वाले प्रतिभाशाली कलाकारों को मौका दिया जाए। जिससे उन्हें भी अपना अभिनय निखारने व अपनी कला का जौहर दिखाने का अच्छा प्लेटफॉर्म मिले।

Hindi Film Hum Hum Hain Set To Release On 26th March 2021

The Hindi film “Hum Hum Hain”, which will be released on 26th March 2021, is a full of entertainment. The film stars Nakul Gill, Pentali Sen, Sandeep Yadav, Devendra Lade, Muslim Khan, Savita Papale, Prem Singh Kantooria etc. under the banner of Five Friends Entertainment.

Producer Devendra Lade and Pradeep Rajbhar’s film Hum Hum Hain is directed by Bijendra S Gangwar. The film’s story writer is Abdul Ghaffar Khan, lyricist Muslim Khan, composer SP Sen, singers Nitin Tiwari, Gautam Ganguly, Priya Sen and Sunita Pawar, choreographers Raju Shabana Khan, Sunil Motwani. Its music has been released by Ultra.

The story of this film revolves around the mentally chalange son of the village Pradhan who falls in love with Masterji’s girl. To know whether the boy succeeds in winning the girl’s heart, you will have to watch the film.


The trailer of the film is getting very good response on Youtube. The film is full of romance, action, which is bringing entertainment to the audience.

Dolly Thakore – Shaina NC & Arzoo Govitrikar Grace the Release of Dr Aneel Kashi Murarka’s Biography Uncommon Dreams Of A Common Man

Dr. Aneel Kashi Murarka wears many hats! An industrialist, educationist, environmentalist and a philanthropist, he has generously and selflessly contributed to the society through his social awareness organisation, Ample Missiion, with which he works tirelessly to bring a meaningful change in the lives of the underprivileged.
As billionaire Warren Buffet says, “If you’re in the luckiest 1% of humanity, you owe it to the rest of humanity to think about the other 99%.” Dr. Aneel Kashi Murarka’s actions are inspired by the same! As the MD of Mirachem Industriies, he always strives create a positive impact on peoples’ lives. For his invaluable efforts, he has been conferred upon with an honorary doctorate for the same!
With blessings of the Maharashtra Governor Bhagat Singh Koshyari, actors Boman Irani and Dalip Tahil and comedian Raju Srivastava, Dr. Aneel Kashi Murarka had officially released his biography, ‘Uncommon Dreams Of A Common Man’ for online distribution. Today, in the presence of theatre veteran Dolly Thakore, fashion designer-social worker Shaina NC and actress Arzoo Govitriker at Crossword Bookstore, Kemps Corner, the book became available for distribution in bookstores across India. The illustrious biography is published, marketed and distributed by Times Group.
Under his Social Enterprise – Ample Missiion, Dr. Aneel Kashi Murarka has organized and lauded several heroes who have had the courage to do what is necessary while exhibiting extraordinary feats! In Awards Zindagi Ke, brave martyrs and true unsung heroes of the Indian Armed Forces were felicitated. With ‘Bharat Prerna Awards, those have risen above their condition, whether it be a physical disability, a mental illness or sensory deprivation, and shown extraordinary feats of courage were lauded. With Shoorveer Awards, common people who have done uncommon things were honoured for the same.  All in all, a lot has been done by the Ample Missiion to recognize our national heroes.

This man, as his book’s apt title, has lived the uncommon dreams of a common man. “Philanthropy can be our greatest asset, if we let it!” signs off Dr. Aneel Kashi Murarka.

——–Naarad PR & Image Strategists

Mrs Sarita Sunil Pal Donated Her Hair For Father’s Condolence and Cancer Patients Help

Myself Mrs. Sarita Sunil Pal , wife of Mr. Sunil Pal ( Comedian/ Actor) , and a Daughter of Late . SAHEBLAL MISHRA,  Just wanted to do something which will not only give me pleasure but also peace to my departed Father’s Soul.

My father was battling CANCER and passed away recently on 20th Feb 2021. I could not save him or say serve him and do nothing extra for him so somehow managed to DONATE my Hair to  one patient who is battling CANCER and has lost the confidence because of her  fight with Chemo.

I PLEDGED to donate my hair to a cancer Patient because my dad passed away with CANCER.

I took some research with freinds and  Social Media and Facebook search gave  me an instant opportunity with Hyderabad Hair Donations for Cancer Patients Organization which is a Non Profitable Organisation .

I realised that if I donate my full hair from crown then it can bring smile and happiness to atleast one person on this planet and it can be converted into WIG so a thought  pondered as “FROM ONE WOMAN TO ANOTHER “and decided to shave my hair on International Women’sday cause if I remove hair on Father’s Rituals of 13th day it would have been some controversy in family and society but I want to spread a message to society on this note. WHY CAN’T A GIRL SHAVE HAIR FOR HER FATHER ??

I shaved my hair and sent to Shiva who is the founder of above said Organization and I also thought to sponsor the wig making process cost .

And when i opened up on this Pledge to My Husband Mr. Sunil Pal ( actor / comedian), he  respected my decision and boosted my  morale , he gave me more strength. My kids were more proud and encouraged me to do this social as well as noble cause.Today I truly feel happy and blessed . My PLEDGE completed in a wonderful way. I just pray and wish that departed soul of my FATHER also smiles and finds peace with my small effort .My mother always counted me an EXTRA in family, my Birth have been very painful for her but that EXTRA word changed my entire LIFE and I wish that I keep doing , I keep getting some EXTRA blessings throughout my life.With all shaved Hair ponytails, I sent a cheque of INR 5,100/- to Shiva with a wish to bear the cost of wig making.

“Happiness is all about Sharing ” do you read that on my Tee.. YES…I did my part and if anyone who finds this gesture good and feels  inspired  then do something extra in life.

If I could motivate few with my gesture then i will feel my Pledge is worth.

I would request everyone to share this with others ….

Love you all, always will be #thankful #grateful #happy for all the #abundance #blessings.

“Proud to be a  Woman”

30 Years Of Marwah Studios

New Delhi: “It seems only yesterday when we were all waiting for the history to be written created on the grand opening of the first professional film studios of North India under the title Marwah Films And Video Studios. Huge crowd inside and outside the premises was proof of the excitement which was prevailing among the people of the country,” remembered DR. Sandeep Marwah founder of Noida Film City while talking about 10thMarch 1991.

The presence of legends like Krishna Raj Kapoor, Shammi Kapoor, Surinder Kapoor, Boney Kapoor, Anil Kapoor, Yash Chopra, F.C. Mehra, Prem Chopra, Sanjay Kapoor, Vinod Pandey, Indra Kumar, Ashok Thakaria, Gulshan Kumar, Rakesh Roshan, Tutu Sharma, Rakesh Nath, added a lot to the opening of function at Marwah Studios.

The glamour in tons thrown by Madhuri Dixit, Shilpa Shirodhkar, Padmini Kolapur, Poonam Dhillon, Beena  was unmanageable even by the educated and sophisticated crowd of Delhi.

The launching of Door Dardarshan’s commissioned serial Khali hath was another big attraction for the 2000 people busy clicking pictures and having autographs from their most loveable stars.

“Marwah Studios has come a long way, our parents’ blessings. Thirty years we have proved to the World that honesty and hard work can bring you much needed results even from a barren land,” expressed Marwah.

Seven World records, formation of hundred organizations, two Million People in film tourism, delegates from 145 countries, 700 Awards from all over the World, degree and diploma to 20,000 Media Experts, Cultural Ambassadorships from  Government of 60 countries  and titles like Global Cultural Minister, Global Peace Ambassador, Global Media Guru,  Man of Asia,  from the most reputed art and cultural organizations have induced Marwah Studios to constitute their own national and international awards.

The contribution of Marwah Studios cannot be ignored at any stage. The first in many segments and departments brought the name of Sandeep Marwah in the list of Living Legends. His cooperation in many other sections of society is par excellence be it education, environment, large social issues, government campaigns etc.


Sandeep Marwah, Icon of India, renowned International media personality, chair for many international organizations is still the man of masses, just a call away.

FWICE Warns Producers And Channels After Sawdhan India Show Accident

सावधान इंडिया  शो के  हादसे के बाद  एफडब्लूआइसीई ने निर्माताओं और चैनलों को दी चेतावनी

दोबारा  इस तरह की घटना वर्करों के साथ हुई तो प्रोड्यूसर और चैनल के खिलाफ दर्ज कराएंगे एफआईआर

मुम्बई, ‘सावधान इंडिया ‘शो के असिस्टेंट आर्ट डायरेक्टर प्रमोद कालेकर   की दुर्घटना में हुई मौत के बाद फेडरेशन ऑफ वेस्टर्न इंडिया सिने एम्प्लॉयज (एफडब्लूआइसीई)  ने तय किया है कि दोबारा इस तरह की घटना वर्करों के साथ हुई तो कंपनसेशन के अलावा

प्रोड्यूसर और चैनल के खिलाफ एफआईआर दर्ज कराया जाएगा। और जब तक एफआईआर दर्ज नहीं होती हमारे वर्कर  उस प्रोड्यूसर और चैनल के साथ असहयोग करेंगे। फेडरेशन ऑफ वेस्टर्न इंडिया सिने एम्प्लॉयज की पहल पर “सावधान इंडिया ” शो के मृत असिस्टेंट आर्ट डायरेक्टर प्रमोद कालेकर के परिजन को  20 लाख रुपये की आर्थिक मदद  प्रोड्यूसर ने की थी और चैनल ने फेडरेशन के पत्र  को गंभीरता से लेते हुए इस शो की शूटिंग 15 दिन के लिए बंद कराते हुए साफ कह दिया था कि जब तक इस मुद्दे को क्लियर नहीं कराया जाता इस शो की शूटिंग नहीं होगी।और निर्माता का पेमेंट रोक दिया था। फेडरेशन ऑफ वेस्टर्न इंडिया सिने एम्प्लॉयज (एफडब्लूआइसीई) के प्रेसिडेंट बीएन तिवारी  बुधवार को आयोजित प्रेस कांफ्रेंस में उक्त जानकारी दी।बुधवार को फेडरेशन के कार्यालय में आयोजित इस प्रेस कांफ्रेंस में फेडरेशन ऑफ वेस्टर्न इंडिया सिने एम्प्लॉयज (एफडब्लूआइसीई) के  जनरल सेक्रेटरी अशोक दुबे,ट्रेजरार गंगेश्वरलाल श्रीवास्तव ,मुख्य सलाहकार शरद शेलार,अशोक पंडित और गजेंद्र चौहान  तथा अन्य पदाधिकारी भी मौजूद थे।

