Teaser Out – Singer Arun Singh First Single Chhukar Mujhe

Bollywood and romantic songs are two halves of the same coin-you cannot have one without the other. When it comes to romance, over the years we’ve always had a handful of actors who’ve dedicated their career to making films that soothe our worried, fed-up-of-failed-Tinder-dates souls, giving us hope that soul mates are real and very much approachable. The New talented singer Arun Singh who based in Dubai coming up with his brand new first Original Single “Chhukar Mujhe” which is releasing on 28th January 2020. Teaser is out now on his social media handles which is appreciated by his fans.  Arun Singh Said, “

Arun Singh started his singing career since 2005 from Kanpur (UP) India. Later 2007 he moved to Mumbai. He learn Indian Classical Music from Murtaza Mustafa son of legendary Ustad Ghulam Mustafa Khan Sahab. He sang a song “Bhunoor-Bhunoor” in a Movie called “Phullu” music done by vickky Agarwal. Arun Singh re-created track Chingari Koi Bhadke, Lag Ja Gale, Hoshwalon Ko Khabar Kya etc. There are other re-creation songs coming soon on his Youtube Channel.


The song “Chhukar Mujhe” written, featuring & sung by Arun Singh and Music by Vickky Agarwal. The song will release on Arun Singh’s YouTube Channel.

Asian-African Leadership Forum organized a Leadership Award in the National Capital

The Asian-African Chamber of Commerce & Industry (AACCI) organised their flagship summit- 2nd Asian-African Leadership Forum in New Delhi. The Forum consisted of a grand summit with amongst diplomats from the two continents.

The AACCI forum witnessed the presence of high ranking diplomats who discussed much about the potential of two continents and different areas of cooperation. The distinguished personalities present were H.E Mr. George Mkondiwa, H.E Ms. Grace Akello, High Commissioner, Uganda together with Nigerian High Commissioner H.E Maj. Gen. Chris Sunday Eze and H.E Mrs. Faduma Abdullahi Mohamud, Ambassador, Somalia. Mr. Md. Shafiul Alam, Councellor, Bangladesh High Commission in India was also among the speakers and attendees.

The eminent dignitaries signified the crucial role of Asia and Africa in the ‘new world order’ and talked about the vibrant opportunities of trade and investment in Africa. They also emphasized on the developing infrastructure and abundance of natural resources in Africa

Dr. G.D Singh, Founder and Chairman of AACCI said “There is an unprecedented growth in Asia and Africa and AACCI is offering various platforms which offer opportunities of trade and investment”.


Speaking at the event AACCI Founder & Chairman Dr. G.D Singh first thanked everyone for their presence. He also detailed about the accomplishment and the growth-oriented network that is developed by AACCI. Public-private partnership in the development of projects and more particularly, regional projects covering more than one AACCI-member country.

The newly appointed President India AACCI, and Former High Commissioner to Nigeria Mahesh Sachdev talked about the geographical connection of India & Africa.

Talked about the geo “As we all know that present India is a part of Gondwana Land that got drifting from Africa and when it collided with Asian plates, the Indian Peninsula came in existence.”

Further Praising the efforts of AACCI he said “The global presence of AACCI is demonstrate their efforts. As myself has got this new responsibility of President India of AACCI, I too with my efforts trying to build up the organization. We would be to build up a hub of economic synergy in India & Africa.

The event was dedicated to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals 2030, appealing to all its participants to make a social impact by adhering to the 17 goals of UNSDG.

The event was graced by famous personalities like Bharat Ratna Mr. Bharat Goradia (USA) international promoter of Indian Art and Culture, Shibani Kashyap (Singer), Rabindra Narayan (President, PTC), Dr. Sandeep Bansal (Owner Pitaara channel), Dev Sharma (Actor), Surinder Shinda (Folk Singer), Roshan Prince (Actor/Singer), Sandhya Shetty (Celebrity Speaker), Preet Kamal (Actress), Geet Gambhir (Actress), Kuwar Virk (Singer/Rapper) Ameik Virk (Film Producer), Shabby (Music Video Director), Ragini Tandan (Singer), Vinod Yadav (Bhojpuri Actor) Mandeep Singh Chhatwal and many others.

The Passion Vista Glamour & Style Awards, Punjabi 2019 are aimed at Punjab Film Industry, popularly known as “Pollywood”, a rapidly expanding and immensely creative film industry which has produced many films which have received international recognition & fame.

Alliance Tyres Associates With Kangana Ranaut Starrer Panga

Blue Bang Media & Entertainment Pvt. Ltd creates co-branded campaign through a common narrative between the film and the brand 
Mumbai 22nd Jan 2020 – Alliance Tyres, a leading name in the global Off-Highway Tyres business successfully established association with Kangana Ranaut and Jassi Gill Starrer Panga, one of the most talked about movies of the year which is scheduled for release on 24th January 2020. Blue Bang Media & Entertainment, leading entertainment and brand alliance agency bags the deal by developing a winning co-branded campaign, blending the movie attributes along with the communication of the brand.
The deal comprises a massive co-branded TV & Digital campaign on leading platforms like Voot, Zee5, Sony Liv, MX player, Youtube, Facebook and Instagram. The brand communication goes in sync with the movie attributes conveying one shouldn’t let their dreams die and that It’s about coexisting and helping each other which will help in achieving goals and, because then how else one will take Panga ?
The notable features of the brand inherently align itself to the theme of the film and the main character of the film, a forgotten kabaddi world champion portrayed by Kangana Ranaut assembles an inner desire to give a new meaning to her existing role as a wife and mother and takes an ingenious decision to come back to the sport despite the challenges of age stereotypes and a new generation complexities which creates an upheaval in her life as she is torn between family responsibility and love for the sport.

Alliance Tyres a leading name in the global Off-Highway Tyres business which has presence in over 120 countries across 6 continents. The brand is well known for its ability to provide customers, application-specific & purpose-built Tyres because their primary focus is on creating value by pushing its limits and overcoming challenges. The essence of the brand and the characters alongside the plot line comes alive in this co- branded campaign. In addition, a meet and greet between Alliance Tyres and star cast of the film will be organised as a part of the association.


Talking about the association, Mr. Harinder Singh, President – APAC, Alliance Tyres stated, “At Alliance tyres we know what it means to dream big and that is why today we are one of the leading farm tyre brands in the country and the world. We identified with the same spirit in this movie and the fact that it features a sport so intrinsic to our Indian roots.” Alliance is a part of Yokohama, one of the world’s biggest tyre companies.

Mr. Anuj Sharma, General Manager – Branding, Blue Bang Media & Entertainment, stated, “Brand Alliance tyres and Panga both revolves around power, strength and commitment which creates seamless synergy between the brand and the film, powerful star cast of the film was an added advantage especially considering the brand TG and focus markets. Also, it was a perfect opportunity for us to break the cliché where a macho personality has to talk about the brand being a rough and tough product, instead we focused on the communication and attributes of both the brand and the film. Lead actor Kangana Ranaut and Jassie Gill have added great value to the association. We at Blue Bang look forward for creating optimise entertainment driven brand solutions.

Movie Synopsis: –
Panga is inspired from the life of a national level Kabbadi player from India. It follows her triumphs, struggle and overcoming of stereotypes and reflecting upon the importance of love and family support in order to become successful

Movie Cast: – 

∙         Kangana Ranuat

∙         Jassi Gill

∙         Richa Chaddha

About Alliance Tyres: –
Alliance has a range of over 1000 specialized items, with each product being carefully engineered keeping the latest technology in mind. Alliance helps to maximize profits with its focus on pioneering innovation and technology. It offers the widest range in sizes and patterns so that you have the perfect, most efficient tire for your needs. Alliance is the market leader in Row Crop and a pioneer in Flotation Tyres. Alliance also boasts of a very comprehensive lineup of Tyres for tractors, sprayers and spreaders. It offers the widest range in terms of prices, sizes and patterns, which are available for various agricultural and industrial applications.

Co- Branded campaign:

Bollywood Star Studded Launch Of CIRCUS CIRCUS Eatery And Bar

Sunday evening witnessed the presence of top personalities from Bollywood, Television industry amid the mix of elite corporate world and noted celebrities at the grand opening of CIRCUS CIRCUS an eatery on Gulmohar Road in Juhu, Mumbai.

Ravi Singh who has set up his brand of the popular RAVIZ eateries in New Zealand has now stepped in the Indian hospitality business with his flagship brand CIRCUS CIRCUS.  Ravi and Kiran Singh played perfect hosts during the evening by recommending the eatery’s specialties individually to the guests personally keeping their eating preferences in mind.

Ravi Singh launched the Raviz Group of Indian Restaurants in Auckland, New Zealand in the year 2000. “Initially the journey was difficult, it felt as if at almost every turn there were obstacles and the universe just wasn’t working our way, this is where my values of self-control and honesty played a big role in moving ahead, but gradually the group grew to 12 restaurants,” Ravi mentioned.


Girish Wankhede Marketing and PR Head, Rajesh Dhabre  Commissioner for customs and GST, Director Vinod Pande,  Actress and Social activist Nikita Rawal, Director Chandrakant Singh, Actor Rajeev Paul, Anil Kumar Editor Mantralya Times, Actress Leena Kapoor , Actress Adita Jain , Actress Myraa, Actor Nagesh Bhosle, Dr Naavnidhi K Wadhwa and Others were present the event.

With the RAVIZ outlets growing, Ravi Singh and Kiran Singh opened boutique hotels in both New Zealand and India which flourished with tourists and local visitors. “After a good long 20 years run in New Zealand, we decided to go back to our roots with everything we had learnt internationally and start up again in the city of dreams, Mumbai,” adds Ravi Singh who credits most of the group’s success to his business-cum-life partner. The old adage needs to be altered – There is always a female ‘walking alongside and leading the successful male’.

Girish Wankhede of Entity One Entertainment Solutions, the marketing consultants to CIRCUS CIRCUS mentioned, “This is an innovative eatery offering Malaysian, Chinese and North Indian cuisine which is the USP of Ravi Singh’s swanky eatery. This is what sets them apart.”

Ravi Singh plans to set up the second CIRCUS CIRCUS eatery in South Mumbai very soon.

And this is just the beginning…

Rajveer Singh Is Bringing Many Films Like Hindi Film Gangs of Bihar in 2020

2020 में हिंदी फिल्म गैंग्स ऑफ बिहार जैसी कई फिल्में लेकर आ रहे हैं राजवीर सिंह

रियलिस्टिक सिनेमा के हीरो बन गए हैं राजवीर सिंह

कहा जाता है अगर नियत साफ हो और कुछ कर जाने का जज्बा हो तो मंज़िल एक दिन मिल ही जाती है। पंजाब के  भटिंडा के रहने वाले राजवीर सिंह ने बड़ी मुश्किलों भरा सफर तय करके बॉलीवुड में अपनी एक पहचान बनाई है। सनोज मिश्रा के निर्देशन में बनी फिल्म “राम की जन्मभूमि”से अपना कैरियर शुरू करने वाले एक्टर राजवीर सिंह आज एक व्यस्त कलाकार हैं जो ना केवल कुछ बॉलीवुड फिल्में बतौर लीड कर रहे हैं बल्कि डिजिटल प्लेटफॉर्म पर भी काम कर रहे हैं।

उनकी आने वाली फिल्मों में काशी टू कश्मीर, गैंग्स ऑफ बिहार और नुशरत जहां जैसे प्रोजेक्ट्स शामिल हैं।

राजवीर सिंह के संघर्ष की कहानी भी किसी फिल्मी कहानी जैसी प्रतीत होती है। पंजाब भटिंडा के एक बेहद मध्यम वर्गीय परिवार के रहने वाले राजवीर की मम्मी एक हाउस वाइफ और सिलाई का काम करती थीं जबकि पिता जी कंस्ट्रक्शन लाइन में हैं। बचपन से ही फिल्मों का शौक रखने वाले राजवीर फिल्मों के सीन दोस्तों के सामने एक्ट करते थे। पहली फिल्म जो थियेटर में उन्होंने देखी वह अमिताभ बच्चन की मर्द थी। उसी दौरान उन्होंने शहंशाह देखी और उसके डायलॉग खूब याद करते थे। शुरू में मुंबई आकर उनमें बहुत शर्म, झिझक थी। कॉस्टयूम डिपार्टमेंट में उन्होंने असिस्टेंट के रूप में काम शुरू किया।बीच में फैमिली इशू की वजह से वह भटिंडा लौट गए और वर्षों भटिंडा में रह गए। 2016 में वह बुरी तरह बीमार पड़ गए और लगभग एक साल बेड पे पड़े इलाज करवाते रहे, उसी दौरान उन्हें एहसास हुआ कि एक्टिंग फील्ड में ही उन्हें अपना कैरियर बनाना है। और फिर सपना पूरा हुआ, सनोज मिश्रा की फिल्म राम की जन्मभूमि उनकी पहली रिलीज़ फिल्म थी।


