Maanayata Dutt’s Statement On Sanjay Dutt’s Health

Maanayata Dutt expresses “I thank everyone who has expressed their well wishes for Sanju’s speedy recovery.

We need all the strength and prayers to overcome this phase. There is a lot that the family has gone through in the past years but I am confident, this too shall pass.

However, it is my heartfelt request to Sanju’s fans to not fall prey to speculations and unwarranted rumours,  but to just help us with their ongoing love, warmth and support.

Sanju has always been a fighter, and so has our family. God has yet again chosen to test us to overcome the challenges ahead.

All we seek is your prayers and blessings, and we know we will emerge as winners on the other side, as we always have. Let us use this opportunity to spread light and positivity”

IBJA Gave Immense Contribution Towards Covid-19 Says Mr Prithviraj Kothari

The entire world has shaken up and so is India due to Corona pandemic. This has resulted in complete lockdown almost in 200 countries around the world and India is no exception to this. India has also declared complete lockdown since 25th March 2020.
As our lockdown is extended 4th time now, we understand that life of people will go through radical changes and almost every business will suffer.
As a responsible 101 old association of bullion and jewellery, we immediately swing in to action to help the industry.
The task was not simple as we have offices in 31 states across the country. We immediately called the web meeting to decide on the following point.
1. How to help workers for their daily needs.
2. How to secure business premises of the jewellers.
3. What kind of stimulus package will be needed for the industry. 4. What can be our exit plan from lock down?
5. Preparation of SOP post lockdown.
Immediately, we formed various committees to look after this. What we realised that we need to protect all the people in the supply chain and not only our members. The focus was to save the industry and trade and not only to save our members.
We immediately formed one unit under IBJA as “Jewellers fight Corona (JFC)”. The purpose was to involve entire supply chain affected people and not only bullion dealers and jewellers.

Going further, various committee were formed and assigned various jobs as per the point discussed above.
Our biggest challenge was to help the workers, who were back bone of the industry. Thus, we divided entire workforce in to three categories as under.
a. Karigar employed by jewellery Manufacturer
b. Contractors engaged by the jewellery manufacturer under whom various small workers
are working.
C. Small karigars who are neither employed nor working under any contractor.
We immediately went into action and started calling all the manufacturer to ensure that they take care of karigar employed by them. Though task was difficult, almost all big jewellery manufacturers ensured us that they shall ensure minimum basic need of their karigar employed by them.
Secondly, we started calling up big contractors and took an assurance from all the contracts also that they shall also ensure minimum basic need of the karigar working under his contract.
Both this promises resulted in our focus being shifted to small karigars. We took special permission from police authorities and visited few of such places where karigars were staying. We found that most of this small karigars don’t have any money even to buy meals.
We immediately decided that we should distribute ration to them and not ready meal as food habits of all the karigars are not same.
We started involving Bengali karigar association for their verification of small karigar. The Ration were purchased and we started distributing ration and other daily food requirement to them.
Till today we have successfully distributed Ration equivalent to appx 5,00,000 meals in numbers to this karigars only in Mumbai. Various other daily pulses and masala requirement to cook food was also given to them.
The request than started coming even from police and other municipal authorities. We also covered them in in our daily Ration distribution as this authorities have been ensuring cleanings, sanitizing and securing our market.
The meals were distributed not only in Mumbai but nearby areas like Kalyan, Diva, Bhayender, Dombivali, etc where this work force is staying.
Apart from ensuring that no worker sleeps without food, we had a task of ensuring that our jewellers get back all their material which was with the karigars.
Hence, we immediately approached various state authorities including police and municipality and discussed the issue of collection of gold given to karigars by jewellers for manufacturing jewellery, who would otherwise migrate to their natives without handing over gold to jewellers.
We are truly thankful to entire state machinery which permitted karigars and jewellers to travel during lockdown period wherein all jewellers got back their material from the karigars. We could systemically do the entire operation in one single day wherein nearly 4000 jewellers were able to open enter their shops during lockdown with special permission.
We also ensured complete Sanitisation of Zaveri bazaar area. We distributed Sanitisation machine free to each building in Zaveri bazaar area.
We also distributed mask, gloves, tempreture machine and hand sanitisers to most of jewellers.if Zaveri bazaar area.
We ensured that Gold business for commodity exchange and banks and NBFC works as an essential service even during lockdown as per govt order. All gold commodity exchange and bullion banks and NBFC worked in full swings even during lockdown.
IBJA continued to give daily gold prices inspite of lockdown and this helped Government to generate 3000 crore thru sovereign gold bond. Needless to say that these bond were floated as per IBJA rates.
We ensured that entire area of Zaveri bazaar is safe and secured even during lockout. For which we got special permission from police department and BMC to repair and install few more cameras which were installed at Zaveri bazaar.

We also intend to start 24*7 medical facilities soon at Zaveri bazaar for benifit of karigars.
At IBJA, we made more than 3000 more members even during lockout period thru digital mode.
We did various webinar for enhancing the knowledge of industry participant in which not only domestic people but internationally well-known people also participated.
We also arranged for Corona test of many police authorities.
We distributed Mask, Gloves, PPE kits etc to various police and state authorities. We also made payment for hospital buying medical equipments and consumables. We also arranged for transport and rail facility for migrant labourers.

On the Auspicious Day of Shri Krishna Janmashtami Renowned Singer – Flautist Celebrate Swaranjali On VAIKUNTH VENU Facebook Page

On the Auspicious Day of Shri Krishna Janmashtami Renowned Singer / Flautist celebrate Swaranjali on “VaikunthVenu” Facebook Page on 12th August, 2020 at 7:00 pm IST with a live Bhajan Sandhya with Varied Accomplished Artistes & Pride of our Indian Music Industry
Featuring artists- Pt.Purbayan Chatterjee, Gayatri Asokan, Chandana Bala Kalyan, Raj Pandit, Abhaas & Shreyas Joshi, Aalap Desai, Kalpana Gandharv, Himani Kapoor , Jazim Sharma, Vipul Mehta, Salman Ali, Pooja Gaitonde, Prithvi Gandharv, Ronkini Gupta, Pratibha Singh Baghel, Pt.Jayateerth Mevundi
Flute maestro and singer Paras Nath, an ardent worshipper of Lord Krishna will pay his homage to the deity and celebrate Krishna Janmashtami on“VAIKUNTHVENU” – a platform on Youtube, Instagram and Facebook to revive his grandfather Pandit Shiv Nath Prasad’s Shehnai and Bansuri legacy.
Paras Nath will perform in the company of popular singers and musicians , who will sing devotional songs and celebrate the day with great zeal and enthusiasm.
The celebration will be live on facebook page of VAIKUNTHVENU on 12th August, 2020 at 7:00 pm
Staying true to the essence of Janmashtami a unique blend and style of flute and melody will be presented by the performers, which will leave the audiences spellbound, thereby, creating an atmosphere of peace and tranquility through the medium of music.
Even in the times of a pandemic,  Paras has found a way to keep devotees in high spirits through virtual festival celebrations “This virtual festival is our way of bringing joy to devotees even in such times. The benefit is that now people from all over the world can view the Radha Krishna deities and participate in the festivities from the comfort of their homes. Moreover, the devotional atmosphere created through this event will drench devotees in the bliss of Vrindavan” further adding “May Lord Krishna show you the way in your life as he showed the way to Arjuna in the battle of Mahabharata. Have a blessed Krishna Janmashtami”

Apart from Krishan Janmashtami celebration, the program will also stress on the importance of developing and nurturing India’s rich cultural heritage passed by the ancestors.
“Music binds people together, irrespective of their caste and creed, thereby, building a strong cultural relation with each other and this event on Vaikunthvenu will help revive the oldest musical instrument which is slowly losing its sheen in the present world” says Paras Nath.


Meditation Guru Suvi Swamy – Spirituality Is The Only Way To Overcome Mental Stress

आध्यात्म ही मानसिक तनाव पर काबू पाने का एकमात्र रास्ता है। मेडिटेशन गुरु सुवि स्वामी।

आध्यात्म गुरु सुवि स्वामी जी ईश्वरा लाईफ़ साइंसेज़ द्वारा मानव सेवा के प्रति समर्पित।

आज के कोरोना महामारी और लॉक डॉउन के हालात ने मानव जाति के मन मस्तिष्क और शरीर को बुरी तरह डिस्टर्ब करके रख दिया है यही वजह है कि आज वायरस से अधिक जान टेंशन, तनाव, घबराहट और डिप्रेशन के कारण जा रही है। ऐसे में इंसान के लिए मेडिटेशन या आध्यात्म बेहद महत्वपूर्ण हो गया है। ऐसा मानना है मेडिटेशन गुरु सुवि स्वामी का, जो एक सेलिब्रिटी वेलनेस कोच, सर्टिफिकेट प्राप्त रेकी मास्टर, मेडिटेटर, टैरोट कार्ड रीडर, अरोमा थेरेपिस्ट, क्रिस्टल हीलर, एस्ट्रोलॉजर और जमीन से जुड़ी हुई एक बेहद सामान्य व्यक्तित्व रखने वाली साधिका हैं ।

वे ऐसे सभी लोगों की मदद करने मेे जुटी हुई हैं जो शारीरिक और मानसिक रूप से डिस्टर्ब हैं। वह निःस्वार्थ भाव से इंसानियत की सेवा में लगी हुई है ।  उन्होने बहुत ही कम उम्र में ज्ञान और आध्यात्म के क्षेत्र में उपलब्धियां अर्जित कर ली थी। सद् विचारों और सद्गुणों के धनी ,सुंदर वाणी, सुंदर मन और सरल स्वभाव से समृद्ध सुवि स्वामी जी एक इंजीनियर भी है और ठाकुर इंजीनियरिंग कॉलेज में लेक्चरर रह चुकी हैं ।

उन्होंने श्री हरि भगवान विष्णु जी और परमपिता शिव शंकर भोलेनाथ की उपासिका हैं। इनके साथ ओम मेडिटेशन करके लोग मन की शांति प्राप्त करते हैं और रूह को सुकून मिलता हुआ महसूस करते हैं।

इनके द्वारा स्थापित ईश्वरा लाईफ़ साइंसेज  मानसिक तनाव और चिंता से निजात दिलाने का काम करता आ रहा हैं। आध्यात्म के बल पर वह लोगों की जिंदगी में आई उथल पुथल पर काबू पाने का मंत्र बताती हैं।

मौजूदा दौर में इंसान जिस परेशानी और उलझनों का शिकार है ऐसे में आध्यात्म ही एक ऐसा रास्ता है जिसपर चल कर मानव जाति की सफलता संभव है। जिस तरह आज खुदकुशी के मामले बढ़ रहे हैं ऐसे हालात में मेडिटेशन द्वारा इंसान अपने तनाव और डिप्रेशन पर कंट्रोल कर सकता है और ईश्वरा लाईफ़ साइंसेज़ ऐसे इंसान के लिए किसी अचूक दवा की तरह है।

2015 में उन्होंने मानव शरीर की एनाटॉमी पर रिसर्च की शुरुआत की थी और 24 वाइटल आर्गन  की गहराई से अध्ययन की, फिर नाड़ी शास्त्र , आयुर्वेदा, रेकी  मास्टरशिप, चक्रा मास्टरशिप, होम्योपैथी, अरोमाथैरापी, स्किनथैरापी, क्रिस्टल हिलिंग, टारोट कार्ड रीडिंग और भी अलग-अलग क्षेत्र में  ना सिर्फ उन्होंने ज्ञान अर्जित किया बल्कि सैकड़ों लोगों को ट्रीटमेंट और हीलिंग के साथ परम  प्रसन्नता और आनंद का मार्ग भी दिखाया है।

BJP Swachh Bharat Abhiyan Ke National Governor Mr Yashwant Singh Darbarji Congratulates Dr Abdul Rehman Vanno (BJP Maharashtra Pradesh’s Governor) For Doing Good Work In Maharashtra For Swachh Bharat Abhiyan

भाजपा” महाराष्ट्र प्रदेश के  संयोजक ,डॉक्टर अब्दुल रहमान    वन्नो (स्वच्छ भारत अभियान)  को राष्ट्रीय संयोजक ,श्री  यशवंत सिंह दरबार जी ने महाराष्ट्र अच्छे काम करने के लिए  बधाई दिए ।

इस मौके पर (स्वच्छ भारत अभियान) के राष्ट्रीय  कार्यकारिणी सदस्य श्री विजय भारद्वाज एवं प्रमुख समाज सेवक अशफाक जी उपस्थित थे ।

आदरणीय प्रधानमंत्री जी के  दिशा  निर्देश आने वाले 15  अगस्त   तक स्वच्छ भारत अभियान के पूरे टीम  के साथ देश और प्रदेश में सफाई एवं वृक्षारोपण    अभियान चल रहे हैं   भाजपा महाराष्ट्र के संयोजक डाॅ.अब्दुल रहमान वनु जी अपनी टीम के साथ कोरोना काल में जनता की सेवा करते आ रहे हैं उनके काम को देख कर जनता बहुत खुश है ।


शनिवार से शुरू हुआ अभियान 15 अगस्त तक चलेगा। प्रधानमंत्री जी ने कहा कि भारत छोड़ो के ये सभी संकल्प स्वराज से सुराज की भावना के अनुरूप हैं। … स्वराज के सम्मान का सप्‍ताह यानी ‘गंदगी भारत छोड़ो सप्‍ताह’… मोदी जी ने कहा कि स्वच्छता अभियान की सफलता के बाद अब देश को गंदगी मुक्त बनाने पर जोर देना होगा ।

Request To Honble Prime Minister vide letter dated 14.04. 2019 By Dr Santosh Kumar Bagla

Dr. Santosh Kumar Bagla has represented and put the complaint to the Honble Prime Minister vide letter dated 14.04. 2019, that the DIU/NDD Mandir Marg of Delhi Police is not taking appropriate actions in the FIR 0120/2019 which was registered on 19.10.2019 with various documents and evidences. Kotak Mahindra is managing the system and no actions has been taken against them.