इस अवसर पर श्री तिवारी ने पत्रकारों को संबोधित करते हुए कहा कि  फ़िल्म और टीवी शो की शूटिंग से जुड़े मंथली वर्करों के लिए एक महीने में चार अवकाश होना जरूरी है अगर किसी चैनल या प्रोड्यूसर ने ऐसा नहीं किया तो उनके खिलाफ शख्त एक्शन लिया जाएगा। साथ ही कोरोना को ध्यान में रखते हुए वर्करों का कोविड इंश्योरेंस और जनरल इंश्योरेंश होना जरूरी है। प्रोड्यूसर और चैनल को इस बात को ध्यान देना होगा। साथ ही देखा जाता है कि कई प्रोडक्शन हाउस वर्करों को शूटिंग के दौरान पौष्टिक आहार और शुध्द पानी तक नहीं देते। सेनिटाइजर  और शोसल डिस्टेंस भी कई सेटों पर नहीं रखा जाता। प्रेस कांफ्रेंस में फेडरेशन ऑफ वेस्टर्न इंडिया सिने एम्प्लॉयज (एफडब्लूआइसीई) के जनरल सेक्रेटरी  अशोक दुबे ने कहा कि हमारे पांच लाख वर्कर हैं जिनका परिवार मिलाकर 20 से 25 लाख लोग हैं। उनको कोरोना काल में केंद्र या राज्य सरकार ने कोई मदद नहीं की बल्कि राज्य सरकार के कुछ माननीय मंत्रियों और नेताओं ने हमारी जॉच शुरू कर दी।हमारी संस्था गैर राजनीतिक संस्था है इसलिए हमने रजिस्ट्रार के पास संस्था का पूरा हिसाब- किताब देकर उन्हें संतुष्ट किया।

इस प्रेस कांफ्रेंस में फेडरेशन ऑफ वेस्टर्न इंडिया सिने एम्प्लॉयज (एफडब्लूआइसीई)के ट्रेजरार गंगेश्वरलाल श्रीवास्तव ‘संजू भाई ‘ ने कहा कि आये दिन देखा जाता है कि प्रोड्यूसर या चैनल  टाइम से वर्करों को पेमेन्ट नहीं देते  हैं अब ऐसा नहीं होगा। इस प्रेस कांफ्रेंस में एफडब्लूआइसीई के प्रेसिडेंट बीएन तिवारी ने  घोषणा की कि फ़िल्म और टेलीविजन  से जुड़े वर्करों के लिए केंद्र और राज्य सरकार की अनुमति के बाद प्रधानमंत्री आवास योजना के तहत महाराष्ट्र के कर्जत के समीप शेलू में दादा साहेब फाल्के गृह निर्माण योजना की शुरुआत हो रही है जिसमे फस्ट फेज में  दस हजार अस्सी घरों का निर्माण होने जा रहा है।इसका भूमि पूजन शिवरात्रि पर होगा। इस टाउनशिप में अस्पताल,स्कूल तथा अन्य सुविधा भी होगी। इस टाउनशिप में फ़िल्म और टीवी वर्करों के लिए काफी सस्ते दर पर 465 स्क्वायर फिट के फ्लैट बनाये जा रहे हैं।

इस प्रेस कांफ्रेंस में फेडरेशन के मुख्य सलाहकार शरद शेलार ने कहा कि फ़िल्म इंडस्ट्रीज के इतिहास में पहली बार सिने वर्करों के लिए इस तरह के फ्लैट बनाये जा रहे हैं  जो बहुत अच्छी बात है।फेडरेशन इसी तरह काम करे में फेडरेशन  के पदाधिकारियों के साथ हूँ। एफडब्लूआइसीई के मुख्य सलाहकार अशोक पंडित ने प्रेस कांफ्रेंस में कहा कि ऐसा नहीं है कि सब प्रोड्यूसर शिफ्ट से ऊपर काम नहीं करते ।कुछ प्रोड्यूसर ऐसे हैं जिनकी वजह से ये दिक्कत आरही है।मैं प्रोड्यूसर बॉडी से भी कहूंगा कि जो ऐसे प्रोड्यूसर हैं जो नियम का उलंघन  करते हैं  उन्हें पत्र देकर समझाने की कोशिश करें। 

अगर वे नहीं समझते हैं तो उनके खिलाफ कार्रवाई करें। इस अवसर पर एफडब्लूआइसीई के मुख्य सलाहकार गजेंद्र चौहान ने दादा साहेब फाल्के गृह निर्माण योजना की सराहना की।


Arunachal CM Inaugurates Don Bosco College Stadium

12 March 2021, Kolkata/ Itanagar (Arunachal Pradesh): Arunachal Pradesh Chief Minister, Pema Khandu, on Saturday inaugurated a sports stadium at the Don Bosco College at Jollang near Itanagar. The stadium, built at a cost of Rs 1.80 crores, is named in memory of chief minister’s late father and former chief minister, Dorjee Khandu, and would be used for hosting various state-level events and sports.

Chief Minister Pema Khandu lauded the efforts of Fr C C Jose, Director, of Don Bosco Colleges and other authorities of the institute for the successful completion of the stadium despite fund constraints. He said it is an example for others to follow across the state and urged the students to learn and adopt their indigenous culture and speak one’s mother language as much as possible.

“We are very thankful to Chief Minister Pema Khandu’s support in constructing the stadium. He had visited Don Bosco College in 2017 and had felt the need for a stadium in the college premises for the overall and harmonious growth of students. This stadium will now, not only be an asset of the college, but also of the entire state,” said Fr C C Jose.

The chief minister welcomed the gesture of the college authorities to allow the use of the stadium by the state government and other organizations for conducting various state and national level events. The Chief Minister has also called for a “feasibility study” for further expansion of the stadium so that it can host state, regional and national level events in the future.

Commenting on the recent 2021-22 state budget, Khandu said 2021 has been declared as the ‘Year of Education’. He said the government’s top priority this year would be overhauling the education sector. “We have kept budget provisions of about Rs 1,000 crore for education. We will develop and create infrastructure wherever needed, especially in rural and interior places,” he said.

The Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh, Sri Pema Khandu, inaugurated the Don Bosco Stadium at Jullang, Itanagar, along with Father C C Jose and other officials and staff of Don Bosco.

The Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh, Sri Pema Khandu, felicitating Fr C C Jose of Don Bosco College at the inauguration of Don Bosco Stadium.

The chief minister expressed his gratitude to the Don Bosco College and organizations like the Rama Krishna Mission, Vivekananda Kendra and others for producing many thinkers, doctors, engineers, civil servants, scholars and entrepreneurs. He appealed to the students to come back to the state after completing their professional and university courses and serve the people of the state.

अरुणाचल के मुख्यमंत्री ने डॉन बॉस्को कॉलेज के स्पोर्ट्स स्टेडियम का किया उद्घाटन

12 मार्च 2021, कोलकाता/ईटानगर (अरुणाचल प्रदेश): अरुणाचल प्रदेश के मुख्यमंत्री पेमा खांडू ने शनिवार को ईटानगर के निकट जोलांग में डॉन बॉस्को कॉलेज में स्पोर्ट्स स्टेडियम का उद्घाटन किया। मुख्यमंत्री के दिवंगत पिता और पूर्व मुख्यमंत्री, दोरजी खांडू की स्मृति में इस स्टेडियम का नामकरण किया गया है। 1.80 करोड़ रुपये की लागत से इस स्टेडियम का निर्माण किया गया है, इसका उपयोग विभिन्न राज्य स्तरीय खेलों की मेजबानी करने के लिए किया जाएगा।

मुख्यमंत्री पेमा खांडू ने फंड की कमी के बावजूद स्टेडियम के सफल निर्माण के लिए डॉन बॉस्को कॉलेज के निदेशक फ्रा. सीसी जोस एवं अन्य अधिकारियों के प्रयासों की सराहना की। उन्होंने कहा कि इस तरह के कठिन प्रयास को सफल बनाने के कारण यह राज्य दूसरे राज्यों के लिए एक नया रोल मॉडल बन गया है। इस मौके पर उन्होंने कॉलेज के छात्रों से अपनी स्वदेशी संस्कृति को सीखने और अपनाने के साथ यथासंभव जितना ज्यादा हो सके, मातृभाषा में एक दूसरे के साथ वार्तालाप करने का आग्रह किया।

इस मौके पर डॉन बॉस्को कॉलेज के निदेशक फ्रा. सीसी जोस ने कहा, स्टेडियम को बनाने में मुख्यमंत्री पेमा खांडू के सहयोग के लिए हम उनका तहे दिल से आभार प्रकट करते हैं। जिन्होंने 2017 में डॉन बॉस्को कॉलेज का दौरा किया था और उस समय छात्रों के समग्र और सामंजस्यपूर्ण विकास के लिए कॉलेज परिसर में एक भव्य स्टेडियम की आवश्यकता महसूस की थी। यह स्टेडियम न केवल इस कॉलेज की संपत्ति होगी, बल्कि पूरे राज्य के विभिन्न जगहों में होनेवाले खेलकूद का आयोजन भी इस स्टेडियम में होगा।

इधर मुख्यमंत्री ने राज्य सरकार और अन्य संगठनों द्वारा विभिन्न राज्य और राष्ट्रीय स्तर के आयोजन के लिए इस स्टेडियम के उपयोग की अनुमति देने के लिए कॉलेज अधिकारियों से मिली सहमति का स्वागत किया। मुख्यमंत्री ने इस स्टेडियम को और वृहद आकार देने के लिए विस्तृत अध्ययन करने का भी आह्वान किया है, जिससे भविष्य में यह राज्य बड़े स्तर पर क्षेत्रीय और राष्ट्रीय स्तर पर आयोजित होनेवाले खेलकूद की मेजबानी कर सके।

वर्ष 2021-22 के राज्य के बजट पर टिप्पणी करते हुए श्री खांडू ने कहा, वर्ष 2021 को ‘शिक्षा का वर्ष’ घोषित किया गया है। उन्होंने कहा कि इस वर्ष सरकार की सर्वोच्च प्राथमिकता शिक्षा के क्षेत्र में विशेष जोर देने को लेकर है। हमने शिक्षा के लिए लगभग 1,000 करोड़ रुपये के बजट का प्रावधान रखा गया हैं। सरकार की तरफ से हम आश्वस्त करते हैं कि जहां भी जरूरत होगी, खासतौर पर ग्रामीण और अति ग्रामीण इलाकों में शिक्षा के प्रसार के लिए उन इलाकों के बुनियादी ढांचे का विकास और निर्माण करेंगे।

मुख्यमंत्री ने इस संस्थान के जरिये कई हितैषियों, डॉक्टरों, इंजीनियरों, सिविल सेवकों, विद्वानों और उद्यमियों को समाज को प्रदान कर समाज का उपकार करने के लिए डॉन बॉस्को कॉलेज, राम कृष्ण मिशन, विवेकानंद केंद्र और संगठनों जैसे संगठनों का आभार व्यक्त किया। उन्होंने संस्थान के छात्रों से विश्वविद्यालय के पाठ्यक्रमों से अपनी शिक्षा को पूरा करने के बाद राज्य में वापस आकर राज्य के लोगों की सेवा करने की अपील की, जिससे समाज के लोगों की और ज्यादा भलाई हो सके।

The Beautiful Rendition Of Love With Gorgeous Sona Sharma On Zee Music

Age is just a number it’s proved by Indian women now a days.