उन्होंने सनोज मिश्रा की अपकमिंग फिल्म काशी टू कश्मीर की शूटिंग पूरी कर ली हैं जिसमें वह एक बेहद महत्वपूर्ण भूमिका निभा रहे हैं।

वह कहते हैं “इस फिल्म में मेरा रोल ग्रे शेड्स लिए हुए है और मैंने इसी लिए ऐसा रोल स्वीकार किया ताकि मै अपनी एक्टिंग की काबलियत दिखा सकूं। लखनउ की रियल लोकेशन्स पे शूट करना मेरे लिए एक यादगार अनुभव रहा।” राजवीर सिंह इस फिल्म में ताज मोहम्मद का रोल अदा कर रहे हैं जबकि इस फिल्म में गोविंद नामदेव, ज़ाकिर हुसैन जैसे एक्टर्स भी हैं।

इसके अलावा उनकी तीसरी फिल्म आ रही है नुशरत जहां”। गुजरात में हुए इशरत जहां के एनकाउंटर की कहानी है यह फिल्म। जिस एसिपी ने एनकाउंटर किया था वही किरदार राजवीर प्ले कर रहै हैं। किस सिचुएशन में यह एनकाउंटर हुआ इस मूवी में वह दिखाया गया है।

कुमार नीरज द्वरा निर्देशिक फिल्म गैंग्स ऑफ बिहार में वह चुन्नू ठाकुर का अहम रोल निभा रहे हैं। वह क्रिमिनल भी है, निगेटिव रोल भी है पर उसके अंदर कुछ अच्छाइयां भी हैं।

पॉज़िटिव और निगेटिव किरदारों को निभाने के बारे में वह कहते हैं “हीरो या विलेन की कैटगरी में लोग एक्टर्स को डालते हैं मगर दरअसल वह एक कलाकार होता है जो एक किरदार निभा रहा होता है। मै इंपॉर्टेंट किरदार प्ले करना चाहता हूं।”

राजवीर सिंह ने दो शॉर्ट फिल्म बुक वार्म  निदेशक विनय सैंडलिया ओर द परफेक्ट स्माइल जिसका निर्देशिका बंदिता बोहरा है, उसमेभी काम किया है जो एक थ्रिलर है। हमेशा कुछ नया और डिफरेंट करने की कोशिश करने वाले राजवीर खुद को दोहराना नहीं चाहते।

गोविंद नामदेव, मुकेश तिवारी जैसे एक्टर्स के साथ काम करके उन्हें बहुत कुछ सीखने को मिला है। फिल्मों को वह सिर्फ काम नहीं बल्कि अपना पैशन मानते हैं। राजकुमार हिरानी, संजय लीला भंसाली, अनुराग कश्यप, मेघना गुलज़ार जैसे निर्देशक उन्हें बेहद प्रभावित करते हैं।

“ज़िन्दगी में स्ट्रगल कभी ख़तम नहीं होता.” वह ऐसा मानते हैं।

राजवीर सिंह कड़ी मेहनत को ही कामयाबी का मंत्र मानते हैं,वह कहते हैं “मां बाप से अपील करूंगा कि आपके बच्चे जो बनना चाहते हैं उसका सपोर्ट करें, बच्चो से कहना चाहूंगा कि वे मां बाप को कभी धोखा ना दें, उनकी उम्मीदों को ना तोड़ें।”

नए वर्ष में उनके कई प्रोजेक्ट्स रिलीज़ होने वाले हैं।

Music And Dance Will Effluent For Four Days In Delhi For Swami Haridas Tansen Sangeet Nritya Mahotsav

Swami Haridas Tansen Sangeet Nritya Mahotsav, on 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th of January, 2020

This is the 19th edition of Swami Haridas Tansen Sangeet Nritya Mahotsav, which is dedicated to late PT. Ravi Shankar Ji. This year the four day long festival of classical music and dance will witness the performances from veterans like pt.vishwamohan bhatt (mohan veena), pt. salil bhatt (satvik veena), smt. parveen sultana(vocal), ustad aashish khan (sarod), bikram ghosh (tabla), ustad wasifuddin dagar(dhrupad), pt.channulal mishra(thumri), pt.hariprasad chaurasia(flute), pt.rajendra gangani (jaipur gharana kathak), dr.uma sharma(kathak nritya bhav), ustad shujaat khan(sitar), pt.ulhas kashalkar (vocal), ustad amaan ali bangash(sarod), ustad ayaan ali bangash (sarod) and ustad amjad ali khan (sarod).

Under the aegis of Shri Ram Centre for Performing Arts and with guidance of Dr. Vinay Bharat Ram and Dr. Uma Sharma (Bhartiya Sangeet Sadan) the festival has continuously grown with more luminaries joining the stage to a larger audience during the four days of performances. Shri Ram Centre for Performing Arts is the principal sponsor and committed to make this event, the premiere Indian, Classical music event of the country.

Dr. Uma Sharma the PADMA BHUSHAN Kathak dancer who is conducting this event from last 18 years to encourage today’s generation and to absorb our traditional dance and music in a kind of environment created like (MEHFIL ANDAAZ). Endeavoring and commemorating the legendary guru- shishya parampara in the (MEHFIL ANDAZ) through our programs.

Dr. Uma Sharma, the renowned Kathak dancer and Padma Bhushan, has been the pivotal point of the successful journey of this festival throughout, reaching out to the best performing artists.  Her school, Bhartiya Sangeet Sadan too shares responsibilities during the festival.

“In today’s time our youth is attracted more to western and pop music which is going in our industry, but in this they are forgetting one most important thing our heritage dance and music.”-Said Padm Bhushan Dr. Uma Sharma

“Swami Haridas Tansen mahotsav is promoting Indian classical music at the top most level and creating awareness about Indian culture and music amongst the common listeners, its great to be a part of this grand music festival”– Said Grammy award winner Padm Bhushan Pt Vishwa Mohan Bhatt

Dr. Uma Sharma has been organizing this festival for last 18 years, this time I have been invited to perform in this festival, I am very excited that I am getting a chance to perform and I will focus to perform on  ‘Pad’ which is written by Swami Haridas- said PT. Rajendra Gangani.


“Swami Haridas Tansen Mahotsav is an iconic music festival of India for more than a decade and certainly Delhi’s biggest music event. It is attracting audiences in very large numbers, this festival is India’s answer to the world famous Woodstock festival”-Said Tantree Samrat Pt Salil Bhatt

“Delhi audience bahut samajhdar hai. Sab log aate hain. It has been 9-10 years since I have been performing regularly in Delhi, and admire the grand level at which such classical festivals are organised here,” – Said Pt Chhannulal  Mishra.

The festival is now also supported by Modern School, SRF Limited, Art Karat, Lemon Tree Hotels Group and HCL Concerts. Continuing the tradition of bringing the best classical dance and music performers the Delhi audience can look forward to a real treat during the four day festival on the Modern School Barakhamba road.

This duration of program is 4 days and the festival of music and dance will be held on 9th ,10th ,11th and 12th of january,2020 at 6:30 pm at SHANKAR LAL HALL,MODERN SCHOOL,BARAKHAMBA ROAD ,NEW DELHI.

Note: Entry by invitation only.Complementry  Invitation cards available at :

  • Shri Ram Centre for Performing Arts, Mandi House. Ph: 011-23315978, 9810502186
  • Uma Sharma Dance School 52,Community Centre, East of KailashPh:011- 26432998, 26431978,8800433200
  • Modern School, Barakhamba Road Side  Gate

Antervyathaa Is The Most Promising Film Of This Week

इस सप्ताह रिलीज़ होने वाली मोस्ट प्रॉमिसिंग फिल्म है ‘अंतर्व्यथा’

फिल्म समीक्षा

फिल्म ‘अंतर्व्यथा’

निर्देशक: केशव आर्या

निर्माता: दिनेश अहीर, भरत कवाड़, दीपक वशिष्ठ, सह निर्माता अक्षय यादव

कलाकार; हेमंत पाण्डेय, कुलदीप सरीन, गुलशन पाण्डेय , वीना चौधरी और केशव आर्या

रेटिंग्स: 4 स्टार्स

इस सप्ताह रिलीज़ होने वाली फिल्मों में निर्माता: दिनेश अहीर, सह निर्माता अक्षय यादव और निर्देशक केशव आर्या की फिल्म अंतर्व्यथा’ भी शामिल है, जो इस वीक की उम्दा फिल्म कही जा सकती है। बहुत सारे फिल्म फेस्टिवल्स में कई अवॉर्ड जीतने के बाद फिल्म ‘अंतर्व्यथा’ थियेटर में रिलीज हुई है. इस फिल्म से संगीतकार तोची रैना, हेमंत पांडे, कुलदीप सरीन, गुलशन पांडे, निर्देशक केशव आर्या, निर्माता दिनेश अहीर और सह निर्माता अक्षय यादव का नाम जुड़ा हुआ है।

उललेखनीय है कि इस फिल्म को दुनिया भर में अब तक 14 फिल्म फेस्टिवल्स में ८ अवार्ड्स मिल चुके हैं जिसमे बेस्ट डेब्यू फिल्म मेकर, बेस्ट डायरेक्टर, बेस्ट एक्टर के अवार्ड शामिल हैं.

निर्देशक केशव आर्य और प्रोड्यूसर दिनेश अहीर, भरत कवाड़, दीपक वशिष्ठ और को प्रोड्यूसर अक्षय यादव की इस फिल्म को आल इंडिया के सिनेमा घरों में रिलीज़ किया गया है ।

जहां तक इस फ़िल्म की कहानी और सब्जेक्ट का सवाल है तो इस का विषय एकदम अलग है, आजकल की तमाम फिल्मों से एक डिफरेंट सिनेमा है। इसकी कहानी हर दर्शक के दिल को छुएगी और वह इससे कनेक्ट कर पाएगा।

इस फ़िल्म में कबीरा फेम तोची रैना ने  खुबसूरत संगीत दिया है.

फिल्म में हेमंत पाण्डेय, कुलदीप सरीन, गुलशन पाण्डेय , वीना चौधरी और केशव आर्या ने गज़ब की अदाकारी की है।  सुशीला मीडिया टेक प्राइवेट लिमिटेड के बैनर तले बनाई गई फिल्म ‘अंतर्व्यथा’ की वन लाइनर यह है कि ‘ हर इंसान की एक अंतर्व्यथा होती है फिल्म इसी वन लाइनर पर बेस्ड है. हम बचपन में अक्सर झूठ बोल देते हैं, लेकिन मन में यह लगा रहता है कि हमने झूठ बोला है और सारी उम्र इंसान उस झूठ बोलने की गलती को महसूस करता रहता है. अपनी गलतियों को तो इन्सान दुसरे लोगों से छुपा सकता है, लेकिन वह उसे अपने आप से नहीं छुपा पाता. इन्सान को अपनी उस गलती के नतीजे में पैदा हुए अंदरूनी वेदना को झेलना ही पड़ता है। उसे अपने आप से जद्दोजहद करनी ही पड़ती है। यह मूवी यही दर्शाती है.”

फिल्म के निर्देशक और एक्टर केशव आर्य ने बड़ी मेहनत, लगन और शिद्दत से फिल्म ‘अंतर्व्यथा’ बनाई है. यह फिल्म सिनेमा लवर्स को एक बार अवश्य देखनी चाहिए, उन्हें निराशा नहीं होगी।

इस फिल्म को क्रिटिक रेटिंग्स 4 स्टार्स दी जाती है।

——Gazi Moin Ansari

Bollywood Actress Bidita bag Walked Barefoot For Daya Bai Biopic

Hindi cinema has come a long way from doing the run of mill masala flicks. Nowadays, content-driven quality cinema is beginning to dominate the scene which means the actors also have newer and challenging avenues to work with. Of course being professionals, most actors put in a lot of hard work and dedication into their roles. However, there are few who go beyond and to extreme lengths just out of love for the craft. Babumoshai Bandookbaaz Actress Bidita Bag has made a name for herself by being a thorough professional towards her craft even if it means going the extra mile to get under the skin of her character. Like she has done in the past, reportedly walked barefoot at Bhopal to train herself to take on her role in Sree Varun “Daya Bai”.    “It was very, very hard for me but I knew I had to prove myself as an actor. The preparation for this film was a painful process for me emotionally. I knew that for media and people to love my character, I prepped really hard. It was not easy because I am not like her (Daya Bai). I was trying to find a body language, posture and voice command.


Daya Bai, who works among the tribals of central India to better their lot, a Hindi biopic on the renowned social activist Daya Bai will hit the screens next year in April 2020. The film Directed by Shree Varun and Produced by Shyse Eapan under the banner of Vettam Movies.

Gandi Baat Season 4 Fame Actress Avantika Mishra Thanks To Ekta Kapoor

Get ready to see Avantika Mishra’s different looks in 2020

In Bollywood, there are problems in making the identity for the out siiders, but it is said that if the intention is clear, through the hard work destination can be achieved. Actress model and dancer Avantika Mishra also had trouble getting work initially, but on the basis of her talent, she has finally made a place in the industry. Millions of viewers know Avantika Mishra through Ekta Kapoor’s, Alt Balaji’s show Gandi Baat. For this, Avantika is thankful to Ekta Kapoor that she got an opportunity to work in a web series like this.