It is to be noted that earlier also the Prime Minister office has instructed the Banking Secretary and RBI to take necessary actions against Kotak Mahindra bank and like this The President,  The Vice President and various higher authorities had also sought actions against Uday Suresh Kotak and others but since the Kotak has managed the system and manipulated so no actions has been taken. Dr. Bagla has been harassed through their henchmen so he had to be shifted from Mumbai to Delhi and then to Kolkata. All these narrated by him to Prime Minister. On examining the Prime Minister office directly instructed to the office of Dr. Eish Singhal, the DCP of New Delhi District who is in charge of DIU unit to take appropriate actions arrest the accused.


The Magistrate in whose direction the FIR was lodged and but the Delhi police has ignored the direction.  Dr. Santosh Kumar bagla said that since he was not well and stucked for three months as was hospitalized since 2 months and now totally recovered and shall take up all these again to higher authorities and to the Hon’ble Police Commissioner of Delhi to monitor and expedite the investigation and instruct the concern DCP office for actions.

Manipulative Reply By Kotak To SEBI – BSE And NSE Dated 05-03-2020 On The Letter Dated 26-11-2019 Addressed By Dr Santosh Kumar Bagla

Dr. Santosh Kumar Bagla informed to various higher authorities informing about the registration of FIR as per Judicial order on 14.10.2019 against Kotak Mahindra Bank, Mr. Uday Suresh Kotak, Mr. Anand Mahindra and their various officials/executive, which was sent to Reserve Bank of India, National Stock Exchange of India, Bombay Stock Exchange and Securities and Exchange Board of India. It had all details of Frauds and Cheating done by Kotak Mahindra Bank.

On the said information National Stock Exchange of India asked Kotak Mahindra Bank to clarify and explain to which the bank had replied vide letter dated 05.03.2020 to National Stock Exchange of India with very vague and Manipulating the facts,  the National Stock Exchange of India has forwarded the said letter to Dr Bagla for reference and comments.

The said reply was sent by the Kotak Mahindra Bank on receipt of the letter dated 10.12.2019 addressed by the Officer-In – Charge of National Stock Exchange of India Limited enclosing therewith the copy of the above captioned letter dated 26.11.2019 addressed by Dr. Santosh Kumar Bagla. 

Dr. Bagla has replied the said letter and pointed out that how the bank has wrongly replied with vague, Manipulative and twisted facts. He has sent various documents, evidences and court orders etc .He further informed National Stock Exchange of India to form a SIT for detailed enquiry as they are custodian of the Investors hard earned money and if any of their member are involved in any criminality and FIR registered than their duty to cancel their license of membership and also inform by the Public Notice about their frauds. Dr. Bagla offered that if National Stock Exchange of India desire he would send representative to their committee with all the documents to satisfy.



Sumangalam Production’s maiden venture daily soap (Monday to Friday) is slated to air on Anjan Tv from 17th of this August on 8 p.m. from Monday to Friday. This show is being directed by Ashok Yadav. Sushmita Ovhal Londhe, Sachin Shinde and Ashok Yadav are producers where Sameer Kolbhir as well as Abhijit Shinde are script writers. Diwakar Singh Sachin is Videographer, n Vishal Londhe. It’s a Media Ethics (Nayyar Alam) n Rahul singh  presentation. It stars, Pallavi Sonone in title role with Rajeev Nigam, Geeta Nikhrge, Pratap Kalake, Sanika Nirmal, Nishani Borule, Anjali Soni, Yogesh Shette, Gaurav Roopdas, Soni Patel, Sachin Shinde, Pramod n Pratibha.

अंजन टीवी पर आई  “चुलबुली चाची”

टेलीविजन की दुनिया फिर से पटरी पर लौटने लगी है। नये धारावाहिकों की शूटिंग, उनका प्रक्षेपण आरम्भ होने लगा है। इसी 17 अगस्त से अंजन टीवी पर आ रहा है नया हास्य धारावाहिक “चुलबुली चाची”। इसके निर्देशक अशोक यादव हैं। सुमंगल प्रोडक्शन द्वारा निर्मित, मीडिया एथिक्स द्वारा प्रस्तुत इस दैनिक धारावाहिक (सोमवार से शुक्रवार, रात्रि आठ से साढ़े आठ बजे तक) के निर्माता – निर्मात्री सुष्मिता ओवाल लौंढे, सचिन शिंदे एवं अशोक यादव हैं। अशोक यादव द्वारा परिकल्पित इस धारावाहिक के कॉन्सेप्ट डेवलपर आकाश चौधरी, लेखक समीर कालभोर व अभिजीत शिंदे हैं। सलाहकार एवं विशेष सहयोगी विशाल लौंढे तथा वीडियोग्राफर/कैमरामैन दिवाकर सिंह सचिन हैं। मार्केटिंग व प्रस्तुति नैयर आलम (मीडिया एथिक्स) व राहुल सिंह की है। ‘चुलबुली चाची’ की शीर्षक भूमिका में पल्लवी सोनोने हैं और उनके पति धनपत मिश्रा के रूप में दिखाई देंगे राजीव निगम। मुख्य सहयोगी कलाकार हैं – गीता निखर्गे, प्रताप कलाके, सानिका निर्मल, निशानी बोरूले, अंजलि सोनी, योगेश शेट्टे, गौरव रूपदास, सोनी पटेल, सचिन शिंदे, प्रमोद व प्रतिभा। यह धारावाहिक दूसरे दिन दोपहर साढ़े बारह बजे दिखाया जायेगा। रविवार दोपहर तीन बजे सोमवार से शुक्रवार तक दिखाये गये सभी कड़ियों को दिखाया जायेगा।

“चुलबुली चाची” पूर्णतया हास्य रस में सराबोर पारिवारिक मनोरंजक धारावाहिक है। शुभारंभ होता है, उत्तर प्रदेश की एक युवती के जीवन के कथा क्रम से। वह युवती सपने देखने की अभ्यस्त है। सोचती है, वह भी मुंबई जाकर हीरोइन बन जाती तो कितना अच्छा होता ! कुछ दिन बाद मुंबई के एक लड़के से विवाह की बात चलती है। लड़की खुश ! अब तो वह हीरोइन बन ही जायेगी ! पति जो है मुम्बईया ! धन्यवाद भगवानजी ! पत्नी बन कर वह मुंबई आ जाती है। पर, यहाँ की पटकथा बिल्कुल प्रतिकूल लिखी रहती है। नो फिल्म्स, नो एक्टिंग ! सपने बिखरते बिखरते गोद में आ जाती हैं तीन तीन बेटियां। इसके साथ ही एक नई उम्मीद जन्म लेती है।


वह अपने सपने को बेटियों के माध्यम से पूरा करने की ठान लेती है। पर, भाग्य दगाबाज़ निकलता है। न बेटियां उस लायक हैं, न ही उनको किसी प्रकार की रुचि है। बेटियां ही आखिरकार यह निर्णय लेती हैं, क्यों न माताश्री के निष्प्राण सपने को जीवंत कर दिया जाये !? और फिर शुरू हो जाता है ऑडिशन का चक्कर। इस चक्कर में एक बिहारी दम्पती आ मिलती है। सुशील मैडम पर प्रेमदृष्टि रखता है तो एक हैदराबादी अन्ना भी अपनी भारीभरकम नज़र इन दोनों पर रखता है। इस बीच एक मराठी फैमिली भी रेफरी की तरह विसिल बजाती हीरोइन बनने जा रही चुलबुली चाची के करीब आती है। आगे मैडम एंड कंपनी क्या क्या गुल खिलाती है – यही है “चुलबुली चाची” खबरनामा।

NO MEANS NO – Set For November Release

Carona may have upset many schedules and plans worldwide, but the super-dynamic Producer and Director the very creative Vikash Verma is hugely optmistic that his directed first Indo-Polish film and one of the most expensive films of Bollywood till date, ‘No Means No’ will be released in November this year.

The movie in Hollywood style and action is 90%, shot in the exotic locales of Poland and India (and the film was shot in extreme climate -30 climate in Polish mountain!

Starring Gulshan Grover (of Hollywood-Bollywood fame), Deep Raj Rana, Sharad Kapoor, Dhruv Verma , Natalia Bak, Anna Guzik , Sylwia Czech, Pawal Czech, Nazia Hassan (actor Sanjay Dutt’s niece ), Anna Ador  Kat Kristian, the music is scored by Hariharan with Akshay Hariharan as music producer and with singers the inimitable Shreya Ghosal, Arvinder Singh and Risabh Nag, celebrated choreographer Shiamak Davar (of Mission Impossible fame), Marzi , cinematographer Michal Szewczuk et al adding to the credit-line.

The movie, “No Means No’ is produced by G7Films Poland. The production house’s next ambitious movie, The Good Maharaja based on on the epic World War 2 is already on the floor. Two good..!

Kajari Mahotsav 2020 Organized By Abhiyaan NGO

मुंबई। कजरी महोत्सव के तहत वर्चुअल कजरी की शुरुआत हो चुकी है। उत्तर भारत में बेहद लोकप्रिय लोकगीत कजरी को ऑनलाइन भी लाखों की संख्या में लोग देख सुन रहे हैं। कोरोना संक्रमण के चलते इस साल कजरी महोत्सव का आयोजन ऑनलाइन किया जा रहा है। मुंबई बीजेपी के महामंत्री अमरजीत मिश्र की संस्था अभियान पिछ्ले ड़ेढ़ दशक से कजरी महोत्सव का आयोजन कर रही है।इस साल वर्चुअल कजरी महोत्सव का सोशल मीडिया पर सीधा प्रसारण हो रहा है। गायिका संध्या मिश्रा ने जब  प्रसिद्ध कजरी ‘मिर्जापुर कईले गुलजार हो, कचौड़ी गली सून कइला बलमू’ की तान छेड़ी तो

कालीन विधान सभा की ओर से 5 अगस्त को होने वाले कजरी महोत्सव 2020,के आयोजक संभु सिंह समेत तमाम कार्यकर्ता और व पदाधिकारी दर्शक झुमने पर मजबूर हो गये |


पं.शोभनाथ मिश्र ने लोकगीतों के अनेकों रंग बिखेरे।अभियान द्वारा फ़ेसबुक,यू टयूब व केबल नेटवर्क से सीधे प्रसारित हो रहे इस वर्चुअल कजरी महोत्सव का बड़ी संख्या में लोग आनन्द ले रहे हैं।

Budding Rapper D Abdul Hits YouTube On Fire – Reaches Millions In Short Span

Right from the streets of Dharavi, Abdul Rahemaan Shaikh aka D Abdul, a 17 year old rapper has come a long way marking his presence on the digital world. D Abdul’s YouTube channel has crossed 200k subscribers in such a short span and on an average benches more than 1 million views on his videos.

Having the zest for rhyming, shayaris and poems since childhood, D Abdul took his hobby seriously for inheriting a career at such an early age. The young rapper’s simple and attachable style of rapping makes him people’s favourite.

He says, “Rapping started as a passion, turned hobby, and now a career prospect. It gives me a surreal feeling when people show so much love and adulation to my work. It motivates me to make more good videos and put more efforts at minimum cost. It’s thrill!”

He has also make a video titled Hogi Jeet to motivate people in this dire need of an hour of Covid-19 pandemic that too garnered tremendous love from the audience.

We wish him much luck and success ahead.

Take a look at his channel here:

Jai Mahaveer Film International Presents Prakash Dubey Kanpur Wala by Akash Gaharwar

First Web Series on well known shoot out of Vikas Dube, “Prakash Dubey Kanpur wala” is almost ready. Directed by Akash Gaharwar, who himself is a good actor and dancer, he is maternal brother of film star Govinda, and son of Producer Director Ex R P Singh.

Film has been produced under the banner of ‘Jai Mahaveer Film International’, produced by Prashant Singh Gaharwar, Cinematography by Vipul Pandit & post production by Clickfireframe Studio’s. Film star’s Pramod Vikram Singh as PRAKASH DUBEY, and many new talented actors, along with Akash Gaharwar in a pecular role. Film will be coming soon.