The beautiful sona sharma who won many heart from the reality show of zee tv’ dilli darling had proved this.

Being a Cancer Survivor she had done great job in the latest music video of zee music which is sung by HIMANSHU JAIN and penned by SAYAM & MOHIT the duo composer and music director.

Sona who is fighting her battle with cancer and a true example of womanhood being an Entrepreneur Model Actor as well as a Household Mother she is the true example of women empowerment who won loads of women’s achiver award and walked ramp for numerous designer and also the brand ambassador of apparel and lifestyle brands.

We salute her for being a sport and an example to the Indian women.

Video is made by Team Film Junkies who are doing really great in the field of music and doing Tremendous work.this will be Sona’s third project with the team.

The birdie had informed us they are cooking up some really big project with Atif Aslam’s new rendition.


If you had not seen the video yet so go and check her video link and share your valuable comments.

Grand Musical Muhurat Of Hindi Film Political Wolf

A grand muhurat of producer Nazim Asar and co-producer Haresh Sangani’s Hindi film “Political Wolf” was performed at Krishna Recording Studio in Mumbai. The film, which is going to be made under the banner of Dream Land Studio House, is produced and written by Nazim Asar while co-produced by Haresh Sangani. Based on the political back drop, the film is directed by Shiva Dutt Sharma. On this occasion, “Veere Ki Wedding” fame director Ashu Trikha, director of the film Take It Easy, Sunil Prem Vyas and producer Rajesh Chauhan were present as guests. The film launched with the recording of a song in the voice of Shahid Mallya.

A powerful film is being made in Bollywood on the issue of politics and current situation of the country. World Wide Distribution and Marketing of this film is being done by Trrupti Entertainment.

The film’s director Shiva Dutt Sharma said that although the film is based on a hard hitting subject, it also has four situational songs.

Nazim Asar, the film’s writer and producer, explained how the impact of politics on the lives of ordinary people is shown in this film.

Due to the title of the film and its subject, this film has become a topic of discussion. Shahid Mallya, the singer of the hit song Rabba Main To Mar Gaya of the Shahid Kapoor starrer film Mausam, told the media by here that I have recorded a very special song for the Political Wolf film today. Its composition is good and people will surely like it. During the Muhurat of this film, guests like director Ashu Trikha, director of the film Take It Easy, Sunil Prem Vyas and producer Rajesh Chauhan, Sandesh, present.


It is executive producer is Virender Pratap Yadav, music composer Rajan Khera, DOP Subodh Bhagat, production designer Prabhat Thakur. Media marketing is being done by Prime Communication. PRO for this film is EM Media Group.

I Like To Keep It Real Says Content Vreator And Digital Superstar Rohit Gupta

“Every video that you see on my social media platforms is written, edited and made by me. I don’t have a team for concept creation. I like to keep my concepts very relatable. Most of my videos are on situation and incidents that people deal with on most days, which is why they find it funny” says Rohit Gupta.

Apart from being the most watched YouTuber on Internet, Rohit calls himself an artist who loves to create content which most people relate to.

His USP lies in packaging normal situation in the most hilarious way which leads to his loyal fan base “I like to keep it real. I keep the situation real and change the packaging of it” says Rohit.

However, he maintains the decency of the content “You have to be very careful. There is a difference between being funny and offending your audience. You have to know where to draw that line”

Yusuf Qasim Of Smita Patil Street Theatre’s Performance Appreciated Again In Gujarat

Road safety academy and Smita Patil street theatre performed street play ROAD SAFETY” the skit was appreciated by the entire degnetries along with honorable MLA C.R. PATIL and all the police department.

Specialy the character of mad man played by Yusuf Qasim was appreciated by one and all .

Lion Ashok Manji founder president and Lion Kirit Shah was also helped the team to make the skit successful.

Grand Celebration Of Pravah Sanstha Organized By Bhual Singh Charitable Trust

मुम्बई, रविवार 28 फरवरी 2021,को जोगेस्वरी पच्चीम स्थित सिंह कम्पाउंड मे भुआल सिंह चैरिटेबल ट्रस्ट, द्वारा प्रवाह सन्स्था का आयोजन किया गया । कार्यक्रम की शुरुआत दीप प्रज्वलित कर किया गया, ईस अवसर पर मनोज सिंह रावत, अजय सिंह, सुधाकर सिंह, विक्रम सिंह, ओमप्रकाश सिंह, आनन्द मिश्रा, इन्द्रजीत सिंह, राजीव रंजन सिंह, राजकुमार सिंह, सुरजीत सिंह, विशाल सिंह, शैलेन्द्र सिंह, दिवाकर सिंह, मृत्युन्जय सिंह, रंजीत सिंह, विमल सिंह, विजेंदर सिंह भदोरिया, रीचा सिंह, अम्बिका सिंह, संदीप सिंह, दिनेश सिंह, आशीष सिंह, मुरारी सिंह सत्यप्रकाश सोनी, जटाशंकर सिंह, अखिलेश सिंह, व तमाम गडमान्य मौजुद रहे ।

अपको बता दे की इन सभी की उपस्तिथि मे सर्व सहमति से श्री अवनीश तीर्थराज सिंह, को संस्था का अधयक्ष चुना गया, वही अवनीश सिंह अपने अधयक्ष भाषण मे, प्रवाह के उदेश्य की विस्तार से जानकारी दी ।


कहा की प्रवाह का उद्देश्य उन सभी लोगो को सहयता प्रदान करना, जो किसी ना किसी कारण से अर्थिक,सामाजिक,अवम अन्य परेशानियों से जूझ रहे ।

Flautist Cop’s Rendition Wins Hearts At Dover Lane Music Conference 2021

1 March 2021, Kolkata: A cop by profession, flautist Indrajit Basu’s performance at the prestigious Dover Lane Music Conference 2021 mesmerised the audience and connoisseurs of Indian classical music. Indrajit Basu performed in this ‘Ivy League’ music festival for the first time and won the hearts of listeners by his rendition of ragaspatdeep and basant. He was adeptly accompanied by Ujjwal Bharati on the tabla.

By profession Indrajit holds a responsible position in government service as a cop, but despite his professional constraints he does his riwaz regularly.

Born in a family of cultural aficionados in Kolkata, Indrajit developed a deep love for culture, especially Indian Classical Music and started playing the bansuri (flute) from school days. Listening to all types of music was like breathing for him since his earliest years but he found Indian Classical Music as the most attractive genre of music amongst all. The transverse flute was selected by him as a medium of musically expressing himself.

His formal tutelage in Indian Classical Music started much later after he graduated from Calcutta University. He was initiated as a disciple by Late Pandit Nikhilesh Roy of Rabindra Bharati University. Indrajit tried to imbibe the rich tradition of gayaki and soulfulness from his Guru Pt Nikhilesh Roy who was a disciple of Pt Gour Goswami.

As a performer Indrajit has presented his bansuri recitals in many programmes in last couple of years in various places in West Bengal including at Uttarpara Sangeetchakra Annual Conference, Salt lake Music Festival, Dakshini Music Festival, Choudhury House Music Conference, Bangiya Sangeet Parishad Music Festival and others. Besides playing solo, Indrajit has a special liking for collaborating with different Indian classical instruments as jugalbandis.


Flautist Indrajit Basu, who is also a cop by profession, performing at the Dover Lane Music Conference 2021

Indrajit Basu is also keen in spreading the fragrance of Hindustani Classical Music. Besides, inspiring persons coming to his proximity to organise classical concerts for instrumental/vocal both kind of artists, he himself has also organised quite a few classical music conferences of which Digha Shastriya Sangeet Festival, Swargiya Malati Basu Memorial Music Conference-2019 in the name of his mother are notable.

This World NGO Day CWATY Launches Out Of Home Adoption Movement – OOHA

Urges everyone to come together and support OOHA, a solution based animal welfare movement to co-exist with innocent animals 

27th February 2021, Mumbai: Today on World NGO day, CWATY, the world’s first digital animal influencer, in association with Nargis Dutt Foundation, Sparsh Trust, Make Earth Green Again MEGA Foundation and Cowin launches the animal welfare movement – OOHA (Out Of Home Adoption) a solution based animal welfare movement for human beings and Indian street animals to coexist with love and care.

Pledging their support with CEP (Celebrating Excellence in Philanthropy), a not-for-profit event IP, where senior and upcoming philanthropists are honoured based on their contribution and dedication shown towards making a better tomorrow, the day marked the announcement of the second edition of the event CEP 2.0 as well.

Speaking on the occasion, Priya Dutt, a popular social activist and politician, who believes in the cause of humanity for all said “Animal welfare to me is coexistence and respect of all living beings on earth and the environment.” She is the daughter of Legendary actors Sunil and Nargis Dutt, and sister to actor Sanjay Dutt. “Earth is our habitat. In ours, I don’t mean only humans. It is also for the animals, the birds and every being living and coexisting.” She is also the co-founder of Nargis Dutt Memorial Charitable Trust (NDMCT) which was started in memory of her mother, Nargis Dutt. “To all the people out there, welfare is not what you do for others in need, but for yourself! It makes you happy and gives you inner peace that you were able to make a difference. So make yourself happy by bringing that change around you,” she added.

Priya Dutt of Nargis Dutt Foundation poses with Cwaty supporting the OOHA Movement and CEP 2.0 launch

According to CWATY, Coexistence and equality is the essence of life. “I believe in the concept of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ a philosophy that inculcates an understanding that the world is one family and we are all part of one life energy. We can do this by simply imbibing the practice of sharing and exchanging good energies in every aspect of our lives. For me, animal welfare is a way of life and I aim to raise donations and do good throughout my immortal life by becoming the biggest celebrity influencer for the cause. And to achieve this, I need your support to do the OOHA to coexist because, after all, it is a world for all.” CWATY has been brought to life by Jagrat Desai – a writer – philantropreneur who is also the founder of the CWAT app, a platform that donates 100 per cent of net profits to NGOs of the users’ choice.

Cwaty strikes an adorable pose with Jagrat Desai Founder OOHA Movement and CEP 2.0 launch

Maharshi Dave, one of the founding members of Sparsh Trust commented, “I believe in any cause that helps spread Smiles and encourages sharing, be it animals, humans or environment!” He is a renowned activist who has done more than his bit for humanitarian and animal welfare! He adds, “For me, animal welfare is the purest form of sharing. My take on Co-Existence is the realization that we Humans are a creation of Mother Nature, just like millions of other creatures.” He cannot stress enough on the need to respect and realize that our own existence depends on healthy coexistence! “Or as they say, ‘To take less, to share more’!”