Let me tell you that Avantika has been in Mumbai since 2015 and has worked in films and many shows. She has acted in several films such as “Auto Romance in Mumbai”, “One Night Out” and “English Ki Taen Taen Fish”. She has done theater from JNU and has ten years of experience working in plays. Avantika has also done many music videos and cover songs.

“I faced some problems when I came to Mumbai, because I feel that the experience of the theater and the experience of the industry is a little different. Whatever happens in the theater is in front of the audience, whereas the work in the industry is different. It all happens in front of the camera. Initially you are not used to it, then slowly you get used to it, you start working.I would like to say that Mumbai is very safe city.” Says Avantika.


Avantika Mishra is busy with many new projects in the new year and is ready to show her fans her different look, so be ready to see some different shades of avantika in 2020.

7 Hot Models Shot By Fashion Photographers Karan Henry And Shiraz Henry























Ruby Arora Bags Title of Mrs Humanity in Guangzhou China

Ruby Arora, representing Mrs North West Asia 2019 from Mumbai won the prestigious title of Mrs. Humanity at the Mrs Universe pageant held recently in Guangzhou, China on 30 th December 2019.


She won this title amongst the 90 contestants participating from all over the world.

Actress Nikita Rawal Celebrates Her Christmas Week With HIV Positive Kids An Effort To Give Smiles

Famous bollywood actress and performer Nikita Rawal is an active participant in politics and is the founder of Astha foundation, an NGO which is aimed at providing facilities , necessities to the under privileged kids and make their lives better .
Nikita Rawal, a well known face in the Bollywood and TV industry who is a model cum actress has acted in many music videos and has given the terrific performance in each . She has played different roles in all the videos and has justified each one of them tremendously . She has always got fit in the role so well and made it look real that it becomes difficult to say that she is just acting on the screen . Nikita has brought life to every video , song, movie, serial etc. which brings emotions, care and reality of life .
Nikita is a firm believer of God and says that Christmas means “God is with us…Always” it’s all about spreading love and happiness, humanity.
She takes it as an opportunity where she witnessed and spent time with the children who are HIV positive , where she wanted to spread smiles on their faces on this festival of love and joy of giving . With an another motive in mind to spread awareness about this disease so that children don’t suffer because of the same , She literally became a Santa in the event by Astha Foundation where she distributed gifts to the children and prayed to God to give her immense opportunities like this in future so that she be the medium to spread cheer whoever needs it.

To mention, Nikita has acted in Garam masala , Mr.black and white with Arshad warsi and Sunil Shetty , Happy birthday , Amma ki boli , Cute Kamina and more.

Mrinmai Kolwalkar celebrity guest at Sakal Premier Awards at Pune Ferns& Amnora

Actress Mrinmai Kolwalkar was a celebrity Guest at Sakal Premier Awards at Pune Ferns & Amnora. She has just completed a 20 day shooting schedule of her coming film Miss Masala Dosa a film by writer director Alok Shrivastava.

Being made under thebanner of Gold Coin Entertainment.

Actress Gehana Vasisth’s Latest Song Ya Habibi Became A Blockbuster

एक्ट्रेस गहना वशिष्ठ का लेटेस्ट गीत ‘या हबीबी’ हुआ ब्लॉकबस्टर

अपने म्युज़िक विडियो की सफलता पर गहना ने दी सक्सेस पार्टी

मॉडलिंग, एंकरिंग, टीवी और फिल्मो में एक्टिंग की वजह से हमेशा सुर्ख़ियों में रहने वाली अदाकारा गहना वशिष्ठ काफी विज्ञापनों में भी काम कर चुकी हैं. गहना ने स्टार प्लस के शो ‘बहनें’में भी काम किया था. शाहरुख खान से बेहद प्रेरित गहना बॉलीवुड में अपनी एक अलग पहचान बनाना चाहती हैं. गहना ने साऊथ की कई फिल्मों में लीड रोल, आइटम नंबर और गेस्ट रोल किया है. उनकी तस्वीरें भी सोशल मीडिया पर वायरल हो जाती है. दिल्ली बस गैंग रेप पर आधारित फिल्म ” इंडियन नेवर अगेन – निर्भया ” मे गहना ने एक स्पेशल डांस नम्बर भी किया था. इस साल इनके दो दर्जन से अधिक विडियो जारी हुए हैं. मिस एशिया बिकिनी का ताज अपने नाम करने वाली गहना वशिष्ट इन दिनों अपने नए विडियो ‘या हबीबी’ की जबरदस्त सफलता की वजह से चर्चा में हैं. अपने इस नए म्युज़िक विडियो की सफलता पर गहना ने मुंबई में सक्सेस पार्टी रखी जहाँ मीडिया कर्मी भी मौजूद थे. यहाँ मीडिया से बात करते हुए गहना ने कहा ”यह एक अरबिक नम्बर है जिसे अस्मिता अधिकारी ने गाया है. स्मिता इंडियन आइडल के टॉप टेन सिंगर में से एक थीं. वह बहुत अच्छी सिंगर हैं और आपको ऐसा महसूस होगा कि उनकी आवाज़ में आशा भोंसले और लता मंगेशकर का मिश्रण है. पहले तो हम उनसे स्क्रैच गवा रहे थे लेकिन जब हमने उनकी आवाज़ सुनी तो इतने प्रभावित हुए कि उनकी ही आवाज़ में इसका फ़ाइनल रिकॉर्ड किया गया. इसकी कोरिओग्राफर खुशबु पटेल हैं जिन्होंने बेहतरीन काम किया है.


इसके डायरेक्टर और प्रोड्यूसर ने बहुत सपोर्ट किया है. इसके विडियो डायरेक्टर ह्रदय शंकर मिश्रा हैं जो इंडस्ट्री में वर्षों से काम कर रहे हैं मैं उन्हें ढूंढ कर लाइ. उन्होंने एक एक फ्रेम पे मेहनत से काम किया है. कॉस्टयूम पे काफी काम हुआ है. सारे डिज़ाइनर कपडे इस्तेमाल किये गए हैं. इसके प्रोड्यूसर सलीम शाह ने इसपर दिल खोल कर पैसे खर्च किये हैं और किसी भी चीज में समझौता नहीं किया है. कहीं पे पैसे बचाने की बात नहीं की. यह एच एस आर म्युज़िक कम्पनी से रिलीज हुआ है. यह यह गाना इंडिया के हर कोने तक पहुंचाना चाहते थे और मुझे ख़ुशी है कि यह गाना दर्शकों को बहुत पसंद आ रहा है.

मुंडे मीडिया ने इस प्रोग्राम की पी आर की जिम्मेदारी संभाली.

Actress Gehana Vasisth Announced Her Next Music Video Dil Kar Raha Hai

एक्ट्रेस गहना वशिष्ठ ने अपने नेक्स्ट म्युज़िक विडियो ‘दिल कर रहा है’ का किया एलान !

टीवी और फिल्मो के साथ साथ वेब सीरिज में एक्टिंग में व्यस्त एक्ट्रेस गहना वशिष्ठ ने अपने नेक्स्ट म्युज़िक विडियो ‘दिल कर रहा है’ का एलान किया है. इन दिनों अपने नए विडियो ‘या हबीबी’ की जबरदस्त सफलता की वजह से चर्चा में हैं. अपने नेक्स्ट म्युज़िक विडियो ‘दिल कर रहा है’ के एलान के मौके पर गहना ने मुंबई में एक प्रेस कांफ्रेंस रखी जहाँ मीडिया से बात करते हुए गहना ने कहा ‘दिल कर रहा है’ भी अस्मिता अधिकारी ने गाया है, इस गाने की भी वही यूनिट है. इसकी कोरिओग्राफर खुशबु पटेल हैं. इसके विडियो डायरेक्टर ह्रदय शंकर मिश्रा हैं और इसके प्रोड्यूसर सलीम शाह हैं. यह एक रोमांटिक नम्बर है जिस्समे ऐसी सिचुएशन है कि एक लड़की अपने बॉय फ्रेंड का इन्तेजार कर रही है. सज रही है संवर रही है उसके इन्तेजार में खोई हुई है. इस विडियो की एक प्रोपर स्टोरी लाइन है. लड़की का दर्द बढ़ रहा है और उसके जज़्बात का इज़हार इस गाने में किया गया है जो दर्शकों और श्रोताओं को बहुत पसंद आएगा. जल्द ही यह गाना रिलीज होगा.”

एक्ट्रेस गहना वशिष्ठ ने यहाँ टिक टोक वालों से अपनी नाराजगी का इज़हार यूँ किया ”मुझे टिक टोक वालों से नफरत है. इसकी वजह यह है की लोग एन एस डी जाते हैं पुणे फिल्म इंस्टिट्यूट जाते हैं नुक्कड़ नाटक करते हैं थिएटर करते हैं एक्टिंग सीखते हैं तब फिल्मो या धारावाहिकों में काम करते हैं आजकल निर्माता लड़कियों से यह पूछते हैं कि आपके टिक टॉक पर इन्स्टा ग्राम पे कितने फोल्लोवेर्स हैं? आपके फैन पेज पे कितने फोलोवेर्स हैं अगर मुझे यही करना है तो मैं लाख रुपये खर्च करके यहाँ फोलोवेर्स की संख्या बढवाउ. टिक टॉक वालों को एक्टिंग करनी नहीं आती, डायलॉग उन्हें याद नहीं होते. टिक टॉक वाले एक्टिंग नहीं कर सकते.”


एक्ट्रेस गहना वशिष्ठ ने नए साल की शुभकामनाएं देते हुए नव वर्ष पर अपनी व्यस्तता के बारे में बताया ”२०२० के १२ महीनो में मैं कम से कम ३६ प्रोजेक्ट्स रिलीज करने वाली हूँ. हाल ही में एक फिल्म कम्प्लीट की है जनवरी में मेरे पांच प्रोजेक्ट्स रिलीज होने वाले हैं. ”

मुंडे मीडिया ने इस प्रोग्राम की पी आर की जिम्मेदारी संभाली.


Bollywood Actress Nikita Rawal recently invited to judge a mega event in Kandivali. Mr. & Mrs Kandivali, where college students from all over the mumbai showcase their talent in designin clothes.

Such beautiful desgines and concept were presented to the jury members.

Nikita, who has done 1478 live shows is an active participant in politics was delighted to be the part of Mr. And Mrs Kandivali , Mumbai as a celebrity Judge.

She says it’s always awesome to be a part of this kind of event where people show their talent and creativity . She was invited as a celebrity judge in this prestigious event and had a great time in this sizzling evening of the season.  She agrees to witness the bunch of talent of the city along with some other prominent personalities of mumbai. Nikita wishes all the participants for their bright future and believes that the city has tremendous talent .


To mention, Nikita has acted in Garam masala , Mr.black and white with Arshad warsi and Sunil Shetty , Happy birthday , Amma ki boli , Cute Kamina and more

Nikita Rawal, a well known face in the Bollywood and TV industry who is a model cum actress  has acted in many music videos and has given the terrific performance in each . She has played different roles in all the videos and has justified each one of them tremendously . She has always got fit in the role so well and made it look real that it becomes difficult to say that she is just acting on the screen . Nikita has brought life to every video , song, movie, serial etc. which brings emotions, care and reality of life .


Ace Director Navin Batra’s Film The Reflection Of Life – MIRROR On DON CINEMA

The Reflection of life – MIRROR, film is Releasing on OMT ( Online Movie Theatre ) Staring Zuber k.khan, Gehana Vasisth,Vije Bhatia,Ehsan khan,Rajeev Nigam, Shikha sinha,Kamal sagar and many more.

This is First OMT FILM (Online Movie Theatre) in the Indian history of Digital Cinema which is release by Don Cinema on 27th December 2019 says Mr. Mehmood Ali (Founder of Don Cinema).


The film is Suspense thriller story based on honeymoon couple. Film is Directed by Navin Batra and Produced by Dr. Rajesh sharma under the banner of Real Infotaiment.


TALENT RUNWAY FASHION BEAUTY PAGEANT Organised by Mr. Amitabh Sinha ,  Mr. Abhishek Sinha and Swati Sinha and managed by TALENT FULLON who showed Dedication and Hardwork towards this show. TALENT RUNWAY Grand Finale 2019 done Successfully at GOLDEN PETAL, GROWEL 101 MALL mumbai on 15th December 2019. Many Artists Appeared in Grand Finale and Made this Event Successfull and Memorable.


For any Query Call / WhatsApp : +91 7506641904

Website : www.talentrunway.com



TV Celebrities Galore to Celebrate 2 Years of Cavalry The Lounge

Mumbai, 26th  December, 2019: Cavalry The Lounge located in Powai, celebrated its second year anniversary with glamour and elegance. Gaurav Bajaj, Laveena Tandon, Pankaj Vishnu, Sana Amin Sheikh and many other celebrities graced their presence to celebrate the rocking 2 years of this happening lounge.