जय महावीर फ़िल्म इंटरनेशनल प्रस्तुती “प्रकाश दुबे कानपुर वाला” फ़िल्म स्टार गोविंदा के भाई आकाश गहरवार द्वारा।

विकास दुबे शूट आउट पर आधारित प्रथम वेब सीरीज “प्रकाश दुबे कानपुर वाला” जल्द ही रिलीज़ हो रही है। इसका निर्देशन आकाश गहरवार ने किया है, जो स्वयं एक अच्छे कलाकार व कुशल डांसर हैं। आकाश फ़िल्म स्टार गोविंदा के ममेरे भाई हैं और दिवंगत निर्माता निर्देशक आर पी सिंह के पुत्र हैं।

फ़िल्म का निर्माण जय महावीर फ़िल्म इंटरनेशनल के बैनर तले हो रहा है, निर्माता प्रशांत सिंह गहरवार हैं, कैमरा विपुल पंडित का है एवं पोस्ट प्रोडक्शन क्लिकफ्रेम स्टूडियोज का है। मुख्य शीर्षक भूमिका में प्रमोद विक्रम सिंह हैं, साथ ही कई नए उभरते कलाकार है, स्वयं आकाश भी एक विशेष भूमिका में नज़र आएंगे। फ़िल्म जल्द ही रिलीज़ होगी।

Thank you so much for the appreciation bro ❤️ Govinda ,Love u a lot🥰😍#akashgaharwarSong Link

Posted by Akash Gaharwar on Thursday, July 30, 2020



Maa Entertainment Releases Teaser Of Bhojpuri Film – Ab Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi

मां एंटरटेनमेंट द्वारा भोजपुरी फिल्म “अब एक विवाह ऐसा भी” का टीजर रिलीज़

म्यूज़िक वर्ल्ड में मां एंटरटेनमेंट ने मचाई धूम

मां एंटरटेनमेंट की अपकमिंग भोजपुरी फिल्म एक विवाह ऐसा भी का टीजर कल रक्षा बन्धन के मौके पर रिलीज किया जाएगा। आपको बता दें कि मां एंटरटेनमेंट फिल्म इंडस्ट्री में एक उभरती हुई कम्पनी है जो म्यूज़िक राइट्स लेती है और कई फिल्मों में प्रेजेंटर के रूप में भी जुड़ी हुई है। इस कम्पनी से जुड़कर लोग बहुत खुश हैं और हर कोई इससे जुड़ने की ख्वाहिश रखता है।

निर्देशक प्रवीण कुमार गुडूरी की फिल्‍म एक विवाह ऐसा भी के निर्माता अशोक शुक्ला और गीता तिवारी हैं।  यह फ़िल्म शादी विवाह के माहौल की है, जो एक एंटरटेनर होते हुए भी कई मैसेज देती है ।

मां एंटरटेनमेंट के राजेश गुप्ता का कहना है कि मै चाहता हूं कि इस फ़िल्म को दर्शक पूरे परिवार के साथ सिनेमाघरों मेे जाकर देखे और पूरा मनोरंजन लें।

विवान इंटरटेंमेंट प्रस्‍तुत और गीता तिवारी प्रोडक्‍शन कृत भोजपुरी फिल्‍म एक विवाह ऐसा भी मेे अभिनेता कुणाल तिवारी औऱ काजल यादव लीड रोल में हैं । इनके अलावा जैतोष कुमार, अपूर्व मिश्रा, उमाकांत राय, अनूप अरोड़ा, संजय वर्मा और नीलम पांडेय जैसे कलाकार भी मौजूद हैं।  आपको बता दें कि फ़िल्म का फर्स्ट लुक रिलीज़ होते ही वायरल हो गया है और अब इसके टीजर से भी दर्शकों को ढेरों उम्मीदें हैं।

फिल्‍म एक विवाह ऐसा भी के निर्माता अशोक शुक्‍ला और गीता तिवारी  का मानना है कि निर्देशक प्रवीण कुमार गुडूरी ने फिल्‍म की कहानी को बड़े प्रभावी रूप से पेश किया है। संगीतकार दामोदर राव और मुन्‍ना दुबे हैं जबकि गीतकार मुन्‍ना दुबे, कृष्णा बेदर्दी और पवन पांडेय हैं और फिल्म के लेखक ओम यादव हैं। फिल्म के कार्यकारी निर्माता महेश उपाध्‍याय और उमाकांत राय हैं। फिल्म के एक्‍शन डायरेक्टर श्रवण और कोरियोग्राफर सुदामा मिंज है। संकलन विकाश पवार ने किया है जबकि छायांकन माही सेरला ने किया है ।


मां एंटरटेनमेंट म्यूज़िक द्वारा भोजपुरी फिल्म “अब एक विवाह ऐसा भी” का टीज़र लॉन्च होने जा रहा है। और इस फिल्म के सभी गाने मां एंटरटेनमेंट म्यूज़िक के सभी प्लेटफॉर्म पर उपलब्ध होंगे। उललेखनीय है कि हाल हो में मां एंटरटेनमेंट म्यूज़िक कंपनी लॉन्च हुई है जिसके काम करने का तरीका सबको पसंद आ रहा है। जल्द रिलीज़ होने वाली भोजपुरी फिल्म “अब एक विवाह ऐसा भी” का म्यूज़िक राइट्स मां एंटरटेनमेंट म्यूज़िक कंपनी के पास ही है। इस फिल्म का टीजर मां एंटरटेनमेंट म्यूज़िक द्वारा रिलीज़ किया जा रहा है।यह म्यूज़िक कंपनी संगीत प्रेमियों मेे दिन प्रतिदिन लोकप्रिय हो रही है।

Kash Koi Mera Bhai Hota – Rakhi Special Song Released By Audio Lab On The Auspicious Occasion Of Raksha Bandhan

रक्षा बन्धन के शुभ अवसर पर ऑडियो लैब द्वारा राखी स्पेशल गीत “काश कोई मेरा भाई होता” रिलीज़ ।

सिंगर देव नेगी और श्रुती खानिवडेकर द्वारा गाए गीत के विडिओ में ज़ुबैर के. खान, और प्राजक्ता खानिवडेकर, ने अभिनय किया ।

भाई बहन के अनूठे प्यार और रिश्ते वाले पावन पर्व रक्षा बन्धन के शुभ अवसर पर ऑडियो लैब द्वारा एक बड़ा प्यारा सा गीत “काश कोई मेरा भाई होता” रिलीज़ किया गया है। राखी स्पेशल इस सॉन्ग के विडिओ में बड़ी खूबसूरती से एक स्टोरी के जरिए भाई बहन के इस पावन रिश्ते को दर्शाया गया है। इस एलबम सॉन्ग के सिंगर देव नेगी और श्रुती खानिवडेकर हैं जबकि इसके विडिओ में ज़ुबैर के. खान और प्राजक्ता खानिवडेकर,अभिनय किया है ।

मॉडलिंग से अपने करियर की शुरुआत करने वाले ज़ुबैर के. खान ने अपना बॉलीवुड डेब्यू फिल्म ‘लेकर हम दीवाना दिल’ से किया था। २०१२ के मिस्टर इंडिया का खिताब जीत चुके ज़ुबैर के.खान ने स्टार प्लस के धारावाहिक “इस प्यार को क्या नाम दूँ” से टीवी पर शुरुआत की थी. बाद में वह सीआइडी, आहट और इमोशनल अत्याचार जैसे शोज में भी नजर आए। सपना चौधरी के साथ फिल्म ‘दोस्ती के साइड इफेक्ट्स’ में नजर आने वाले ज़ुबैर के.खान अब इस राखी सोंग मे नजर आ रहे हैं । दिलावर खान और श्रुती खानीवडेकर द्वारा निर्मित इस गीत के सह निर्माता सनम पठान हैं। मनोज सिंह द्वारा निर्देशित यह विडिओ रक्षा बन्धन के अवसर पर रिलीज़ होने हुआ है । इसको ऑडियो लैब द्वारा जारी किया गया है, आपको बता दें कि मुंबई में ऑडियो लैब पोस्ट प्रोडकशन का एक बहुत ही प्रतिष्ठित स्टूडियो रहा है और अब यह म्यूज़िक कम्पनी के रूप में भी अपनी अलग पहचान बना रहा है।


इस एलबम सॉन्ग के संगीतकार सुदेश एंड धनंजय, गीतकार राकेश गुप्ता, कोरियोग्राफर रिक्की गुप्ता, असिस्टेंट डायरेक्टर विजय राणा और नेहा निषाद, कास्टिंग डायरेक्टर दिनेश चौहान, प्रोडकशन हेड अमित बालकृष्ण रेनोज, प्रोडकशन डिजाइनर संतोष समुंदर और एडिटर सुनील बी प्रसाद हैं। इस खास गीत के लिए रईस कबीर खान, भावेश अहिर, मास्टर रेहान और बेबी फलक को  थैंक्स दिया गया है।और स्पेशल थैंक्स मिस्टर किरण खानीवडेकर सर  को दिया गया है ।

रक्षा बंधन के इस त्योहार के मौके पर इतना खूबसूरत मैसेज देने वाला यह वीडियो रिलीज़ करना अपने आप में एक तोहफा है। उम्मीद है कि दर्शक और श्रोताओं को यह गीत पसंद आयेगा ।

Former Samajwadi Party leader and sitting Rajya Sabha MP AMAR SINGH has passed away in Singapore

He was 64 and had been hospitalised for a long time. Amar Singh was born on January 27, 1956, in Aligarh district of Uttar Pradesh.

He was an alumnus of the of St. Xavier’s College and University College of Law, Kolkata from where he earned his LLB.

Amar Singh had been battling health issues for several years. In 2015, he was once rushed to the Fortis Hospital in New Delhi after he complained of uneasiness and had complained of pain. He had been hospitalised in Singapore at least since March this year. In March, Amar singh rubbished rumours about his deaths with a video tweet saying ‘Tiger zinda hai’ and though “well wishers” want him dead, he is alive, awaiting surgery.

Amar Singh, a sitting Rajya Sabha MP, had been facing health-related issues for over a decade and had undergone a kidney transplant. He will be rembered for ever as leader and well being person for years to come.


I MET him at at a shoot of Dr Gurujee Kumaran Swami ji’s film BADHAAI HO BETI HUI HAI at Ranchi.


RAKESH SAWANT New film VISHH- POISON Muhrat performed by chief minister UTRAKHAND Trivendra Singh Rawat

Rakesh Sawant’s New film VISHH.. POISON Muhrat was performed by chief minister UTRAKHAND Trivendra Singh Rawat. This is the  Bollywood first  ever film in INDIA during COVID 19 CARONA PANEDEMIC to roll and start shooting in Dehradun. The lavish movie is being produced by  BHANWAR SINGH  PUNDIR & NEERAJ GUPTA being produced under the banner of Jayas Films LLP in colobration with Shreehans Arts and Creations Pvt Ltd .




Director Manish Vatssalya’s SCOTLAND Releasing On 7th August 2020

Studded with 62 international awards and having made into the coveted list of OSCARS Best feature film category, director Manish Vatssalya’s Crime thriller ‘Scotland’ is set to bedazzle the viewers on 7th August as it makes its global digital release with ShemarooMe Box Office.

Director Manish Vatssalya reveals, “It was an incredible honor to make such a socially relevant movie. To then get bracketed along with Hollywood blockbusters and cinema worldwide at the OSCARS is a dream outcome for any director. I hope the viewers admire the effort of some of the brilliant minds of creativity at work.”

‘Scotland’ is based on real incidents of rapes happening unfortunately in our Country. What happens when the victims become vigilante after they get crushed by a merciless biased system is the movie’s surmise. The song in the movie brought to the viewers by Zee music, ‘Mere Parvardigaar’ presents the melodious voice of Arijit Singh in lyrics so craftily penned by Rajiv Rana, in a way never heard by his countless fans.

Ex Scottish cop debutant Adam Saini who won 11 best actor’s awards in various international film festivals for the movie says “It was such a delight for a newcomer in me to get sculpted by the talented hands of Manish Vatssalya.”

Scotland features Adam Saini, Khushboo Purohit a much celebrated finalist of Dance India Dance and popular soap opera face,Chetan Pandit known for A Wednesday and Dilwale etc,Daya Shankar Pandey known for Lagan and renowned TV show Tarak Mehta, Young Talent like Aakash Dagar,samar katyaan,Amin Gazi,Shahbaz khan,Sanjeev jha,Hema  kanoi and director Vatssalya himself among others.

The film written by Piyush Priyank and edited by Mansoor Azmi has been produced by British producer Zaina Ibourek and Manish Vatssalya under the banner of Mars UK Films and Vatssalya Films. The film can be viewed by making booking on the ShemarooMe app and through book my show as well.

Dr Abdul Rehman Vanoo Helps Daily Workers In Bollywood With Necessities

Dr Abdul Rehman Vanoo,  is elected as Hon. General Secretary of   Dadasaheb Phalke Film Foundation,he is a man of integrity, hard work and excellence. He always had a vision to uplift and upgrade the technicians of hindi film industry and he has taken huge efforts in that direction.

We all know how the lockdown and the pandemic has proved to be very tough for the daily wage workers, specially technicians in the film world. Dr Vanoo was responsible for sending daily essentials and money to the needy during this period even in the outskirts of Mumbai areas like Virar and Palghar. He said, “The industry is not filled with just actors, producers, writers and directors. While the spotlight is always on them in most award functions, we feel that the technicians including spotboys, cameramen and lakhs of people who work for their daily wages on the sets are also contributing to making a film and the final product. So, we made sure that they do not suffer during this period. We supplied daily essentials to them in various parts of Mumbai.”

Dr Vanoo has also helped the Mumbai Police and provided them with essentials during the lockdown. The Mumbai Police had set up a quarantine centre in Kalina, Santacruz and Dr Vanoo helped in providing many services to them. Borivali, Dharavi and many other areas have been provided with daily essentials by Dr Vanoo’s organisation. He said, “Many people lost their jobs and we decided to give them work and food. And this was not only restricted to Mumbai. We provided these facilities and daily essentials to Delhi, Pune and many other cities in India. We also researched on how people deal with mental health during the lockdown. And in addition, we also continue to maintain healthcare facilities and providing jobs to daily wage workers. The government is also giving us good support.”

The daily wage workers of Dadasaheb Foundation were also badly affected. Dr Vanoo said, “We took a huge list of addresses of these workers and provided them with food, daily essentials, groceries and medical support to the entire staff. Nalasopara, Mira Road and many others areas, we transported daily essential services. Since we were working with Mumbai Police, we had a pass to travel to different areas and therefore, a big thanks to the Police department, since we could use this pass in helping others.”

In addition, Dr Vanoo is also working towards uplifting and upgrading the skills of these technicians. He said, “Most of these workers have come to the city to earn their daily bread. They are not educated. So, we motivate them to study further and make them self-reliant. We also encourage them to learn special skills, which in turn would help them in the filmmaking process. I feel this is important for the people of our country and the film industry.”

Parle-G Partners With Vidya Balan’s Movie Shakuntala Devi To Celebrate The Math Genius

Mumbai, July 27, 2020: Parle Products, India’s leading biscuits and confectionery manufacturer, has announced its partnership with the film, ‘Shankunatala Devi’ with the launch of a new co-branded video on Amazon Prime Video which will be promoted on OTT and digital platforms. Featuring the lead actress of the movie, Vidya Balan, the partnership amalgamates the brilliance of Shakuntala Devi, a mathematics genius with Parle-G to emphasize how Parle-G has nurtured ‘Genius minds’ since ages.