Maharashi Dave of Sparsh stands for the OOHA Movement and CEP 2.0 launch

Rutu Dave of Sparsh stands for the OOHA Movemnet and CEP 2.0 launch

Alet Viegas is the founder of a Canadian Not-for-profit, Collective Win that delivers social impact projects through strong partnerships with NGOs across the globe. We firmly believe in the need for improved animal welfare & our communities to co-exist with them, especially since animals do not have a voice & typically ignored in our everyday life. Whether you are fighting inequality, eliminating poverty, or protecting our planet – your organization’s impact is vital. The Collective Win Initiative empowers community leaders, locally & globally to create the future they want. We believe creative problem-solving is best when it involves a diverse group of people. That’s why we bring leaders together from all walks of life through our community hubs and partnerships. Today, our partnership with CWATY & participation in CEP 2.0 aims to bring attention & act on problems that can deliver impact through OOHA initiatives.

Alet Viegas of Cowin stands for OOHA Movement and CEP 2.0 launch

Philanthropist Anusha Srinivasan Iyer, and founder of Make Earth Green Again MEGA Foundation, an egalitarian Earth organisation that has been working towards leaving green footprints besides taking care of more than 200 rescue animals in their very own Pawsitive Farm Sanctuary as well at other  rescue homes, is excited. “The OOHA movement, the brainchild of Jagrat Desai, is a breath of fresh air needed for our street animals. Such initiatives do not just help animals. They help restore humanity, and that is the much-needed quality in such pandemic moments,” she reasons, adding that CEP is again an amazingly empowering initiative.”

Anusha Srinivasan Iyer of Make Earth Green Again MEGA Foundation at Pawsitive Farm Sanctuary celebrating the OOHA Movement and CEP 2.0 launch

In a bid to inspire and urge people to help street animals in and around the neighbourhood, OOHA strives to change the mindset of the people to adopt animal welfare behaviour in their day to day life while CEP strives to bridge the gap between givers and doers.

वर्ल्ड एनजीओ डे के मौके पर CWATY ने पशुओं के कल्याण के लिए आउट ऑफ होम एडॉप्शन – OOHA नामक अभियान की शुरुआत की
मुम्बई : 27 फ़रवरी, 2021 : आज वर्ल्ड एनजीओ डे के‌ मौके पर दुनिया के पहले डिजिटल एनिमल इंफ्लूएंसर CWATY ने नरगिस दत्त फ़ाउंडेशन, स्पर्स ट्रस्ट, मेक अर्थ ग्रीन अगेन (MEGA) फ़ाउंडेशन और कोविन के साथ मिलकर पशुओं के कल्याण से जुड़े अभियान – OOHA (आउट ऑफ़ होम एडॉप्शन) को लॉन्च किया. इसके माध्यम से सड़कों पर रहनेवाले पशुओं की समस्या के निदान और उनके देखभाल की अनूठी पहल की गई है ताकि इंसान और पशु दोनों ही साझा तौर पर हंसी-ख़ुशी जी पाएं.
CEP (सेलिब्रिटी एक्सेलेंस इन फ़िलॉन्थ्रोपी) एक ग़ैर लाभकारी IP है जहां वरिष्ठ और उभरते हुए दानदाताओं को भविष्य को बेहतर बनाने के लिए उनके द्वारा दिये गये योगदान के आधार पर सम्मानित किया जाता है. इन्हीं की साझेदारी में आज इसके दूसरे एडिशन CEP 2.0 का भी ऐलान भी कर दिया गया.
इस मौके पर बात करते हुए जानी-मानी सामाजिक कार्यकर्ता व राजनीतिज्ञ प्रिया दत्त ने कहा, “सह-चर्यता और धरती पर रहनेवाले सभी जीवों और पर्यावरण के प्रति हमारा आदर ही मेरे लिए पशु कल्याण का द्योतक है.” प्रिया दत्त लोकप्रिय अभिनेता और अभिनेत्री रहे सुनील दत्त और नरगिस दत्त की बेटी हैं. वे कहती हैं, “धरती पर जितना हक़ इंसानों का है, उतना ही हक़ पशुओं, पक्षियों व अन्य जीवों का भी है.” प्रिया नरसिग दत्त मेमोरियल चैरिटेबल ट्रस्ट ((NDMCT) की संस्थापक भी हैं जिसकी शुरुआत उन्होंने अपनी दिवंगत मां की याद में की थी. वे कहती हैं, “कल्याण करने का मतलब ये नहीं हैं जो आप किसी ज़रूरतमंद के लिए करते हैं बल्कि ऐसा आप अपने लिए करते हैं. ऐसा करने से ख़ुद आपको ख़ुशी और शांति का अनुभव होता है और आपको इस बात का सुखद एहसास होता है कि आप बदलाव की दिशा में प्रयत्न कर रहे हैं.”
CWATY के‌ मुताबिक, सह-चर्यता और समानता जीवन जीने के आवश्यक सिद्धांत हैं. जागृत देसाई कहते हैं, “हम वसुदैव कुटुम्बकम्’ पर विश्वास रखते हैं. इसका मतलब है कि है कि ये समस्त दुनिया एक परिवार है और हम सभी एक ही जीवन ऊर्जा के हिस्सा हैं. हम एक-दूसरे के साथ चीजों को साझा करने की आदत और अच्छी ऊर्जा के आदान-प्रदान के साथ इसका निर्वहन कर सकते हैं. मेरे लिए पशुओं का कल्याण ही जीवन जीने का उत्तम तरीका है और एक सेलिब्रिटी इंफ्लोएंसर के तौर पर मैं इस मक़सद के लिए बड़े पैमाने पर दान-राशि इकट्ठा कर अपनी ओर से अधिक से अधिक योगदान देने की कोशिश में जुटा हूं. OOHA की पहल से जुड़े इस लक्ष्य को हासिल करने के लिए मुझे आप सभी के सहयोग की आवश्यकता है क्योंकि ये दुनिया सभी के लिए बराबर है.”
CWATY को जीवंत बनाने में जागृत देसाई की अहम भूमिका रही जो एक लेखक, एक आंत्रप्योनर और CWAT ऐप के संस्थापक भी हैं. यह एक ऐसा ऐप है जिसकी खासियत ये है कि इस ऐप के ज़रिए यूज़र्स अपनी पसंद के एनजीओ को 100 फ़ीसदी लाभ का दान कर सकते हैं.
स्पर्श ट्रस्ट के संस्थापक सदस्यों में से एक महर्षि दवे कहते हैं, “मैं ऐसे कार्य करने में यकीन रखता हूं  जो चेहरों पर मुस्कान लाए और बांटने की आदत में बढ़ावा दे, फिर चाहे वो जानवारों की बात हो, इंसानों की बात हो या फिर पर्यावरण की देखभाल की बात हो.” उल्लेखनीय है कि महर्षि दवे एक बेहद प्रतिष्ठित सामाजिक कार्यकर्ता हैं जो मानवावादी कार्यों के साथ-साथ पशुओं की भलाई के लिए भी शिद्दत से काम करते हैं. वे कहते हैं, “मेरा मानना‌ है कि पशुओं के कल्याण से बढ़कर और कोई काम‌ नहीं हो सकता है. सह-चर्यता के बारे में मेरी राय है कि लाखों-करोड़ों पशु-पक्षियों की तरह हम सब भी धरती मां‌ की कोख से पैदा हुए हैं. सह-चर्यता पर ही हम सबका अस्तिस्व टिका हुआ है जिसका हम सबको आदर करना चाहिए.”
सामाजिक कार्यों में व्यस्त रहनेवाली, पर्यावरण के संरक्षण में संलग्न मेक अर्थ ग्रीन अगेन (MEGA) फ़ाउंडेशन नामक संस्था से जुड़ीं और Pawsitive फ़ार्म सैंक्चुरी के ज़रिए 200 से अधिक पशु-पक्षियों की देखभाल करनेवाली अनुषा श्रीनिवासन अय्यर इस परियोजना को लेकर बेहद उत्साहित हैं. वे कहती हैं, “जागृत देसाई द्वारा शुरू किया गया OOHA अभियान सड़कों पर रहनेवाले जानवरों के लिए की गई एक उल्लेखनीय पहल है. इस तरह की पहल से न सिर्फ़ बेसहारा जानवरों को मदद हासिल होती है बल्कि इससे इंसानियत से जुड़ीं मिसालें भी कायम होती हैं जिसकी आज के कोरोना काल में सबसे अधिक आवश्यकता महसूस की जा रही है.” उनका कहना है कि CEP एक बेहद उम्दा और एक सशक्त किस्म की पहल है”.
अलेट विएगास कनाडाई ग़ैर-लाभकारी संगठन ‘द कलेक्टिव विन’ के संस्थापक हैं. यह संस्था दुनिया भर के एनजीओ के साथ मिलकर सामाजिक बदलाव के लिए हमेशा प्रयत्नशील रहती है. हम पशु-पक्षियों की बेहतरी और इंसानों के उनके साथ मिल-जुलकर रहने में यकीन करते है. जानवरी की अपनी कोई आवाज़ नहीं होती है और रोज़ाना की ज़िंदगी में अक्सर उनकी उपेक्षा की जाती है. चाहे आप असमानता के ख़िलाफ़ आवाज़ उठा रहे हों या ग़रीबी को ख़त्म करने की दिशा में काम कर रहे हों अथवा धरती को बचाने के प्रयासों में लगे हों – आपकी संस्था की भूमिका बेहद अहम हो जाती है. ऐसे में ‘द कलेक्टिव विन स्थानीय और वैश्विक दोनों स्तर पर कम्युनिटी लीडर्स को सशक्त बनाने में यकीन रखता है ताकि ऐसे भविष्य का निर्माण किया जा सके जिसकी लोग ख़्वाहिश रखते हैं. हमारा मानना है कि अगर इसमें विविध प्रकार के लोगों का समावेश है तो रचनात्मक ढंग से समस्या का समाधान किया जाना आवश्यक है. यही है वजह है कि हम अपने कम्युनिटी हब और पार्टरशिप के माध्यम से विभिन्न क्षेत्रों के लोगों को साथ लाने की कोशिश करते हैं. आज की तारीख़ में CWATY और CEP 2.0 के साथ हमारी साझेदारी का मक़सद OOHA द्वारा की गई पहल से शुरू की गईं परियोजनाओं की ओर लोगों का ध्यान आकर्षित करना और समस्याओं का प्रभावी ढंग से निदान करना है.
अपने आसपास के जानवरों को अपनाने और उनकी मदद के लिए लिए प्रेरित करने‌ के लिए OOHA लोगों की मानसिकता में बदलाव लाने के लिए कार्यरत हैं ताकी लोग रोज़ाना की ज़िंदगी में जानवरों की भलाई के लिए काम करें.
वहीं CEP की कोशिश होती है कि वो दान देनेवाले और दान प्राप्त करनेवालों के बीच की दूरी को कम करे.