Harry Anand launched his new music single ‘Naach Nachaniya’ at Cavalry’s anniversary which added a lot more spark into the delight. Speaking on the occasion, Harry said, “Nothing can be more joyful than launching my new song here in Cavalry. It has a beautiful ambience, energetic crowd and lovely atmosphere. I have been a loyal foodie of this lounge and will always be!”

This music video was also shot inside the Cavalry Lounge.

Gaurav Bajaj, who currently stars in Star Bharat’s newly launched show, ‘Meri Gudiya’ said, ‘This is my favorite place to be at. The music, service, the atmosphere always makes my heart drive crazy and surely heals up the soul like no other. I am delighted to see Cavalry complete these happy two years and wish to make it reach further heights.”

Gustakh Dil fame Sana Amin said, “Congratulations to Cavalry for completion of successful 2 years. I wish them many more successful years ahead.”

Tik Tok Stars; Aashika Bhatia, Faizal Siddiqui (Team Nawab), Eshan and Preeti known as Krazy4 also marked their presence at the anniversary celebration.

“Team Krazy4 is here at Cavalry to celebrate it’s 2 years of awesomeness. We have brought ourselves to make it even more krazzier” added Eeshan and Preeti.

Rohit Hedge (Founder and Owner of Cavalry) said, “I can’t control my happiness. It has been an amazing 2-year journey. I have lived these two years of Cavalry. Cavalry is set to reach a lot more milestones in future for sure. The staff and my team have worked very hard and it’s their combined effort to make this lounge on of the bests in the city. Good food, Good Music and a cozy comfortable atmosphere for our visitors have always been our priority. We try to provide the best atmosphere for our customers.  ”

Rohit also announced that Cavalry Lounge is having big plans for the Christmas and New Year’s party celebration and details about the same would be out soon. They have also started booking entries as ‘the early birds’ for New Year’s celebration party. If you’re looking for a place for party expeditions then this place is perfect for it.

Indian – American Miss World America Washington Shree Saini will be seen by 18 million people via Jumbotron billboard

Indian – American Miss World America Washington Shree Saini will be seen by 18 million people, via a Jumbotron billboard. This is a double sided video display on one of America’s busiest highway. The jumbotron billboard has a picture of Shree Saini displayed with the letter “Congratulations Shree Saini Miss World America Washington” the Highway side. 18 million more people will read about Miss World and Miss World America organization this year. The sign is a double-sided video display that runs 24/7, 365 days a year. On the average, about 26,000 cars pass the sign daily and, in the summer, the daily average increases to 45,000 cars, totaling more than 9 million cars crossing the sign per year.
This Jumbo-tron is fully dedicated to raise awareness on Shree’s humble charity work via her pageant organizations Miss World and Miss World America. Miss World is an organization that has fund-raised 1.6 billion for charities all around the world.

The 23-year-old Indian American student Shree Saini is an emotional fitness and heart health advocate and is crowned Miss World America Washington. Shree became the winner of 5 awards at Miss World America 2019. She is a global speaker who advocates for emotional fitness, which wants her audiences to “choose positive, solution-oriented thoughts and believe in your potential to transform your community”. She wants to engage the audience to become more active, by donating their time and/ or donating to charities.

18 million more people will read about Miss World America's Miss World organization this year, thanks to this Jumbotron billboard. This is a data from the Recent Traffic Count Study in #Washingtonstate (daily average 26,000 Vehicles / Tucks / Buses and 50,000 people). This Jumbotron #billboard is a double-sided video display, that runs 24/7/365.Mrs. Julia Morley, CEO of the #MissWorld organization, has raised 1.3 billion dollars for different charities, in over 140 countries!48 year ago, Mrs. #JuliaMorley created #BeautyWithAPurpose. Every day, thousands of contestants work on their #BWAP projects and aid charities with their humanitarian work.❤ I am truly #honored to be a part of this Transformative Organization and ready to serve even more people.❤ Let us all create our positive difference with each #conversation and each #interaction. ❤ Let's go out and serve our amazing communities. Shree Saini Ekta Saini#MissWorld #MissWorldAmerica #ShreeSaini#MissWorldAmericaWashington

Posted by Shree Saini on Tuesday, November 5, 2019

I will file defamation case against Maushami Chatterjee : Dicky Sinha

Veteran actor Moushumi Chatterjee suffered a great loss this year with the passing of her daughter Payal on December 13. Suffering from juvenile diabetes, Payal had been undergoing treatment for a long time and was in a coma since last year.
During the 45-year-old’s prolonged illness, Moushumi also had to endure legal battles over her daughter’s custody — The actress filed a case against Payal’s in-laws, including husband Dicky Sinha, for neglecting her health and not paying her medical bills.
The Sinha family has stayed silent since, but Dicky has finally spoken up. “I was quiet all this while because I did not want my focus to shift from taking care of my ailing wife Payal. I waited for so many hours and sent her maternal people SMS’ so that they could attend her funeral,” he reveals.
As for his battle with Moushumi, Dicky shares that he has plans to file a defamation suit against the actress once the rituals for Payal’s death have been completed. “I have to finish all the rituals, which will take some time. I have to go to Triveni after 40 days to submerge Payal’s ashes in the Ganga. I want my wife’s soul to rest in peace. Then I will go ahead and file a defamation case against Moushumi Chatterjee in January,” he confirms, adding that the actress didn’t even visit her daughter in the hospital.
“While Payal was ailing and the doctors had informed us of her serious illness, her mother hardly visited her. Her sister and father would come often and visit Payal,” he asserts.

The businessman opines that Payal and Moushumi’s relationship was strained. “She (Payal) did not get that love from her mother, but she was regularly in touch with her father. They had some issues that can be double-checked with any of their relatives. Perhaps there was some difference with Moushumi, who lived in Nibhana, while Payal and dad lived together until she got married to me and started living with me,” he says.
Dismissing allegations that he did not pay her medical bills, Dicky instead looks back at his love story with Payal. “We have been friends from early 2000, we met online on Orkut. It’s been a very good journey so far with her, and it is extremely sad that she is no more. Payal was an independent girl. We got married in Arya Samaj  and then later had a court marriage. We were happy,” he recalls.

Vsquare Production House Roped Ankita Thakur For 7 Projects

Known professionally as Ankita Thakur, is an Indian model hails from Kolkata. A Computer Science graduate and a software engineer by profession, she brought several laurels to the family with her contribution to athletics and games which she has been associated throughout her schooling period.

Being passionate and having inclination towards acting brought her to the new carrier in a new direction all together  where she is looking forward to explore her talent and acting skills.

Luckily, she has got a major breakthrough when Vikas Vashistha’s production house ‘Vsquare’ locked her for 5 music videos and 2 films.

Let’s hope she does find what she is looking for. However, she looked quite graceful, glamorous and promising while performing on the sets of her first music video ‘Drame Na De’ opposite Girish Nakod, Muhfaad and directed by Himanshu Tyagi.


“Ankita has a great potential. Her performance is very striking and shows a lot of promise. Her performance with actor can be well received by the audience. We look forward to creating more successful music videos and films under Vsquare banner. I wish her a grand success ahead, “said Vikas Vashistha, Producer of Vsquare, in a statement.

Heartiest Congratulations to Angel Tetarbe Popular Queen of Universe

As she received  “World Peace Messenger Award”2019”  on International Platform in  Los Angeles.

“I feel very happy n honoured to recieve one of the Prestigious Award as World Peace Messenger ” in LA.

Its gods blessings,am.great devotee to lord Shiva ,and its my mom behind my every moment of ups n downs and  success. my parents support n love n blessings have brought me today with International recognintion n achievements.”

Also Angel recently got  “STYLE ICON and  Performer of the Year Award 2019”   in Goa  in “Asian Lifestyle and fashion Awards,its the Beauty ,Fashion and the   most Glamourous Award event  across Asia”


Angel is –

“Miss Glamourface World-India “2017”

Niff Miss India -Best “Smile”

“International winner in Germany. 2018”

“Popular Queen of Universe 2019″

Feel very blessed and honoured as am Chosen to receive both the Awards this year..  It was a great experience and memorable time for me .God is Great n Kind”

Angel recently returned from New York and did shows as Celebrity guest along wd Bollywood Hero Raj Kumar Rao and actress Nargis Fakri in New York,  Am very Thankful to  Celebrity promoter Mr Bharat Gorodia ,for being there in los Angeles while recieving the Award.also thankful to Dr Neetu  Singh and Dr.Sir GD Singh for choosing for such a wonderful prestigious Award in Los Angeles” Also thankful to President  Mukesh kaneri ji. Angel Is travelling  to USA and different part of the world promoting our Indian Culture,and with the Mission- “JOIN HANDS FOR THE WORLD PEACE” We r here in the journey of life,we should love n respect each other,we need love ,peace and Happiness in life .

We r not here for hatred ,jealousy and fights ,we should spread peace and happiness in The world”

And I salute our soldiers  at the Border who sacrifices their life to  protect our lives to protect our country.  I salute them,god bless them n their family ,they are  the” real Heros of our Country.” Jai Hind”

We wish u all the best for ur future success. India is proud of u Angel.

Education Hub Awards 2019 by Dr Divya Saraiya Supported by IAWA Managed of Amar Cine Production

A Grand event to promote & inspire student’s was organised by Dr Divya Saraiya & Vishal Saraiya on 20th Dec 2019, at an exotic venue Lakhani Banquets in Malad west.

Dr Divya Saraiya, who is a Child Psychiatrist, Neuroscience specialist & Social activist, also winner of APJ Kalam Award for Professional Excellence & International Award for Neuroscience specialist in 2019, organised this colourful, with lots of inspiration for youngsters, along with Vishal Saraiya, a Civil engineer and interior designer.Several student’s were awarded here by many distinguished guests, also all students stole heart’s of everyone present there.

Chief Guest at the event was Dilip Patel (Ex MP of Anand, Gujrat from BJP), other distinguished guests were Singer Arvinder Singh, Actors Pankaj Raina, Pankaj Berry, Vije Bhatiya, Jeetendra Bhardwaj, Banwari Lal Jhol, Mukesh Agrohari, Archana Mohan Sharma, Dev Agnihotri, Poonam Bajpai, Ramesh Pipalia and definitely the back bone of show Dr Daljeet Kaur (IAWA) & Amarjeet Singh (Amar Cine Production).

Show was grand success with performance bu student’s, and everyone had lots of praises for them including the media .


एजुकेशन हब अवार्ड्स २०१९, डॉ दिव्या सरैया, सपोर्टेड बाई आईवा, मैनेज ऑफ अमर सिने प्रोडकशन।

उभरते हुए विद्यार्थियों के प्रोत्साहन हेतु, एक रंगारंग कार्यक्रम डॉ दिव्या सरैया एवं विशाल सरैया ने आयोजित किया। डॉ दिव्य चाइल्ड साइकेट्रिस्ट, न्यूरोसाइंस स्पेशलिस्ट एवं सोशल एक्टिविस्ट हैं, वे ए पी जे कलाम अवार्ड प्रोफेषनल एक्सीलेंस और इंटरनेशनल अवार्ड फ़ॉर न्यूरोसाइंस स्पेशलिस्ट २०१९ की धारक हैं, उन्होंने बच्चों के लिए इस कार्यक्रम का आयोजन विशाल सरैया (सिविल इंजीनियर एव इंटीरियर डिज़ाइनर) के संग आयोजित किया। इस अवसर पर प्रमुख अतिथि दिलीप पटेल (भूतपूर्व एम पी आनंद, गुजरात, भाजपा के), के रहे, इनके अलावा गायक अरविंदर सिंह, एक्टर पंकज रैना, पंकज बेरी, वीजे भाटिया, जीतेन्द्र भारद्वाज, बनवारी लाल झोल, मुकेश अगरोहरी, अर्चना मोहन शर्मा, देव अग्निहोत्री, पूनम बाजपई, रमेश पिपालिया एवं इवेंट की बैकबोन डॉ दलजीत कौर (आईवा) एवं अमरजीत सिंह रहे।

इस कार्यक्रम में हर किसीने बच्चों के कार्यक्रमों को व उनके प्रयासों को सराहा।






Highest spirit – ( Aditya chandak )
























WE were very interested in promoting education, though primarily for the elites.

MAIN AIM is to reach the masses to groom young minds for quality life.