Parle-G seeks to demonstrate the message of ‘G Maane Genius and Genius yaani Shankutala Devi’ with this association. The co-branded video displays courage, confidence and provides a glimpse of Shakuntala Devi’s journey from being a child prodigy to gaining global recognition as the ‘human computer’. The movie, ‘Shankuntala Devi’ which will be released on Amazon Prime Video on July 31st, is a biopic based on the mathematical wizard who lived her life on her own terms. While the film pays tribute to her genius as a mathematician, it also humanizes her as a woman and mother, in trying to capture her indomitable spirit. Told through the lens of her relationship with her daughter Anu, the film highlights their very different struggles and aspirations. Vidya Balan’s charm and brilliant screen presence as the lead actress in the movie makes it a perfect treat for the audience.

Expressing his delight on this association, Mayank Shah, Sr. Category Head, Parle Products said, “This partnership is an honest effort to communicate our brand philosophy in an authentic and engaging manner. Since the inception of our brand, our goal has been to build positive inspiration for kids over generations to encourage them to reach the pinnacle of success. Our association with the movie ‘Shankutala Devi’ which is based on the world-renowned mathematician, has been an exciting move as it is in the lines of creating genius which is Parle G’s core message.” He concluded, “This partnership celebrates what sets us apart, which is the generations of children that go above and beyond exploring possibilities in a way that makes their little world and imagination better.”

As its unique taste expanded over the globe, Parle-G has emerged as the world’s largest selling biscuit brand. This partnership showcasing Parle G being an integral part of the narrative will be promoted on OTT and digital platforms.

About Parle:

Since 1929, Parle has grown to become India’s leading manufacturer of biscuits and confectionery. As the makers of the world’s largest selling biscuit, Parle-G, and a host of other very popular brands, the Parle name symbolizes quality, nutrition and superior taste.

An in-depth understanding of the Indian consumer psyche has helped Parle develop a marketing philosophy that reflects the needs of the Indian masses. It has made it a tradition to deliver both health and taste, with a value-for-money positioning that allows people from all classes and age groups to enjoy Parle products to the fullest.

With a reach spanning the remotest villages of India and major cities across the world, the House of Parle has become synonymous with trust, globally.


Veteran Bollywood Most Popular Beautyful Heroine Kumkum Passess Away

Bollywood actress Kumkum has passed away. She was 86 years old. However, the reason for his death has not been revealed. Born on 22 April 1934 in Sheikhpura, Bihar, Kumkum’s real name was Zaibunnissa. Her father was the Nawab of Hussainabad.

She also acted in the first Bhojpuri film “Ganga Maiya Tohe Piyari Chadhaibo” (1963). Actually Kumkum is considered to be the discovery of Guru Dutt. Guru Dutt portrayed song “Kabhi Ar Kabhi Paar Laga Tire Nazar” from his film Ar Paar (1954)  on Kumkum. Later Guru Dutt also gave him a  character in his film Pyaasa.

She had acted in about 115 films in her career. She is known for his brilliant performances in Mr. X in Bombay (1964), Mother India (1957), Son of India (1962), Kohinoor (1960), Ujala, Naya Daur, Sriman Funtoosh, Ek Sapera Ek Lootera. She had worked with many superstars of her era such as Kishore Kumar, Guru Dutt.

Renowned Ayurveda Expert Acharya Manish- COVID Era Has Resulted In The Re-Emergence Of Ayurveda

Unique Initiative: Renowned Ayurveda proponent Acharya Manish spearheads  distribution of free immunity booster medicines to COVID patients across India

Renowned Ayurveda expert Acharya Manish– “COVID era has resulted in the re-emergence of Ayurveda.”

Acharya Manish chalks out ambitious expansion plan for ‘Shuddhi Ayurveda’, aims to set up over 200 more clinics across India by year end

Well known Ayurveda expert Acharya Manish’s immunity boosting medicines turn many COVID 19 patients across India negative in 3 days flat

New Delhi/NCR, July , 2020:

Award winning Ayurveda expert & motivational speaker  – Acharya Manish, has initiated a social campaign to counter the spread of COVID 19. Acharya Manish uses age-old therapies of Ayurveda to promote the 5000 – years – old vedic science. It is noteworthy that Acharya Manish has founded ‘Shuddhi Ayurveda’ an Ayurvedic Clinic & Research Centre at Zirakpur. ‘Shuddhi Ayurveda’ already has presence across India through 105 clinics which are helping patients adopt Ayurveda to counter all type of diseases.

It is noteworthy that ‘Shuddhi Ayurveda’ has a presence in Delhi NCR with 5 clinics in Delhi, 3 in Gurugram and 1 each in Faridabad & Noida.

To fight against COVID 19 an intense research conducted by Ayurvedic doctors under the guidance of Acharya Manish was done and an immunity boosting pack – ‘Shuddhi Herbal Immunity Package’ was made. Using this pack & specialised anti COVID medications Acharya Manish started an initiative to help needy people, who were not able to afford expensive medicines, against the n Coronavirus. A helpline number 8273183731 was established , where calls from across the country were and are still being received and already as many as 500 needy people have asked for the package & customised medicines all of which are certified by AYUSH.

Acharya Manish said, “As the pandemic has struck the whole world, millions of people have lost their jobs. People infected with the virus don’t even have money for their medical treatment. Therefore we decided to conduct a social initiative and distribute our anti COVID combo free to COVID patients.”

He highlighted, “In the combo we have included three medicines, Vish Har Ras, thirty two (32) herbs tea and Ayush Kwath. Vish Har Ras has major ingredients like Neem & Giloy, which have high antiviral properties. The tea contains 32 medicinal herbs like elaichi, dalchini which have antioxidant properties and Ayush Kwath contains tulsi, pepper and shunthi which help in increasing immunity. I am happy to say that many of the COVID 19 patients turned negative in just 3-4 days of using our immunity booster pack and other medicines.”

It is pertinent to state  that many elated patients’ who turned negative in just 3-4 days of taking the medication sent back videos of their experience and also advocated adopting Ayurveda for a healthy lifestyle.

Patients who benefitted were not only spread across Delhi NCR but even states like Maharashtra, Gujarat, UP, Haryana, Chhattisgarh, Himachal and West Bengal. Beneficiaries included those with COVID like symptoms, those who wanted to protect themselves from the disease and Corona positive patients. As many as 100 COVID positive patients turned negative after 3 days to a week of using the medicines.

When Corona entered India, Acharya Manish had told the central government that with the help of Ayurveda, the disease can be prevented, PM Modi himself also announced that with the help of Ayurveda one can increase the immunity to prevent the virus infection.

“The sad part is that even in the land where Ayurveda was born –India, the science has always been given lesser importance than Allopathy. But now due to benefits people are witnessing from Ayurveda in countering COVID 19, Ayurveda is again getting recognition and it is a matter of time before Ayurveda becomes a preferred treatment protocol in India.” Opined Acharya Manish.

Ignited by the idea of promoting Ayurveda as a way of life and to make the saying ‘Vocal for Local’ a reality in India’s healthcare sector, Acharya Manish has chalked out an ambitious expansion plan for ‘Shuddhi Ayurveda’. Under this, over 200 centres in addition to the existing 105 clinics of ‘Shuddhi Ayurveda’ will be set up by this year end.

Zenofar Fathima Will Chill Down Your Spine In Phycho Horror Thriller SPECTER Web Series By Zen Film Productions

Under the Quija series Zen Film Productions SPECTER  delves  into horror, mystery, and the supernatural. After the local success of social awareness short films like The Power, A Dark Tale, The Peril and more, Specter is set to take psychological terror to new heights. The ten-minute film sees filmmaker and CEO of Zen Film Productions Zenofar Fathima, struggling to overcome her inner demons, as she sets out to explore an unprecedented presence. The series is currently being filmed during the Coronavirus outbreak with all safety precautions being adhered to, which is a rare feat for most filmmakers at this time. The series’ first episode has premiered exclusively on Zee Cinemas Middle East. After the much awaited release, multiple film critics in the UAE have weighed in to give their verdict on the first episode that is set catapult the saga into action. Zenofar’s performance especially fascinated audiences and film critics, who cited Zenofar as a convincing performer “who effectively brings out the character’s contrasting persona of power and vulnerability”. Others have also cited the film as one that “consistently mystifies” and as an “in quarantine shot thriller that pulls you to the edge”. Along with these reviews, audiences young and old alike had enjoyed the thrills and jump scares throughout the film. Additionally, Sheikha Hend Al Qassemi, an Emirati princess of the Al Qasimi family of Sharjah, businesswoman, and dear friend of Zenofar had praised Zenofar for her work, and wished her all the success for Specter.

On the night of the premiere, multiple bloggers, vloggers and local reporters from the UAE had also caught up with Zen to speak about the film and a little about what inspired the idea to create this series. “I think I’ve given my best to this film, it’s something new and I have taken on a new role like never seen before in my past films,” says Zenofar Fathima. Zenofar also delved into what it was like to be one of the first production houses in the UAE to initiate production during the Coronavirus. “I think we did whatever we could whilst maintaining the precautions as mandated by the government, and it is truly one of my greatest achievements- to produce a whole short film during the pandemic”. With that being said, many are also curious to understand how Zen Film Productions took certain precautions as per government rulings without compromising any aspect of Specter’s plot.

“We all stay in the same place so that was not an issue- we had a limited amount of people to work with as we were cautious due to the virus being contagious. Not only that but we had done it when the lockdown had just started and everyone had stopped work. We were all under loads of mental stress, just imagining how everything could go wrong when it was all so uncertain”, Zenofar explains. “At times like this it is important to be innovative, creative and careful in your approach- and that is exactly how we were able to follow COVID19 precautions whilst also being able to film an engaging yet enigmatic movie.

You have to make do with what you have and that, according to me is the biggest challenge for a filmmaker- but also a reflection of your talent. And now that we are moving onto the next episode, we still have to be mindful of the danger that is the Coronavirus and stay careful, whilst ensuring we can film the footage we need and create another showstopping film” says producer and director Zenofar’s Fathima.

Now that the first episode of the series has released, many are intrigued to watch how this psychological thriller is set to unfold as the first episode had ended on a cryptic cliffhanger.  There will be four additional installments of the series that will each amount to 15 minutes. The next installment in the series is currently being filmed and is called Specter: Genesis, a mystifying title that is open to audience interpretation.  “I don’t want to reveal too much about what is it come, but all I can say is get ready to witness a lot of twists and turns, and a bone chilling narrative and will start a few fresh faces as well as some renowned personalities,” says Zenofar. Specter: Genesis also promises a new lineup  of new characters with interesting backstories and backgrounds, and the second installment like the first, will be released on a to be announced exclusive platform.

Along with the continuation of the Specter Saga, Zenofar also plans to add on to her collection of public service announcements with “Tomorrow Never Came”. The story of Tomorrow Never Came revolves around a tale of a doctor who finds herself in a dilemma when the Coronavirus pandemic changes her life. The PSA comes shortly after Zenofar released the Hope PSA that focused on depression and suicidal tendencies of many during the Coronavirus. The PSA had resonated with many who had just lost their jobs or couldn’t be with their families, resulting in negative thoughts and a worsening mental well-being.


However, Zenofar changes these negative thoughts and helped to channel them in a method that breeds positivity, advising audiences to find that one reason to live. With Tomorrow Never Came, Zenofar hopes create a narrative that resonates with people- however, this time it’s  the healthcare heroes who have saved millions of lives daily. “I’ve seen so many films and PSAs in the past few months, but I haven’t seen anyone acknowledging doctors, who put their lives and their family’s lives on the line just so they can make sure we are safe and healthy. This PSA is dedicates to all the doctors who have shown us what it truly means to be a hero”, says Zenofar. The PSA has been shot and is set to be released soon.

Unlocking The Lockdown With SPECTER

After a three-month wait, U.A.E. based Zen Film Productions is set to release yet another short film saga under the ‘Ouija’ series banner, which specifically delves into and blurs the lines between horror, mystery, and the supernatural. In continuation to the local success of social awareness short films like The Power, A Dark Tale, The Peril and more, ‘Specter’ is set to take psychological terror to a new dimension.

The ten-minute film sees a public figure, played by filmmaker and CEO of Zen Film Productions Zenofar Fathima, struggling to overcome her inner demons, as she sets out to explore an unprecedented presence.

Zen met up with multiple bloggers, Vloggers and local reporters in UAE on Thursday evening to formally announce the movie series. Talking to the media present, Zen says “I think I’ve given my best to this film, it’s something new and I have taken on a new role like never seen before in my past films.”

The series is currently being filmed during the Coronavirus outbreak with all safety precautions being adhered to, which is a challenging, yet rare phenomena for most filmmakers at this time. The series’ first episode premiered exclusively on Zee Cinemas Middle East (Channel 676 on Etisalat and Channel 179 on Du) on Thursday, 16th July at 11pm GST, and 12.30am IST.

“For the Indian and rest of the world viewers, the series shall be made shortly available on an OTT platform,” Zenofar stated.

Zen, as she’s called in her social circles, is a Dubai based entrepreneur, socialite, producer and actor who has been generating relevant, exclusive and original content since 2018, under her banner Zen Film Productions.

Her foray into short films begun with the ‘Enigma’ series – a collection of short film series based on social awareness. Some of the prominent ones being ‘A Dark Tale,’ based on domestic violence,


‘The Peril,’ a film delving into the imminent dangers of technology, and ‘The Power,’ a spiritual tale of believing in miracles.

Her persona as an actor has been resonated through projects like The Pit, The Peril, Hope and the newest to the bunch – Specter. She has been widely written about in almost all the leading Gulf media brands.

Zen has spent the most of her lockdown time, especially through public service announcement campaigns to raise awareness for those struggling to cope with depression and negative thoughts and the ways to overcome them.

For interview requests, features and all forms of coverage, contact Adventure Global Talent on E:  OR M: +91 98808 98125.