———-Naarad PR & Image Strategists

Mr silent is a fictional drama based on a realization of relationship and realization of a freak

Mr silent is a story of a freak and three friends

Mr silent story revolves around a freak who kill’s girl for his passion and in this chain he break’s a chain of friendship of three friends malang ,sanchi and raj ….     Story present a beautiful realization revenge .

Mr kashyap entertaining ott with his different different zoner webseries after maskmen and blackmail mr silent is in que of his experiment. Mr silent is produced by nehaal singh and jayesh.

After the release of mr silent mr kashyap said that small ott need’s genuine producers those want’s to make a good cinema because he said atlast we are making 75 min films in comparison of big ott small big budget film’s.

Mr kashyap upcoming series fucking drama office is world first hiv aids comedy content …

Karshini Nagendra Maharaj Of Mathura (Vrindavan) Facilitates Producer & director Mr Alok Shrivastava

Karshini Nagendra Maharaj Of Mathura  (Vrindavan) Facilitates Chief minister (Uttar Pradesh) – Honorable Shri Yogi Adityanathji, Defiance Minster- Honorable Shri Rajnath Singhji and Producer & Director Mr  Alok Shrivastava  by presenting them his spiritual book (BRIJ RAS PRAVAAH).

Our team congratulates Shri Karshini Nagendra Maharaj on his his spiritual book(BRIJ RAS PRAVAAH)

Kapil Gauhri Is Setting New Milestones In Fashion Industry

Kapil Gauhri a popular name in the Indian Fashion Industry. He is known as  Director & Show Choreographer. His ingenuity and creativity has attracted the attention of several brands and designers across the globe.

The 34 year show director is from Dehradun, Uttarakhand. After completing his Graduation in Fashion Design he pursued Post Graduation in Fashion Design. Kapil has been in the industry for past 10 years. He has won awards and accolades for his amazing work such as UTTARAKHAND YOUNG ACHIEVERS AWARD  BY THE GOVERNMENT OF UTTARAKHAND IN 2018, FASTEST GROWING LEADER OF THE INDUSTRY BY BUSINESS AWARDS 2020 and many more.  He has worked with many known designers such as Rina Dhaka, Ritu Kumar, Rajdeep Ranawat, Pallavi Singh, Sidharth Bansal, Dhruv Sehgal, Arvind Ampula. His work contribution includes working for a brands like Times of India, Audi, Flying machine, Maruti, Dodo n Moa,Tribes of  India, Khadi India, W, Mercedes Benz, Spyker and Action Shoes.

His some of known projects includes 

Asian designer week

Couture runway week

Delhi runway week

India couture lifestyle fashion week

U&i international fashion week

India international designer week

North east international fashion week

Dehradun fashion week

Vibrant fashion week

His recent stint was the Vouge India Show which was a 6 designer showcase in known hotel in Delhi.


His upcoming shows includes some renowned government as well as commercial fashion events.

The PR-Cum-Fashionista ‘Jainam Vora’ Aka Vorasahab’s Journey Is Inspiring

Being born & raised in Mumbai, Vorasahabas popularly known on Instagram) has made a mark for himself as an influencer by working passionately across sectors with multiple brands – both well-known & nascent. A PR enthusiast by profession and an influencer by passion, Jainam Vora has established his presence as a fashion, travel, & lifestyle influencer across all social media platforms and believes in creating his own unconventional style and identity in this cluttered market of influencers. With more than five years of work experience in Public Relations and even more as an influencer, he is now being identified as a strong collaborator who adds a lot more value to brands by delivering content rather than just creating visibility.

Speaking about his brand- Vorasahab, Jainam shares, “Initially, I was finding names for my brand. I tried finding names that would relate to clothes, style or fashion but then I thought why not create my own brand identity, so I used my surname Vora and got myself Vorasahab.”


Vorasahab’s feed has featured more than 100 brands from arenas of fashion, lifestyle, travel, fitness, grooming, motivation, experiences and entertainment. Instagram and Facebook, being the most used social media apps, you should make sure that you follow all the right people out there. And this handsome and talented young man out here, is definitely not a miss!

Social media links:


Facebook Pagehttps://www.facebook.com/Vorasahab/

Music Video International Bihari Ready To Rock Again – Ammy Kang

म्यूजिक वीडियो “इंटरनेशनल बिहारी” के साथ एक बार फिर धूम मचाने को तैयार : एमी कांग

भोजपुरी इंडस्ट्री के जाने माने रैपर एमी कांग एक बार फिर से सुर्खियों में  और वजह है उनकी आने वाली म्यूजिक वीडियो “इंटरनेशनल बिहारी” जो मार्केट में आने से पहले ही चर्चाओं में बना है । लव चांस,बाबा जी की बूटी,भोजपुरी हिपहॉप,जय जय बिहार जैसे सुपरहिट गाना देकर एमी कांग ने भोजपुरी म्यूजिक इंडस्ट्री में अपनी एक अलग पहचान बनाई है । आज एमी भोजपुरी इंडस्ट्री में एक स्टार रैपर व सिंगर के रूप में जाने जाते हैं खासकर युवा दर्शक वर्ग में उनकी पकड़ काबिले तारीफ है l

हाल ही में मीडिया को संबोधित करते हुए एमी ने बताया कि उनकी आगामी आने वाली म्यूजिक वीडियो “इंटरनेशनल बिहारी” बहुत जल्द रिलीज होने जा रही है जिसमें कुल 10 गाने हैं इसके गीतकार व संगीतकार संतोष पुरी है इस एल्बम में भोजपुरी की स्टार गायिका प्रियंका सिंह की भी आवाज का जलवा दिखेगा,साथ ही जाने-माने गीतकार व संगीतकार संतोष पुरी इस एल्बम से गायकी के क्षेत्र में धमाकेदार कदम रखने जा रहे हैं l एमी की माने तो संतोष पुरी के साथ-साथ स्टार गायिका प्रियंका सिंह के साथ गाना सोने पर सुहागा जैसा है । निश्चित रूप से यह तिकड़ी  इस बार पुरे भारत सहित विश्व स्तर पर धमाल मचाएगी । इस म्यूजिक वीडियो के निर्देशक राकेश यादव हैं जो मूल रूप से बॉलीवुड से हैं । एमी ने कहा कि आज मैं जो भी हूं यह दर्शकों का प्यार व आशीर्वाद है आज भोजपुरी इंडस्ट्री के साथ-साथ बॉलीवुड के फिल्मकार भी मेरे ऊपर विश्वास कर रहे हैं यह मेरे लिए बहुत बड़ी बात है । एमी ने बताया कि मैंने अपनी गायकी के लिए आने वाला 5 वर्ष तक का रोड मैप बना लिया है ताकि मैं दर्शकों को बेहतर से बेहतर गाना दे सकूं इसके लिए मैं निरंतर प्रतिबद्ध हूं ।


एमी ने बताया कि इस म्यूजिक वीडियो की शूटिंग मुंबई,दिल्ली,लखनऊ और वाराणसी में हुई है । एमी की “इंटरनेशनल बिहारी” म्यूजिक वीडियो के साथ-साथ भोजपुरी फिल्म “सुपरस्टार भैया जी” भी बहुत जल्द दर्शकों के सामने होगी ।

WEE-Members from different parts of the country donated for WEE-Clean Project by WEE-Women Entrepreneurs Enclave

This Project which is managed by “ShreOM Communications & Solutions” organized donation drive on 2nd February by serving lunch to tribal children and also donated sanitary pads to tribal girls of Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Borivali with the help of SEVA TRUST NGO.

“WEE – Women Entrepreneurs Enclave” is an interactive platform and forum for Women Entrepreneurs to grow their business together. WEE offers learning and interacting opportunities to all women entrepreneurs.

Presently WEE has 8000+ members in 8 locations – Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Nagpur, Pune, Bangalore, Assam, Singapore.

WEE helps these business women to showcase their products & services and scale-up their business. It not only helps established Business Women but also helps aspiring start-up Women Entrepreneurs to get them projects and establish their own firms.


WEE members enjoy benefits of Networking, getting platform to promote & sell products and services, Start-up Counselling Sessions, Wealth Management Sessions, Financial Assistance (By getting Connected to Investors), Motivational Sessions, etc.

FB group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2263179697242204/

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Visit us: www.wee-online.com


Blive’s New Track ”De Ijaazat” Is Just What You Need To Celebrate Your Valentines Day.

In the time when Bollywood is facing scarcity of originality, ”BLIVE” boosts original, fresh & authentic music with their romantic ballad ”De Ijaazat” featuring digital superstars Faisu and Ruhi Singh; Singer, Composer and Lyrics by – Ishaan Khan
Simple words with very layered melody, the best combination which perfectly describes ”De Ijaazat”
The star studded launch saw the presence of – Mr. Faisu, Ruhi Singh, Siddharth Gupta, Ashnoor Kaur, Jannat Zubair, Ayaan Zubair, Siddharth Nigam, Nyra Banerjee, Vikram Baba, Ramji Gulati and many more
Ishaan Khan said “De Ijaazat is just what you need to celebrate your Valentines Day. The music of the song assails your senses, calming the mind in one magnificent sweep of transcendental sound. Looking forward to the response from the audiences”
Faisu and Ruhi Singh said “Its a beautiful song with beautiful moments. It will help you explore the enchanting world of thoughts and emotions”
BLIVE is an entertainment focused company making its inroads through uplifting content that combines excellent storytelling and superior acting talent with manageable budgets.
Their primary focus lies to contribute many talents – each brilliant in its own creative field.

Mahesh Kukreja CMD  says “B-LIVE is all about youth, passion and love for the visual medium. We will focus on bringing together all kinds of talent and making something unique, exciting and entertaining”

Infant Jesus Church At Shantiniketan Installs Stations Of The Cross Draws People Of All Faiths

3 February, 2021, Bolpur (Kolkata): The Infant Jesus Church of Makrampur at Shantiniketan has installed a Station of The Cross – depicting the crucifixion of Christ – and a grotto in the shape of a conch shell dedicated to the Lady of Lourdes.

“The Church, which is drawing a lot of visitors, has become a pilgrim centre in Birbhum district for people of all faiths since the Jubilee Year of Mercy declared by the Pope. It is an added attraction in Shantiniketan where people come to seek peace, tranquility and also appreciate the unique spiritual atmosphere. We shall celebrate a Feast on February 2, 2021, for the first time this year,” said Bolpur parish priest, Father Anthony Raj, who belongs to the Asansol diocese.

“This year the patronal feast was held on 2nd February 2021 with the inauguration of open air Stations of the Cross with some 54 life-size statues depicting the incidents in the final journey of Jesus carrying his cross to be Crucified on Calvary hill. It was during these pandemic times that our Parish Pastoral Council decided to put up the Stations of the Cross and a Grotto dedicated to Our Lady of Lourdes,” Fr Raj said.