Develop self-confidence

Oratory and language

 Attitude and body language

Punctuality and time management

Adaptability and adjustment

Emotional equation


Music On- Vibe Music
“I want to be a full paisa vasool actor who can make audience say kya hero hai” says Mayank Shekhar” Hailing from Ranchi Jharkhand, Mayank who is slaying in his recent music video “SWAG DI SAWARI” opposite Riya Kishanchandani; Produced by Shashank Thakur; Composed & sung by Tirtharaj Gandhavi & Rapped by Gaurav Meena.
Talking about his song, Mayank said “Party season is on & Swag Di Sawari is our special offering to fans worldwide to enhance their party mood. Truly peppy and lively in its best sense we bet the song will be a part of your party playlist”
Insisting that his foray into the world of performing arts was not a flash-in-the-pan decision, Mayank says that it’s his passion & love for the craft of acting which is the prime factor that attracts him to be a part of Bollywood “I came to Mumbai in 2016 & ever since I can remember, acting has not been a dream, it has been an obsession. It has always been about the role of hero  for me. You know what’s the best part of acting , you become a different person, a different soul. Isn’t it beautiful?”
On his journey to pursue his dreams, he spelled his brilliance in the show titled Return of School Days (2018) where he played the role of Abhishek Mukherjee, a much loved & popular character amongst the audience . He also did a television show Ankhee (2016) on Zoom Channel which gave him broader fan base.
Blame his appealing looks, the upfront ambitious actor has triumphed upon the hearts of millions working in print campaigns for elite brands like Reebok (2017), Casio Mens Watch & many more.
While Mayank poses all the elements to slip into any character with a lot of ease, he awaits good projects which will help bring out the actor in him and be the next big things in the industry.

“I want to have a very strong voice of my own in the entertainment business. This means if Mayank Shekhar does a film or a show, it has to be worth watching. I want people to say: “there goes a boy with no god father who established himself as one of the leading voices in today’s world of films, it is his dedication & never-give-up attitude that got him there” adds Mayank.
His upcoming projects include Web series on Netflix in 2020.

Bhojpuri Rap Song Mai Ki Gaud Mein Released New Look Will Be Seen For The First Time

भोजपुरी रैप सांग ‘माई की गोद में’ हुआ रिलीज़,पहली बार दिखेगा नया अंदाज

भोजपुरी में अक्सर एक ही तरह का गाना देखने और सुनने को मिलता है लेकिन भोजपुरी में पहली बार एक ऐसा रैप सॉन्ग आया है जिसे सुनकर आप कही न कही आश्चर्य जरूर होंगे.जी हाँ ‘माई की गोदी में’ यह रैप सॉन्ग पिछले दिनों मुंबई में काफी धूम -धाम से रिलीज़ किया.इस गाने को गाया है हितेश्वर ने जो बेहद ही अच्छा रैप करते है और इस गाने को उन्होंने ही लिखा है.इस गाने को निर्माण के पीछे हितेश्वर ने कारण यह बताया की वे अपनी माँ को बेहद प्यार करते है वे अब इस दुनिया में नहीं है लेकिन उनसे जुडी हुई यादे वे हमेशा अपने साथ लेकर चलते है.माई की गोद में यह गाना उन्होंने अपनी माँ को समर्पित किया है.


भोजपुरी रैप सॉन्ग के जरिये हितेश्वर कुछ नयापन लेकर आ रहे है जिससे वे दर्शको का मनोरंजन करना चाहते है.ऐसे ही कई नए कांसेप्ट को लेकर हितेश्वर जल्द कई और प्रोजक्ट्स लेकर आ रहे है.बात करे या गाने से जुड़े बाकी लोगो की तो इस गाने को शुभम सिंह ने डायरेक्ट किया है जो बेहद ही खूबसूरती से दर्शाया गया है वही गाने की निर्मात्री मोशिना मल्होत्रा है.इस खूबसूरत गाने को म्यूजिक से सजाया है रीवान सिंह ने और साउंड नीरज सिंह द्वारा दिये गए है.इन गाने का प्रचार प्रसार अखिलेश सिंह द्वारा किया जा रहा है.

Big Basket joins hands with LetsallHelp.org to enhance social impact footprint

India aims to become one of the largest economies in the world but millions of underprivileged & underserved people in the country still sleep hungry and are void of personal hygiene – the root cause of many diseases. Zero hunger and good health are 2 of the 17 sustainable development goals defined by the United Nations to transform India.

In order to help tackle this issue, Mumbai based startup Letsallhelp launched its online social impact platform LetsallHelp.org, collaborating with Big Basket as its supplies and logistics partner. Letsallhelp.org is a simple and transparent online social impact platform with zero fees to take care of basic food & hygiene needs of kids, women, men and elderly at orphanages, old homes, shelters and unaided schools in India. Bigbasket.com will work closely with LetsallHelp to manage the procurement and delivery of all donated products to the respective beneficiaries.

  • Social impact start-up LetsallHelp launches online platform focusing on providing monthly food and basic personal hygiene to the underprivileged
  • Big Basket to be the supplies and logistics partner and spread awareness of the goodness of giving

Abhinay Chaudhary, Co-Founder and Head of New Initiatives at Big Basket said, “Our long experience in managing logistics will help add to the promise of reliability, transparency and trust of our social impact partner. We are delighted to be associated with LetsAllHelp.org’s vision and are sure that our relationship will grow from strength to strength to create a big social impact”.

“I am thrilled and grateful for the partnership with Bigbasket.com. I always believed in a simple yet profound thought – give more than what you get from the society. We wanted to create a platform where donors have 100% trust, transparency and know the impact they are making through their contributions. LetsAllHelp gives donors an opportunity to contribute towards helping underprivileged and underserved and feel good about the impact they are making,” Premal Shah, Change Maker & Founder of LetsAllHelp.org said.

“I believe that each one can be a Changemaker so that we can live in a society which we have always dreamed of, one where everyone is content, healthy and happy.” Premal added. 100% of contributions made through Lets All Help’s online platform reach the intended beneficiaries every month without any deductions, administration fees or platform fees.

Apart from being the Supplies & Logistics partner, Bigbasket.com and LetsAllHelp.org will work together in on several marketing, corporate and employee related initiatives to increase awareness and create an impactful giving platform.

How Letsallhelp.org works

There are millions of fortunate people who are willing to help but mainly have three concerns before donating:

  1. Are the beneficiaries really genuine?
  2. How much of my actual donation goes towards helping the needy?
  3. What is the impact of my donation?

At Letsallhelp.org, individuals choose products and quantities they wish to contribute, which will be delivered by Bigbasket.com to each beneficiary at the end of the month.  Donors get proof of the delivery as “Impact Proof” with a photo when the products are delivered. In the end, individuals get the joy of impacting lives in a meaningful way and feel good. LetsAllHelp.org offers various ways to contribute – one-time, monthly, adopt for one year, corporate adopt and employee giving.
For further information, please contact:


Choreographers Sandip Soparrkar and Vijayshree Chaudhary help Suman Rao to prepare for Miss World 2019

Rajasthan girl Suman Rao won the 2nd Runner Up title at the Miss World 2019 contest held in London. Earlier in the year she was crowned Femina Miss India World 2019 and was representing India at the Miss World 2019 pageant. The 20-year-old had previously won the title of Miss India Rajasthan 2019. To help her prepare for the Talent Round and Dances of The World Round, Choreographers Sandip Soparrkar and Vijayshree Chaudhary worked with her for several months.
Speaking on training Suman, Bollywood and Ballroon dance guru Sandip Said, “With the help of the Miss India Organization, we chose the songs for suman’s Talent Round and Dances of The World Round. For over three Months, Suman dedicatedly trained with Vijayshree Chaudhary and Me, and religiously did her dance practice. She is not only a beautiful girl, but also very talented. I wish her all the best for Miss World Contest – I am sure she will make all of proud.”

Classical dance guru Vijayshree said, “Suman is a trained Kathak dancer and knows the nuances of Indian Classical and Fold dance. It was delight to teach her because she is extremely focused, intelligent and attentive with a lot of grance and poise. Suman’s talent round dance is a tribute to Priyanka Chopra Jonas, who is and Indian icon with a global presence. For the dances of The World Round, Suman will perform the Indian folk dance ghoomar, which showcases the colourful essence of her state, Rajasthan.
Miss Jamaica Tony-Ann Singh was crowded Miss World 2019. Miss France
Ophély Mézino stood 1st runner up and Miss India Suman Rao adjudged 2nd runner up.

Monica Shaikh Presents Reigning Mrs India 2020

Grand launching of “Reigning Mrs India, Season 2” took place at Onyx, Koregaon Park, in Pune recently. This event is presented by Monica Shaikh & Imran Shaikh.

Many renowned personality like Tusshar Dhaliwal, ACP Neelam Jadhav, API Prema Patil (Winner of “Reigning Mrs India 2019”), Kamlesh Magar, Actor & Host Vije Bhatiya (who hosted grand finale of 2019, along with Actress & Host Aarti Singh who is currently in house of Big Boss) along with new contestants Dr Mrinalini & Papiya Shah, and definitely presenters Monica Shaikh & Imran Shaikh.

Event was organised by I M Solitaire Sunday Films and Anchor was Ms Deepali Patil. Many Media person’s from Mumbai and Pune were also present.


मोनिका शेख की प्रस्तुति “रिगेनिंग मिसेज़ इंडिया २०२०”।

“रिगेनिंग मिसेज़ इंडिया” के दूसरे सीजन की भव्य लॉन्चिंग, हाल ही में पुणे के कोरेगांव स्तिथ ओ एन व्हाई एक्स (ONYX), में सम्पन्न हुआ। इसके प्रस्तुतकर्ता मोनिका शेख एव इमरान शेख।

कई लोकप्रिय हस्तियां इसमें शामिल हुई, तुषार धालीवाल, ए सी पी नीलम जाधव, ए पी आई प्रेमा पाटिल (“रिगेनिंग मिसेज़ इंडिया २०१९” की विजेता), कमलेश मागर, एक्टर एव होस्ट वीजे भाटिया (जिन्होंने २०१९ का ग्रैंड फिनाले, एक्ट्रेस एव होस्ट आरती सिंह जो फिलहाल बिग बॉस के घर में हैं, इनके साथ होस्ट किया था), साथ ही नए सीजन के दो प्रतियोगी डॉ मृणालिनी एवं पापिया शाह भी मौजूद थे।

इवेंट को आयोजित आई एम सॉलिटेयर संडे फिल्म्स ने किया था, और एंकरिंग दीपाली पाटिल ने किया, इनके अलावा मुम्बई और पुणे के कई मीडियाकर्मी भी मौजूद थे।

Keshav Arya’s film Antarvyathaa which won many awards in film festivals Releasing On 3 January 2020

It happens very rarely that after showing in film festivals and getting so many awards, a film is released in theaters too. But director Keshav Arya’s movie ‘Antarvyatha’ has the good fortune that after screening in the film festivals, the film is releasing at such a high level in December. So far, it has received 4 awards in 14 film festivals, including Best Debut Film Maker, Best Director, Best Actor. Co Producer Akshay Yadav,

Keshav Arya, who has been associated with theater for almost 20 years, has also made a lot of short films. He is very excited about the release of this film. Keshav Arya said, “Many people have seen its promo and people are liking it. The release of films nowadays has become a big challenge, but I am happy that our film is being released. Earlier this film was made only for the festival but now it is going to be released in the theater. It has been shown in more than a dozen festivals in the country and abroad and has been awarded several awards including Best Film, Best Director. Since the films shown in the festival do not have songs, later we have added many songs to it for release in theaters. Kabira fame Tochi Raina has given beautiful music in it. It has a total of four songs. The title song of the film is quite effective.

Director Keshav Arya is extremely thankful to the film’s three producers Bharat Kavad, Dinesh Ahir and Deepak Vashisht who are bringing the film to theaters.


The film has actors like Hemant Pandey, Kuldeep Darren, Gulshan Pandey while Keshav Arya has also acted in it. Describing the one-liner of the film ‘Antarvyatha’ made under the banner of Sushila Media Tech Pvt Ltd, Keshav Arya says, “See, every man has an intuition. The film is based on this one liner. We often lie in our childhood, but it remains in our mind that we have lied and the person keeps on realizing the mistake of telling that lie. A person can hide his mistakes from other people, but he cannot hide it from himself. A human has to withstand the inner anguish that results from that mistake. He has to fight with himself. This is what this movie shows.

The director and actor of the film, Keshav Arya, has made the film with great effort and dedication.

Kyun Ho Gayi Juda will be releasing on 20 December 2019

Record label Music Fitoor’s next venture “Kyun Ho Gayi Juda will be releasing on 20 December 2019 on Youtube & all digital Music platforms. This song is being promoted by Signature Vision in 12 states. Producer Lalita Parmar has immensely believed in the this project. During a press conference in Mumbai Director Jitendra Singh Tomar has narrated the story of a traingle love. Singer Anurag Maurya has given the voice for this song and Urmila Varu has composed the song. The lyrics has given by Anurag Maurya’s younger brother Anupam Maurya. This song is featuring artist Neil, Felisha (Pooja) & Hitesh Girdhar. You will get to see a lot of dramatic suspense in the album. The producers of the song already released the teaser of the song on YouTube.