My Client’s Wife – Releases For The First Time On ShemarooMe Box Office

~The nail biting suspense drama marks ShemarooMe’s inaugural attempt at offering consumers a handpicked assortment of rare, distinct and high quality cinema on the Box Office platform~

Mumbai, July 25th, 2020: The launch of ShemarooMe Box Office has created quite a stir as it promises to stream some unreleased and lesser known gems. The audience, deprived of going to the movies, has been breathlessly waiting for this “Box Office” to open its innings. The wait is finally over, as “My Client’s Wife” is scheduled to be the first film to release on the video platform on 31st of July 2020.

An edge of the seat journey that keeps you guessing throughout, “My Client’s Wife” boasts of an ensemble featuring Indian cinema’s finest talents. Sharib Hashmi of Filmistaan fame along with Gulaal’s Abhimanyu Singh and Finding Fannyactress Anjali Patil headline the cast. It tells the story of a married couple played  by Abhimanyu and Anjali, and the crimes they accuse each other of. The plot thickens as Sharib enters the scene as an inquisitive lawyer.  Who is to be trusted? What is real? What is fiction? The film answers these questions as it takes you on a rollercoaster.

“The plot is the superstar of our film”, says producer Bhasker Tiwari. “Not very often has this kind of concept been experimented with in India. It is an ode to Hitchcock. Also, in this day and age of “stay at home”, ShemarooMe Box Office is the best medium for viewers to catch it. Box Office will prove to be a huge opportunity for passionate film makers who don’t have the bandwidth of big studios”, he concludes.

Sharib Hashmi, essaying the role of a no nonsense lawyer says, “Watching a new movie at a screen near you is a blissful feeling. It’s amazing that ShemarooMe with Box Office will usher back this experience.” Talking about the movie, the Slumdog Millionaire star says, “Once I read the script, it was a no brainer that I’m all in, an added bonus was the opportunity to work with Abhimanyu and Anjali.”

Abhimanyu Singh, who plays the devious husband Raghuram, says, “The way we tell stories changes as time files. The fact that “My Client’s Wife” will reach a much larger audience on ShemarooMe Box Office than with a limited release fills me with joy.” He also adds, “I wish I could divulge more about my role or the film, but the lesser you know the better, expect the unexpected is all I say”.

While writing the character of Sindoora Singh, played by Anjali Patil, Writer & Director Prabhakar Meena Bhaskar Pant said, “My Client’s Wife is an intelligent thriller. The story is peppered with twists and turns and Anjali’s character is wickedly grey.” Excited about the film premiering on the Box Office platform, he adds, “We live in a digital world, even more so now. With everyone staying in, it’s a brilliant effort to deliver some truly “different” movies to people. I’m gung ho about the film coming to ShemarooMe Box Office”.

“My Client’s Wife” is just the beginning, as ShemarooMe Box Office is ready with movies from all over the country for audiences to feast over. From “Scotland”, the internationally acclaimed drama to “Graham Staines, Ek Ankahi Sachhai: The Least of These”, starring Sharman Joshi along with a reputed international cast. “The Hidden Strike”, an intense action entertainer will also feature on the platform, and many more interesting surprises are expected to be revealed soon.


Patrons will be able to log on to ShemarooMe or BookMyShow to purchase tickets for these releases, and that’s not all, each movie can be viewed an unlimited number of times for three days, all at the nominal cost of 100 INR. To sweeten the deal, the platform is available for subscribers as well as non-subscribers. Looks like ShemarooMe Box Office shall soon turn every home into a personal cinema hall.

My Client’s Wife, starring Sharib Hashmi, Abhimanyu Singh and Anjali Patil, directed by Prabhakar Meena Bhaskar Pant, releases on ShemarooMe Box Office on the 31st of July 2020.

ShemarooMe is available at:

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Arvind Akela Kallu Is Celebrating His Birthday Today

आज अपना जन्मदिन मना रहे हैं अरविंद अकेला कल्लू

भोजपुरी फ़िल्म जगत में ऐसे कम कलाकार ही है जिन्होंने होश संभालते ही लोगो का प्यार पाना शुरू कर दिया था । अपनी गायकी से और अब गायकी के साथ साथ अभिनय से सबका दिल जीतने वाले युवा सुपर स्टार अरविंद अकेला कल्लू उन गिने चुने लोगो मे से एक है , जिनकी शोहरत की उम्र उनकी उम्र से थोड़ी सी ही कम है । मात्र पांच साल की उम्र में अपने कलाकार पिताजी के साथ मंच शेयर कर अपनी मधुर आवाज से वहाँ मौजूद लोगों की जबरदस्त तालियां बटोरने वाले अरविंद अकेला कल्लू का आज है जन्मदिन ।

बिहार के बक्सर जिले में एक गाँव ऐसा भी ही जिसका ऐतिहासिक व धार्मिक महत्व है । जी हां , अहिरौली गांव वह गांव है जहां श्री राम जी के स्पर्श मात्र से पत्थर बनी माता अहिल्या को मुक्ति मिल गई थी । इसी गांव में एक कलाकार परिवार काशेश्वर चौबे व किरण देवी के घर एक बालक का जन्म हुआ । कल्लू बताते हैं की बचपन मे वे काफी कमजोर थे इसीलिए उन्हें आम बच्चो की तुलना में माता पिता का  प्यार कुछ अधिक ही मिला । कल्लू बचपन से ही5 अपने पिताजी के करीब थे । उनके पिताजी खुद एक कलाकार थे और नाटक में अभिनय व निर्देशन की बागडोर संभालते थे5 ।

कल्लू उनके साथ नाटक देखने जाया करते थे । छोटी उम्र में ही कल्लू को गुनगुनाते देख उनके पिताजी ने पहली बार 15 अगस्त को गांव में ही आयोजित एक कार्यक्रम में गाना गाने के लिए प्रेरित किया । कल्लू ने गाना गाया और वहां मौजूद लोग झूम उठे । पिताजी को एहसास हो गया कि एक और कलाकार ने उनकी विरासत को आगे बढ़ाने का जिम्मा ले लिया है । वह दौर अल्बम का था और कल्लू की आवाज की चर्चा दूर दूर तक होने लगी थी , इसीलिए उनके पिताजी कल्लू को पटना ले गए और वहाँ की म्यूजिक कंपनी बी सीरीज के लिए कल्लू का पहला एल्बम गवनमा कहिया ले जइबा खुद प्रोड्यूस किया । इस एल्बम के बाद कल्लू ने पीछे मुड़कर नही देखा । कल्लू की गायकी की चर्चा जब चारो ओर फैलने लगी तो मात्र 12 साल की उम्र में ही उसे पवन सिंह की फ़िल्म गठबंधन प्यार के में एक गाने में रुपहले पर्दे पर आने का मौका मिला ।

बतौर बाल कलाकार कल्लू ने उस दौरान निरहुआ और प्रवेश लाल के साथ तू ही मोर बालमा , मनोज तिवारी के साथ भैया हमार दयावान , कलुआ भइल सयान जैसी कई फिल्मों में काम किया ।  और फिर निर्देशक अरविंद चौबे ने पहली बार अपनी फिल्म दिल भइल दीवाना में बतौर हीरो पर्दे पर उतारा । तभी से लेकर अभी तक कल्लू ने तीस से भी अधिक फिल्मों में अभिनय किया है और हर फिल्म में उनका अलग अलग रूप दर्शकों को देखने को मिला है जिनमे  रब्बा इश्क़ न होवे , आवारा बलम ,  रंग , दिलवर , पत्थर के सनम , राजतिलक सहित कई फिल्मों में कल्लू का अनेक रंग को दर्शकों ने देखा है ।

Samira Koppikar Is Back With Yet Another Heart Touching Song LA ILM Along With Setbin Ben

Basking on the musical success of the movie Laal Kaptaan starring Saif Ali Khan, Samira Koppikar is back with yet another heart touching song La  ILM composed and sung by Samira along with Stebin Ben.  The song features two most promising social media influencers Vishal Pandey and Riya  Kishanchandani. Stebin Ben has lent his voice to this composition by Samira. He had recently sung for the movie Hacked (Tuje Hasil Kaunga).

Music Composed by Samira- Song Name: LA ILM

Lyrics : Shaheen Iqbal

Singers : Samira Koppikar, Stebin Ben

Starring Actors & Social media Influencers – Vishal Pandey and Riya Kishanchandani.


Song Description : LA ILM is a Love Song which has a lilting Melancholy.. It’s about Loneliness, separation, heartbreak. Hurt is an inevitable emotion  of Love that brings two People together. How Love sometimes has its own graph… “La  Ilm” means Unknowingly/ without the knowledge of.. Unknowingly people come together, sometimes they fall apart & then find each other yet again.

Singer Ravindra Singh’s Music Video ZINDAGI – PHIR SEY CHALEGI – OUT NOW

Ravindra Singh, a well-known singer has lighten up the grim around, a melodious rendition of giving back life to lonely streets of India by his soothing voice which speaks about the feelings of lockdown.

The musical song conveys a motivational message that ‘tough days never last’ We shall soon get back to normal days and get back to Start enjoying normal chaos of life.

The world is witnessing lockdown due to COVID 19. Ravindra Singh sang a lovely song ‘ZINDAGI’  making every lyrics, every phrase, an ensamble of feelings.

Ravindra’s passion towards singing and music is remarkably seen in his previously released songs as well.  This time, his song has filled the hearts with joy and love. During lockdown he has always been singing and kept people motivated around him.

I love nature and earlier released music videos have captured the scenic locations, the actors who performed along with me, and many from the the audience are in constant touch to relive those moments and we all wishing for situation to become normal”.


Music lovers have been following up at social media, many superhit music videos which has been picked and played by Radio stations across Hindi songs lovers, living in various countries.

This Song is a Gift to the  People,  love his music for his soulful, meaningful piece of Art.

Model-Actress Priyanka Arora’s Bold Photo Shoot

Priyanka Arora is an Model and  actress, She won many pageants to mention a few  winner of miss beautiful face of miss diva Mumbai in 2017, winner of miss empower world of India 2018 she also did a album song On Social Cause Of Beti bachao.

Recently Priyanka Did a bold photoshoot in which she is looking extremely gorgeous. This photoshoot breaks the internet, Also Audience are thinking is this a photoshoot for her next project. So We would like to say keep on guessing.


Priyanka Arora is all set to make her biggest debut in Bollywood . Till then keep waiting for her Upcoming Venture.

Punekar Pratu Aka Pratik Rajendra Shukla The Young Face Of Pune

Through the social platform ‘Punekar Pratu’, Pratik Rajendra Shukla the young face of Pune is always visible to everyone. Pratik shukla has always held on to social work. Nowadays in Pune and Mumbai in Maharashtra are experiencing the spread of the coronavirus. During this Pratik Shukla, his friends and family through ‘Punekar Pratu’ platform have distributed sanitizer spray, masks and food to the needy. He also has asked people to help the needy in their areas in any way they can.

Punekar Pratu ह्या सामाजिक व्यासपीठाच्या माध्यमातून प्रतीक राजेंद्र शुक्ल ह्या पुण्यातील तरुणाचा चेहरा नेहमी सर्वांना दिसून येतो, प्रतीक शुक्ल नेहमी आपली सामाजिक बांधिलकी जपत नेहमी समाजात सामाजिक काम करताना दिसत असतात सध्या देशात तसेच महाराष्ट्र मध्ये पुणे तसेच मुंबई भागात करोना व्हायरस चा प्रसार वाढताना दिसत आहे

ह्या परिस्थिती मध्ये प्रतीक शुक्ल तसेच त्याचा मित्र परिवाराने Punekar Pratu ह्या सामाजिक व्यासपीठाच्या माध्यमातून ठिकठिकाने सामाजिक बांधिलकी जपत गरजू व्यक्तींना सैनिटाइजर स्प्रे तसेच मास्क, धान्य चे वाटप केले. तसेच त्यांनी नागरिकांना आपल्या परिसरात जे गरजू व्यक्ती आहे त्यांना आपल्याला जमत असेल तश्या प्रकारे नक्की मदत करा असे आवाहन देखील केले.

