Rediscovering Myself Mrs. Jyoti Prakash

I am Mrs. Jyoti Prakash, age-36 ,born and brought up in Jabalpur (M. P.).I have done my studies in Jabalpur popularly known as संस्करधानी ,the cultural capital of MP. It inspired me to learn music, dance,drama and was actively participating and performing it on the stage. While growing,i also learnt Fashion Designing and got trained being Beautician .I learnt music from ‘Bhatkande ‘Jabalpur . Life was cool, childhood was a cool breeze ,always refreshing. Being good at studies my parents always supported me in every other co-curricular activities.

But then got married at the age of 21.5 years and shifted to Chhatisgarh, in an Industrial city called BHILAI. As you have guessed it, it has a cosmopolitan  culture.Marriage , initial struggle and then kids, it all kept me occupied since last 15 years. But along came some beauty contests,winning it and it rekindled my hope and ambitions. I was really rediscovering my true self again. To catalayze this ,I have very supportive husband and two lovely angels who supported me to the hilt. They are my worst critics and best admirer ,all rolled in one. Armed with this, my eyes started to dream again, which were all long forgotten.


I know I am beautiful some says …very very…but I also know it’s not enough. I joined gym and become obsessed with fitness and diet. While all these happening, I got a perfect platform.I was selected for Mrs. India Universe April 2020,Delhi.Its like a perfect setup and stage where I can showcase myself. It truly had given wings to my dreams .Taccelerate this process, I am also shortlisted for Mrs. Asia Global International ,  Thailand, May 2020,& I am on cloud nine.

I feel ,this is the best thing to happen to a married woman…The success, the recognition and feeling empowered, all again.This serves a bigger purpose too,that is to change the society, inspire and empower other women. Whole perspective gets changed  then.I’m very very happy to be a part of the progressing and changing India where women are now becoming the Change Maker.

I am thankful to Virus Films & Entertainment for giving us a wonderful  platform and has a larger cause. I am also thankful to Mr. Yash Gupta,the brain behind this all. I wish him best & trust him that his untiring efforts remains forever.

Aavya Gupta Who Is Seen With Aamir Shaikh In The music Video Is Miss Diva Of India International

Seen the increasing popularity of music videos, a very romantic single “La Fanaa” has been released. Singer Aamir Shaikh has featured in this video along with Aavya Gupta, which is released by T series. When the launch of this music video was celebrated in the Krishna Audio of Mumbai, the media people were also present with all the people associated with this album. This video, made under the banner of Qureshi Brothers, has been shot in Mumbai while Jawar khan, Sufyan, Kapadia, Partibha Ranta, Priya Rao was also present as a guest at the time of its launch.

Let us tell you that the lyrics of the song La Fanaa are written by Shaheen Khan and music director is Faraz Ahmed, while its video director is Azad Hussain.

Aamir Shaikh said here that we consider ourselves very lucky that the entire team of La Fanaa song is very good and talented, whether it is the composer or the music director, everyone has given his hundred percent. This video became even more beautiful by joining Aavya Gupta in particular. She had come to act in this album but when we heard her voice we liked it too and we made her singer of this song even though I have sung this song and have also feature but her voice and style have made this video even more attractive. 

Aamir Shaikh, who has been working for years as a sound engineer in the film industry, said that for many years he has worked with big Bollywood music composer like Bappi Lahiri, Sajid Wajid, Himesh Reshammiya and many singers. He has learned the technique of singing from these singers. His songs have also been released from Zee Music and Venus, but he considers La Fanaa as the most beautiful and best song of all time. He says “Music video is a great platform for singers and artists.”

It may be noted that this music video featured Aamir Shaikh with Aavya Gupta, who has won the Miss Diva of India International 2019 title.

Aavya Gupta is pursuing her career as an actress and model. She is very excited about this music album. Talking to the media here, she said that Aamir Shaikh is

a very good Singer and he is equally a good actor. This music video looks very cute.

Aavya Gupta has a lot of interest in sports as well as horse riding, singing and dancing.

We congratulate Aamir Shaikh for this fantastic song and pray for his bright future.