The  Stations of The Cross, also known as The Way of the Cross, is a depiction of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and accompanying prayers. The resurrection of Christ from the dead is celebrated as Easter – the oldest of Christian festivals.

The Infant Jesus Church has a statue of Jesus under an imposing banyan tree seated in a lotus position imparting his teaching and blessings to all. This is in accordance with the popular tradition of open air classes started by Kabi Guru Rabindranath Tagore. The Church also has local Santhal tribal motifs and reliefs have been incorporated in the facade of the church designed and curated by Subrata Ganguly of Church Art of Kolkata – an art & design fabrication firm specializing in inculturation of local cultures in keeping with the canon laws and Christian traditions and conventions.

The same local tribal art forms have also been incorporated in the stained glasses adorning the church. There is also a statue of a mother holding a child and a lamb which is symbolic of all—caring mother who is at the very centre of our community and social life. “The Stations of The Cross has 54 life-size statues and the grotto, in the shape of a conch shell, is influenced by Indian tradition. We have incorporated the local traditions of Shantiniketan while trying to integrate the church decor with the artistic style and philosophy of Kabi Guru Rabindranath Tagore and also popular traditions like the open air classrooms which he had started,” said Subrata Ganguly, founder-director of Church Art.

Christian presence and influence was felt from the birth of Shantiniketan. Tagore had invited Bramhabandav Upadyaya the founding father of Indian Catholic theology, who spearheaded the Hinduisation of Christianity on the basis of his Thomistic reading of Saccidānanda.

From May 1981, Salesians from Joypur, Suri parish, looked after the Bolpur mission and Salesian Fr Cyriac Manianchira purchased a plot of land to develop the Bolpur mission. In 1993, Salesians handed over Bolpur subdivision to the Archdiocese of Calcutta and Fr. Valerian Fernandes was appointed first Priest-in-Charge.

Sahil Ambarsariya’s Morning Star Record Music Company Is Emerging As A Lofty Voice Of Indian Folk Music

Delhi |  By the way, to promote Indian music and songs, many big music companies and celebrities are engaged day and night in the country and the world.  In which, from T-Series, Sony Music, Saregama, etc., dozens of small big music companies of the country are promoting Indian music in their own way.  Let us introduce you to a person who is completely devoted to Indian songs and music.  Yes, we are talking about the big industrialist of Delhi and ‘Sahil Ambarsariya’, the owner / producer of ‘Morning Star Record’ music company, who is emerging as the voice of Indian music and songs in a short time.  Are  Sahil not only promotes songs of one language, but has also successfully produced regional songs heard in many languages ​​of India.  Which includes Punjabi, Haryanvi, Hindi and Bhojpuri songs.  There are very few people who carry music and songs of all languages ​​together.  Which makes them special from others.

Talk about Sahil Ambarsariya, Sahil is originally from Delhi and his birth and studies have also been completed in Delhi.  Realizing the importance of Sahil music, devoted to music since childhood, he has opened his own music company in Delhi.  Whose name is ‘Morning Star Record’.  With its banner, Punjabi and Hariwanvi songs are also made and released along with Bhojpuri songs.  Talk about this company, so far more than two dozen music videos have been released from Bhojpuri branch of ‘Morning Star Record’, ‘Morning Star Record Fagua Bhojpuri’, whose views are in millions.  So, more than half a dozen songs have also been released from its second branch ‘Morning Star Kasuta Harivana’. Sahil has worked on his channel as one of the well-known Bhojpuri actresses ‘Shubhi Sharma, Dimple Singh and Akanksha Dubey’.  Due to which Sahil Ambarsariya has joined the list of top producers of Bhojpuri.

In a special conversation with PRO Aryan Pandey, Sahil Ambarsariya said that I have been listening to songs and music of different languages ​​from the beginning.  Because every language of our country has embodied our culture in itself, in which it has been filled with sweetness and its own kind. ”Sahil Ambarsariya said about his village interest.  “I have been very interested in songs since childhood, as well as a lot of knowledge about the music industry working in the entertainment industry for 15 years. After that I produced ‘Morning Star Record’, which is loved by the audience today  And with blessings, music is advancing rapidly in the world.

Today, Bhojpuri, Punjabi and Haryanvi including Hindi are spoken and heard in every corner of the country and the world. And its songs make everyone their wish.  Working with a different mind set and we hope that our effort will give a new place to Indian music.

Aas Paas Tourism Helping Hotel Business Regain Momentum But Still A Long Way From Pre-Covid Status – Nakul Anand

28 January, 2021, Kolkata: “The Hotel business in India is regaining momentum but still a long way from where we left in 2019. The hotel industry in the country has really stood up well by improvising and creating new packages. According to the United Nations World Tourism Organization this has been the worst International crisis that tourism has faced since records were ever kept that goes back to the 1950s. Hotel and tourism was the first industry to be affected by corona and would perhaps be the last to recover,” said Nakul Anand, Executive Director, ITC Limited, at a session of Ek Mulakat Visesh organized by Prabha Khaitan Foundation of Kolkata and presented by Shree Cement.

Mr Anand heads the hospitality, travel and tourism businesses of ITC and has pioneered the concept of “Responsible Luxury” or sustainable excellence in the hotel industry. He was in conversation with Ms Ina Puri, member of Ehsaas Women of Gurugram, at an online session which was introduced by Ms Apra Kuchhal of Ehsaas Women of Jaipur.

“We are not seeing much revival on business travel but what we are certainly seeing a revival in what I call `revenge travel’ that is people who have been under lockdown are now wanting to visit hotels for a change with first preference for motorable distances which I call `aas paas’ tourism and we are seeing a lot of this,” said Mr Anand who has been recognized as the “Corporate Hotelier of the World 2019” by Hotels USA magazine. Mr Anand is also a recipient of the “Green Hotelier” award instituted by International Hotel & Restaurant Association (IH&RA) – an  United Nations recognized industry body.

“In the service industry we have something called the moment of truth every time you interact with a guest. These moments of truth have become moments of trust, and trust is the new currency. What gives this trust is cleanliness, hygiene, safety, sanitisation. So what we have to do now is what I call create cleanliness theatres. What used to be done at night can now be done during the day in the presence of guests so that they can see the manner in which food is to be served. We had to give them visible cues to win their trust and re-invent service like we had never done before. So I think after hoteliering was discovered this is the first time such creativity and service designs have been done,” said Anand who joined ITC in 1978 – the second generation in his family to do so.

Nakul Anand, who says “If you don’t see green, you’ll see red”, has initiated various sustainable initiatives like `Responsible Luxury’ and `Food Sherpa’ programme under which ITC chefs scour their destinations for  street or local food and serve them in five-star ambiance as part of their Local Love menu. Mr Anand believes sustainable practices must be embedded in our business philosophy.

Commenting on ITC Hotels’ prestigious art collection, Anand said, “One of the things we have never taken our eyes off is our credo that was formed in 1975 when the hotels division came what was that `nobody gives you India like we do. We give you India in every form, whether it is in the form of cuisine, in the form of culture, in the form of heritage. We have never looked back. Namaste was our logo and it continues to remain so. We have created Indian cuisines which were unknown. We never get into a new cuisine without research. We researched dum pukht, bukhara, these were hidden foods that were taken out; we got into Vedic gastronomy and got the Royal Vega in Kolkata. Similarly art was an important part of our heritage which brings alive the facets of the destination and gives a distinct identity to the hotel where it is located.”


“Many of the modern concerns that covid has thrown up actually goes back to what India had five thousand years ago. Today we talk of immunity-boosting food as health is the new wealth. The opportunity Indian food offers into the concerns of tomorrow is phenomenal. Someone rightly said `food should be your medicine otherwise medicine will be your food’ and in India truly food has been our medicine and we have enjoyed it by the season what we eat – local, nature and sustainable. I think there is a great future for Indian food,” he said.

The ace hotelier, however, feels that in the hustle and bustle of life there is nothing like being home and a nice home meal or soul food or mama’s food – simple chana. kadi, aloo methi etc.

Khesari Lal Yadav’s Film Baap Ji Song Machhriya Records 3 Million Views In 14 Hours

खेसारी लाल यादव की फ़िल्म ‘बाप जी’  का गाना “मछरिया”  ने 14 घंटे में 3 मिलियन व्यूज का रिकॉर्ड

वर्ल्डवाइड रिकार्ड्स भोजपुरी के ऑफिसियल चैनल से भोजपुरी फिल्मों के सुपरस्टार खेसारी लाल यादव अभिनीत भोजपुरी फिल्म ‘बाप जी’ का फुल टू धमाल गाना “मछरिया” रिलीज किया गया है। जिसे इतना ज्यादा पसंद किया गया है कि मात्र 14 घंटे में 3 मिलियन व्यूज यूट्यूब पर पार कर लिया है। यह रिकॉर्ड वर्ल्डवाइड रिकॉर्ड्स ही कर सकता है, जो हमेशा अच्छे गानों व फिल्मों को प्रोमोट करते हैं।

यह गाना काफी मनोरंजन पूर्ण है। इस गाने में खेसारीलाल यादव और काजल राघवानी ने काफी अच्छा परफॉर्मेंस किया है। उनका लुक और ड्रेस काफी शानदार है। इस गाने गाया है खेसारीलाल यादव और खुशबू तिवारी केटी ने।

गौरतलब है कि वर्ल्डवाइड रिकार्ड्स भोजपुरी से ही फ़िल्म बाप जी का ट्रेलर रिलीज किया गया था। जिसमें बाप और बेटे के रिश्ते की अनोखी दास्ताँ दिखी है। बेटे की भूमिका में खेसारीलाल यादव और बाप के किरदार में मनोज टाईगर हैं। उनकी कमेस्ट्री फुल इंटरटेनिंग है। फिल्म के ट्रेलर से पता चलता है कि यह फिल्म बाप जी दर्शकों का खूब मनोरंजन करेगी। फिल्म के निर्देशक देव पांडेय ने फ़िल्म की कहानी को बखूबी पर्दे पर उतारा है।

उल्लेखनीय है कि गोविंदा एंड सागर फिल्म्स इंटरटेनमेंट प्रस्तुत फिल्म ‘बाप जी” के निर्माता रामजी जयसवाल (गोविंदा) हैं। फिल्म के निर्देशक देव पाण्डेय हैं। फिल्म के सहनिर्माता श्यामजीत बरई हैं। लेखक अरबिन्द तिवारी हैं। संगीतकार ओम झा, गीतकार प्यारेलाल यादव, आजाद सिंह, यादव राज और कुंदन प्रीत हैं। फिल्म के डीओपी आर आर प्रिंस, एडिटर गुरजंट सिंह, एक्शन मास्टर एस मलेश, डांस मास्टर रिक्की गुप्ता, कला निर्देशक सतीश गिरी हैं। कार्यकारी निर्माता संतोष वर्मा और मार्केटिंग हेड विजय यादव हैं।

फिल्म के मुख्य कलाकार खेसारी लाल यादव, ऋतू सिंह, काजल राघवानी, मनोज टाइगर, प्रकाश जैस, राजबीर, रीतू पाण्डेय, सी पी भट्ट, सम्भावना सेठ, बृजेश त्रिपाठी, संजय वर्मा हैं।


Master Biren Dang, a 10 yr talented artist from Gurgaon, marked an iconic victory in the star plus TV reality show- TaareZameenPar during the finale aired on 30th Jan 2021. With his unbeatable melodious voice and most versatile singing Master Biren made his mark on hearts of every Indian and specially the judgesthe legendary musician PadmashriShankar Mahadevan, singer Jonita Gandhi and Tony Kakkar. There were more than ten thousand participants who gave audition for the competition butBirenwith his relentless hard work, passion and perseverance could won over all these competitors. Biren has won price of rupees Ten lakhsand family tickets to Disney land Hongkong.