———– Naarad PR & Image Strategists

Bhojpuri Star Avinash Shahi’s Birthday Celebrated Along With Muhurat Of New film Deepu Ki Dulhania

भोजपुरी स्टार अविनाश शाही की फिल्म “दीपू की दुल्हनिया” के मुहूर्त पर मनाया गया उनका शानदार जन्मदिन।

भोजपुरी सिनेमा के विख्यात अभिनेता अविनाश शाही के फैन्स के लिए 15 जुलाई की तारीख बेहद विशेष होती है क्योंकि आज के दिन उनका जन्मदिन होता है लेकिन इस बार उनके जन्मदिन के अवसर पर उनके प्रशंसकों के लिए डब्ल ट्रीट है क्योंकि उनके बर्थडे के मौके पर उनके अभिनय से सजने वाली फिल्म”दीपू की दुल्हनिया” का शानदार मुहूर्त भी हुआ। उनके ढेरों फैन्स ने उन्हें जन्मदिन की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं दीं तो अविनाश शाही दर्शकों और अपने चाहने वालों का बेशुमार प्यार पाकर बेहद खुश और उत्साहित हो गए। उन्होंने इस अवसर पर अपनी मुख्य भूमिका वाली भोजपुरी फिल्म का ऐलान करके अपने फैन्स को एक तरह से उपहार दिया है।

आज उनकी जिस फिल्म का मुहूर्त हुआ उसके निर्माता है दीपक भोजपुरिया, ओमकार सोनकर,  एवं निर्देशक  प्रदीप आर शर्मा है। फिल्म के गीत संगीत की जिम्मेदारी विनय बिहारी, मुन्ना दूबे और अशोक सिन्हा को दिया गया है ,जबकि डी ओपी सुमित सुमन, फाइट मास्टर दिनेश यादव, डांस डायरेक्टर प्रसून यादव,प्रोडक्शन का ज़िमेदारी मनोज गुप्ता को दिया गया हैं। इस फिल्म में बर्थडे बॉय अविनाश शाही के अलावा पलक खान, अयाज खान, बृजेश त्रिपाठी, जीतू शुक्ला, संदीप मिश्रा, सुनीता सिंह, नीलू यादव और संजय वर्मा अहम भूमिकाएं निभाने वाले हैं। इस फिल्म को जितेंद्र गुप्ता(जीतू), राम सजीवन दूबे का आशीर्वाद हासिल और विशेष सहयोग बिराट भोजपुरिया, टीटू रीमिक्स का  रहेगा। आदिशक्ति दुर्गाप्रसाद प्रस्तुत, डी एल जी फिल्म प्रोडकशन के बैनर तले बनने जा रही इस फिल्म की जल्द शूटिंग शुरू होगी।

फिल्म के मुहूर्त के साथ साथ अविनाश शाही का जन्मदिन भी मनाया गया। आपको बता दें कि अविनाश शाही  अन्य कई भोजपुरी फिल्मों में अपनी अदाकारी का जौहर दिखा चुके हैं।


भोजपुरी फिल्म के मुहूर्त के मौके पर अती उत्साहित अविनाश शाही ने सबसे पहले अपने लाखों फैन्स का शुक्रिया अदा किया जिन्होंने सोशल मीडिया, फोन, मैसेज और व्हाट्स  ऐप के जरिए उन्हें जन्मदिन की शुभकामनाएं भेजीं और फिर अपनी इस नई फिल्म के बारे में कहा कि उन्हें उम्मीद है कि यह फिल्म भोजपुरिया दर्शकों और उनके प्रशंसकों को अवश्य पसंद आएगी जो एक मसाला एंटरटेनर मूवी है।

Aaditi Kohli An Actress Who Turns Entrepreneur To Mentor Her Inspiring Journey Will Motivate You

Aaditi has been doing financially well being an Actor and Digital Influencer. Coming from a humble family, she realised the Importance of being Financially free at an early age. It all started with that Belief in herself and the vision to be wealthy and build a Fortune for herself. She have her very own Reasons why she feel every person on Earth should be wealthy. It hurts to see a son not being able to give his family the best of Medical Treatments or girls/women having to depend on husbands/families for their expenses or desires for luxury.

She have been in the lookout for AN OPPORTUNITY, And living in a Digital World and Seeing how much money some millennials and all the wealthy Businessmen are making through Online Businesses she always knew the Potential of Earning Online. She came across her Mentor who Changed her life completely and gave her vision a proper Direction.

She Realized only by Learning from 8-9 figure Earning mentors can she start building a fortune.

There has been no looking back ever since. Talking to us she said ” My Learning and Earning at the Same time from the Largest Financial Markets from where the Investors and Businessmen are multiplying and making real wealth.Capital belongs to the Citizen. It has been a revolutionary journey for me where I not only was exposed to this massive ocean from which every individual can actually enhance their wealth but also how to start online home based business which the least debits to live a DEBT FREE LIFE.”

Further she Continued,My journey started as a Learner Started Earning from the Financial Markets and now a Mentor to Hundreds how Anyone and Everyone can earn online by using phone.

Now it’s her wish to make this Business a Household Name in India and all over the World where not only The STATE GETS TO MULTIPLY  MONEY BUT THE CITIZEN GETS EQUAL OPPORTUNITY TO ENHANCE THEIR BANK BALANCE.

Apeksha Films & Music Keeps Its Promise Introduces New Talent with Its Latest Song JAGUAR

  • ‘Jaguar’ in the sensational voice of Nakash Aziz is all set to make its place in the party playlist
  • Introducing Travis Hale, Featuring Ananya Sengupta and DJ Rohit Gida, Produced by Ajay Jaswal

Mumbai, 16 July 2020: In case your monsoon playlist is out-dated, Apeksha Films and Music’s latest song ‘Jaguar’ in the sensational voice of Nakash Aziz and Rapper V Key is here to make it complete.

With ‘Jaguar’, the growing media company continues to keep its promise of giving a platform to new talent as they introduce Travis Hale in the field of entertainment. The music video of this peppy party number also features brilliant model-actor Ananya Sengupta, along with DJ Rohit Gida.

On the release of their latest offering, Ajay Jaswal, CEO of Apeksha Films & Music says, “Upbeat music has always been in trend and does not limit to a particular age group. And that is what we offer to our audiences with our latest song ‘Jaguar’. Also, since we are always open to new talent, I am thrilled on the release of this song as we introduce Travis Hale with it. Travis is a promising talent, and is surely here to make his mark.”

Apeksha Jaswal of Apeksha Films & Music who always stresses on giving a platform to the new talent is very excited about the release of ‘Jaguar’. While talking about the release of the song, she says, “Last year when we launched our music label, we have been very clear with our vision and I am happy that so far we have been successful in working towards it. Bringing good music to our audiences is equally our aim, and we are so glad that with ‘Jaguar’, we move one step ahead. I am excited and very sure that ‘Jaguar’ will be loved by music lovers of all age groups and make its place in the party playlist.”

Singer Nakash Aziz says, “Hindi party songs will always get you going, no matter what the occasion is. ‘Jaguar’ is one such upbeat song that you just can’t listen to without shaking your legs. I am glad to be teaming with Apeksha Music for this song as I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience.”

Rapper V Key is delighted on the release on ‘Jaguar and says, “Rap is always in trend, and when blended with Hindi song, the outcome is always amazing. Track of Jaguar is upbeat and contagious, the kind of music that gets stuck in your head. I am glad to be associated with Apeksha Music and it has been a wonderful experience teaming with them.”

Faraaz Ahmed has penned the lyrics and designed the music of ‘Jaguar’. The video of this peppy number has been directed by Aziz Zee.

height=”305″ />

The team of Apeksha Films & Music urges everyone to stay indoors to be safe, and enjoy its latest song, as your music playlist is incomplete without ‘Jaguar’.

Singer And Composer Satyam Anandjee Has Created Positive Vibes Through His Sweet And Melodious Voice All Across The Globe

The harmonious and soothing voice of Satyam Anandjee is not just refreshing and rejuvenating but also brings peace to soul and body…

Recently in Covid times, NGOs and Indian foundations are getting artist on various platforms, one such artist with very blissful, melodious and attractive voice is Singer/Composer Satyam Anandjee..Born and educated in Bihar, today  Satyam Anandjee is become an internationally acclaimed and renowned Singer/Composer spreading its melodious wonders thru his voice and music across the globe. He has his collections of Ghazals, Bhajans and Devotional Chants on the digital media and social media platforms across the world..

Music has the power to enhance all emotions within us. Like Love for each one, courage and support for the nation, feeling of separation, Satire for the current situation all around us. It has various flavours in it, through which one smiles, laughs, cries and releases all its stress. Fans from all across the globe, starting from Mumbai, Delhi, Lucknow, Chapra, Begusarai, Sitamarhi, and now even Canada, USA, UK & UAE…are enjoying the most blissful and musical evenings with the very versatile & ever smiling Singer Satyam Anandjee..he too sang various melodious raags for his fans, entertained them through his melodious and attractive voice.  Due do the increase in demand from fans, Satyam Anandjee has started an online daily event, “YOUR CHOICE, MY VOICE” where fans send all their requests of songs, ghazals, bhajans and Satyam Anandjee sings with love and affection.

Songs like Ae Mere Watan Ke Logon, Leke Aaye Hai Hum Desh Ki Khusbuin, makes us all feel proud of our nation and soldiers. Songs like Bahut Khubsurat Ho Tum, Chandi Jaisa Rang Hai Tera, Tumko Dekha To Ye Khayal Aaya, wants you to just fall in love again and again. Rejuvenating and refreshing you to have a fresh start in life.


It has been known for years that entertainment and specially the Raag and Taals of music and beautiful soulful voice helps in reducing the stress in our us peace and spreading love.

Film Actor And President Of Vishva Valmiki Sena Shri P K Salunke (Sudarshan) Appeals To CM Shri Uddhav Balasaheb Thackerayji For Justice For Sushant Singh Rajput Death

दोस्तों आज अभियान का १७ दिन हो गये है और सुशांत को न्याय देने के लिए २९ जून २०२० पुणे डिस्ट्रिक कलेक्टर साहब को विश्व वाल्मीकी सेना की तरफ से निवेदन दिया गया है।

इस निवेदन में हमारी NGO संस्था की तरफ से फिल्म इंडस्ट्री के स्टार कलाकार सुशांत सिंह राजपूत केस में वो सुसाइड या मर्डर है ये सच पूरी दुनिया के सामने आना बहुत ही जरूरी है।

क्यों की ये जो घटना हुई है बोहोत ही मन को हैरान करने वाली है, इसलिए इसकी CBI जांच होना चाहिए। अगर आप ये निवेदन पढ़ रहे हो और आपको लगता है, सुशांत सिंह राजपूत को न्याय मिले और वापस सुशांत सिंह जैसी फिल्म इंडस्ट्री में दूसरी घटना किसी के साथ फिर ना हो तो हमारी NGO संस्था के माध्यम से छेडे गए विश्व वाल्मीकी सेना आंदोलन और संघर्ष में जुड़ जाने के लिए संपर्क करें ।(8407995731)


दोस्तों सुशांत को न्याय देने के लिए इसे ज्यादा से ज्यादा लोगों तक पहुंचाने में हमारी आवाज बनो। जय हिन्द। जय भारत ।

Singer Composer Satyam Anandjee Has Created Positive Vibes Through His Sweet And Melodious Voice All Across The Globe

The harmonious and soothing voice of Satyam Anandjee is not just refreshing and rejuvenating but also brings peace to soul and body… Recently in Covid times, NGOs and Indian English

Singer / Composer Satyam Anandjee has created positive vibes through his sweet and melodious voice all across the globe.

The harmonious and soothing voice of Satyam Anandjee is not just refreshing and rejuvenating but also brings peace to soul and body…foundations are getting artist on various platforms, one such artist with very blissful, melodious and attractive voice is Singer/Composer Satyam Anandjee..Born and educated in Bihar, today Satyam Anandjee is become and internationally acclaimed and renowned Singer/Composer spreading its melodious wonders thru his voice and music across the globe. He has his collections of Ghazals, Bhajans and Devotional Chants on the digital media and social media platforms across the world..

Music has the power to enhance all emotions within us. Like Love for each one, courage and support for the nation, feeling of separation, Satire for the current situation all around us. It has various flavours in it, through which one smiles,laughs, cries and releases all its stress. Fans from all across the globe, starting from Mumbai, Delhi, Lucknow, Chapra, Begusarai, Sitamani, and now even Canada, USA, UK & UAE…are enjoying the most blissful and musical evenings with a very versatile & ever smiling singer Satyam Anandjee..he too sang various melodious raags for his fans, entertained them through his melodious and attractive voice.  Due do the increase in demand from fans, Satyam Anandjee has started an online daily event, “YOUR CHOICE, MY VOICE” where fans send all their requests of songs, ghazals, bhajans and Satyam Anandjee sings with love and affection.

Songs like Ae Mere Watan Ke Logon, Leke Aaye Hai Hum Desh Ki Khusbuin, makes us all feel proud of our nation and soldiers. Songs like Bahut Khubsurat Ho Tum, Chandi Jaisa Rang Hai Tera, Tumko Dekha To Ye Khayal Aaya wants you to just fall in love again and again. Rejuvenating and refreshing you to have a fresh start in life.

It has been known for years that entertainment and specially the Raag and Taals of music and beautiful soulful voice helps in reducing the stress in our lives.

The line starts where I stand – Mr Amitabh Bachchan is in the best possible city which not only has the technical know-how but also with that extra ration of innate gumption that can’t be purchased – Dr Ravi Godse Filmmaker

Mr. B’s illness will turn out to be a watershed moment in India’s battle against the virus. This isn’t Mr. B’s first bout with the doctors and crisis. He has been there and done that.

In terms of perception and public messaging, I can’t overstate the importance of this. When the British Prime Minister Johnson ended up in ICU, the fact that he recovered so quickly and completely did wonders to the consumers of Anglo Saxon press.

The world has had its share of celebrities who got it. Mrs. Trudeau, Prince Charles, Tom Hanks, President of Brazil but as far Indians go, there are celebrities and then there is Mr. B.

There was a really poor joke on What’s app 3 years ago. What do you mean by AB AB AB AB and the answer was, “ long time no C”

As silly as it sounds, for Indians AB it is. No need to C what comes after!

He is in the age group that is concerning. How he fights it, will mean a lot. That could be the crystallizing event, when the public psyche goes in one direction or the other. This is a very private moment for his family but from the moment he kicked a chair and admonished Pran that it wasn’t his father’s house, Mr. B has , sadly but irrevocably, forfeit his privacy. In a nation endlessly fascinated by the cult of personality, this is too big a symbol to be alone.

It is rumored that when Sholay was released, they planned to reshoot the ending with a different outcome. ( I heard it from one of the actors so the rumor was actually true)

But then they decided against it. Here we won’t be allowed any latitude to manipulate it artificially. This is as real as it gets. Luckily he is in the best possible city, which not only has the technical know-how but also with that extra ration of innate gumption that can’t be purchased.

I recall a song line from Mr. Natwarlal. The fight will teach us, no matter what the odds, we have to have fight in our blood, hope in our heart, a twinkle in our eyes and an irreverent attitude in our demeanor, otherwise “ Yeh Jeena bhi kya jeena hai, Lallu”.


After a three month wait, Zen Film Productions is set to release yet another short film saga under the Ouija series banner, which specifically delves into horror, mystery, and the supernatural. After the local success of social awareness short films like The Power, A Dark Tale, The Peril and more, Specter is set to take psychological terror to new heights. The ten-minute film sees a public figure, played by filmmaker and CEO of Zen Film Productions Zenofar Fathima, struggling to overcome her inner demons, as she sets out to explore an unprecedented presence. The series is currently being filmed during the Coronavirus outbreak with all safety precautions being adhered to, which is a rare feat for most filmmakers at this time.