Actor Neil was selected by some of his viral TikTok videos among various different actors during auditions. Hitesh Girdhar previously has been seen in several serials. Talking about the actress Felisha (Pooja), she has been very active in Print shoots & modelling in her career and this is her first Debut album named “Kyun Ho Gayi Juda”. Director Jitendra Singh Tomar putting lots of efforts has brought out the best from the actors involved in the song and he is very connected to this song. Interesting fact is that this song is based on a true event. So, audiences are going to connect deeply listening to this when released on December 20, 2019

Little Known Facts About Actress Abhilasha Shree

अभिनेत्री ‘अभिलाषा श्री ‘ फिल्म इंडस्ट्री की जानी मानी कलाकार है,  उन्होने अपनी फिल्मी करियर की शुरवात डकैत फिल्म से की थी कुछ रीजिनल फिल्मों मे काम करने के बाद उन्होने अपना रुख हिन्दी इंडस्ट्री की ओर किया, अभिलाषा श्री जी मुंबई से पढ़ी है,  पढ़ाई ख़तम करने के बाद उन्होंने फैशन डिज़ाइनर का काम भी किया है,  उन्होने हिन्दी फिल्म इंडस्ट्री मे सबसे पहला काम ‘Tishnagi’ फिल्म मे किया इस फिल्म के डायरेक्ट समीर खान जी है,  श्री जी ने बताया की काफ़ी अच्छा एक्सपीरिन्स रहा इस फिल्म मे राजपाल यादव जी इनके को- एक्टर थे उनके साथ कॉमेडी रोल बखूबी निभाया है.

इस फिल्म के बाद श्री जी ने काफी एपिसोडइक शो कि है – CID,  craim petrol, Savdhan india,  Savdhan pyar me, Ultraa web series, और कई सारे short films कर चुकी है,  इसके बाद इन्होने बिग गंगा चनेल का, ‘दिव्या शक्ति’ किया जिसमे मुख्य भूमिका मे थी,  इन सबके बाद हाल मे ही इन्होने 3 हिन्दी म्यूजिक वीडियो एल्बम किया है जिसके नाम है – ( me too ka vaar ) (yara sili sili ) ( Tum knha kho gye ho ) और इन सभी एल्बम का  निर्देशन भी इन्होने ने ही किया है जो की आप इनके अपने u tube चनेल पर देख सकते है  आज कल अभिलाषा श्री जी हैदर काज़मी जी की बहु चर्चित फिल्म जो की real life पर बेस है ‘bandit Shakuntla’ के  शूट पर गई है

फिल्मों  मे काम करने के अलावा वो समाज सेवा मे भी लगी रहती है वो समाज सेवा करते हुए “We Can We Will” नामक संस्था से भी जुडी है जिसके संस्थापक pankaj Thakkar जी है,

अभिलाषा श्री जी का कहना है वो एक बड़ी एक्ट्रेस के साथ साथ बड़ी समाज सेविका भी बनाना चाहती है.

My acting passion brought me to Bollywood – Alisa Khan

Alisa Khan, the great granddaughter of Ghaziabad city founder Ghaziuddin, is very famous in Bollywood these days as an actress as well as an astrologer.  Apart from Bollywood, Alisa Khan has also acted in 12 music videos in addition to many films of South. She is also going to appear in a webseries soon.  She says that nowadays I am busy with my professional and personal life and nowadays I am spending quality time with my daughter Dua.

Alisa  has recently arrived from Thailand as a jury for Enigma Mr. and Mrs. International.  Apart from this, she has attended many events as a judge.  Recently she was honored during the Mentor and Muscat Golden Academy Awards held in Noida.  Where Tomar Dadis was also present as the chief guest.  Let me tell you that the movie “Sand ki Aankh” made above in Tomar Dadis was released in which Taapsee Pannu and Bhumi Pendekar played the main characters.


Alisa made her Bollywood debut as an actress in the Hindi film “My Husband Wife”.  She has also worked with Emraan Hashmi in the film “Aaina” which will be released soon.  Alyssa told that her family did not want her to step into Bollywood, but her passion for acting brought her to this point.  It is not considered fair for girls to come to films from the family that Alisa belongs to, but she came to Mumbai after fighting her family and has managed to make her mark on her own today.

मेरे एक्टिंग के जुनून ने मुझे बॉलीवुड में लाया : अलिसा खान

गाजियाबाद शहर  के संस्थापक  गाज़ीउद्दीन की परपोती अलिसा खान इन दिनों बॉलीवुड में बतौर अभिनेत्री के साथ साथ एस्ट्रोलॉजर के रूप में भी काफी फेमस है। बॉलीवुड के अलावा अलिसा खान साउथ की भी कई फिल्मों के अलावा 12 म्यूजिक वीडियो में भी काम कर चुकी हैं ।जल्द ही वह एक वेबसिरिज मे भी नजर आने वाली हैं। वह कहती है कि आजकल मैं अपने प्रोफेसनल और पर्सनल लाइफ में व्यस्त हूँ और आजकल अपनी बेटी दुआ के साथ क्वालिटी टाइम बिता रही हूँ ।

अलिसा हाल  ही  में एनिग्मा मिस्टर एंड मिसेस इंटरनेशनल के लिए बतौर जूरी थाईलैंड से जाकर आयी है। इसके अलावा वह कई इवेंट में बतौर जज शिरकत कर चुकी हैं। पिछले दिनों उन्हें नोयडा में आयोजित मेंटर एंड मस्कट गोल्डन अकैडमी अवार्ड के दौरान सम्मानित किया गया। जहाँ पर तोमर दादिया भी बतौर मुख्य अतिथि मौजूद थी ।  बतादें कि तोमर दादियों में ऊपर बनी फिल्म “सांड की आंख ” पिछले दिनों प्रदर्शित हुई जिसमें तापसी पन्नू और भूमि पेंडेकर ने मुख्य किरदार निभाया था। अलिसा ने बॉलीवुड में बतौर अभिनेत्री हिंदी फ़िल्म ” माय हसबैंड वाइफ” से डेब्यू किया था । इमरान हाशमी के साथ वह फ़िल्म ” आईना” में भी काम कर चुकी हैं जो जल्द ही रिलीज होगी । अलिसा ने बताया कि उनके परिवार वाले नही चाहते थे कि वह बॉलीवुड में कदम रखे , लेकिन एक्टिंग के प्रति उनके जनून ने उन्हें यहां तक खींच के लाया । अलिसा जिस शाही परिवार से ताल्लुक रखती है ऐसे परिवार से लड़कियों का फिल्मो में आना ठीक नही माना जाता है ,लेकिन वह अपने परिवार से जंग लड़कर मुम्बई आयी और अपने बलबूते पर आज अपनी पहचान बनाने में कामयाब हुई है

Ruby Arora leaves for Mrs Universe Pageant in China

Ruby Arora from Mumbai holds the prestigious titles of Mrs Universe North West Asia 2019 and Mrs India Universe 2018. We will see her participating, along with 90 other international delegates, in the upcoming Mrs Universe Pageant , that is going to be held at Guangzhou, China on the 30 th of December 2019.

We wish her luck that she wins and hope that she turns out to be the first Indian to bag the title of Mrs Universe 2019.

Press Meet Of Mr And Miss Filmora Fashion Reality Show Season-1

Mumbai: Maya Nagri, the country’s biggest and first ‘Mr & Miss Filmora’ fashion reality show, season 1, lit a deep lamp in Mumbai, the chief guest of the show, actress Anjali Pandey, Hamid Ali Bollywood director,  Sachin Yadav Bollywood Director, judge of the show Tanya Pirzada Fashion Designer, Mala Mansukhani Fitness Trainer and Fashion Designer, Pooja Mathur Tarot Master, Dr. Sureena Rane Malhotra, Veer Chaudhary, Au  And choreographers Shahil Dubey and Row Desai, anchor Pari Chandok Rahi, tell you that Anjali Pandey’s film issue 370 is released on this Friday, the film is getting the love and blessings of the audience, which is clear on Anjali Pandey’s face  Appeared.

It may be noted that through this show, talented young men and women got a chance to show their talent, all the finalists were freshers but their intentions were high. ‘Mr & Miss Filmora’ CMD Akhilesh Singh told that the show was aimed at talented young men and women.  Giving a great achievement in the world of Glamor, he told that if youth give right direction to their career, and do their work with full honesty and self-respect, then success will be  Be in action.


Let me tell you that Divya Shinde, winner of ‘Mr & Miss Filmora’ Fashion Reality Show Season 1, and Pooja Yadav, the first runner-up, Swarnima Gupta, the second runner-up, and Sanjeev Sharma, the winner in Male, Ashu Verma, first runner-up  The second runner-up was performed by Rahul Ojha, the show choreographer Shahil Dubey and Row Rowe Desai, as well as Mumbai’s celebrating fashion designer Tanya Pirzada’s costumes by young men and women wearing Ramwalk Kia, Evin  Girls gown was gorgeous, he had something to say to all of these, see the full report.

Actor And Roadies Icon Rannvijay Singha Turns Restaurateur Unveils Doner & Gyros Outlet In City

Actor & Roadies Icon Rannvijay Singha Unveils Doner & Gyros Outlet, Nearly 200 Outlets Planned In Next Five Years In India

Chandigarh, December 13, 2019: Renowned VJ, actor and MTV Roadies winner Rannvijay Singha has donned a new cap – that of a food entrepreneur. Rannvijay is passionately following his ‘culinary dream’ of setting up a series of International chain ‘Doner & Gyros’ outlets across India. ‘Doner & Gyros’ offers scrumptious sandwiches made in Chicago and Berlin style.

Rannvijay, Prateek Sachdev and Vikram Singh Zeeshan all are partners in the Indian Master Franchise, 4 TPS – bringing ‘Doner & Gyros’ to India. As part of an ambitious plan, Rannvijay, who also is a Punjabi has decided to come to his roots, to unveil an outlet of ‘Doner & Gyro’s’ at the food court in Elante Mall, Chandigarh. “Doner & Gyros” is a casual fast-food restaurant.

Rannvijay created quite a stir among fans who were excited to see him interacting with media at a well-appointed area in Elante Mall’s spacious food court, to announce details about his new venture as a business entrepreneur. He was accompanied by Prateek Sachdev and Vikram Singh Zeeshan both dynamic & young hospitality industry magnates.


Going Back in time in the 70’s, Doner (meat wrapped in bread) was a very popular street food of Berlin; in simple terms Doner is made using seasoned meat stacked in the shape of an inverted cone and turned slowly on a rotisserie or rotating spit, while Chicago Gyro (originally Greek) which is meat cooked on a vertical and then put in baked bread, was first served in the US in 1965. These traditional foods are made at ‘Doner & Gyros’ by expert chefs.

Rannvijay said, “I recall my earlier days, when I went to the U.S for work I had observed tremendous craze for ‘Doner & Gyros’ among residents, especially the youth. From those days I always dreamt of bringing ‘Doner & Gyros’ to India. My objective is now being fulfilled through 4 TPS. The USP of the menu in India is that we have tweaked an otherwise mainly non-vegetarian offering to add an array of delightful and tasty vegetarian recipes. This has been done keeping in mind the Indian food aficionados tastes and preferences which also include vegetarian.”

Speaking on the occasion, Prateek Sachdev said, “The main reason behind the international success of ‘Doner & Gyros’ is because the food is healthy, hygienic and of course lip-smacking. What’s more it is very much affordable too. The idea is to use high-quality ingredients & create that authentic & delicious taste in every bite.”

Vikram Singh Zeeshan said,” ‘Doner & Gyros’ brings authentic street food from Berlin and Chicago. Some of the signature dishes are the Classic Berlin Doner, Classic Chicago Doner, Paneer Platter, Falafel Platter, Veggie Fingers, Veggie Pocket Doner, and many more delicious varieties.  Thick shakes on the menu are a must-try.”

Prateek Sachdev added, “With the Chandigarh outlet we now have 25 stores of ‘Doner & Gyros’ in India over and over a span of just the next six months, we are looking at expanding our network to cover more of the country. In the longer run we are planning to open 150-200 outlets in India over the next 5 years with an infusion of Rs 200 crores.”

It is noteworthy that ‘Doner & Gyros’ has also marked its presence in Palm Jumeria Nakheel Mall which is an iconic Mall of the world. The brand currently has 44 outlets in UAE, Lebanon, UK & Saudi Arabia.

Samikssha Batnagar recreates Ishq Tera Lae Dooba

If you are planning to celebrate the new year with someone you are falling in love with, then Bollywood beautiful actress Samikssha Batnagar have come with a recreate version of Ishq Tera  Lae Dooba. The Video and vocal will make you fall in love with the song and you would play it on loop. To say it, even after sitting in the office – you will be thinking of a long drive with your special one with this song on. This is a woman pouring her out for the man she loves and wants to walk her life with. Song released on her YouTube Channel named Samikssha Batnagar. Music and directed by Rishi Singh.


The Queen of smiles is loved for her dance moves and power-packed performances. Now her fan will see her romantic saga.  The video which is already viral on YouTube is being fast shared on Facebook.


Little Known Facts about Well-known Artiste

Nikita who has done 1478 live shows is an active participant in politics was delighted to be the part of Mr. And Ms. fabb , Indore as a celebrity Judge.

She says it’s always awesome to be in this beautiful and cleanest city of India . She was invited as a celebrity judge in this prestigious event and had a great time in this sizzling evening of the season.  She agrees to witness the bunch of talent of the city along with some other prominent personalities of Indore . Nikita wishes all the participants for their bright future and believes that the city has tremendous talent.