After returning from the show Biren received a huge welcome in a grand event organized by RagaazStudios with whom he is associated as student and professional artist. His entire journey during the TV show was playedin the welcome event which brought tears in the eyes of everyone. It was not only a challenging journey for Biren but also for his Father Mr Nitin Dang and his mother Ms Ritu Dang who stood strongly by him during the four-month rigorous show. The overwhelmed community of Malibu Towne where he lives, showered Biren with their blessings and congratulatory messages. His Guru ShSundhanshu Bahuguna ji came to bless him. As his guru ji mentioned “Biren is God’s creation in music and all those who are part of his musical journey as teachers or mentors are only there to navigate and incidental, the divine power is already running through him and gets manifested when he sings”.

During the competition Biren sang with many renowned singers from Bollywood playback fraternity. Singers like Badshah, Sukhvinder Singh, Shan, Sudesh Bhosle, Mikka Sing, Udit Narayan could not stop praising him. In his grand finale, Biren sang with the winner of many reality shows and Bollywood singer Hemant Brijwasi. Master Biren was not only the best singer but the most loved participant in the show, the team named him “UstadLadoo Khan Shab” with affection and not only the judges but the entire crew of TaareZameen Par became his biggest fan following during 4 months journey.

At this young age Biren has bagged many awards and accolades including winner of Haryana Garima Award, Winner of Voice of Delhi-NCR, Winner of Sur Tarang- State level. He has been part of three reality shows including Singing Superstar- Sony reality show, War of Talent on Amex Player and eventually the winner of TaareZameen Par.


Biren has a huge fan following on YouTube and he is the youngest official artist of the Youtubelabel Ragaaz Studios.

Biren plans to continue to dedicate himself into the learning of classical music post this beginning and says there is no end to learning and winning this competition is just one small step towards achieving excellence in music.

Samar Pratap Suraj Young Enterpreneur Of Dimple Samar Pvt Limited Is To open Hospital In Himachal Tillu Village Near Naduan

Samar Pratap Suraj is to open  Hospital in Himachal Tillu village near Naduan. The  Hospital is being built in the name of his company  Dimple Samar Pvt Limited.  Samar said “Our hospital will be ready in 1 year hospital work is starting on 10 Feb 2021  it is very good news for the people of himachal”.

The young enterpreneur Samar Pratap Suraj, sincere  hard worker and business man , says that a person should not give up in difficulties and adversity, but it is necessary to take the right decision in that situation with his conscience mind. Whenever it seems that all the options for this problem have been closed, even in such a situation, if we think seriously, one or the other way will definitely be found.

Samar Pratap Suraj  was born in Faizabad UP, after which he got education in Gurukul Mumbai. At such a young age, Samar Pratap Suraj has touched many heights in his field, he is not only a good entrepreneur but also a source of inspiration for the youths.


There is no age of success, the young entrepreneur of India, Samar  has shown something similar. Samar Pratap Suraj the founder of Samar Suraj Limited, has its own special identity in the field of import-export not only in the country but also abroad.

Missing Movies In Theatres? Private Movie Screening Up For Grabs For The Highest Shopper: Seawoods Grand Central Mall

Navi Mumbai, January, 2021 : What if we tell you that not only can a shopaholic get discounts on their favourite brands but also stand a chance to have an entire theatre auditorium booked for him/her for a private movie screening?

That’s right! Seawoods Grand Central (SGC) Mall has just doubled the good news for shopaholics. For each day until January 31, 2021, the highest spender at the SGC Mall will get the entire theatre for his/her loved ones for any movie currently playing at the mall.

Rahill Nasir Ajjani, Centre Director, Seawoods Grand Central Mall said, “Overall customer experience and satisfaction is paramount to us. Keeping that sentiment in mind, for the first time ever, we are offering an experience that all movie buffs have been missing all these months. We will also ensure all social distancing and safety protocols are in place to offer the best and hygienic experience to all Patrons, Retail partners, and Staff members.”

Besides the private screening, patrons can also enjoy a one-of-a-kind ‘polar experience’ at Seawoods Grand Central Mall that has never been witnessed before in Navi Mumbai. A giant polar bear standee over 20 feet tall would welcome each and every entrant and walk-in with penguin mascots and a snowman at the main mall atrium will add to the joyous outdoor experience.

Samar Pratap Suraj Welknown Young Entrepreneur From India

Samar Pratap Suraj is a welknown young entrepreneur from India having spread business in different countries.  Born In Faizabad UP and brought up and educated  in Gurukul Mumbai. Very soft spoken, smiling look and jolly personality have got him recognition and fame with his hard work and dedication.

Samar Pratap Suraj is the youngest entrepreneur having done his M.Com in Mumbai and then ventured into the business of import and export under the name of Samar Suraj Limited. He started his career at a very young age got the recognition in his business field as and now he is popularly known as Samar Pratab. He has the distinction of working in India’s top company  Reliance Dhirubhai Ambani Group.


His ambition is to do some great work for his country  India. He believes  in giving opportunity and encouraging new young minds.

Mridu Bala National And International Show Organiser

Today, we are going to talk about Mridu Bala, who has made a name for herself with sheer grit and talent. Showbiz business is one of the toughest industries to work on, when it comes to the competition there is nothing like it. People often get awestruck with the glitter and glamour of the fashion world. However, no one knows what goes behind the making of a star.

Back in 2004, Mridu Bala decided to pursue her dreams of becoming a fashion designer. She started her fashion career with a beauty expo showcasing bridal dress wear. She always wanted to make her name in the fashion industry. She used to dream about this since her childhood. However, it was 2014 when she got herself ready to enter the industry. After all, she wanted to help society by giving people a good job and making young girls empowered along the way.

On being asked about her inspiration, Mridu Bala also known as Mridu  Rai considers her husband CA Ajay Rai first inspiration followed by top names in the Indian fashion industry like Manish Malhotra, Shaymal Bhumika, and Md. Amin to name a few. Above all, her parents, Niranjan Singh (Guru ji), brothers Akashy Kaledy Okshravan ( Shravan Patil ), and Giri G (Akashy Giri) are people, who have stood by her through thick and thin.

Mridu Bala intends to start her manufacturing unit as well as her showroom. She also wishes to do all the fashion show with her brand. As of now, she has done several fashion shows and got lots of appreciation from the fans as well as top names in the industry. Few celebrities like Mahima Chaudhari, Arshifa Khan, Lucky dancer Akshay Giri, and makeup artist Amit Dhuria and Chitrlekha Sen have taken part in her shows.


In such a short span, Mridu has made a name. With the way, she has been working there is no telling that she is destined to reach new heights in the future. We wish her well for her upcoming projects.

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Mahamandaleshwar Devi Maa Shivangi Nand Giri Conferred With Swami Vivekananda National Culture Award

Swami Vivekananda has rightly said “Wake up, wake up and don’t stop until the goal is achieved”.

The brilliant young sannyasins of the Sanatan tradition, rich in ideas, are the inspiration of many young people and one such inspiration is Mahamandaleshwar Devi Maa Shivangi Nand Giri.

Commemorating his dedicated contribution to India and on the occasion of the birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda, Mahamandaleshwar Devi Maa Shivangi Nand Giri was honoured with the National Culture Award by Kishori Pendlekar, Honourable Mayor of Mumbai. She was presented this prestigious award for her extraordinary social work.

Talking about her spiritual journey, she says, “While I was doing my architecture degree, I found myself so much involved in spirituality which I got from my home so I decided to come with the question in spirituality to find their answers like what would be the main focus of life and how to divide our responsibilities of life. I feel shiksha and diksha tradition is missing these days and since a very long time, I believed that this is not the correct way of living because from the generation I come, I can’t relate myself to them,” she adds.

Sharing further on her degree of Mahamandeleshwar, she says, My parent’s guru ji from where they got the diksha is Shir pilot baba ji, who is also the Mahamandeleshwar of Juna Akhada. Several times, I visited his ashram at Nainital, Himalayas and at the Kumbh Mela hence I started feeling the spirituality of the gurus and found out that their blessings are priceless. I got my Sanyas Diksha in Kumbh and got so much respect from Juna Akhada that I am so proud of.”


“Vivekanand Ji is such a big inspiration for many especially for the youngsters and for those who truly love their country. Questions like why I came in this universe, we must learn from his quotes that we must do that for which we had taken birth. Either it is for yog, Yagya, environment conservation, good behaviour or to motivate someone,” she concludes.

Gracing the occasion were Neeraj Kumar, President of Ramdhari Singh Dinkar Trust, Litterateur Pankaj Narayan, Member of Mumbai High Court, RPC Singh and Mumbai University’s Senior Professor Ratan Kumar Pandey.

Actor – Performer – Kathak Exponent Neha Banerjee’s Kathak Recital For Water Conservation Megh Akhyayika – The Tale Of A Cloud Unveiled By Padma Vibhushan And National Award Winner Pandit Birju Maharaj (virtually) And Sandip Soparrkar

Kathak Darpan Trust presents “MEGH AKHYAYIKA- The tale of a cloud” by actor, model and a terrific dancer Neha Banerjee
First of its kind Kathak virtual reality with an attractive backdrop of 360 degree, a web based performance series
Event saw the presence of Rohit Verma, Nisha Rawal, Dj Sheizwood, Smita Gondkar, Prashant Virendra Sharma, Vijayashree Chaudhary, Ayan Banerjee, Sunil Sunkara, Roma Navani, Dr. Aarti Oriya, Asif Merchant.
On 20th January, 2021 – “Water crisis is a reality. Climatic and environmental changes and resource scarcity are the biggest threats that the world is facing today” With a mission to preserve water, Neha Banerjee, senior most disciple & student of Pandit Birju Maharaj, staged a unique, one – of -its- kind virtual reality show ”MEGH AKHYAYIKA- The tale of a cloud”
Each composition started with a poetry of Niralaji and Late Shri Harivansh Rai Bachchan.
Neha adds that apart from addressing the issue of water conservation, the objective of this show was also to promote Kathak with high technology.
“We came out with these videos at the time when there were no shows happening suddenly due to pandemic . We noticed artists kept themselves  busy with performance online but faced lots difficulties . Also it lacked proper aesthetics of lights and backdrop. These videos are made in virtual reality , with different attractive backdrop which is also 360 degree” says Neha.