The series’ first episode is expected to premiere exclusively on Zee Cinemas Middle East (Channel 676 on Etisalat and Channel 179 on Du) on Thursday, 16th July at 11pm GST, and 12.30am IST. If you happen to miss it on 16th July, you can catch it once again on 21st July at 11.30am GST and 1am IST. You can also catch the teaser on Zee Cinemas throughout the day, starting from next week on the 14th of July. The succeeding episodes of this saga will be released in due course on other exclusive digital streaming platforms which are to be announced. The future episodes will also feature a few local icons, who are bound to enthrall audiences with their performances.

Apart from the Specter series slated for release, Zen Film Productions also has many projects in the pipeline, one of which is a short film that sheds light on a frontliner’s life during the pandemic. “I am really excited for all these new projects, as these are not only unique in their approach, but are sure to be popular with audiences of all ages”, says Zenofar. For more announcements on Specter and Zenofar’s future projects, check out Zenofar Fathima’s official social media pages.

A Brief on Zen Film Productions

Zenofer Fatima is a Dubai personality, who is also a filmmaker, producer, and actress. Her brainchild, Zen Film Productions is a film production company based in Dubai. Zen Film Productions is a full service video production company that specializes in productions projects that vary across business, industrial and commercial sectors. The organization is based in Dubai, offering relevant, exclusive and original content that is curated for the Middle Eastern as well as other international markets. With Zen Films, Zen took over the Dubai film scene in early 2018, with her company commencing entry into the short film world with the Enigma series, an array of short film stories all based around the theme of social awareness. Just a few of the films include A Dark Tale, a story of domestic violence, the Peril, a film delving into the imminent dangers of technology, and the Power, a spiritual tale of believing in miracles. As a result of her success, she has appeared in various renowned publications such as Arabic Kul Ul Usra, Gulf News, and Filmfare Middle East and has been recognized by celebs such as Sohail Khan and Sonu Sood.

———-PR Sohel F Fidai

Beyond Music presents Rapper M Code’s Mumbai Meri Jaan to be a contemporary ode on City Mumbai

Beyond Music is known to give a platform to budding artists and helps them boost their creative creation. The much reputed production house this time has a Hip Hop treat for the audience. Written and performed by Rapper M Code, who’s also featured in the song – Mumbai Meri Jaan highlights the hustle full of life of a Mumbaikar.

The song is catchy and M Code makes it relatable to every viewer who has lived in Mumbai. The lyrics is drafted with finesse and the Hip Hop to it induces an impassioned beat.

M Code says, “Rapping has always been my hobby. Living in Mumbai and seeing the hustle and bustle of the city I always wanted to rap something on it. I wanted to hit the right chord for every viewer as the love for this city is innumerable for all. We have tried to include all aspects as much as we could. And hoping that the audience appreciates this work of ours. I heartily thank Beyond Music for giving me this opportunity.”


Beyond Music presents Mumbai Meri Jaan is written as well as sung by M Code. Directed by Ankit Uday Basrur, mixed and mastered by Sahir Nawab and Director of Photography were Hemant Chauhan, Athul Leonardo Nandhu and Pawan Barigala.

Kendra’s 6th Webaithak Marked By Melodious Vocal Recital

प्राचीन कला केन्द्र की छठीं वैबबैठक में शुभ्रा तलेगांवकर का मुग्धमयी गायन

कोविड के चलते केन्द्र आजकल संगीत को आॅनलाइन एवं सोशल मीडिया पर प्रचारित कर रहा है । इसी श्रृंखला में आज केन्द्र की छठीं वैबबैठक का आयोजन किया गया जिसे आगरा की युवा एवं प्रतिभाशाली शास्त्रीय गायिका शुभ्रा तलेगांवकर के गायन द्वारा सजाया गया ।जिसमें इनके साथ तबले पर श्री केशव तलेगांवकर एवं हारमोनियम पर श्रीमती प्रतिभा तलेगांवकर जी ने संगत की ।

शुभ्रा ग्वालियर घराने की युवा गायिका होने के साथ-साथ केन्द्र की प्रतिभाशाली छात्रा भी रही है। अल्पायु से ही संगीत के क्षेत्र में अपनी प्रस्तुतियां दी हैं । शुभ्रा की संगीत में ख्याल,ठुमरी और तराना पर खास पकड़ है । शुभ्रा ने राग बागेश्री से कार्यक्रम की शुरूआत की जिसमें उन्होंने मध्य लय विलम्बित रूपक ताल में निबद्ध रचना ‘‘काहे से कहूं मन की बतीयां’’ पेश की । उपरांत मध्य लय तीन ताल में सजी बंदिश ‘‘जावो जावो रे मुरारी’’ प्रस्तुत की ।

 कार्यक्रम को आगे बढ़ाते हुए शुभ्रा ने द्रुत तीन ताल में निबद्ध तराना पेश किया जिसके रचयिता उनके पिता एवं गुरू केशव तलेगांवकर है । उपरांत शुभ्रा ने देस राग में निबद्ध खूबसूरत बंदिश ‘‘सावन की ऋतु आई’’ पेश करके समां बांधा । कार्यक्रम का समापन शुभ्रा ने मौसम के अनुरूप कजरी से किया । इस कजरी के बोल ‘‘ बूंदीयन बरसन लागी ओ रामा मोरे अंगने में’’। ये कजरी शुभ्रा के दादा पंडित रघुनाथ तलेगांवकर द्वारा रचित है ।

Yeh Hai Mera Watan Poster-7 Released

फिल्म “ये है मेरा वतन” के सातवें पोस्टर से आयी बेपनाह मोहब्बत में जान देने की आवाज़

फिल्म “ये है मेरा वतन” के सातवें पोस्टर निकली लड़की, जिसके डायलॉग से आवाज आयी बेपनाह मोहब्बत की

लेखक, निर्माता, निर्देशक “मुश्ताक़ पाशा” की फिल्म “ये है मेरा वतन” के आज तक हमने जितने भी पोस्टर देखे हैं उनमे हमेशा प्रत्यक्ष या अप्रत्यक्ष रूप से सामने वाले की जान लेने की कोशिश जाती रही है।

अभी तक हम पोस्टर पर लिखे डायलॉग से कुछ ना कुछ कहानी बनाने की कोशिश कर ही रहे थे कदम दर कदम मंजिल की ओर बढ़ ही रहे थे रास्ते पर चलते जा रहे थे कि अचानक हमारे सामने एक टी पॉइंट आ गया जहाँ से या तो हम या तो लेफ्ट जा सकते थे, या फिर राइट, लेकिन तभी फिल्म के अगले पोस्टर के डायलॉग से एक लड़की की आवाज आती है। पर यहाँ पहले की तरह जान लेने नहीं बल्कि जान देने की आवाज है, फिल्म के सातवें पोस्टर का डायलॉग है …

“कसम खुदा की आपके इंतज़ार में कभी हमारी जान निकल जाएगी”

ये आवाज़ है फिल्म के सातवें पोस्टर के किरदार की, इस पोस्टर में नज़र आ रही हैं अभिनेत्री “मृदुला महाजन” जिन्होंने इस फिल्म में “फ़िदा” का किरदार निभाया है।

फिल्म में अब तक कहानी की डायलॉग में ही बात हो रही थी वो भी तलवार, गोली, बन्दूक, बारूद और शोलों की लेकिन पहली बार फिल्म में शोलों के ऊपर शबनम बरसती दिखी, जैसे अचानक पतझड़ के बाद बहार आ गयी हो।


इस फिल्म के पोस्टरों से नफरत पैदा करने वाले डायलॉग के बाद अचानक बेपनाह मोहब्बत वाले डायलॉग ने फिल्म की कहानी को लेकर और भी कौतूहल पैदा कर दिया है, अब पता नहीं अगले पोस्टर से क्या निकलता है? अब तो बस इंतज़ार है अगले पोस्टर का, अब देखते हैं फिल्म के डायरेक्टर हमें कहानी का कौन सा चौराहा दिखाते हैं .

– अरुण कुमार कमल

Bollywood Suspense Thriller Upcoming New Movie VEBBI Lead Actor Man Singh In New Look Film collaborated with Producer Mohammad Chand

Producer Mohammed Chand’s ambitious Bollywood Suspense “New Movie VEBBI” Lead “Actor Man Singh” in new look ”

Bollywood upcoming suspense thriller “new movie VEBBI” Shoot schedule start hone ja Raha hai aur isme actor man Singh ko bilkul naye look me dekhne ko milega … Man Singh Vebbi me dev ka charecter nibha rahe hai, actor man Singh ka look kafi impressive and alag lag raha hai jiski charcha kafi abhi se hone lagi hai…iss film me Mohammad Chand bhi Producer hai jo ki bahut Innovative Personality hai… Bollywood me wo Vebbi ke jariye entry kar rahe hai… Mohammad Chand is film ko lekar kafi energetic mood me aa rahe hai… Actor man Singh and Mohammad Chand ki agli “film Platinum” bhi isi saal September se start hogi aur puri shooting Lucknow aur Uttar Pradesh ke kuch mashhoor shahro me filmaya jayega… Jaisa ki Mohammad Chand ne bataya ki wo Actor Man Singh ke sath 3 project ke liye collaboration kiye hai jo 2020 se 2021 me logo ke bich me aayegi… VEBBI ki shooting ki details baki share hoti rahegi …

VEBBI ek different type ki film hai, original content hai jiske writer kumar Gautam hai jo suspense aur thriller film likhne ke expert mane jate hai…kumar Gautam ki VEBBI audience ko pasand aayegi.

Actor man Singh ki “film Intezaar” jo puri tarah se ready hai aur bahut jaldi Release hogi…jaisa ki aapko pata hai lockdown and Covid 19 ki wajah se sari films ki Release postpone ho gayi kyoki theatre band hai… Jaise he theatre chalu hoga turant intezaar aap logo ke bich me aa jayegi….is film ke gaane bahut acche hai jisko yaseer Desai jaise aur kai bollywood ke mashhoor Singers ne gaya hai..” film .Intezaar “me actor Man Singh ne catholic ka charecter nibhaya hai … Neil name hai unke charecter ka jo ekdum modern hai jaise aap logo ne dekha ki man Singh ne iske pahle ACID me Bilal ka role play kiya tha jo ki negative character tha Bilal ke name se…jo logo ko bahut pasand aaya…ab logo ko man Singh ki  FILM Intezaar me unke catholic look ki charcha hai aur intezaar ka intezar bhi hai…



Jagdeep is a veteran comedian-actor in Hindi cinema. He made his acting debut as a child artiste and was selected to play many pivotal child roles in films of A V M Banners. B R Chopra Films and even K A Abba’s films. Later when he acted in film ‘Sholay’, he immortalized his ‘Soorma Bhopali’ character. He is still popular for his filmy character ‘Soorma Bhopali’. Dialogues from super hit Sholay made him an immortal in the annals of Indian cinema. It is said that Jagdeep was a victim of India’s partition. The partition had made him seek earnings even at a tender age of eight. Primarily, he used to sell small items on the road to eke out a living.

Later, he eventually landed in movies, As he was selling small items on the road, filmmaker B R Chopra spotted this young boy on the road and gave him a chance to do a small role in his project ‘Afsana’. He was taken to the floor of shooting where Jagdeep was engaged to do clapping in a scene.

Sharad Yadav : To Fight Corona Disease State Government Did Not Take Appropriate Steps

कोरोना बीमारी से जंग के लिए नहीं उठे उचित कदम : शरद यादव

बिहार में लगातार कोरोना के मामलों की वृद्धि को लेकर देश के दिग्गज नेता शरद यादव ने सरकार की कार्यशैली पर सवाल खड़े किए हैं। उन्होंने आज प्रेस विज्ञप्ति जारी कर कहा है कि राज्य सरकार इस बीमारी से लड़ने के लिए उचित कदम उठाने में बेहद विफल हुई है। बिहार सरकार ने कोरोना को हल्के में लिया, जिससे मामले प्रतिदिन दुगने होने लगे हैं जो बहुत ही चिंताजनक है। राज्य में टेस्टिंग भी जितनी होनी चाहिए नहीं हो रही हैं तो सही पता कैसे लगेगा कि कितने लोग इस बीमारी से ग्रसित हैं। जितना आंकड़ा सरकार द्वारा बताया जा रहा है उस पर विश्वास नहीं कर सकते हैं क्योंकि जितने टेस्ट होने चाहिए नहीं किए जा रहे हैं।

उन्होंने कहा कि राज्य सरकार द्वारा अचानक तालाबंदी के बाद किसी भी मामले को चाहे वह प्रदासी मजदूरों का हो या छात्रों का हो कुशलता से नहीं संभाला है। जो क्वारंटाइन केंद्र भी बनाए थे, उनमें भी आवश्यक सुविधाए उपलब्ध नहीं कराई गई थी। इस तरह से राज्य सरकार ने शुरू से ही कोरोना बीमारी के लिए उठाने वाले कदमों में ढिलाई बरती ,है जो निंदनीय है। सरकार का काम जनता के जन जीवन आवश्यक सुविधाएं प्रदान करना होता है जिससे जनता सुखी जीवन व्यतीत कर सके मगर बिहार सरकार की इसमें कोई रुचि नहीं दिखाई पड़ती है।