म्यूज़िक विडिओ में आमिर शेख के साथ नजर आ रही आव्या गुप्ता मिस दिवा ऑफ इंडिया इंटरनेशनल हैं

म्यूज़िक वीडियो की बढ़ती लोकप्रियता को देखते हुए एक बेहद रोमांटिक सिंगल “ला फना” रिलीज़ किया गया है। सिंगर आमिर शेख ने इस विडिओ में आव्या गुप्ता के साथ परफॉर्म किया है जिसे टी सीरीज ने रिलीज़ किया है। मुंबई के कृष्णा ऑडियो में जब इस म्यूज़िक विडिओ के लॉन्च को सेलिब्रेट किया गया तो यहां इस एलबम से जुड़े तमाम लोगों के साथ मीडिया के लोग भी मौजूद थे। कुरैशी ब्रदर्स के बैनर तले बने इस विडिओ को मुंबई में शूट किया गया है जबकि इसके लॉन्च के समय गेस्ट के रूप में Jawar khan, Sufyan Kapadia, Partibha Ranta, Priya Rao  भी मौजूद थीं।

आपको बता दें कि ला फना गीत के गीतकार शाहीन खान और संगीतकार फ़राज़ अहमद हैं जबकि इसके विडिओ डायरेक्टर आज़ाद हुसैन हैं।

आमिर शेख ने यहां बताया कि हम खुद को बेहद लक्की मानते हैं कि लाफना गीत की पूरी टीम बहुत अच्छी और टैलेंटेड है चाहे संगीतकार हों गीतकार हों या विडिओ डायरेक्टर, सबने अपना हंड्रेड परसेंट दिया है। खास तौर पर आवया गुप्ता के जुड़ने से यह विडिओ और भी बेहतरीन बन गया। वह इस एलबम में एक्टिंग के लिए आई थी लेकिन जब हमने उनकी आवाज़ सुनी तो वह भी बड़ी मीठी लगी और हमने उन्हें इस गीत की सिंगर भी बना दिया हालांकि मैंने इस गीत को गाया है और फीचर भी किया है लेकिन उनकी आवाज और अंदाज ने इसको और भी आकर्षक बना दिया है।

फिल्म इंडस्ट्री में साउंड इंजीनियर के रूप में वर्षों से काम कर रहे आमिर शेख ने कहा कि वह कई साल से बॉलीवुड के बड़े संगीतकारों जैसे बप्पी लाहिरी, साजिद वाजिद, हिमेश रेशमिया और कई गायकों के साथ काम कर चुके हैं। सबसे उन्होंने गायकी की तकनीक सीखी है। उनके गीत जी म्यूज़िक और वेन्स से भी रिलीज़ हो चुके हैं लेकिन लाफना को वह अबतक का अपना सबसे खूबसूरत और बेहतरीन गीत मानते हैं। म्यूज़िक वीडियो को वह सिंगर्स और आर्टिस्ट्स के लिए एक बेहतरीन प्लेटफॉर्म समझते हैं।

उल्लेखनीय है कि इस म्यूज़िक विडिओ में आमिर शेख के साथ नजर आ रही

आव्या गुप्ता ने मिस दिवा ऑफ इंडिया इंटरनेशनल 2019 का खिताब जीता है।

आव्या गुप्ता एक्ट्रेस और मॉडल के रूप में अपने करियर को आगे बढ़ा रही हैं। लाफ़ना म्यूजिक अलबम को लेकर आव्या बेहद उत्साहित हैं। उन्होंने यहां मीडिया से बात करते हुए कहा कि आमिर शेख जितने अच्छे सिंगर हैं उतने ही अच्छे एक्टर भी हैं। यह म्यूज़िक विडिओ बेहद प्यारा लग रहा है।

आव्या गुप्ता को हॉर्स राइडिंग, सिंगिंग और डांसिंग के साथ साथ स्पोर्ट्स का भी बहुत शौक है।

इस शानदार सोंग के लिए आमिर शेख और आव्या गुप्ता को हम मुबारकबाद देते हैं और उनके उज्जवल भविष्य के लिए दुआए करते हैं.

Aavya Gupta Winner Of Miss Diva Of India International 2019 Season 4

Aavya Gupta From Mumbai bags the prestigious Award Miss Diva Of India International 2019 Season 4 In Delhi recently. 40 Contestants from all over India had participated in the grand Finale. She received the award by the hands of well known Bollywood Actress Shahzan Padmshee.

Aavya Gupta the cute smiling personality has brought Proud to Mumbaiker by winning this prestigious Award. By profession she is Actress & Model having many Modelling and acting assignments to her credit. And she also assist her dad in interior designing projects, She is a student of Poddar International College Mumbai and has high regards for Veteran Actress Madhubala and ever charming Actor Govinda,

Aavya Gupta who is pursuing her career as Actress & Model has dream of becoming a well known Architect Of India. Some of her films and add films include NH99 Film, Sofy  Add, Mahindra jwellery Add, Himalaya Body Lotion, laa fanna music album etc.