Pandit Birju Maharaj says ““It gives me great happiness to unveil MEGH AKHYAYIKA- The tale of a cloud. Vivek has done a great job with music and Gyandev has done the visuals beautifully. Neha has been associated with me since so many years now. A very hardworking, honest girl, I wish her all the very best”
Music- Vivek Mishra, Visuals – Gyandev Gunjan  Ashtaputre.

The Black Violin Start to finish shooting will start from March To Be release in October

Sonia Maan, who worked with Himesh Reshammiya in the film “Happy Hardy and Heer”, is now working on producer  Jaspal Singh and Rajesh shakya next Hindi film “The Black Violin”. Remind you that Sonia Maan played Heer in Himesh Reshammiya’s film. Famous model and actress Sonia Maan has worked in theaters in Punjab. Sonia Maan, who has shown her talent in many superhit Punjabi videos, started her career in the Punjabi industry with Harbhajan Maan. And now Sonia Maan is a part of this horror romantic film The Black Violin.

Producer Jaspal Singh and Rajesh shakya is bringing his next film “The Black Violin”. The shooting of this horror romantic film will begin in Goa from March. As the music instrument violin is present in the name of the film, it will also have three beautiful songs.

Its director is Praveen Kumar Guduri. The director is an iconic film maker in the South film industry, now he is going to direct the film for the first time in Bollywood. The film is written by Sandeep V. Rale. Apart from Sonia Maan, the film’s second heroine is Nikita Sharma. Nikita Sharma has worked in many serials and web show Naagin 5. The third heroine of the film is Leena Jumani, who has established an identity by playing a negative character in “Kumkum Bhagya”. The film will have three heroines and one hero. Rohit Suryavanshi is going to make a Bollywood debut with this film. Actor Bikramjit Kanwarpal Singh, who has worked in many of Vikram Bhatt’s films, is also going to play an important role in this film.

Under the banner of Singh Multi Media Creation, the film’s start to finish shooting will be held in Goa in March.

Let me tell you that the producer Jaspal Singh had earlier produced a horror film “The Past” and now he is coming with The Black Violin.

Producer  Jaspal Singh and Rajesh shakya said that the specialty of this film is its unique concept. The film has horror and thrills, it is also a musical romantic drama. The film has a lot of turn and twist which the audience will love.

मार्च से स्टार्ट टू फिनिश शूटिंग होगी शुरू, अक्टूबर में होगी रिलीज

हिमेश रेशमिया के साथ फिल्म “हैप्पी हार्डी एंड हीर” में काम कर चुकी सोनिया मान अब निर्माता जसपाल सिंह की नेक्स्ट हिंदी फिल्म “द ब्लैक वायलिन” में काम कर रही हैं। आपको याद दिला दें कि हिमेश रेशमिया की फिल्म में सोनिया मान ने हीर का किरदार निभाया था। मशहूर मॉडल और अभिनेत्री सोनिया मान पंजाब के थीएटर में काम कर चुकी हैं। कई सुपरहिट पंजाबी वीडियो में अपना जलवा दिखा चुकी सोनिया मान ने हरभजन मान के साथ पंजाबी इंडस्ट्री में अपने कैरियर की शुरुआत की थी। और अब सोनिया मान इस हॉरर रोमांटिक फिल्म द ब्लैक वायलिन का हिस्सा हैं।

निर्माता जसपाल सिंह अपनी नेक्स्ट फिल्म ” द ब्लैक वायलिन” लेकर आ रहे हैं। इस हॉरर रोमांटिक फिल्म की शूटिंग मार्च से गोवा में शुरू होगी।

जैसा कि फिल्म के नाम में म्यूज़िक इंस्ट्रूमेंट वायलिन मौजूद है इसलिए इसमें तीन खूबसूरत गाने भी होंगे।

इसके निर्देशक प्रवीण कुमार गुडूरी हैं। डायरेक्टर साउथ फिल्म इंडस्ट्री के एक प्रतिष्ठित फिल्म मेकर हैं अब बॉलीवुड में यह पहली बार फिल्म डायरेक्ट करने जा रहे हैं। फिल्म के लेखक संदीप वी. राले हैं। सोनिया मान के आलावा इस फिल्म की दूसरी हीरोइन निकिता शर्मा हैं।  निकिता शर्मा कई धारावाहिकों और वेब शो नागिन 5 में काम कर चुकी हैं। फिल्म की तीसरी हीरोइन लीना जुमानी हैं जो “कुमकुम भाग्य” में निगेटिव किरदार अदा कर के अपनी एक पहचान कायम कर चुकी हैं। फिल्म में तीन हीरोइन और एक हीरो होगा। रोहित सूर्यवंशी इस फिल्म से बॉलीवुड डेब्यू करने जा रहे हैं। विक्रम भट्ट की कई फिल्मों में काम कर चुके ऐक्टर बिक्रमजीत कंवरपाल सिंह भी इस फिल्म में एक अहम भूमिका निभाने जा रहे हैं।

सिंह मल्टी मीडिया क्रिएशन के बैनर तले बन रही इस फिल्म की स्टार्ट टू फिनिश शूटिंग गोवा में मार्च में होगी।

आपको बता दें कि निर्माता जसपाल सिंह इससे पहले एक हॉरर फिल्म “द पास्ट” का निर्माण कर चुके हैं अब जसपाल सिंह और राजेश शाक्या  द ब्लैक वायलिन लेकर आ रहे हैं।

प्रोड्युसर जसपाल सिंह ने बताया कि इस फिल्म की खासियत इसका अनोखा कांसेप्ट है। फिल्म में हॉरर और थ्रिल तो है ही यह एक म्यूजिकल रोमांटिक ड्रामा भी है। फिल्म में काफी टर्न और ट्विस्ट हैं जिसे दर्शक बेहद पसंद करेंगे।

Vedant Nagpal – Acatalepsy Premiere new music video for the breakup anthem – Losing Interest on YouTube

Vedant Nagpal, Aartii Nagpal’s son, going by the artist name Acatalepsy has just released his new music video for his hip hop song – Losing Interest under his home production house AKS Studios, which shows the whimsical mind of the new generation in relationships.

It’s a deeply layered concept, with the end left to the viewers understanding.

It is a 2 part music video, first one is his song called Memories (https://youtu.be/Z5xxPPGA4_Q), where he shares his intimate memories with his partner, and co-star Divija Gambhir, entirely shot on a handycam, giving a very home video feeling.

This then takes us to the current situation, in which he feels she is losing interest, but is so confused if everything he is experiencing is something that he has imagined or is it the reality? This is what modern relationships have come to, with both the partners doubting each other, just because of either their past experiences or movies/tv shows or their peers experiences.

It is an extremely gripping video, which will surely make you want to rewatch it over and over again! The chemistry between both of them makes it seem so real, you almost won’t believe that they aren’t together in real life.

Aartii Naagpal organised the music video release event in collaboration with Club Illusion – Level – 1 for her Son Vedant Nagpal. A close group of friends and family were present keeping in mind all the precautionary measures for COVID; Rahul Shukla (Midday C.E.O )  Deepshikha Nagpal, Priyanshi Nagpal, Vidhika Nagpal, Vivaan Nagpal, Divija Gambhir (the female lead in the music video), D.O.P Abhinav Om Prakash, Pramod Shinde ,Vishal SharmaVicky Hamid, Sanjay Chawla Ankit Choudhary ( team illusion )  Payal Malhotra, Rahul malhotra, Manav Sharma.


His album Not Alright Deluxe is set to release on 6th February! Definitely hear this one, with his deeply personal and emotional lyrics with his story telling skills and his beautiful melodies, it will surely put you in an altered state of mind.


Credits –  Production House – AKS Studios, Director and Editor – Vedant Nagpal, Starring – Vedant Nagpal, Divija Gambhir,  DOP – Abhinav Om Prakash Colour Correction/D.I. – Vedant Nagpal, Styling – Priyanshi Nagpal, Chief Associate  Director – Aartii Naagpal, Assistant director –Vidhika Nagpal, Trish Thakur, Music – Acatalepsy, Written – Vedant Nagpal, Background Dialogue – Anushka Madan, Special thanks to Deepshikha Nagpal. 

Losing Interest – Acatalepsy (Music Video)

Victim’s Trailer Launch Will Be Released On Don Cinema OTT Platform

The trailer of suspense thriller film ‘Victim’ was launched in Red Bulb, Andheri. On the same occasion, the film’s actors Aman Sandhu, Kuldeep singh, Mohit Nain, Saafi Kaur including producer Nehaal Singh, director Faizal Khan, writer Sanjay Joshi, creative producer Jyoti Gill, DOP Ranvijay Singh, editor Rajendra Ghadi, music composer Rigved Singh, creative head Karan Arora, Don Cinema founder Mahmood Ali, Satish Kumar and Dr Ali Irani, Don Cinema co-founder Aftab Ali, Don Cinema’s creative head bhomika Kalita, DI colorist Shibu TS, made special appearances. The film will be released on Don Cinema OTT.

People and media are shocked when Pradeep Bajaj, a high profile industrialist and businessman is arrested for rape in the film’s story! He is accused of raping his assistant Nisha. To save the company’s illustrious reputation and restore the trust of his colleagues and well-wishers, Pradeep’s wife Shalini took over the business and removed Pradeep from all his duties with immediate effect. Shalini also meets Nisha and convinces her to withdraw the charges in exchange for financial considerations. Pradeep’s car crashes in a very disturbing state of intoxication. Then, everything seems to be back to normal and Nisha too has moved forward in life when she is abducted one evening.

The kidnapper takes her to a secluded place and locks her up.  Then starts the cat and mouse game between the two.

Nisha makes several attempts to escape from there but it’s unsuccessful every time. On the contrary, after her every attempt the degree of her torture increases gradually.

The kidnapper comes across as a psycho and Nisha just can’t fathom why she has been singled out for this kind of a torture.

Nisha tries all the tricks to cajole,  seduce or convince the kidnapper to release her but fails miserably.

What unfolds then, is something that shocks Nisha! Her entire world comes crashing down on her.  This was something that she’s had not considered even in her worst nightmares.  The entire world seems to have ganged up on her with no one to pull her out of this situation.

What happens then?  Who is the kidnapper? Why was she the victim? How did Nisha fall into the trap of that psycho? Does Nisha survive this ordeal?  These and many such mysteries comprises the story of “Victim”

———Fame Media