श्री यादव ने आश्चर्य जताते हुए कहा कि बिहार सरकार को काफी समय तैयारी का भी मिल गया था, उसके बावजूद भी कोई ऐसा काम नहीं किया, जिससे की जनता को बीमारी से बचाया जा सके। नीतीश सरकार को बिल्कुल भी जनता के वोट की चिंता नहीं है जैसे कि जनता उनके हाथ में है। बिहार राज्य में 13 करोड़ की जनसंख्या है उसपर प्रतिदिन 9-10 हजार टेस्ट किए जा रहे हैं जबकि दिल्ली में जनसंख्या कुल 2 करोड़ है और यहां पर 20 हजार टेस्ट किए जा रहे हैं। यह बढुत गंभीर बात है कि एनडीए की सरकार केन्द्र और राज्य में होते हुए भी जनता को बीमारी से बचाने के लिए कोई राज्य में ठोस कदम नहीं उठाए गए हैं। दिन प्रतिदिन बिहार में हालात बिगड़ते जा रहे हैं मगर सरकार ठीक आंकड़े जनता को बता नहीं रही है जो और भी जनता के हित के खिलाफ काम करने जैसा है क्योंकि जनता इतनी सतर्क नहीं होगी जितना होना चाहिए।


उन्होंने कहा कि मेरा मानना है कि एनडीए सरकार बिहार में हर मोर्चे पर विफल हो रही है। आम जनता के हित का कोई भी मामला हो कानून व्यवस्था से लेकर, महिलाओं की सुरक्षा, सफाई व्यवस्था, बाढ़, नौकरी, शिक्षा, स्वास्थ्य सुविधाएं उपलब्ध कराना, कोई भी मामला उठा लें किसी में भी जनता को राहत नहीं दे पारही है और इसलिए ऐसी सरकार को बने रहने का कोई मतलब नहीं है। अभी के लिए राज्य सरकार को टेस्टिंग बहुत ज्यादा करनी चाहिए और बीमारी का इलाज करने के लिए ज्यादा से ज्यादा केन्द्र बनाने चाहिए।

Rotary Mid Town – Distribution Of Masks And PPE Kits To Protect Against Corona

कोरोना से बचाव के लिए किया गया मास्‍क व पीपीई किट का वितरण

रोटरी मिड टाउन ने जन कल्याणकारी योजनाओं के तहत कैंसर उपचार एवम् जागरुकता के क्षेत्र में अग्रणी संस्था आर.एस मेमोरीयल कैंसर सोसाइटी की ओर से कोरोना से बचाव के लिए सैकड़ों पीपीई किट व मास्क़ इत्यादि का वितरण किया गया। इन उपयोगी सामग्री का वितरण सवेरा कैंसर होस्पिटल के प्रांगण में किया गया। इस अवसर पर प्रख्यात कैंसर रोग विशेषज्ञ वी पी सिंह ने लोगों को कैंसर सहित कोरोना के लक्षण एवं घरेलू उपचार के उपाय बतायें ।

मौके पर सोशल डिसटेंडिंग के महत्व पर चर्चा हुई और लोगों से इसके लिए खासतौर पर अपील भी की गई। कार्यक्रम का संचलन पद्म श्री आर एन सिंह के मार्गदर्शन में हुआ। मौके पर गोपाल खेमका – इमिडिएट पास्ट डिस्टिक गवर्नर, अभिषेक अकेला – प्रेसीडेंट, राकेश टेस्वर -सदस्य, रौशन बाग़ – सचिव , राजेश गुप्ता – कोषाध्यक्ष उपस्थित थे। ज्ञात हो की रोटरी मिड टाउन के सहयोग से आर एस मेमोरीयल कैंसर सोसाइटी द्वारा संचालित डायगनोस्टिक विभाग की स्थापना पिछले वर्ष की गयी थी। जिसका उद्देश्य ग़रीबों को मुफ़्त एवम् रियायती दरों पर कैंसर सम्बंधित विशेष जाँच की सुविधा उपलब्ध कराई जाती है। इसके लिए एक साल पूरे होने के मौके पर यह कार्यक्रम आयोजित किया गया ।

Sunny Shah – The Manager Af Irrfan Khan started A Talent Management Company

इरफान खान के मैनेजर रहे सन्नी शाह ने शुरू की टैलेंट मैनेजमेंट कंपनी

TCW अर्थात टैलेंट क्रॉस ओवर वर्ल्ड के तहत सन्नी शाह, फिल्म   टेक्नीशियन ‘डायरेक्टर्स, राइटर्स और सिनेमैटोग्राफर. एडिटर्स , ऐक्शन डायरेक्टर्स का काम को मैनेज करेंगे

टैलेंट मैनेजमेंट आज बॉलीवुड की एक बड़ी वर्किंग फील्ड है और इस क्षेत्र मेे इंडस्ट्री के विख्यात बिज़नस मैनेजर सन्नी शाह ने भी कदम रख दिया है। जी हां, भोजपुरी सुपर स्टार दिनेश लाल यादव निरहुआ, आम्रपाली दुबे, प्रवेश लाल यादव और प्रदीप पांडेय ‘,चिंटू के मैनेजर के रूप में काम कर रहे सन्नी शाह ने टैलेंट और टेक्नीशियन के लिए मैनेजमेंट कंपनी शुरू की है जिसका नाम है TCW अर्थात टैलेंट क्रॉस ओवर वर्ल्ड। इस कंपनी के तहत सन्नी शाह फिल्म के टेक्नीशियन डायरेक्टर्स, राइटर्स ‘,  एडिटर्स ‘ ऐक्शन डायरेक्टर्स सिनेमैटोग्राफर के काम को संभालेंगे।

आपको बता दें कि सन्नी शाह बॉलीवुड में दशकों से काम कर रहे हैं। उन्होंने Since 1988 मेे फिल्म प्रोडकशन मैनेजर, फिल्म प्रोड्युसर और  बिज़नस मैनेजर के रूप में बॉलीवुड में अपना सफर शुरू किया था। उन्होंने वर्षों तक हाल ही मेे इस दुनिया को अलविदा कहने वाले एक्टर इरफान खान के साथ काम किया था। साथ ही सन्नी शाह तुषार कपूर, रोनित रॉय, आर्या बब्बर, राजेश शर्मा, मिलिंद गुणाजी और ईशा कोपिकर नारंग जैसे आर्टिस्ट का वर्क मैनेज करते आ रहे हैं।


इतने वर्षों के अपने अनुभव और तमाम स्टार्स के साथ काम करने की खुशकिस्मती रखने वाले सन्नी शाह ने अब टैलेंट मैनेजमेंट कंपनी शुरू की है और उन्हें यकीन है कि वह उभरती हुई प्रतिभाओं को इंडस्ट्री मेे काम दिलवाने मेे और उनका कैरियर बनाने में एक महत्वपूर्ण योगदान देंगे।

सन्नी शाह को बॉलीवुड में स्टार्स से लेकर डायरेक्टर, प्रोड्युसर और तमाम टेक्नीशियन भली भांति जानते हैं, इसलिए उन्हें टैलेंट को उसकी मंज़िल तक पहुंचाने में आसानी होगी।

ए – मेल से प्रोफाइल बेज सकते है

Veteran Bollywood Choreographer Saroj khan Passes Away Due To Cardiac Arrest In Mumbai

MUMBAI: Veteran choreographer Saroj Khan, who was admitted to a hospital in Mumbai on June 20 after she complained of breathing issues, passed away today.

The last rites of Saroj Khan will be peformed at Malvani in Malad, Mumbai today.

She died due to a cardiac arrest in the ICU of Guru Nanak Hospital where she was admitted on June 20 after she complained of breathing issues.

In a career spanning over four decades, Khan was credited with choreographing more than 2,000 songs.

The three-time National Award winner had choreographed for some of the most memorable tracks, including “Dola Re Dola” from Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s “Devdas”, “Ek Do Teen” from Madhuri Dixit-starrer “Tezaab” and “Ye Ishq Haaye” from “Jab We Met” in 2007.

Saroj Khan shot to fame in the late eighties, choreographing Sridevi superhits such as “Main naagin tu sapera” (Nagina”) and “Hawaa hawaai” (“Mr India”).

Lately, she had been selective with signing new projects. Her recent works include choreographing Kangana Ranaut in “Manikarnika”

Urvashi Rautela Launches Of N R Group Which Is A Platform To Buy Essential Products From Home At Almost HALF The Price

1st online website in India to buy essentials like masks and hand cleanser with free Delivery in the form of Family Safety Kit, Office Safety Kit and Society Safety Kit.

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The company wants the Common Man to have access to these essentials at a 40-50 percent discount so that the same is affordable to all.  We offer a Family Kit, which includes 4 Masks and 2 Hand Sanitizers / Cleansers plus essential safety items.

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Nilesh N Raghani adds ” There will neither be a wholesaler, nor a retailer, due to which the best quality products are offered at such huge discounts. We will deliver these Mask’s and Sanitizer’s at your doorstep at factory cost as a service to humanity in the form of Safety Kit.

We are introducing a Family Safety Kit, Office Safety Kit and Society Kit which user’s can buy at a never before low price. We are starting this initiative as a moral and social obligation – to prevent the Corona epidemic from spreading in this country. NR Group is the 1st company in India, which has kept the common man in mind – provide a superior quality product at an extremely low price. Let me tell you that there is no company in India that has thought of such a concept.”


Nilesh N Raghani further says “ The jingle of our company is ‘Achchi Cheeze, Achche Daam, Ab Desh Ke Naam’. People can buy these essentials at the click of a button and we will supply them these products right at their doorstep. We have named our website “ “, as we want this Corona to run away and let us take a sigh of relief.”

Enzyme 19 At Present Best To Keep Covid 19 Virus Away From Us

As we all are aware of due to Corona Covid 19 whole world is in trouble. So far there is no vaccine and medicine is available.

At present what best we can do is to keep Virus away from us.We should not allowed to infect us. At present we are using alcohol based sanitiser to rub on hands.some people are spaying using dangerous chemical spray to kill this virus.Which is most harmful to human body may cause several disease.Such spray are not allowed by Govt.We watch such viral video on TV and social media.

Enzyme is very useful for human body which plays vital role in various function of human body. We have invented fruit base Enzyme 19 which is 100 % useful to keep away virus.

How Enzyme 19 work

The size of  virus is 0.125 Micron which is protein and size of Enzyme 19 molecule is 0.003 micron.

When we Spray this Enzyme on human body , vegetables or any other object then in thousand of number enzyme19 molecule attack on bacteria and virus and deactivates them .It breaks its protein layer and  RNA .Effect of Enzyme 18 remain for 24 hours.USP of Enzyme19 is Fight against virus and all bacteria’s . USP of Enzyme 19 is 100%Natural and chemical free.Bio degradable material.

  • Safe for human being
  • Alcohol free .No side effect .Economical
  • All lab test reports and certificate from Haffkin Institute is available.


विषाणू संसर्ग टाळण्यासाठी एन्झाइम १९

सध्या जगात कोरोना कोविड १९ या विषाणूने थैमान मांडले असून जगभर आरोग्य आणीबाणीची भयानक परिस्थिती निर्माण झाली आहे. या अतिसंसर्गजन्य रोगामुळे लाखो रुग्ण जीवन मरणाच्या उंबरठ्यावर आहेत. आपल्या भारतातही रोगाचा प्रसार झपाट्याने झालेला असल्याने त्या विषाणूपासून निर्जंतुकीकरण करणे आता आवश्यक बनले आहे. या विषाणू वरती अजून लस किंवा औषध मिळालेले नाही. या त्यामुळे आपण या विषाणूला दूर ठेवून आपल्या शरीरात जाणार नाही हेच जपले पाहिजे.

हे करत असताना या विषाणूशी लढण्यासाठी अजाणतेपणाने आपण घातक रसायनाचा व सॅनिटायझरचा वापर करत आहोत. रसायने शरीरास अपायकारक आहेत. त्यांचे आपल्या शरीरावर विपरीत परिणाम होऊ शकतात तसेच विविध रोग होऊ शकतात. यामुळे ही कृत्रिम रसायने कायम स्वरूपी उपाय होऊ शकत नाही व त्याचाच वारंवार आपण वापरही धोकादायक ठरू शकतो.

या समस्ये वरती आता आम्ही कायम स्वरूपी उपाय शोधला आहे. तो म्हणजे एन्झाइम १९ (BIODEGRADON  TM )विविध प्रकारची हीच एन्झाइम माणसाच्या शरीरात महत्वाची भूमिका वठवतात. त्यापासूनच प्रेरित होऊन एन्झाइम १९ बनवले आहे. कृत्रिम रसायन विरहित असलेल्या या उत्पादनात फळांच्या रसातील एन्झाइमचा वापर केलेला आहे.

हे पर्यावरण पूरक उत्पादन. कार्यालय, घर किंवा बाह्य स्वरूपातील फवारणी व निर्जंतुकीकरणासाठी एन्झाइम अत्यंत उपयुक्त ठरत आहे. हे संपूर्ण स्वदेशी आणि १०० टक्के नैसर्गिक उत्पादन आहे.

कोरोना विषाणूचा आकार ०.१२५ मायक्रॉन आहे ते एक प्रोटीन आहे व एन्झाइम १९ चा आकार 0.003 to 0.007 मायक्रॉन आहे त्याचा स्प्रे मारल्यावर तो करोना विषाणूवर हल्ला करून  विषाणू नष्टकरून टाकतो व विषाणूच्या निर्मितीची व पुनर्रचनेची साखळी तुटते. हे एन्झाइम १९ आपल्या शरीरावर २४ तास कार्यरत राहते व आपला स्पर्श झाल्यानंतर चिकटणाऱ्या विषाणूला नष्ट करते. मात्र पर्यावण पूरक असल्याने मानवी शरीरास काही अपाय करत नाही. यात कुठलेही रसायन  किंवा अल्कहोल नाही. एन्झाइम १९ ( BIODEGRADON TM) ट्रेडमार्क नोंदणीकृत असून राष्ट्रीय स्तरावरही हाफकिन इन्स्टिटयूट, सोमय्या आयुर्विहार प्रयोगशाळा , BTS LAB अशा ठिकाणी याची प्रयोगशाळेत तपासणी होऊन प्रमाण पत्र मिळालेली आहेत.