To mention, Nikita has acted in Garam masala , Mr.black and white with Arshad warsi and Sunil Shetty , Happy birthday , Amma ki boli , Cute Kamina and more

Nikita Rawal, a well known face in the Bollywood and TV industry who is a model cum actress  has acted in many music videos and has given the terrific performance in each . She has played different roles in all the videos and has justified each one of them tremendously . She has always got fit in the role so well and made it look real that it becomes difficult to say that she is just acting on the screen . Nikita has brought life to every video , song, movie, serial etc. which brings emotions, care and reality of life..

Mukesh Agrohari – Vikas Garg of Film Mardani 2 Says Hardwork & Dedication is always fruitful

Actor Mukesh Agrohari, struggling since last 13 years in Bollywood, slowly but definitely is carving his place in this film industry. He personally feels Actor Director Amol Gupte as his Godfather in Bollywood.

His films are ‘Aamir’ directed by Rajkumar Gupta, ‘Red Alert’ directed by Anant Mahadevan, ‘Aa Dekhe Zara’ directed by Jahangir Surti, ‘Mumbai Mirror’ directed by Ankush Bhatt, ‘Ashiqi 2’ directed by Mohit Suri, ‘Ram Lila’ directed by Sanjay Lila Bhansali, ‘Sattya 2’ directed by Ram Gopal Verma, ‘Mardani 2’ directed by Gopi Puthran, and many more.

Mukesh has worked with director’s like Amol Gupte, Shashank Ghosh, Anurag Kashyap, Ken Ghosh, Rohit Shetty, Tigmanshu Dhuliya, Gopi Puthran, Mohit Suri and many more.

Mukesh has acted with stars like Amitabh Bachchan, Shahrukh Khan, Neil Nitin Mukesh, Aditya Roy Kapoor, Ranveer Singh, Sonam Kapoor, Vidya Balan, Nawazuddin Siddique, Ranbir Kapoor & many more.


More project’s in film and web series are in pipeline.


EMAIL ID:-aggrahari@gmail.com

Calling & Watsapp no.  :- 9320480007/9867405241

Yuvraaj Parshar received best director award at Global Taj International Film Festival

Bollywood Actor Yuvraaj Parshar who made his directorial debut through “Mehroo” Song starrer Suhel Ali Khan and Vibhoutee Sharma. Yuvraaj declared this song dedicated to our brave Indian army and tribute to Pulwama Heroes. The song got lot of appreciation of audience and appreciated Yuvraaj direction. Now there good news for Yuvraaj’s fans his direction debut Mehroo grabbed best director award at Global Taj international Film Festival.

Yuvraaj Parshar said, “Mehroo is a tribute to Phulwama hero’s I’m so glad it was my first award as a director. I would like to share the award with my team as without them was not possible.”

Action Superstar Manoj R Pandey Has Signed Three Films

एक्शन सुपरस्टार मनोज आर. पांडे को तीन फिल्मों के लिये किया गया साईन

एक्शन  सुपरस्टार के रुप में भोजपुरी दर्शकों के दिलों पर राज करने वाले मनोज आर. पांडे की फिल्म देवरा सुपरस्टार का फस्ट लुक जारी होते ही उनके पास फिल्मों की लाईन लग गयी है। एक तरफ जहां उनकी फिल्म गंगवा का मुंबई में धूमधाम से मूर्हुत किया गया वहीं उन्हें तीन और फिल्मों के लिये साईन किया गया है। ये फिल्में हैं बी.एच.यू. , रोटी और बनारसी डॉन। बी.एच.यू. का निर्माण एन.जे. क्रियेशन्स के बैनर तले निर्मात्री विद्या सिंह कर रही हैं और इस फिल्म को निर्देशक हैं वाई.एस. जबकि स्टोरी और डॉयलॉग लिखा है युवराज मिश्रा ने। मनोज आर. पांडे को जो दुसरी फिल्म के लिये साईन किया गया है उसका नाम है बनारसी डॉन जिसका निर्माण संध्या फिल्म्स के बैनर तले निर्माता संध्या मिश्रा कर रही हैं और इस फिल्म को निर्देशित करेंगे हर्षराज। मनोज आर. पांडे को लेकर बन रही तीसरी फिल्म रोटी  का निर्माण सुधीर तिवारी करेंगे जबकि निर्देशित करेंगी विद्या सिंह।

आपको बतादें कि मनोज आर पांडे भोजपुरी फिल्मों के ऐसे पहले एक्शन सुपरस्टार हैं जो अपनी लगभग हर फिल्म में नये लोगों को प्रमोट करते हैं बिल्कुल उसी तरह जैसे हिन्दी फिल्मों के सुपरस्टार सलमान खान अपनी फिल्मों में नये लोगों को मौका जरुर देते हैं। मनोेज आर. पांडे की पहल पर उनकी इन तीनो फिल्मों में एनर्जेटिक एक्टर आकाश सिंह को भी लांच किया जारहा है जबकि बी.एच.यू. फिल्म में मनोज आर. पांडे के साथ आकाश सिंह और सुनील पासवान भी नजर आयेंगे। इन तीनों फिल्मों की शु्टिग इसी महीने से वाराणसी मेें शुरु होगी। अपनी इन तीनों फिल्मों को लेकर मनोज आर. पांडे काफी उत्साहित हैं। वह कहते हैं विद्या सिंह जी और सुधीर तिवारी सर ने जब मुझे वनलाईन सुनायी तो मैने तुरंत कह दिया कि हां मैं यह फिल्म कर रहा हूं। विद्या सिंह और सुधीर तिवारी कहते हैं मनोज आर. पांडे की गिनती भोजपुरी वर्ल्ड में बेहतरीन अभिनेता के रुप में होती है । उनके जैसे मंजे कलाकार और आकाश सिंह जैसे एनर्जेटिक एक्टर को साथ  देखना दर्शकों के लिये रोमांचक अनुभव होगा।


The young singer, song writer & influencer is already considered the voice of her generation.  Soothing voice blending with lyrics that seeped in like poetry adding substance is exactly what Shannon K’s every song resonates.

The young rising star is the daughter of famed Bollywood singer Kumar Sanu. As a child, Shannon’s ears were continuously filled with sweet melodies, inspiring her to attend The Royal School of London before studying with voice teacher and vocal coach Eric Vetro who has trained global stars like- Ariana Grandee, Jennifer Hudson, Shawn Mendes and Katy Perry amongst others.

A firm believer in the power of music , Shannon began her U.S. musical journey in 2018 with the release “A Long Time,” a song that was written and produced for Shannon K by 4X Grammy award winner Jason “Poo Bear” Boyd (Justin Bieber, DJ Khaled, Drake, Pink etc.). Her video “A Long Time” has garnered over 40 million views on YouTube and the numbers are growing.  The video was directed by Annabelle, in Los Angeles.

Recently, Poo Bear has co-written  a number of multi-platinum hits including “Where Are U Now”, “What Do You Mean,” for Justin Bieber, “Despacito,” for Luis Fonsi/Justin Bieber and “I don’t Care” for Ed Sheeran.

Shannon, has already made a name for herself in the US and got a lot of accolades for her anti-bullying song anthem – “Give me your hand”. The lyrics for “Give Me Your Hand” are based on Shannon’s personal issues over the years. Shannon collaborated on this song with Academy Award and Grammy nominated producer Kyle Townsend (Lady Gaga, Jessie J, Jennifer Hudson and “Stand Up For Something” by Andra Day written by Diane Warren.). The video for “Give Me Your Hand” features David Arquette, Ed Westwick, Freddie Smith, Briana Evigan, Antonio Del Rio, William Valdes, Chloe Noelle, Connor Dean, Mirjam Novak, Kelley Jakle, Shelby Young, Chrissie Fit, Manolo Gonzalez Vergara, Drew Van Acker, Ryan Pinkston, Molly Burnett, Taylor Spreitler, Kevin G Schmidt, Aubrey Miller, Lexi Dibenedetto and Ian Bohen.

Shannon has carved her name on the trophy of Hollywood Music In Media Awards for best social message original song . She has also collaborated with Bollywood singer Sonu Nigam on a fusion song titled OMT directed by Annabel and Bollywood singer Shaan for an upcoming song.

Shannon K is currently working with Jasper Leak who has written songs for Sia (Free the Animal, Broken Mirror). She recently worked with producer Infinity (Rita Ora, Mary J. Blige, Rapper Ludacris).

She made her Bollywood debut with the song ‘Tik Tok’ which was produced by Himesh Reshammiya for the movie Happy Hardy and Heer.   Shannon is certainly the perfect example of beauty meeting brains. At a young age, Shannon has already made a mark for herself not only in India but globally.

She is one of the very few artists who has glorified Indian soil on global platforms.


This season BE BOLD WOMEN group which is founded by Amrita Mishra, came up with new Idea to give Opportunities to all beautiful women who wanted to get involved in social activities specially home-makers. It also engaged kids and teen to give them confidence and stage experience

BE BOLD WOMEN FASHION FEVER 2019 is the Fashion week organised and promoted by Be Bold Women Founder, Amrita Mishra and the event managed by Director of Key Event Solution Mr. Udesh Mishra.

The event Featured the work of Celebrity Designer, ‘Kishan Pandya’

Bollywood Actress Ms. Simran Ahuja was the Chief Guest who walked the ramp to support the participants.

The Event was inaugurated by “Be Bold Founder” Amrita Mishra and Honorable Juries Mrs. Chaitali Chatterjee, Chaireperson of WEE – Women Entrepreneurs Enclave, Mrs. Shobhaa M Arya, Founder of WOW Event N lifestyle, Mrs. Pinkky Prashant Rajgarhia – Mrs. Asia Universe 2017 and Social Activist, Mrs. Meenu Verma – Mrs India – Women of Universe 2018, and Mrs. Divya Shivdas – Mrs Maharashtra 2018.

Other Special Guests were Television Actor Bhanu Suryam Thakur

The event was supported by Entertainment Partner – Sushmita Gupta (Founder of “Nrityadi”), Choreographer Prachi Mhatre (Founder of GlitterZ Pageant Grooming coach), Celebrity Make-up artist Sneha Vyas, Jewelry Partner – Shilpa Zabak, Owner of Siarra(Style House) and Community Partner WEE – Women Entrepreneurs Enclave.

The group members who supported the event were Sujata Singh,  Pratiksha Pagare, Mamta Lahoti, Nima Amodwala, Maria Anoop, Sushmita Gupta.


About Be Bold Women Group:

This group focuses on celebrating Womanhood and gives platform to Women (Married as well as unmarried) from metro cities as well as small cities, town and villages in India together so that they may showcase their hidden talent along with bringing FUN in their experience.

Interview Of Manjusha Ranjan Book Author Of Khila Kamal Pursharth Desh Ka

हिन्दि की महान साहित्यकार एवमं कवित्री मंजुषा रंजन, की लिखी किताब खिला कमल पुरसार्थ देश का,महामहिम राष्ट्रपति रामनाथ गोंविद के कर कमलों द्वारा विमोचन किया गया,मंजुषा रंजन ने हिन्दी कविता की अस्मर्णी सेवा की है, और अपने कलम से नये युग का अविष्कार किआ है,जन जन में देश भक्ति की चेतना जगाई,आपको बता दे की मंजुषा रंजन का रविवार दिनांक 8 दिसंबर को मुम्बई में हुआ भव्य स्वागत,बॉलीवुड और राजनीतिक छेत्र के तमाम हस्तियों से हुई मुलाकात,कई संस्थाओं द्वारा सम्मान,हाल ही में मोरिसस में 200 से ज्यादा देश के कवि वहा आये थे, जहाँ उन्होंने देश का गौरव बढ़ाया, गौरतलब हो कि खिला कमल पुरसार्थ देश का इन्होंने खुद लिखा है,

हर ज्वलनशील मुद्दों पर बड़े ही बेबाकी से अपनी राय रखती है,चाहे वो ट्रिपल तलाक का मुद्दा हो,चाहे राम मंदिर का मुद्दा,चाहे नमामि गंगे हो,या फिर बेटी बचाओ बेटी पढ़ाओ,हाल ही हैदराबाद वाले कांड पर भी खुल कर अपनी राय रखी,और उन्होंने क्या क्या कुछ कह देखिए पूरी रिपोर्ट

Glamorous Hanshika Bhaware shines in Bollywood

Mumbai being the Mecca of Hindi films many glamour struck aspirants flock to Mumbai to try and fulfil their  cherished dreams to become an actor. Some  come armed with a degree from an acting institution while some come with their hidden talents.

One such aspirant to stardom is Hanshika Bhaware who resides in Mumbai. She is 23 year old, standing 5.5 in height,, 48 kg weight, 34 bust, Hips 34″  Skin Tone – fair, Eye Color – black Hair Color – brown, Shoe Size – 8, Marital Status- Unmarried.

Hansikha presently pursuing Polytechnic Diploma in  Computer Science.

As far her dress sense is  concerned, she is quite. comfortable with all types of  dress.

Hansikh has no qualms in shoot locations and she is open to any locations anywhere even overseas besides India.