Aavya Gupta spends her idle time by pursuing her hobbies like Horse riding , singing and dancing and sporting. She  has full hearted support of her family who have encouraged her to carry on with this glamorous profession.

Deepali Rajput, A Punjaban Beauty on verge of being Miss India Universe 2019

‘I am an outspoken dynamic person who believes in carrying my pride in my dignity. for me, hard work plays very important role which helps me keep all the negativity outside’.

I have been part of this glamour industry since four years and it gives me immense pleasure to tell you about my journey that how I raised myself while fighting with all the obstacles that stopped me from achieving my goals. From being  an architect to glamour industry was not easy but on the darkest days when I felt unloved, unworthy  and inadequate I remember whose daughter I am and I straighten my crown, I was scared to fall but my mom said “what if you fly darling “.

This was the line and since then the journey started and I won many beauty pageants such as The  League super model, Miss  Fanta Fiesta sponsored by Fanta company, winner of Miss India North 2015 but participating In MISS INDIA UNIVERSE 2019 is definitely a dream come true platform for me and my family .Along with glamour industry I am a child who has been raised with high morals and values specially kind towards nature and animals so I am a big time animal lover and believes in animal welfare  because I believe at the end of the day we all are equal in sharing this beautiful planet “just because we are humans doesn’t make us more entitled to anything “. Talking about my four year work experience I have raised myself in Pollywood (Punjabi industry )with great achievements such as Punjabi video songs with well known singers and in 2017 I did a Punjabi movie as lead  moreover I have been part of fashion shows as well with high profile designers such as Sabyasachi Mukherjee  collection from Mumbai and Shruti Singla from Chandigarh and companies like Amazon representing their designs of clothes.With gods grace I was lucky enough and got the chance to do  two national commercials as well  One with Alfa furniture and another one is with Parle G biscuits and its successfully running on every channel. Coming back to my dream pageant which is MISS INDIA UNIVERSE 2019 is the one every girl dreams off so yes , I too have this beautiful dream  to be next  Miss India Universe 2019  and I will sure that I make my mark among others as my faith is bigger then my fear and if I win this pageant I really want to invest my price money which is 3 lakhs in first -animal welfare ,secondly -beautiful gifts for my family who always supported me in achieving my goals and believed in me without any doubt .thirdly -I want to buy one big diamond ring because just like Sushmita Sen said I too believe that I don’t need a man to buy me diamonds as I can own them by myself with my true dedication towards my work .thank you !!

Vital Statics

Deepali Rajput


Height: 5’5


Complexion: Fair

Hair: Black

Megha Sharma Actress and Model Nominated for Ms. and Mrs. India Universe 2019

Megha Sharma young charming and talented actress cum model from Dehradun enters bollywood. Though she is new comer to this dreamworld but she has made her presence felt in very short span of time. Her first assignment was an album for Zee music which was well appreciated and debut album was to enough to get her decision to enter dreamworld. Another album she did was Hindi Album Kash Aisa Ho opp south Super Star and then she got break in Balaji TV serial. She was well appreciated by fans and critics.

Megha Sharma hails from Dehradun she has the distinction of winning Dehradun pageant as  Miss Universe 2009. From the school days she was inclined to act in all plays in school days, this hobby now has turned  into her profession .She is the strong follows and respects Deepika Padukone as her guru and follows  her in life.

Megha Sharma has lot of respects for sports persons all over the world and encourage Women sports in India.

Megha Sharma has been slected as nominee for Ms. & Mrs. Universe 2019 the prestige Pageant Event from Virus Events And Entertainment To be held shortly. She has commited if she wins this title she will donate the entire winning amount to orphan childs trust. We team on News Broadcasting wish her Good Luck.

Abou myself :

My name is Megha Sharma, i am from Dehradun and interested in modelling and acting, i believe in dedication, self confidence and  thinking is the way of success and that’s makes me more positive.

Work Experience : I was Miss Dehradun, have done a short cameo role in “Student of the year”1 , having an experience in prints and garments catalogs, have done an advertisement from eye tele films production’s and have done a magazine shoots for star week and Enlighten India..worked i serials with Balaji.

Recently done a music video with zee music “Kash Aisa Ho”…


Based from : Dehradun, Uttarakhand

Current City : Mumbai

Vitals : 34,26,32

Height : 5.5

Age : 27

Weight : 49kg

Color complexion : Wheatish

——-Megha Sharma