She holds a valid Passport.

Coming to her experience behind the camera, she has done Padman movie &  MAKAN number 303  Horror Movie  and

Miss Congeniality  2019 short movie etc.

She is very much comfortable with all Timings- it is no bar for the actress.

Her extra- curricular

activities include dance and acting.

No doubt Hansikha is blessed with Glamour.

She has an awed interest in Acting, Print Shoot – Ramp Shows – Designer Shoots.

She is very much interested in Her ethnic Wears.

She has no objection to wearing Western outits.

She is comfortable in Bikini Shoots  Lingerie Shoots, Swim suits and calender Shoots – yes.

  • She also looks favourable to Albums Music, Movies Serials, Tele films  
  • Short films and Pilot films
  • She is more interested in Web serious.
  • She is no for painting bold.
  • Her Aim is to shine as an  Actress
  • She is most comfortable with both Indian and western clothes.

Hansikha is well versed  in Hindi, English and  Nirnmadi.


Presently she is working in couple of music videos  and has two hindi films in the  pipeline which are to be shot in Malaysia Hongkong Korea Taiwan Singapore and Bangkok. Music has already been and other music too.  The film is to be shot in Canada  where she will be performing couple of songs on the biggest award event.

Rannvijay Singh Launches The Very First Doner&Gyros Outlet In Mumbai

Famous anchor, actor and roadies fame Rannvijay Singh recently inaugurated Mumbai’s first outlet of the international food chain “Doner&Gyros ” at a shopping mall in Kurla, on 4th December 2019.

Doner&Gyros  is a casual fast food restaurant that serves healthy, delicious and yet affordable products. The brand brings authentic street food from Berlin and Chicago for all to enjoy. Its an internationally well-known brand that is spreading its reach now across India.

While inaugurating the brand, Doner&Gyros Rannvijay expressed his love towards food and added that “the main reason behind international success of Doner&Gyros is based on idea that to provide healthy hygienic food which is tasty yet affordable” he further recollected his memory from the year 2001 where he went to the U.S for a work and had observed tremendous craze of  Doner&Gyros  amongst the citizens especially in the youth. He also highlighted the specialty of Indian franchisee of Doner&Gyros  which is a specially designed Veg menu considering Indian audience and its taste in Mind.

4TPS Foods Pvt Ltd is the company having, Mr. Rannvijay Singh and Mr. Prateek Sachdev as directors has brought the famous food chain in India. Whereas Sangeeta Singh is the COO for the Maharashtra region.


At the Mumbai store launch event, Mr. Prateek Sachdev said that “currently we have 23 stores of Doner&Gyros  in India over a span of just six months and we are looking at expanding our network all over India ”.

Vsquare Music new track Ohh Baby Full Video Song Out Now

The much awaited sizzling track of the year ‘Ohh Baby’ presented by Vsquare Music has released with much flavor. Full Video Song is out on Vsquare Music’s YouTube channel and has attracted a lot of views and excitement. It’s well presented with combination of innovation and creative ideas that gives a macho feel. All the adventurous aspects have been explored well in this song.

The song is sung by Anjali Akhoury, written and composed by Oye Kunaal, featuring Monika Chaudhary and Arry Dabas, directed by Himanshu Agarwal and produced by Vikas Vashistha.


This song has all the darkest fantasies and thrilling adventures which a boy can think about. It will be a visual treat to all out there. The song has a powerful message to the society that even if expressing sex and sexual fantasies is a big taboo however, it’s the part of human existence whether sexual or otherwise.

@hemanshoot @vashista1978 @anjaliakhouryofficial @arrydabas @monikaonika2404 @shaandilya



 How did music come your way Soma Ghosh ji ?

I inherited music from my mother, Smt. Archana Chakravarty a vocalist of Senia gharana and my first guru. Even while in her womb, I would rest happily if she sang! As a small child I would play, but would run to her lap as soon as she started teaching her students. At the small age of 4 yrs, she heard me sing and thereafter started training me. This started my musical journey!

Shehnai Samrat Bismillah Khan ji was your mentor, any unforgettable memory that you would like to share with us?

Bharat Ratna Ustad Bismillah Khan was not my “guru” but definitely my mentor… he was like the Goldsmith who cut the raw diamond out and presented me to the world. He encouraged and gave me the wings to fearlessly fly in the musical horizon!! So many memories with him… the best I may say is his ‘manglorie black topiee’ that he wore for our first jugalbandi. He said, “Duniya ko Mai kaise kahun ki hum kitne khus hai … Mera manglorie topi, Jo Mai apni jawani mein pahenta tha, kahegi ki Mai Dil se yeh jugalbandi Kar Raha Hoon”

When he came to the auditorium for the jugalbandi, he was wearing his usual Gandhi topi… My heart sank on seeing the white topi. I bowed and touched his feet to take his blessings before the show. As I looked up, he was wearing the Black manglorie topi. My heart sang and all fear left me. He said, ” Tum Sher ki tarha gao, Mai tumhare piche piche rahunga!!”

Such was his greatness!


Tell us about your journey from learning music to getting title as Gandharva Kokila.

I have learned Hindustani classical music from 4 gurus. Smt. Archana Chakravarty, Shri Narayan Chakravarty,(both of Senia gharana) Shri Chittaranjan Jyotishi ji of Gwalior gharana and Smt. Bageshwari Devi of Banaras gharana. After my marriage, when I settled in Mumbai, I met Ustad Bismillah Khan sahab. And I overnight became what I am.

Baba…I mean Ust. Bismillah Khan, gave me the title of ‘Kashi Kokila’ at the Swarangana Sangeet Sammelan. But, during a concert for the Mumbai Rotary club, Vipin Reshamiya, the famous musician and also the father of music director, Himesh Reshamiya, gave me the title of ‘Gandharva Kokila’ – This helped me culminate into what I am today and the name stuck ever since.

 Who has influenced you the most in Sangeet gharanas.

Every Gharana has its strong points. I got musical depth & flight of imagination from Senia gharana. From Gwalior gharana I got emotional rendering in my singing and Banaras gharana rounded up my entire musical upbringing. I must say that I got the best from all the three Gharanas!

Tell us about your Parampara concerts to help conserve the Indian culture through music. How did you develop this concept?

Naushad Ali, the legendary music director and Ust. Bismillah Khan were discussing the dire condition of Indian musical instruments, many of which were becoming endangered. Naushad ji, entrusted me with the great responsibility of trying to save these endangered instruments… This started my Prampara series. The then President, Hon Dr. A.P.J.A. Kalam strongly supported me in this noble cause, and came for the inauguration of my first 3 day music festival.

 Tell us your voyage with Bhavanjali ?

After my training had reached a certain level, Guru Pt. Chittaranjan Jyotishi, inspired few of us to start performing before an audience. For this purpose, we formed Bhavanjali, a musical platform for all of us. Our first song & dance drama ran in to financial problem and taught us the importance of marketing. We learned the harsher realities of life. But thanks to my elder brother, Shri Amitabh Chakravarty, and our grit, we managed to keep Bhavanjali going for a few years. But after a few years, I got married and then had to shift to Mumbai.

You mesmerized your audiences with pliable voice that enables you to take the Taar Saptak without a falsetto note, how much did you have to practice to achieve this?

‘Taar saptak’ is a very beautiful note that can be achieved only after dedicated practice over years. My mother and her guru-bhai, Shri Narayan Chakravarty, made me practice this  for years.

Why music should be compulsory in every school? And could you tell us about your efforts in helping Indian classical music reach to maximum number of students and the younger generation.

According to APJ Abdul Kalam Sahab, without music, humans are no different than animals, and I wholeheartedly agree. It is our culture that separates us. Music has a great de-stressing effect on humans. Kids today lead very stressful lives, competition is increasing and their lifestyles are getting more and more hectic, but their increasing dependence on fast rhythmic western music keeps them perpetually excited- on the other hand, singing and practicing Indian classical music is a form of yoga, the breathing techniques and vibrations help calm you and make you healthier. Earlier in our school days, we used to have several extra-curricular activity classes in which we had poetry, song dance & dramas. Gradually these classes vanished from the curriculum and students were burdened with only heavy studies. This has to change.

I then undertook several performances across Uttar Pradesh through Spick Macay and reached Ragadari singing to the students. Through my  travels, I realized that Folk music across North India was now skewed, bordering on double meaning vulgarity! This pushed me to approach the Ministry of Culture with a project on Indian folk music and spreading awareness about it in several schools and colleges. The Ministry welcomed my proposal and I started reaching out to the students. I performed in major States and invited singers and dancers from adjoining States. The students loved each performance, their vehement appreciation was evident when the students at each school then performed an impromptu folk dance recital!!

I am truly grateful that God has given me the means & opportunity to serve the cause of Indian music, especially folk music, in which the roots of classical music lies. I am very glad that the Education Ministry has woken up and trying to re-induct such extracurricular classes that de-stresses the students and imbibes our cultural heritage in them.

You have launched many music albums, which one is your own favorite and why?

You might have noticed that I first try to steep myself in a particular form of music that I plan to record and then done my recordings. When I was steeped only in Raagdari, I sang in duet with Bharat Ratna Ustad Bismillah Khan and there are two very popular albums with Times Music. Some beautiful solo renderings of Ragas on HMV.

Then came a phase of folk music. I recorded several Thumri, Hori & Kajari albums.

Naushadji had made me promise that my next project should be focused on Ghazal. “Aap je gayeki mein Maine Begum ki rooh payi hai Somaji. Aap Ghazal jaroor gayein!” But I had to take my time and imbibe and perfect the finer nuances of Ghazal gayeki before I could record myself. As I was recording my first Ghazal album ‘Ishq’, I was heartbroken to learn that Naushad ji had passed away. The album went on to gain tremendous popularity and I dedicated the album to him.

Simultaneously, several religious channels approached me to sing Bhajans for them. Sanskar channel regularly broadcasts my Bhajans and Sanskrit sloka albums. I feel immensely indebted to my listeners when I find that most of my albums are at the top of the charts in each genre.

When can we see you as playback singer for Bollywood films?When I was steeped in Indian Classical music, my friend, Himesh Reshammiya, had asked me to sing several of his compositions. Then, I was at a stage in my career that prevented me from branching out of classical music. But I did sing one song for his movie ‘Kuch Meetha Ho Jaye’, which had Thumri ang rendering in the song. But now I’m at that point where I’ve established my classical ground and I’m very open to film music, if it fits my music profile & my taste.

Apart from music, if given a chance will you ever join politics?

I will do whatever it takes to make sure that Indian music is saved (preserved & propagated) in it’s full glory. For that if I have to join politics – so be it!

What is your plan for the future?

I was entrusted by Baba, Ust Bismillah Khan Sahab and Naushad ji with the responsibility of creating a ‘Sangeet Gram’- a gurukul that adheres to the traditional Guru Shishya parampara of imparting education in music, where a Guru teaches aspiring students whilst also saving endangered instruments and gharana traditions- be it instrumental, vocal, or dance- both folk and classical. We will audio and video record the masters for our archives for future reference for the generations to come, so the art form survives. We have already equipped ourselves with a recording studio with video cameras for the same. If all goes well, we will be starting Sangeet Gram by this time next year.

What is your message to our readers?

I wholeheartedly believe in the therapeutic effects of Indian classical music. In fact, after Chota Khayal, I researched on the psychosomatic effects of music on human beings. My request to the readers is to make music a part of lives, to listen to music when they can, and to live healthily!!

This reminds me of something that happened recently. After a concert at NCPA last year, a man came forward to speak to me. He told me he was a Commander in the Naval forces. He was stationed in a submarine and had suffered a stroke that paralysed him. He then found solace in Ras Barse, a live recording of my jugalbandi with Baba, Bismillah Khan Sahab. He listened to it every day for 7 years and recovered without any surgical intervention. He found strength in it to get better, to overcome his illness. He is now hale and hearty, and continues to serve the country.

Another thing I want to tell my readers is that folk music, our Lok Sangeet, has in it the roots of all forms of Indian classical music. It is fluid and ever evolving, accompanying every aspect of our lives, being equally bonded to our cultural heritage.

However, I find it alarming that this very folk music as a part of movies, the largest way of reaching the masses in my honest opinion, is losing its essence, it’s lyrics are bordering on being vulgar. These ‘item songs’ are warping our perception, moving us away from how we need to perceive women, taking us away from an ideal society. If we lose our moorings, we lose who we are. As I traveled across India for the ‘Bharatiya Lok Sangeet’ series, I targeted schools and colleges and interacted with thousands of students, so that I could present to them folk music that not only entertains but also educates- it makes us better humans. It brought me immense gratification to note that they not only appreciate our heritage, but also want to learn more about it. They just need to be exposed to it, and that responsibility falls on us.

How did you feel after getting the Padma Shri award?

In the beginning, I was just happy… But gradually I understood that I have added responsibilities. I have to work harder to save our Musical/Cultural heritage and also save the endangered musical instruments of my country. This a never-ending task as our senior gurus are all getting older. In fact, we have now to take urgent care of our Gurus in order to save our heritage.